Auto executives gave Joe Biden this brutal reality check about electric vehicles

Joe Biden’s electric vehicle revolution is beginning to run out of juice.

He made one fatal mistake that undermined his agenda. 

And auto executives gave Joe Biden this brutal reality check about electric vehicles.

President Joe Biden put the pedal to the metal on trying to force the country to make the switch to electric vehicles.

But his forced transition is too much and too soon, according to two former executives at Detroit automakers.

Former Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli and Bob Lutz – a former executive at Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler – told Fox News Digital that the rollout of electric vehicles has been botched.

“In the short term, I’m afraid, it’s going to be a challenge,” Nardelli said. “It’s going to be a challenge to convince the consumer that the EV is a reliable and affordable means of transportation.”

Democrats and media create a fairy tale about electric vehicles

Nardelli said that Biden began trying to force the adoption of electric vehicles during his first day in office by cracking down on American energy production and issuing strict new tailpipe emission standards.

“The problem with the whole EV movement is that there was a colossal amount of hype behind it, largely from what I like to call the liberal mainstream media, making it sound like everybody’s next vehicle was going to be an EV,” Lutz said. “And of course, the government was pushing it, because of their climate change policies. And it just plain wasn’t going to happen.”

“And yes, it did come too soon and too fast,” Lutz added.

Weak consumer demand for electric vehicles is forcing automakers to pivot.

Ford and General Motors announced that they were scaling back goals and production for the electric divisions.

A second Biden term could hasten the end of gasoline-powered cars

“If the Democrats win the November election, we could have something approaching. An EV mandate where they establish emission regulations that are so tough that basically the industry is left [with] no choice but to produce nothing but EVs. And the American public is left [with] no choice but to buy EVs, because that’s all there is out there,” Lutz said.

Nardelli argued that the Biden administration made a huge mistake by not trying to push for hybrids as a bridge between gas and electric.

“The focus on hybrids would have been well-placed as an evolution towards EV. It would have allowed for charging stations and would have allowed for the massive grid network, maybe to bolster their base supply to be able to absorb this,” Nardelli said.

As it stands, the country’s electrical grid isn’t equipped to provide the power needed for millions of electric vehicles being added to the road.

“The utilities, the electrical system in this country is going to put us at a tremendous disadvantage as we advance further with electrical demand,” Nardelli continued. “That’s going to be a shortfall.”

Joe Biden’s electric vehicle scheme appears to be stuck in a ditch.

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