Barack Obama was caught in a sick lie that proved he’s the worst President ever

Barack Obama fibbed his way through eight years in office.

Starting with Obamacare, his entire Presidency was built on falsehoods.

Now a journalist revealed the worst lie of his administration.

When Obama was running for re-election in 2012, he touted the killing of Osama bin Laden and claimed Al Qaeda was experiencing its dying days.

The administration – with the help of its allies in the media – tricked the American people into thinking Obama was winning the War on Terror which helped propel him to a second term.

We now know that was a lie.

Rukmini Callimachi – a New York Times reporter who covers national security – told an audience at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies that Obama lied to the American people about Al Qaeda being decimated.

In fact, the documents recovered from the bin Laden raid revealed the group was just as strong as ever.

The Weekly Standard reports:

“A top foreign correspondent at the New York Times said Friday that the Obama administration deliberately downplayed al Qaeda’s strength in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election.

“The overall narrative that I think was being pushed to the press, and if you look back at the editorials that were done when that trove came out, was an image of bin Laden isolated, he had lost control of this group,” Rukmini Callimachi said during an event at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, referring to the 17 hand-picked documents released by the Obama administration in May of 2012.

Her remarks triggered the following question from Kim Dozier, a former top correspondent for the Associated Press and CBS, and current executive editor of the Cipher Brief: “Do you think that was something that was kept from the public’s view because it revealed that there had to be reams of communication going back and forth, which means U.S. intelligence, Western intelligence, was missing this?”

“Think back to when bin Laden was killed. It was 2011, it was right before a major campaign season. I don’t want to underplay the role that the killing of Osama bin Laden had,” said Callimachi. “But I think that that was theorized into something much bigger.”

“The head of the organization has been killed, and now—these are literally quotes that I would get: the organization has been ‘decimated,’ the organization is in ‘disarray,’ the organization is ‘on the run,’” she continued. “At the same time that we were preparing to pull out troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, I think that it was important to portray this as a problem that no longer existed.”

Obama’s failures in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism were another mess he left behind for Donald Trump to clean up.

Do you believe Trump will succeed where Obama failed?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. I always wondered why Bin Laden was shot in the face. Was it so the body couldn’t be recognized? I also read there were no guns discovered where he was hiding so why was it necessary to shoot him in the first place? They sure buried him quick enough at sea. I’ve always wondered if one of his followers sacrificed himself to save Bin Laden.

  2. Everyone knewn that obama was a liar and cheater. It will come out more after Barr finishes his investigation.

  3. The Kenyan is untouched because of fear of the race card when in fact it’s because of the fraudulence and lies about him. The use of the “borrowed” social security number alone is a federal offense. He should have been impeached and tried long before this. Since when does leaving an office exonerate a lawbreaker? If found guilty, a slap on the wrist isn’t enough; jail time and stripped of perks and pensions are called for. Three other culprits that have retired or voted out should indicted and tried, these are, holder, hillary and lerner. The lower case is my personal disrespect of the thee.

  4. Amen! I am so thankful that we have President Trump and that Obama is out of office. It really irritates me to see Obama traveling behind President Trump and talking with leaders that President Trump has just visited. Ever wonder what he is up to?

  5. This just shows how deep the DEEP STATE goes. If you have your operatives in control of all of these “opinion polls” you do not have to do anything to “report” the wonderful qualities of your team or the reprehensible qualities of the others. All you need is a staff of fiction writers with diseased imaginations!

  6. I’m with you Jesse!! EVERYTHING about, and related to obozo, is nothing but a LIE!
    Soros did a heck of a job, pulling his puppet’s strings for 8 years! And we’re sick of this lying sack of puke! Aside from most the lies we know about, and the corruption, he’s gay, michelle is ‘ michael ‘, a trans, and they ‘ borrowed ‘ the 2 daughters! ( have seen the real parents!) He, and his lovely wife, or whatever IT is, are despicable! And they never go away!! But, brace yourselves, THAT”S COMING! He, clintons, and the cronies ARE GOING DOWN!!!!

  7. Everyone should have figured all of Obozo’s bragging was LIES. Obozo thought if a brainless fool can be accused of thinking he was better than the one TRUE LIVING GOD. So this does not come as a surprise given that Obozo is was and shall ever be the LIAR of all LIARS. He hid everything about his past and is still hiding everything even though with his overblown ego he would want people to read his every word but he is even hiding all he did in Office. So this comes as no surprise but it proves he should be stripped of everything he gets and has because of his time in office and we should give him the debt he slapped on America.

  8. I still do not understand how Trump’s approval ratings are so low. People even gave him disapproval of his foreign affairs which I think have been remarkable. We need to watch out for this deep state undermining everything Trump Does! I know many do not believe polls but on a web site that had all of them listed it did not look good and I became very afraid of what might happen.

  9. If Congress and the Senate will get behind the President, support his agenda and work with him he will be successful and turn things around. The problems lies in the fact that Congress is much more interested in protecting their power than they are doing what is right for the nation. Sad but true, we need the SWAMP DRAINED NOW!


  10. It’s sad that I saw this I live near a Jewish community and neighborhood and they were partying when Obama was elected I guess they didn’t learn from the Hitler days

  11. You’re right the Democrats like to keep the black people depressed from getting jobs so they can con them voting for them

  12. I’m not surprised by any of this, because Obama is a pathological liar just like Hillary. They tell so many lies they even believe them. President Trump is doing a great job, of helping the military make the right decisions and getting them what they need to work with, so we can rid the world of the terrorists.

  13. Connie, Obama is still in the pic because he is still far to young yet, he can’t shut his mouth and still dreams of being a king. I still see these pop ups of “Would you vote for Michelle Obama…?” If she got in Barrack or whatever his name is will still be there…

  14. Unless we get another freakin Democrat in there again then we’ll be right back to square one and Obama will still be trying to lead the way…

  15. I think Osama Bin Lada is still alive. I think Obama made a deal with him….. Life if he disappeared. We dumped his body in the ocean??? No one saw the dead body? Why? Because Obama’s lies about Islamic terrorism being neutralized was a huge lie about to be exposed. History will show the real truth long after we are gone. My opinion.

  16. No retirement for any of them. It is supposed to be PUBLIC SERVICE and not a get rich career as they have turned it into.

  17. All you have to do is remember the last 8 years. 100 million able bodied Americans out of work! That number alone should should frighten the bejepers out of anyone!

  18. “We now know that was a lie.”

    Actually anyone paying attention knew then that it was we could see on his face while he watched them go in how upset he was the team was going in after the terrorist. What we learned later was they were acting on standing orders he had nothing to do with yet he with the help of the media accomplices did everything possible to take credit for the action.

  19. Folks, the good news is this – the incompetent moron is gone. Step by step Trump is reversing and doing away with Obama`s policies that damaged this country. While I agree that Trump’s antics are over the top at times, he’s doing the things he promised he would do if elected. The damage Obama has done may never be completely reversed but at least we are heading in the right direction now.


  21. What You say rings very true;but, I will add in that many votes were for FREE PHONES and other things thrown at the poor. One black lady i remember well was so enthused by Barry being in office that She expected a free ride just for voting Him into the White House. It was like These under Barry’s spell thought everything was going to be given to Them. My thoughts were that : ” this is what the Communists preached to the people when They toppled other governments around the World”. Promise Them anything;but, enslave Them.

  22. obummer got to be pres. only because of being black. And being voted for by un educated Dems and blacks. And now AMERICANS are paying for it.

  23. The only reason obummer was elected was he was black and all the uneducated black and dems voted for him and now AMERICA is paying for his damn lies

  24. the current administration must explore the reason as to why the ex-president has been immune to civil and criminal charges. it is most important to unmask this charade of political correctness and not let the matter pass into anonymity. not to do so would leave a cloud over American history that may never be lifted.

  25. Everything MLK accomplished, Obama set back at least 50 years. He ran on a theme of CHANGE. The change he expected to accomplish reflected his hatred of America, same a George Soros’. You don’t attend a church with a pastor that hates America for 20 years and not come away with the same attitude.

  26. As is evident to anyone that can even THINK, the BIG ZERO did NOTHING to stop civil unrest,,,,did NOT contact any organization publicly and request that they stand down and allow the police and court do the job that they are in place to do,,, ! He had an opportunity to quell the riots and did NOTHING!!! His ONLY agenda was to get everything that he could get from the office and then walk away from any and all responsibility for ANYTHING!!! His foreign policy was “DO NOTHING”, and that was about the only positive thing that he did in EIGHT YEARS!!! The first MULATTO president was a terrible president, with NO WORLD KNOWLEDGE, and NO QUALIFICATIONS!!! HE LIED ABOUT THE HEALTHCARE PLAN, and nearly EVERYTHING before, during and continues AFTER he left office!!! His whole life has been shadowy, as is his character!!! How he SUCKERED more than 50% of the population for a SECOND term escapes me, and I certainly don’t need another of his “lectures”!

  27. there is two facts in the constitution that defines him as a traitor and punishment of death should be carried out. but the executive branch of our government is such a joke that the laws we have already are not being enforced and until then we will continue to loose our rights as americans and corrupt government will continue.


  29. The HalfBreed is a Useless, Filthy, Degenerate Scumbag and his three legged companion is a Freak of Nature or Surgery as the case may be….

  30. Throughout 8 years of this moron he lied to the American people, we have known this all along There is nothing new, but I still don’t believe that Osama bin anything is dead yet, not until I see a body. Osama the black Islamic dictator use to tell us he bombed Al Quida sites, yeah he did, after they left the area. He would tell the in advance when we were going to bomb them, then after they left the area we went in and bombed the hell out of the place, there was no one there anymore. This filthy liar is a communist himself who never gave a damn about this country or the people. He went through the motions for the last 8 years spending trillions of dollars of our money and covering up his past and his communist ties, he is a muslime pig. He said it one time himself in a video on you tube.

  31. Is this supposed to be NEWS…??? Haven’t we known for years, while he was in Office, that he was LYING his A** off the ENTIRE time….??? WHEN did he ever give “any” orders to really “fight” ISIS…??? NEVER…!!! Radical, MURDEROUS ISLAM is the side he is on and he told us so, in fact, he had members of the Muslim Brotherhood go in and out of the White House, an organization that was declared years ago to be a TERRORIST group, AND America just sat back and WATCHED, letting America’s ENEMY just DO whatever he wanted and is still INVOLVED going AGAINST/AFTER a sitting President, right now, day in – day out, and still NOTHING and NOBODY is STOPPING him….!!??!! SO, my question just is WHY was he NEVER “IMPEACHED”…??? Why does America ALLOW this IMBECILE to still ROAM among us, instead of arresting him and charging him with so, so many counts of ILLEGAL activities, which should include “hiding” his real Birth Certificate among all of the rest of his records being SEALED…??? WHO in his right mind let this TRAITOR even into the OVAL Office, and that for 8 years, we had nothing but “Obama HORROR SHOW” for 8 (EIGHT) HORRIFIC years…???

  32. Only one other entity has lied as much as Obama and he is the snake, the deceiver and the Principalities and Powers of the air

  33. The biggest lie ever put over on the United States of America was the birthplace of Obama. AND Obama, as president, only followed the playbook of George Soros!

  34. I believe that POTUS has many problems before him. He is being screwed with at every turn. The party of obstruction, the resistance, turn coat RINO’s. They carry on Obama’s legacy of lies. Then of course there is the MSM. A sad group giving out falsehoods as news.
    In short only time will tell. That and those of us who voted for him, to stand by him.

  35. The whole Obama Administration and the liberal, Democrat and some wolves dressed as Sheep in the Republican Parties, that backed him are all corrupt, that’s why the Liberal Democrats and some Republicans are runnig behind the scenes and causing conflict with voters, Liberal Media Outlets and Social Media, with the new outbreak of allegations pertaining to sexual harassment, not to mention the ever languishing Russian Collusion Witch Hunt. Congressional and Senatorial personnel along with Supreme Court Justices, State and Federal Judges should only have ten years max term.

  36. Obama bin Biden are the face of lies and deception. They should all be tried for treason and face the firing squad. All the democrats are protecting him and his fake administration. Trump needs to reset the government which would be a start,get rid of anyone who is anti-American

  37. Hopefully these ‘obstructions’ finally lead to their demise. Pray for this America, pray for this and their eventual demise!

  38. The BULLS**T and lies this no good black POS would fill volumes. Hopefully the American people continue to get ris of the ‘dumbocraps, ‘liberals’ amnd ‘socoialists’. The promises this commander in ‘thief’ foisted on America’s middle class never materialized and we’re basically in the same boat we were in 89 years ago. This worthl;ess disgraceful ineffestive poor excuse for a president and ‘moochella’ need to get lost. Their party lost big time last year. The American people decided to go ina different direction and these liberal ‘obstructionists’ need to realize they lost, suck it up and work with the Republicans to make America greater instead of acting like spoiled brats on the school yard, move on!

  39. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it stood in front of him and slapped him upside the head…. He NEVER cared about the truth.. lied every time he opened that mouth.. I could feel the hate for America and Americans when he opened his mouth.. He cared MORE about the criminals.. legal citizen criminals and illegal alien criminals…. He cared NOTHING about the American people he was suppose to be working FOR… he was the worse President in my lifetime…
    Thank GOD for President Trump and if all the loony liberals, demented democrats, rotten Rinos, msm would STOP spreading all their lies and their hate and STOP trying to ruin this administration, president Trump can do a lot to help the American People.. I say ANYONE who continues to try and block him from doing his job, do NOT care about the American people they claim to represent…

  40. Agree.. along with the lying Clinton… neither one of them are friends with the truth… everything about them is a lie

  41. President Trump has already succeeded where Obama failed and moving forward. I can’t understand why Obama is still in the picture unless perhaps he is trying to resurrect himself.

  42. Obama was indeed our very worst president I’ve lived under presidents since Hoover (too young to gauge Hoover), both Democrats and Republicans, and he’s by far the worse. I’ve never regretted voting for The Donald and I am confident he will succeed in his mission to make our country Great Again in spite of the dead beats, including Republican back-stabbers, in the DC swamp. All they’re doing is delaying the inevitable. GO DONALD . . . GO ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  43. It seems strange that WE THE PEOPLE never actually saw his body.
    Many leaders have body doubles. How do we really know for sure that it
    was the real Bin Laden? I would only believe it if it was proven beyond all


  45. Why is Oldbummer still skulking around free, and spying on President Trump.
    This swamp creature is still blocking President Trump’s agenda to MAGA!
    How is it that the last administration and all of the guilty “party” are free?
    With all of their filthy corruption, they all should be tried and executed for treason
    and sedition.

  46. I did not know that obummer led Seal Team 6 on the raid to kill bin Laden. It would have been nice if he did and was the only fatality.

  47. every thing about the kenyan fraud is a lie, starting with the birth certificate no one can find, like hillary , all he did was rob us blind, i’m sure he got his share of the 10 trillion he spent, how many green co.’s did he bail out , just to turn around and file bankrutcy and close their doors

  48. Time in the early 2012 the Iraqis begged Obumo to take out the Isis training camps … to stop them. Nope Obumo wouldn’t. The Kurds begged for equipment. None sent. But when ISIS was on the move slaughtering /destorying taking over stockpiles of arms sitting there for ISIS. Obumo would not send in drones to attack these terrorists. When the Seals went in to take out Osama… Obumo had a front row seat. But he got bored so he and Reggie Love went off to play cards. Obumocare/ all these illegals/ open borders/laws not enforced…. all created $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ slush fonds to “enable” these Dems. Rip off.

  49. I never understood the “sea burial” part either unless it was to make sure he didn’t get to paradise. I don’t know…….can’t think of anything reasonable to explain why he was dumped in the ocean. But I’m kinda glad they did!

  50. President Trump may not be able to clean up Obama’s huge mess even if he is in office 16 years. He might if he demands the resignation of every agency secretary and every sub-director under them. Sure it might slow down the governments constitutional role of governing but then the underlings below will get a clear message to get to work and forget politics. That would go a very long way to cleaning up the swamp getting down to the muck and mire.

  51. I totally agree with all the above. But I’ll add 2 points. 1- Barry set race relations back 75 years all by himself. 2- Barry & Mooshell came to Washington with a net worth of $600,000. In the last few months they purchased a $14 M home in NY, and a $4 M place on the east coast.
    I’m no genius, but I can see the math don’t add up !!!

  52. That is correct ! The dems have voted NO on everything he has tried to do while the repus during Obama, only voted totally No on the Health bill that Pelosi said they had to sign to read it !!! He is trying but it will be difficult with the dems totally refusing to work in any manner with him . They certainly aren’t interested in MAGA.

  53. Love my President, Mr. Trump, as it takes a real MAN to undo all the bad from Obummer. Would be nice to do an executive order to clean the swamp…because they all have something hidden somewhere and in addition find the squeaky wheel and watch the birds sing.

  54. He probably was the most corrupt president ever and was a Muslim all along but just pretended he was a Christian to get elected. At least from his second term we learned how incapable and evil he really was and is.

  55. Yes, President Trump will succeed where Barry Soetoro failed!
    I do have an extra thought here though…Why would the government go to the lengths it did to supposedly kill
    Osama Bin Laden? I get the going in to get him & the treasure trove of information the Seals found…but to supposedly bury him at sea…? I don’t believe it! Sorry, but Barry Soetoro’s administration was filled with corruption in the highest order!
    Yes…Worst President ever…

  56. I think President Trump will have to DRAIN the SWAMP and then he will be able to finish what he said he will do for America and it’s citizens.

  57. Unless Trump can use the signing of “executive orders” to accomplish all these good things, they will remain undone. The power of the swamp is great and the Democrats, the media, academia and the RINOs will do everything they can to ensure that their power is not diminished.

  58. From the very first time I heard him speak ( with out seeing him !!!) I knew he was a liar and “oil snake salesman !!!!
    Put his lying ass in prison along with her !

  59. Obama failed? That is a laugh! Dont you have to try before you can fail. All that dipwad did was encourage these idiots and the world is suffering as a result. Of course Bin Laaden was killed but he did not order it. He just did not stop it and yes it was for political gain. That was pretty much the end of it and everything that has happened since has been classified as workplace violence or domestic terrorism. what a bunch of total BS!!!

  60. Trump will prevail and do what Obama only said he was doing , but did nothing a big cheer for President Trump for making things right for us true Americans not like our old President the muslim lover

  61. Obama has always been corrupt, and will lie through his teeth about everything. He is pure evil and really should have been ousted from office after his very first offense (which I heard was him taking the oath of office by putting his hand on the Quran rather than the Holy Bible.) Yes, I think Trump will triumph, but he will have to wade through a lot more of Obama’s CRAP before all is said and done.

  62. The “Liar-in Chief” is up to his lying lips in scandal after scandal and Sessions better move on Uranium One that has, according to an FBI informant whose been silenced by Obama, info regarding corruption between Russia, Hillary, and even Obama. Benghazi, Obamacare, lies, as the end justifies the means is the Left’s belief…corruption and the swamp.

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