Barack Obama broke his silence on 2020. This phone call to Joe Biden changed everything

Former President Barack Obama is still the leader of the Democrat Party.

Obama’s endorsement is considered a game-changer.

And Barack Obama broke his silence on 2020. This phone call to Joe Biden changed everything.

Joe Biden’s massive victory in the South Carolina primary reset the Democrat Party race.

Biden’s blowout win made it clear that the only chance to stop Bernie Sanders from seizing the nomination was for establishment Democrats to rally around Biden’s campaign.

However, that effort took a hit when Barack Obama called Biden to congratulate his former Vice President on the win in South Carolina.

But Obama also told Biden that he had no plans to endorse any candidate in the race.

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein reported, “Obama has said that he will not endorse a candidate in the Democratic primary, leaving the choice of the party’s nominee to the voters. On the campaign trail, Biden frequently invokes his friendship with Obama and the work they did together in the White House.”

“Two people familiar with the former president’s thinking say he still doesn’t plan to make an endorsement early in the nominating process,” Epstein continued. “They’re skeptical an endorsement from the former president would shake up the race and believe it could even backfire. The aides see Obama’s most valuable role as uniting the party to defeat Donald Trump once a nominee is picked.”

Obama telling his advisors that he didn’t think his endorsement would change the trajectory of the race was bad news for Biden.

That means Obama believes that Sanders is still the favorite for the nomination and Obama does not want to be seen as meddling when after the race is over Obama will play peacemaker and bridge the divide between the Sanders wing of the party and the establishment.

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  1. We don’t need the terrorists in the White House we’ve had eight years of them. And still getting rid of those who worked for the terrorist

  2. Soreass you will loose again. No mail in voting nothing to cheat on you corrupt sob . God will get you yet and it can’t be soon enough. We know you are the ring leader and you need to be thrown out where ever you are. We also know you pay for Everette negative that happens to the American ppl you are the devils spawn.

  3. Who cares what Obama Says. I don’t believe a word out of his mouth. It could even be a long term plan to stay silent until the last minute until Biden chooses his VP. Could the VO be Mrs. Obama. Later they could test Biden and OMG he’s senile and cannot lead our country. Low and behold the Obamas are back in the White House screwing up America once again. The crimes committed in the last administration need to be brought to the forefront and appropriate measures taken from there. All IMO

  4. Whats probably going to (LOLOLOL) bring the house down is when the dumbs have their convention a turban and a hijab is going to be thrown in the ring –barry and killary are going to take it away from hoof in mouth joe or the bern or lolololol maybe even if tulsi looks for the nod

  5. If biden wins this election, you can be sure obama will be calling the shots and he could chose Michelle for his running mate. Be very careful how you vote.

  6. the only reason. Obummer wount endorce Bidon is Because Bidon
    Has not picked Michele as his Running Mate. watch it will happen soon.
    then he will be incompatent. and she will be president.

  7. Ring.Ring. Ring. Pick up, Joe. & Remember, You’re 0n your 0wn
    about what You/Hunter Did in Ukraine… bye now.

  8. I would like to “SPELL” out clearly, Honestly and Concisely. The Absolute problem as a whole with our Nation at PRESENT “DEMONcRATs” spelling is CORRECT.

  9. All day yesterday I saw TV ads from Obama pushing for both Warren and Biden for President. Can’t he make up his mind? Talk about confusing. What’s going on? Guess he’s trying to play both sides. Maybe one or the other will run for Vice President.

  10. HE and his wife need to stay out of polotics and return to Kenya where his family say he was born .

  11. These Democrat fruit loops actually STILL believe that Obama & Michelle or Michael really care about them as IF THEY EVER DID ! What a joke !

  12. If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck…if you love your country, you can keep your country.

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  13. We need Bill Barr to do his job and follow the crimes and follow the money. I hope they all face charges. We all know the list but Barry needs to lay low or Mr. Barr may find a path from Hillary, Strock, Page, Comey, McCabe and many more that may lead right to Barry having to answer questions under oath. The swamp is much deeper than anyone could imagine. FOLLOW THE CRIMES AND FOLLOW THE MONEY. All IMO

  14. Sad day in America if ANY of these Democrooks get back into our government. They have proved themselves incapable, selfish, crooked and afraid to lose their Gravy Train of big bucks if they lose. They are not fighting for our Country, but fighting over Money they might have to give up if they don’t win. Thats why they brought all those illegal illiterates into our country to vote for them, and brainwashed children in high school and colleges, promising all the ‘free stuff’ to the lazy. Most Americans are smart enough to NOT vote for them.

  15. Be that as it may, Julio is too damned stupid to come up with something new. The crippled old bastard should hurry up and croak.

  16. I just wish all Democrats would decide to back out so are country can be run right. We don’t need them fu##### our country up anymore then they have in the past. We need Republicans so we can become great again.

  17. Fernando
    You don’t like Mr Trump cuz he made everyone that’s here and came here the right way like ppl have been doing for years work. In which they’ve realized they are more happier now cuz they have money. You just need to go back where your roots are from. Because they are not from here. Demturds only promise things for the vote and never follow through. They can’t it’s one lie after another. Even demturds are switching to republican . That tells you how deep and rotten they are! Everything is money and that’s all they care about. Guess what it’s not gonna help them one bit living with the devil.

  18. Democrooks are two faced liars. In 2008 Obama said “Hillary will say anything and change nothing. It’s time to turn the page”. Then in 2016 Obama endorses Hillary, and says, “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office”.
    In 2016, Sanders told a crowd during the primaries that he didn’t think she was qualified to be president. Then in the same year Sanders flips and says, “I have come here to make it as clear as possible why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president.”

  19. Pretty comical, two beaners who can’t spell or translate anything that makes any sense making comments about the President of the United States.Somewhere along the line Michelle didn’t hold up her end on the education of the people they want voting for them. Maybe old Corn POP can teach them how to register to vote and speak English, but that could be a major task…

  20. fernandoodoo can’t figure out what country you come from but they didn’t have a school there and your ignorance is showing. duh one and one is 3 duh

  21. Who really gives a rat’s ass about Obama or anything he has to say. He is DONE! HISTORY, albeit bad history! Let the phony, lying jerk crawl back under his rock in Hawaii, or wherever the hell he came from.

  22. The trolls are coming out today. One of them can’t type a coherent post though. I tried to read it but had to give up. Democrats certainly have a monopoly on the less intelligent in this country. And the democrat party certainly knows how to exploit the below average people.


  24. Sanders is a stupid dumb pot smoking hippie who still hasn’t figured out that the deplorable racist democrats don’t like him they are not his political friends he will be defeated by a trump hater moron Biden who is as crooked as a snake

  25. be that as it may, through word trumpy earned his impeachment. be that as it may, through word trumpy earned his impeachment. be that as it may, through word trumpy earned his impeachment.


  27. I can surely agree with you here, Mary, that I Joe Biden will be a P.I.N.O. (President In Name Only), with former president Obama serving the “puppet- master, thus, serving a “third term,” in a round about way. Excellent point!

  28. Whatever happened to that birth certificate and foreign student loans? Has Elizabeth Warren reimbursed the native Americans for her con job telling the federal government, under penalty of law, that she is an Indian? Nancy Pelosi. Is that a communist asset or what? She thinks Bernie is hot.

  29. People look back at the records then talk one president blaming another president for all that is wrong in the world let’s face it ourselves are the blame we are all a bunch of idiots being lead by idiots and until we all get our heads straight the world will continue to go down hills stand up for what you believe not what you where told .

  30. Strange that he said he would not endorse anyone, but the latest TV ad is he is endorsing Princess You-Know-Who! fake American Indian and fake everything else. And behind all of it is Mr. Soros!!!!!

  31. It isn’t just Boden’s ne’er do well son, Joe himself is up to his eyebrows in that mess, having been filmed on national TV bragging about having a Ukrainian DA fired for saying he was going to investigate the Bidens.

  32. NADINE HARRIS, I’m so sorry you are so stupid, and I despise the democrat party for taking advantage of stupid people like yourself. They are taking advantage of mentally challenged people to get their vote, and it’s despicable.

  33. I don’t trust either of them Obama or Biden.For starters, Obama made a huge mess of the country and failed to straighten it out and Biden, what a idiot. Both are not worthy of running for dog catcher.

  34. I agree with you here Nadine. Obama has been very clear in his non-support for Biden. I think he truly believes that Biden “does not have it” annymore. On the other side of the aisle, an endorsement from GW Bush for Trump would all but guarantee a Trump win as it would get most of the never-Trumpers to actually vote. But, GW has had a lot of difficulty with his own personal vindictiveness and hard feelings against Trump for crashing poor old Jeb’s campaign in 2016. I hopw at some poing GW will come to the realization that AMERICA should coome before his own personal feelings.

  35. Listen people! We need to care about Obama because BIDEN WOULD BE PRESIDENT IN NAME ONLY WITH OBAMA CALLING THE SHOTS! Face it. Biden has the beginnings of dementia. Obama wants his third term one way or another. DON’T FALL FOR THIS! VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET!

  36. Obama doesn’t want to endorse Biden because he wants to endorse Bernie.
    Obama is a communist just like Bernie, but he kept it under wraps because he didn’t think the country was ready for communism. But that has all changed with Bernie. Obama sees a revolution coming, just like he said he wanted to fundamentally transform America. And Bernie could be the vehicle. Obama will endorse Bernie if Bernie wins the primary.

  37. I find it telling that Biden survived the details of his corruption with his ne’er do-well son in the Ukraine fiasco. I wonder how much did Barry Sotero skim off the top for himself. Obviously the MSM is complicit with their silence. Neither are trust worthy and bad for the USA. Also telling that the blacks in South Carolina blindly vote for democrats who only care about blacks when it’s time to vote.

  38. IN as Much as the Obama/Biden ERA gave us a TRUMP victory in 2016, It seems to me that Obama backed Hillary and many (D) OLD DIES for congress resulting in a(R) house and Senate majority also in 2016……GO ON BJ BHO endorse cORRUPTION Biden and then LOOK for 2024 names since TRUMP WILL WIN 2020 !!!!

  39. IN as Much as the Obama/Biden ERA gave us a TRUMP victory in 2016, It seems to me that Obama backed Hillary and many (D) OLD DIES for congress resulting in a(R) house and Senate majority also in 2016……GO ON BJ BHO endorse cORRUPTION Biden and then LOOK for 2024 names since TRUMP WILL WIN 2020 !!!!

  40. I’m so sorry that you didn’t endorse Joe Biden for the democratic nominate. Bernie almost came out and admitted to favoring communist government. I HOPE YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND and endorse a true American with true American values. I’m ashamed of you at this moment.

  41. The plot thickens! Obama, Biden and throw in a little Killary Clinton and you have a real variety pack of crooks!

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