Antifa tried to burn down one building and you won’t believe who was inside

Antifa is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in America.

The left-wing extremist terror group spent last summer wreaking havoc in the city of Portland.

Now Antifa tried to burn down one building and you won’t believe who was inside.

Joe Biden promised to unite and heal the country.

But the left-wing political violence and terrorism has not abated since Joe Biden took office.

Antifa’s latest attack was trying to burn down an ICE building with agents still inside.

Joe Biden, his Democrat allies, and the corporate-controlled media push this narrative that so-called “right wing domestic extremism” is the number one terror threat facing the country.

The most cited example of the QAnon conspiracy theory that polls show just 24 percent of Republicans believe is somewhat accurate.

Antifa is a well organized left-wing terrorist militia that people in power refuse to confront.

If right-wing groups like the Proud Boys or the OathKeepers tried to burn down a government building with law enforcement agents inside, the entire membership roster would be arrested the following day.

The biggest and most violent political movements in America – Black Lives Matter and Antifa – reside on the left-wing of the spectrum.

But when the Democrats and the media talk about political extremism they act like it’s only a feature of the Right.

Democrats don’t attack their violent extremists because political terrorism in the form of the BLM and Antifa riots from this summer played a role in the party gaining power.

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