Awkward Nancy Pelosi has her own “Please Clap” moment

During the 2016 presidential primaries, as Jeb Bush struggled to find support for his candidacy, an embarrassing video leaked from a campaign rally.

“Please clap,” an exasperated Bush told the audience, as tepid applause followed.

Now, Nancy Pelosi, who’s been struggling in public appearances lately, had a similarly embarrassing moment.

Not once, but twice!

In a speech honoring Bob Dole, the Minority Leader had to ask the audience to clap.

The Washington Examiner writes:

Pelosi thanked numerous lawmakers for setting up the event honoring Dole, who is receiving a Congressional Gold Medal. Before she moved on, she noted that the audience should have clapped.

“That was an applause line for our sponsors,” Pelosi said.

Moments later, while praising Dole’s career, she chided the audience for once again not clapping.

“That could be an applause line, but I guess not,” she laughed.

Well, that was awkward.

Nancy Pelosi is hoping Democrats retake the House in 2018 so she can reclaim the Speaker’s Gavel.

But for as much as everyone in the media seems obsessed over President Trump’s mental health (which his doctor said was “perfect”), they simultaneously seem to be ignoring Pelosi slipping.

She’s referred to President Trump by the names of past presidents on numerous occasions and given press conferences where she’s stumbling over simple words and phrases.

All the while, outlets like MSNBC have given her a platform to publicly question President Trump’s fitness for office.

On one occasion she said, “I think his family should be concerned about his mental health,” before going on to say “hopefully the situation is not reparable.”

Scarborough and Mika eventually helped her find the word she was looking for, irreparable, after a few moments.

What do you think? Should Nancy Pelosi’s health be an issue with the potential that Democrats would likely choose her for Speaker if they won back the House in 2018?

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  2. The Dems wouldn’t know if Old Crazy Eyes was mentally off or not since Libertardism is a mental illness. They tend to range from psychotic to a hair short of catatonic. Just like Psycho Maxine Waters, she has some weird condition where the only thing she can say is Impeach 45 over and over. Old Crazy Eyes doesn’t even seem to know where she is half the time much less the subject she is supposed to be talking on. But she is just one of many Dems whose mental state has been called into question. I wonder how they would score on a cognitive skills test.

  3. Pelosi is on the brink. Somebody give her a nudge. A doggie-do sundae with a cherry on top???…and actually going thru the motions so we ‘get’ the visual??? Must think she’s addressing a nursery ‘show&tell’ with yet undeveloped brains. She’s an insulting imbecile.

  4. Nutsy will get lots of clapping when she leaves office for good and then when they lower her coffin into whatever place she is buried in. As for her mental health she has none. That requires one thing Democraps have removed when they become Democraps and she also had her’s removed to live in Calipornia. So there is NO WAY she has a mental health issue since she has no brain and NEVER EVER did have a brain.

    • I don`t know if you have seen Pelosi`s last video on T.V about her opinion of the last proposal on DACA she said it was like putting doggie doo in a bowl with a cherry on top and calling it a chocolate sunday. Rumor has it that Pelosi and Gov. Brown of California ( where else) are getting out of politics and are opening an Ice cream parlor. The specialty being Doggie doo chocolate sundaes. Doggie Doo her words not mine. Just saying.

  5. Man hands palosi..if I had hands like that I would keep them in my pockets not waive them around like I was having a is she disgusting.very uncomfortable to watch and listen to

    • She can barely spit out lines she is reading from a text. The woman is mentally spent. But I would hate to see her leave as she remains a great proponent for voting Republican.

      • I agree, Nancy is past her expiration date! I can’t understand how her peers continue to back her – she is just representative of how incompetent and childish the Democrats are!

  6. Keep her in there. Her constituency might vote someone in there who is an evil genius.
    At least she is amusing and more and more irrelevant every day.

  7. Another instance where if/when a Demorcrud politican screws up badly, the ignorant news media nincompoops imitate a field of chirping crickets.

  8. it’s not that she is slipping , it’s because when you lie so much things get confusing , because you can’t keep the lies straight ,every time she opens her mouth like biden , stupid crap comes out of it, how she ever got elected to congress is beyond me , but then she comes from cal. , i still want to know why no one will investigate her the year she passed a bill that sent a billion dollars to the company her husband works for she made 20 million dollars, sounds to me like a panzi sceam

  9. Why single out Pelosi? Listen to speeches by the rest of their major players. Warren? Big support for Medicare funding. Then she rambles on to support Obamacare, which sucked billions out of Medicare – and other social programs. Mad Maxine? I don’t even know what she’s talking about. Neither does she. Hillary ran for President supporting the Obama policies that had already lost the Democrats the House, the Senate and the States. I would say “Or how about the party that nominated her” – except that I’ve since learned she bought the nomination. Did you watch Al Green go ballistic? He could play a Star Wars alien without needing makeup, and he’s only one of a number that have recently gone apoplectic in public over things which, when done by Democrats, elicit no response at all. Watching their coup attempt crumbling away has deranged the whole bunch.

  10. While watchng the ceremony honoring Bob Dole it appeared Nancy was going over her speech in her head and not totally intuned to the ceremony. When it was her turn to give her speech she appeared to have difficulty finding the correct words at times although I believe she had notes. Perhaps it’s her time to retire.

  11. California has become a state that I will never live in again. Sixty years ago, I wanted to be a Californian and was proud to be one for a long time. Today, it has become a place where many of the values & morals that most Americans hold dear have been sabotaged. It used to be a land of opportunity and promise. Today, it seems to me that it is a land of fruits and nuts. Not all Californians are zany, quirky, or out of touch with reality; most are fine, upstanding citizens. It’s the few that have taken the state down a path of “not-common sense”. It is “nutso’s” like Feinstein and Pelosi who have not helped the state along. They need to go home & stay there.

    • Hi john. Question, do the libs out number moderates and conservatives in CA or is there a huge number of illegals voting and keeping all the liberals in office? Something is going to have to be done out there. That state is operating like a foreign country but the real estate belongs belongs to America and we want it!

    • I am a 4th generation (my daughter is a 5th generation) Californian. We live in rural California where my family was already settled before gold was discovered. If you look online, you can find maps showing the area of California which wants to break off into a separate state. The lefties control a thin corridor along the coast. The rest of the state includes conservatives, independents, and moderate liberals. Unfortunately, the lefties out number us in votes, which led to their supermajority control of the legislature, the executive, and the judicial divisions of state government. My county rejected “sanctuary”. Our sheriff posted a letter on the department homepage in which he says he will not support violations of the 2nd Amendment and will block any outside authorities from trying to violate the 2nd, even if he has to deputize every gun owner in the county. California is not all the cesspool so many think it is. We simply have a corrupt state government.

      • Dave,
        . . . . I know that most Californians are law abiding Citizens living in this reality instead of the alternate reality of the communist. Don’t forget LA, SF, Sac, SD, and other large cities that have been taken over by the communists. It is only the illegals that are keeping the communists in power. I applaud you Sheriff for up holding the Rule of Law. At one time I lived in LA and then the Linda Mar area of SF.
        America: Love It or Leave It!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  12. My question to her and all the others like her, “When the Hell are the AMERICAN People going to STOP THEM”? When will they be arrested like any other citizen committing crimes against America and it’s citizens? When will federal law be enforced for fraudulent pools, voting and other horrible issues? They are as bad as the criminals they want into our country, yet if we have to sacrifice our own materialistic ideas to punish them with means of Civil disobedience or civil war, we allow them to continue to rape us all and to allow their NWO domination and planting of destructive planed non citizens in order to intimidate and control us with words of Feminist hate, homophobia, religion phobias and even with gender differences. NOW they re-create history for their selves with lack of realism and truth. Who is really to blame AMERICANS? Conservatives cannot even agree to control the senate, house and all other gov. departments. WHEN PEOPLE…….WHEN?

    • They are not as bad as criminals… they ARE criminals. Every one of them took an oath of office which, in CA, includes the passage “….to protect and defend/preserve the Constitution of the United States and the State of California against all enemies foreign and domestic….” Nowhere does it say they have the right or authority to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution to “protect and defend/preserve”, or who to do so for. They are supposed to represent ALL California citizens regardless of the different views.

  13. nancy scarposi is the best ally the Republican party has. What is beautiful is she doesn’t know it. Give her the same cognitive test Trump passed 30 of 30. Poor nancy needs hospice care.

    • You’ve got that right!!!!! Time to take her to the nearest veterinarian and have her put to sleep. Her brain is already there, the rest of her should be too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If she goes… do you have any idea about the monster who will replace her? IIRC it is most apt to be CA State Legislator Keven Deleon, the most rabid anti-gun legislator we have outside of Moonbeam, Becerra, Newsom and Harris. Even Feinstein will still be in place. Unfortunately, the conditions which gave these people their powers is still in place, and will pick who finishes out Pelosi’s term.

      Always be careful of what you wish for… you may just get it.

    • To a federal penitentary, nor ‘xcamp cupcake like marta stewart did time imn. A hard times federal penitentary, have ALL her assets seized to preay the citizens she brown, feinstein and newsome stole with taxes top pay for the gravy train supporting the bums, ‘boat people’ and parasites here. Please arrest this traitor, imprison her like all her other thieves.

  14. I can already see the campaign adds generated by the Republicans in the next election. The ads would start with a series of gaffs my Miss Nancy portraying her as the leader of the party and asking the question “This is what you get if you vote democratic”.

  15. Yes when dem’s are in control it is an all about rigged election.There are more votes than people counted..and no one else in country has say so about anything they pass

  16. It has me baffled how she is STILL the Speaker, after being such a bad politician since she took office, why do the people still choose her? Are the elections in California rigged, like Hillary tried to rig the presidential election? That would be my guess.

    • I understand the primary reason she has held the speaker position is her wealthy contacts and the ability to raise more money than the dems think anyone else could. She could be having problems with her mental facilities however, she may be suffering from a loss of self confidence since her party is in so much trouble and she is facing more opposition than ever before. Loss of confidence can be devastating in public speaking, relationships, etc. At any rate, she is a horrible untruthful politician and needs to go. And yes, I am being kind!

      • Yes, you’re being kind… and I usually try not to say nasty words, but there’s not many words to describe her other than the nasty ones. I know it’s wrong of me, but there are times when I just wish something would happen to FORCE people like her out of office.

    • I read yesterday that most of California wants to secede from the “snowflake” California that has been in control of their state and create New California as the 51st state. When you see numbers like that you have to believe that everything in California is “rigged.” During the last election I saw reports of California poll workers at the voting stations saying that NPP tickets were trashed and not counted. NPP tickets are ballots with No Party Preference – what we call Independent – i.e., Bernie Sanders. When you saw the Bernie rallies in California they filled stadiums – much like Trump did – but when you saw Hillary’s should could barely fill a classroom. When Bill came to Orlando in advance of the “queen’s” arrival about 600 people showed up. When Hillary did arrive a few days later about 900 showed up. A few days later Tim Caine was in Palm Beach – 50 showed up and they were mostly reporters – what did the press say about that? “Hillary owns Florida” – go figure.

    • Kotoc,
      . . . . The illegals are keeping her in office. That is why they are fighting so hard to keep them here. It isn’t about helping these people it is about them keeping there power. Also she is a hard core communist that hates our country.
      America: Love It or Leave!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

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