Bannon is going to war, but not against whom you might expect

When Steve Bannon left the White House, he declared he was “going to war for Trump and against his opponents.”

Given The Swamp’s vast opposition to Trump it wasn’t immediately clear who Bannon was preparing for war with.



  1. megan became way too full of herself and very outspoken , I feel , against the right She made it very obvious that she was liberal She became so obnoxious and unlikeable I could no longer watch her and I wasn’t alone in these feelings.

  2. I agree with Bannon War it is time to fight the swamp creatures for they have been up there to long. IN McConnell’s case he has been up there 32 years and has gotten lazy. Time to send him to retirement. Paul Ryan also needs to go in my opinion for he was against Trump when Trump was running and he is a horrible Speaker of the House. Get rid of him as well and if you can’t get rid of him then DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE the third person who is after the President. Heavens can you imagine him as President of this country! Heaven help us!!!!

  3. so if we vote out all of the repubs, that leaves the congress full of dims. in my point of view the dims win. we need to find repubs who will support our president vote them in and let Trump be able to say and do what he promised without obstruction.

    • Paul, you are correct, so a far better strategy would be to support the Republican Candidate in the PRIMARY of every RINO! For Example, Paul Ryan had a viable opponent, Paul Nehlen, in Wisconsin. Sen. Dean Heller has a good Republican Conservative opponent for Senate in Nevada. Sen. Jeff “FLAKE” Flake has an EXCELLENT conservative Republican opponent, Keli Ward in Arizona.

      While I don’t live in any of those states, I can send money – remember, regardless of which states elect these BOZO RINOS, they punish all of us with their DemLite behavior. They have been riding the gravy train far too long, promising us the moon and delivering green cheese!

  4. All the Republicans who oppose our president’s draining the swamp must be remembered at election time and voted out of office because they are the very swamp that needs to be drained to which our president refers. Rather than do the right thing for the American people all they care about is preserving their corrupt practices in Congress and getting re-elected.

  5. Absolutely agree with Steve Bannon; if any of you have watched “gitchy mitchy” and “cryin ryan”, since day one, as I have – -they absolutely kowtowed to fraudbama and have obstructed President Trump, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! They both thought American voters are just too stupid to figure it out, but those two rinos are soooo obvious, how can you possibly miss it, even with your eyes “closed”??

  6. Ryan is worse than McConnell. He is the traitor who submitted a patched-up
    Obamacare to the Senate and who is not even talking about Healthcare now!! He was
    supposed to be the hero of the Conservative revival after last year’s election.
    They (the Congress) are more concerned about Trump and the threat that he
    presents to their entrenched positions in ‘THE SWAMP’…

    • Actually, “cryin ryan” was “presented to US” as a savior, after the last “bleary-eyed alcoholic” decided (or was coerced) to resign. But it was a “game” of “let’s pretend he is the party savior”, so voters would believe “lyin repubs” were actually “trying” to do something American voters wanted them to do. Well, the charade did NOT work then and it is just far too OBVIOUS now. So, folks, with 2018 elections coming up, you know what WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO DO- – -and NO, I do NOT mean vote for a dimwit, OR bisquick bernie, the commie. I mean, WE NEED a whole NEW SLATE of “honest, patriotic American civil servants” who are WILLING and ABLE to do “exactly what we elect them to do”. GET RID OF ALL THE RINOS- – do it NOW!


  8. Those two, along with many other so called “republicans”, need to be voted out of office at the first chance. Obviously they didn’t listen to the American public, on what we want done, and thus they need to be replaced. If they are from your state then do what is necessary to ensure they are voted out of office. Trump can’t do it all alone.

    • Bill Simonds – Totally agree with you. Everyone needs to vote out their own “states” representatives whether Republican or Democrat,
      if they are not doing the job we elected them to do. We got two traitors over here in AZ, named McCain and Flake. McCain has some serious health issues, so probably won’t be around too much longer. Flake is also a turn-coat, and last I checked his approval numbers are around 20% or less. Hopefully, AZ will be rid of these two “swamp creatures” soon!

  9. Agree about McConnell and I think he’s trying to influence Ryan. It would be a whole different picture if McConnell were not on the scene. Ryan would be a much better supporter without McConnell whispering in his ear all the time.

    • Patrick Hewes, Mueller’s “investigation” bit the dust. He is essentially done. The “witch hunt” is over! I just do not understand why the RINO’s continue to undermine and disparage the president we elected. Some of them will be hoping to be re-elected but a word of caution: if you do not stand with our president that WE THE PEOPLE elected, you might want to update your resume’.

  10. Getting rid of those two is a start. Then keep going with McCain and other Rinos. Then on to Botox pelosi and mad clown Schummer. There are so many. By the time he finishes, 75 per cent or more would be gone.

  11. Every Politician, that is ” Hiding in THE SWAMP “, NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM PUBLIC OFFICE.

  12. In no way are members of the DEEP STATE SWAMP limited to members of the Democratic Party. The Republican Party is satisfied to hold “power” every time the public becomes disgusted with the antics of the Democratic Party. However, they are guaranteed to do NOTHING with that “power” because conservative thought goes against the grain of the DEEP STATE to which they owe allegiance. The SWAMP owns Washington, D.C. and will never, ever voluntarily relinquish their ownership.

    • I think “cesspool” is a more accurate term; I actually like swamps.

      The establishments of the Republican party and the establishments of the Democrat party BOTH work together and until the people realize that fact nothing can be done. Neither ARE the “good guys”; they both work for the PTB/NWO.

      • Right, the Republicrats. I have been saying this for a long time, but most people don’t believe me. Now, I believe it is becoming obvious, and undeniable.

  13. Bannon is absolutely correct in saying that McConnell and Ryan are not supporting the President’s agenda. I agree that it is very obvious. McConnell wants the phrase “drain the swamp” to stop because he knows he is part of it, and circling the drain. What a bunch of sneaky, evil traitors!

  14. Ryan and McConnell are a good start, but Clinton, Mueller, McCain, Pence and quite a few ‘choice’ others need to be brought to the front, and charged with treason, along with crimes against humanity-The Military Industrial Complex also need to be put on notice-

  15. I would just tell this pathetic little snowflake, “Don’t let the door slam your ass as you leave.” Then I would just forget he ever existed.

        • “When Steve Bannon left the White House, he declared he was “going to war for Trump and against his opponents.””

          I was referring to the article on which everyone is commenting… it’s about STEVE BANNON.

          And yes, I know the entire left is on his side, and I agree they should go as well.

          • Steve Bannon speaks the truth. The Republican party has fought Pres Trump since he won the right be the nominee. If Pres Trump holds his pinky just right, doesn’t tweet, and agrees with everything Ryan and McConnell say, they support him. Otherwise they don’t.

          • he’s talking about ryan & McConnell. I think they should be taken outside & have their butts kicked out of their positions . if they want to be demonrats they should switch partys !!!

          • Hopefully, many of you have taken the time to read the article “Breitbart’s Bannon declares war on the GOP” from September 10, 2017. It is a lengthy article, but it clarifies a lot of the “garbage” coming from the Deep State and the Trump naysayers! It is an intriguing and insightful article.

    • We’ve already gotten rid of the pathetic little snowflake and he’s still attempting to show relevance in the political arena. Obama will never give up, he’s way to narcissistic and clueless.

      • Actually, Obama is just angry and disgusted because his chosen candidate, Clinton, lost the election! For that reason alone, I would be thankful that Trump was elected. We need to stand with President Trump!

    • If those in office don’t want to work for the people then they need to be removed from office!. It is clear they McConnell and Ryan have been in Washington to long and believe they don’t work for the people of this country. Time to step down and allow the true patriots to take over. Trump 2020

        • I do not accept that Ryan is a liar. He has been outspoken from the beginning that Trump was never high on his list of candidates; however, in the best interests of the GOP and this country, we must come together, and that includes people such as Paul Ryan. Trump has an agenda designed to Make America Great Again. Those who do not support our president are, at times, acting like spoiled children. We need to stand with Trump because he needs us!

      • Excellent comment Joseph Schlag. We elected Trump as president; those who are attempting to disparage and undermine him, are essentially ensuring a loss when they come up for re-election. Trump has made some remarkable changes in America just the few months he has been in office. The left continues to encourage “impeachment”. Trump has not committed an impeachable offense so I will continue to focus on supporting our President! Hopefully, the Deep State will expire from lack of fresh air!

    • Many people realized during the 2016 primary that McConnell et al were not going to fight Pres Obama on the out of control spending and voted for Trump. Now, it’s clear,after the first 8 months, that McConnell does not intend to fight for Pres Trump’s agenda and he has always fought against conservative candidates running for senate in the repubican parimaries. Whether it’s an agenda against Pres Trump or following the desire of their donors, the senate is no longer a functional, “for the people”, body. Must be the K street lobby that’s running the senate for their donor crowd. If the people stay behind Pres Trump, we may still be able to drain the swamp- at least to some extent. Sad situation: Democrat party more like the old communist party & Republican party out for their own special interests. Meanwhile the debt keeps climbing.

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