Barack Obama broke his silence on 2020. This phone call to Joe Biden changed everything

Former President Barack Obama is still the leader of the Democrat Party.

Obama’s endorsement is considered a game-changer.

And Barack Obama broke his silence on 2020. This phone call to Joe Biden changed everything.

Joe Biden’s massive victory in the South Carolina primary reset the Democrat Party race.

Biden’s blowout win made it clear that the only chance to stop Bernie Sanders from seizing the nomination was for establishment Democrats to rally around Biden’s campaign.

However, that effort took a hit when Barack Obama called Biden to congratulate his former Vice President on the win in South Carolina.

But Obama also told Biden that he had no plans to endorse any candidate in the race.

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein reported, “Obama has said that he will not endorse a candidate in the Democratic primary, leaving the choice of the party’s nominee to the voters. On the campaign trail, Biden frequently invokes his friendship with Obama and the work they did together in the White House.”

“Two people familiar with the former president’s thinking say he still doesn’t plan to make an endorsement early in the nominating process,” Epstein continued. “They’re skeptical an endorsement from the former president would shake up the race and believe it could even backfire. The aides see Obama’s most valuable role as uniting the party to defeat Donald Trump once a nominee is picked.”

Obama telling his advisors that he didn’t think his endorsement would change the trajectory of the race was bad news for Biden.

That means Obama believes that Sanders is still the favorite for the nomination and Obama does not want to be seen as meddling when after the race is over Obama will play peacemaker and bridge the divide between the Sanders wing of the party and the establishment.

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