Barack Obama was caught red handed telling a massive lie about school shootings

Like all gun grabbers, Barack Obama loves mass shootings because it gives him the opportunity to push gun control.

But after the shooting in Parkland, Florida Obama pushed it too far.

He was caught telling a massive lie that immediately blew up in his face.

One of the gun grabbers go-to talking points is the claim that there have been 18 school shootings this year.

Obama repeated it in remarks in Washington, D.C.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“If you ask me the thing that broke my heart, particularly when now I see there have been, and I’ve gotta update this, […] 18 shootings in schools this year… this year!” Obama told the audience. “And for the medical community, you see the statistics. The leading causes of death among young people in this country have all but, [car] traffic starts going down and stabilizing, gun-inflicted fatalities where you combine suicide and gun violence, it just keeps rising.”

During his keynote address at the interventional cardiology conference, also known as CRT 2018, at the DAR Constitutional Hall (less than a block away from the White House), Obama recalled that the political fallout of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., remains the most frustrating and worst parts of his presidency.”

This is fake news.

And it has been debunked repeatedly.

Breitbart reports:

“The claim of 18 school shootings this year was widely pushed in the immediate aftermath of the February 14 attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. However, it was quickly proven false by Breitbart News, the Washington Post, and others.

On February 14, the day of the attack, Breitbart News reported that the source for the claim of 18 shootings was Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety. Moreover, Breitbart News showed that one of the alleged 18 incidents did not even occur in a school, another was a suicide in which the victim targeted himself only, and eight more were incidents in which there were no injuries or fatalities.

The next day, the Washington Post responded to the claim of 18 school shootings as well, describing the claim as “horrifying but … wrong.” The Post demonstrated that Everytown had taken a wide conglomeration of events–suicides, accidental discharges, fights at college parties, etc.–and put them all together under the moniker of school shootings.”

Obama gave a closed door speech where he complained about how Americans no longer had shared facts.

What he really meant was Americans didn’t share his version of the facts.

Repeating a lie that has been repeatedly – and prominently – debunked proves he has no interest in the truth.


  1. You asked a good
    question, Margaret. I think it is because there is more social pressure on kids to have money, cars, sex and popularity than ever before. Many kids,from father-less homes, no moral compass,
    no supervision, shy, social misfits, bullied, and feeling powerless, know that if they shoot up their schools, they can say, “See, I’m not funny looking or stupid. They’d all better leave me alone, or I will shoot them. Then I will be on TV, social media, and the news, all over the world. They will have to notice me, and respect me then. They will all be sorry for how they treated me.” They want to be noticed and respected, but they don’t know how to do it in positive ways. The media, in it’s Liberal fervor to promote bans on gun ownership, provides them with that attention. They are lonely, marginalized kids acting out, maybe on the edge of mental illness or already medicated, who closet themselves away to play violent video games, and who don’t realize what “Life in Prison” means. It’s no game. They confuse fame with infamy, with tragic results.
    If the media would stop publicizing these events,
    it would go a long way to prevent shootings: no reward = no motive.

  2. NO Obummer and KILLary are Treasonist Traitors and need to be EXECUTED in public for the whole world to see how TREASONIST they were to AMERICA and WE THE PEOPLE.. Also the two of them I consider THE BUTCHER’S OF BENGHAZI, for not sending help to those poor AMERICANS at our consolite who were brutely slaughtered and drug through the streets over there in Libya..These tWo need to be held accountable for at least MURDER if not TREASON

  3. Lets not forge the muslims and the black orgs also . They took juvenile crim7nals and paid ISRAEL NOT TO CHAGE THEM WITH ANY CRIME. INSTEAD THE POLICE TURNED THEM OVER TO THESE ENTITIES WHO WAS CONVERTING THEM TO ISLAM. THEY WERE ALREADYCRIM7NALS . AND INSTEAD O GETTING THEM OUT OF soCIETY. THEY WERE CONVERTING HEM TO ISLAMIC QUARAN. . Teaching them t lie cheat steal. To convert enslave infidels or kill. And the fbi knew . IT ALL AS USUAL. NOTICE HOW THEY HAVE shUT DOWN UTUBE shooting. Becase it was a muslim and they were warned. Every shooting has a overtone of fbi.

  4. EVERY TIME his stupid lips move…the piece of s… lies! I’m counting the days for his funeral! SATAN’S WAITING!!!!!

  5. Interesting that this weekend that the so call “March For Life, there was no mention of the “Promise Program”. of the catastrophic failure of the FBI and the local police. Nobody marched in front of the J Edgar Hoover building or the Brower County sheriff office building.

  6. There’s been plenty of “damning evidence” coming out since the event occurred. All of it points straight back to O and the policies his administration put in place.

  7. I think it’s both the increase in gun control and the decrease in moral standards, coupled with the increasing steeping of children in violence while NOT teaching them moral standards and how to cope with frustration and accept “no” as a valid answer to their demands.

  8. Never happen. He has Ryan and McConnell running interference for him. Same as they’ve done for the past 8 or 9 years.

  9. Well what can you expect from an idiot who didn’t know how many states were in the country he was elected president of .

  10. Can he name all 18 school and provide details? Probably not. But then he can’t even name all fifty States. Oh I forgot, he thought there were fifty – seven.
    In 1960 we didn’t have mass shootings in our schools. And we had fewer gun laws. Now we have a lot more gun control laws and we have an increase in violence with the use of guns. Is there a correlation? Or is it all about other changes that have occurred in our society and the American culture?

  11. You can lay the blame for 17 dead children right on Obama`s lap, It was his social engineering program called (The Promise Program) that was started by his administration.
    This program was set in motion by the Brower Country school system and the blessing of the phony sheriff.
    But they could not let a good crisis go to waste, so like all good little gun grabbers, they blamed the NRA.

  12. Sandra et al, it has been said : ‘o’ muslim heritage goes back to
    Ashkenazi Jew. Deep subject, if you can find it w/ correlation.

  13. false post, I SAID: BS< barry soto in Negotiations w/ tv network. & George (before he croaks) is pushing him Hard.

  14. Obama personally said in an interview…..referred to his Muslim faith. He also called his ” partner” Michael on more than one occasion. A gay, Muslim, Kenyan elected president. Only in America !

  15. Good Lord Almighty G_D. WHERE did that Photo above come from ???
    ‘o’ Appears to be Totally ‘Stoned to the Bone’ W0W. looky at those ‘eyes’. whew. Hand looks ‘atrophied’ to some degree.
    EE gads – am at a loss for comment just observing RR’s photo.
    Furthermore, i will restrain from inking a ‘string of pearls’ that even Satan wouldn’t appreciate, that’s how Baaad it is.
    Satan wouldn’t appreciate

  16. Totally agree but who will do it? Maybe the only one would be Trey Gowdy if he was head of the FBI or if he would be made Attorney General. Time for the treasonous Obama and Hillary Clinton to receive justice.

  17. Well, that Obama is continuing with LIES as his method of “communication” is NO Surprise to me. THIS is the man who touted ACA/Obamacare with LIES, & when challenged on those LIES, he tried to say HE Never said that. Unfortunately for BHO, it was captured by NEWS media more than 3 dozen times. ONLY people who are bigger LIARS than Obama, are the Clintons.

  18. Sandra You are correct. He has never proven his U.S. Citizenship nor was he made to do so by the Democrat who was supposed to have vetted him. Their then Speaker of the House, Pillosy.

  19. Just his actual citizenship would be nice; because there’s zero evidence he was EVER an US citizen by ANY means.


  21. What else is new, every time he opens his mouth, lies spew out. The man is a total FRAUD and a TRAITOR to America and its Citizens.

  22. The MSM refused to vet him and are a real problem for our country. Let’s get his draft status and college records released and find out if he’s Barry someone else. All Americans deserve to know the truth.

  23. DemocRATs use the School Shootings in the same way they use the DACA Recipients. As a political pawn to be used for votes. They don’t really care about the students or the immigrants unless they can get votes from it.

  24. Obama was without doubt the worst president this country has ever seen—his stupid liberal policies nearly ruined this country—one more term of his idiotic policies would probably have made the UNITED STATES a third world country

  25. Is Anybody surprised? But I gotta wonder, does he really believe himself, is he aware most people see right thru his lies, time has proven he has ZERO integrity, what a pitiful little man!

  26. Most former Presidents just fade back into obscurity after their terms are over. The Osamas…I mean Obamas just keep on trying to tear our great nation apart. Racism grew alot under his Presidency to the point where a movie like Black Panther comes out and the African American community screams from the rooftops that they finally have a movie with an all black cast. Ummmm there were plenty in the 80s when I was growing up. My favorite comedy Coming To America being one of them. He brought this discord onto us. GO WAY OBAMAS!!!!

  27. oh they pass an amendment to give the schools more security but they never fund it so it just lies there. now the promise program in 2013 that Obama started was funded and we can see the results in the 43 times this killer got a pass before he acted.

  28. The slow moving functions of the U.S Department of Justice just recently referred to Eric Holder and Barack Obama in connection with the documented shipment of illegal weapons to Mexico called ‘Fast and Furious’, engineered by their order to the ATF. This is a srart toward the process that could put both in prison, where they belong.

  29. I will never belive anything a democrats ever says again. they are evil, and since satan is the father of lies, they all follow in his footsteps!

  30. Not one media person has ever mentioned that this criminal spent eight years politicizing the DOJ, FBI, IRS, State Department and every other Government agency. His cronies still pollute every agency. “DRAIN the SWAMP.”

  31. Ban it of course; and rocks, large branches from trees, water, etc. Goodness knows they kill too.

  32. This is interesting, although completely irrelevant. Of all the states, Florida has the highest number of deaths from lightning. So what are they going to do about that lightning?

  33. You DO know that Sandy Hook, just like Parkland, was a FALSE FLAG event our gov’t engineered. They DON’T care how many American kids are slaughtered; see also Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills! You DO also know that the only time O ever told a truth was when it was a Freudian slip and came out by ACCIDENT when he MEANT to say something else? He’s Muslim and a leftist/globalist: lying is their creed.

  34. Tell a lie often enough and people believe it, this is the Demon Rats policy. Goebbels would be proud and in trying to censor all who can disprove it they are also following Goebbels plan. A lie cannot live with the truth out there.

  35. Democrats and their lies they have thrown so many lies around to fit their agenda who in their right mind would believe this wanna be dictator! So glad he is somewhat gone from the White House it was seriously the worst 8 yrs of our lives! No more!!!!!

  36. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel
    Even if you have to make it up.

  37. Obama when he was President at the time Sandy Hook School kids were killed , he said that he would make sure that all schools get security to protect them . He failed nothing happened .

  38. why doesn’t he shut up and go back to his home town “chicongo” where he can see for himself the 800 per year murderers somehow slipped thru the cracks!all the while he did nothing!i guess he’s afraid of being shot! one can only wish!

  39. He needs to just go away. The funny thing is Obama and the Clintons think they are helping the “cause” when actually all the stupid things they say and all the criminal activities that have been exposed are killing the democrats, these people are like plutonium.

  40. Watch and Listen to Firefighter Mark Taylor-Trump Prophecies
    GOD has a Plan for America and is using His Chosen POTUS DT against the NWO-Globalists
    Stand UP to the Communist Liberal LEFT Traitors
    Defend the US Constitution
    VOTE against Muslim INVASION-SHARIA-Global Caliphate
    Educate Your Democrat Friends
    PRAY- We are on the Victory Side-RIGHT side of History

  41. Yea, he inherited his propensity for lying from his father the devil. I hope he leaves this planet earth real soon.

  42. Who could be surprised that our worst “president” in recent history was caught telling a lie. I doubt anything he ever pushed in the faces of the Citizens of the Country he openly hates. Thank God President Donald Trump has rescued the history of American Leadership.

    Mike Todd, LCDR MSC USN; the person who pushed the change that resulted in all military active duty, retired, and their dependents with the greatest healthcare in the World…

  43. Obamer wants t take down America. He bought a Mansion next to the White House and built a wall around it.
    Wired it to listen to Trumps meetings and wants to sabotage it all.
    He calls up Judges to strike down Trumps orders.
    He still has Muslims flying into this country @ our expense.
    They are mostly military age men. You people listening??

  44. He’s been against the dissemination of actual facts for a long time; remember his crack about “too much information floating around out there” at the memorial in Tucson in ’10, after the shooting that wounded Gabby Giffords? That was because local folks were tweeting and posting videos about that situation that contradicted his narrative. HE HATES when people tell the truth about anything he doesn’t agree with.

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