This backstage drama has Megyn Kelly on thin ice

NBC thought they staged a massive coup when they signed Megyn Kelly away from Fox.

Instead, her tenure at NBC has been filled with failure and backstage drama.

Now the conflict has Kelly on thin ice.

After Kelly’s Sunday Night news magazine show was yanked from the schedule, NBC hoped her daytime talk show could recoup the financial investment they made in her.

That has not been the case.

Ratings for her show in the target demographic are down 30 percent from the hosts she took over for.

Her initial shows have been marked by feuds with actresses Jane Fonda and Debra Messing that have led agent to steer the clients away from her program.

Now the bosses at NBC are fed up.

The New York Post reports:

A high-ranking NBC veteran said that the show atmosphere is so tense that staffers frequently “cry” on set.

Kelly, 47, has tried to reposition herself as a warm, Oprah-like figure, dancing with “Today” colleague Hoda Kotb on-air and peppering her show with cooking segments and weight-loss experts. But the tenacity and combativeness that made Kelly Fox’s prized anchor may spell her doom at NBC, where, sources say, she is viewed as unrelatable for morning viewership…

… According to the high-ranking NBC veteran, network execs and talent question Kelly’s longevity at the Peacock Network.

“She is hated inside the ‘Today’ show and is seen as tarnishing the brand, out of control and selfish,” said the NBC source, explaining that celebrity interviews are a key element of “Today” — and Kelly is playing with fire by attacking guests such as Fonda.”

If Kelly fails at NBC she could tumble down the network food chain.

It is not likely she would be welcome back at Fox News.

She alienated conservative viewers with her feud with Donald Trump.

But Kelly has not been able to find a comfort zone with liberal viewers on NBC because of her previous association with Fox News.

Do you think NBC will fire Megyn Kelly? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Watch the Today show, switch the channel always when Kelly comes on (traitor), who is full of herself, and back to the channel to watch Today with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Would have loved to see her argue with Jane Fonda though.

  2. I whole heartedly agree! NBC was totally inept hiring her-she was tanking on Fox as she alienated so many viewers. Why would NBC think libs would love her? NBC was a day late & a dollar short when they hired her. Alas NBC seemed to be “blind” to lots of things & they still seem to be.

  3. I hope Megyn Kelly stays there. NBC needs someone TOUGH like her they don’t need all cupcakes.

  4. GOD is DRAINING the SWAMP in DC-MSM-FAKE CNN-Clinton Network-
    Deep State-NWO-Globalists.
    JFK was 1st Whistleblower in his EPIC speech from 1961 exposing the NWO-Secret Societies
    Watch Firefighter Mark Taylor-Trump Prophecies from 2011-2018
    We are on the Victory Side and RIGHT side of History
    GOD is in Control-GOD Bless

  5. Hey RR, thought we were Done w/ Meggie ‘topic’.
    Just getting too oldy ‘moldy’ for further comment.
    But wait – 1 last comm for Meg’ = Hope you invested your
    Financial Acc. well. IF Need Be – you can ‘downsize’ –
    won’t hurt too much. Less latte’s/ a bit less security ie no guns.
    Etc. you can do it . Buh-bye now. Oh-rite, please Spend M0RE Time & Take Care of your Children 0k?…

  6. Oh no… We’ve been schooled y’all! We’d better run back into our little houses because Tonia Gould says so…oooh!

  7. Kelly’s feuds with Hanoi Jane Fonda and anti-American Debra Messing are the only things she has done that were worth watching.

  8. Megyn “Settle for More” Kelly NEXT autobio will be “House of Mirrors”…distorted ones!

  9. She’s the author of all of her problems and until she can grasp that, she’ll continue on her downward spiral. She’s a prime example of what happens when someone loves themselves more than anyone/anything else in the world. She sold her own soul, there’s no point in crying over it now.

  10. Can’t stand the sight of her ! Even worse when she opens her mouth….
    NBC made a big mistake hiring her… Watch Today show then turn her off !!

  11. You are right Trapper Fox news has both sides on to debate when do you ever see both sides on the main stream media to give there opinions hardly ever.You see about 4 or 5 liberals bashing President Trump on ever liberal channel.

  12. the left. The mouth pieces. the use of words. assault rifles. these foolers have labeled our rifles as assault rifles. they pass off AR on my rifle as Assault Rifle.(it is Armalite Rifle out of california early 70’s). I do not listen to Kelly. who does? NBC-no body cares. their tongues are assault weapons for the left! should be banned..ought to be a law. they even got righty’s using the assault word. geeze!

  13. Personally speaking I don’t think that Megyn Kelly is worth talking about, and I think that all her rhetoric is being done on purpose to gain popularity. I think that the reasons as to why she actually did not workout with Fox News was because she had a problem with then candidate Trupm, and all the folks who supported Trump. Moreover, not to mention the fact that she thought she was the queen of the cable network and always had problems with Fox News staff.

  14. Betty…and who cares what you think? Fox has maintained its viewership on top of the pile for many years…everyone can’t be wrong.

  15. FOX is the most balanced news source out there. All the others fall into the far left category only. I can give a list of names who are news sources and commentators who appear on FOX regularly who are definitely liberals. Can you give me names of conservatives NBC, CNN, ABC, and the others have who appear on their news? FOX reports ALL the news, conservative or liberal. Where the others only report their biased opinion that fits their twisted left agenda.

  16. Can’t stand her..she is so into herself…be glad when she is off TV altogether. Never watch her at all…years ago at Fox she was pretty good but that was before she got so big-headed and thought she could do no wrong. NBC should let her go…she is probably costing them big bucks..Old crew at NBC was best but viewership has gone by the wayside…no one wants to watch/hear Kelly expounding on her wonderful life, diets, skin care, etc….who cares.

  17. I don’t even she’s worth making a fuss over one way or the other. I was never so glad to see a reporter go as I was when she left Fox. She didn’t belong there in the first place in my opinion.

  18. Haven’t any of you yet figured out that all these articles (like about one each week) are intended to simply promote Megyn Kelly by keeping her name in play?

  19. FOX is the only news channel that gives fair news, AND, it actually gives news, not opinions. There are commentators who are not journalists and give their opinions but with research. CNN and MSNBC is the worst. They make something out of nothing and all they do is attack. Who likes to hear attacks, especially since the are bogus. FOX News is the only channel to watch. Megyn Kelly is off my list due to her switch to a liberal network.

  20. If it was me I would fire her at once – however I wouldn’t have hired her in the first place. It is always about her as she thinks she is a diva. But she is the only one

  21. I’m sure you are aware that FOX is NOT a news program. It could not get licensed by the FCC as a news show because it omitted the truth and embellished with opinion. It is licensed as an entertainment show. Be careful about what you call fake news and be sure to fact check if you wish to be taken seriously.

  22. I didn’t like her on Fox & I haven’t watched The Today show in over 2 years. I totally agree with Eileen’s comments.

  23. I liked her on Fox and watched her regularly. BUT, since she became a traitor and moved to a fake news group I’ve ignored her.

  24. If they don’t fire Kelly, they should. The Today USED to be a good show, (long ago) I have no interest in any of MSM shows. They are just a bunch of sick Leftists.

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