Barack Obama created a huge problem with Joe Biden by using this one word

Barack Obama continues to haunt Joe Biden.

It’s becoming a major political problem for Democrats.

And Barack Obama created a huge problem with Joe Biden by using this one word.

From the second Joe Biden took office, he sought to throw open the southern border to waves of illegal immigration.

One of Biden’s first Executive Orders halted construction on the border wall.

Biden also tried to end the successful Remain in Mexico Protocols and Title 42 policies that Trump instituted to end the practice of catch and release.

The end result was the largest illegal alien invasion in American history, with over 2 million illegal aliens stampeding across the border per year.

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson told Fox News that the situation at the border went well beyond a crisis.

“[T]he Governors in the southwestern states are dealing with about 7,000 people per day that they’re encountering, and because of the Biden administration’s open-border policy, processing and dispersing all around this country,” Senator Johnson began.

Senator Johnson noted that the Obama administration declared it a crisis when the Border Patrol intercepted 2,000 illegal aliens per day trying to enter the country.

Some months on Joe Biden’s watch saw as many as 7,000 illegal aliens walk across the border each day.

“Well, the Vice President, the President, and Secretary Mayorkas are as detached from reality as they are from the truth. The fact of the matter is that this is a crisis. Again, 7,000 people — President Obama declared it a ‘crisis’ — a humanitarian crisis when it was 2,000 people a day. But what they consider a success is processing and dispersing within eight hours. They just got very efficient at processing and dispersing to all points of America, and it’s all okay. Unless they come to Democrat-controlled cities, then it’s a problem again. So, again, the hypocrisy is just jaw-dropping,” Senator Johnson concluded.

The border crisis and Joe Biden encouraging illegal immigration is one of the biggest political liabilities facing the Democrat Party.

Biden hasn’t suffered as much damage as he could have since the corporate-controlled media largely suppressed this story from the public.

But Republicans like Ron Johnson are warning the public that the situation is completely out of control, as evidenced by the fact three times as many illegal aliens are crossing the border than when even Barack Obama declared it a crisis.

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