Barack Obama dropped this massive bombshell about his future plans

Barack Obama is fully committed to defeating Donald Trump in the next election.

There is no stone he won’t leave unturned.

And Barack Obama just dropped this massive bombshell about his 2020 plans.

Obama and his wife Michelle just announced a massive deal with the streaming service Spotify to produce and star in podcasts.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

The Obamas are expanding their media domain through a multiyear deal with Spotify to create podcasts exclusive to the audio service.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s partnership with Spotify comes through their Higher Ground production banner, which is already in business with Netflix on a number of projects. Now, Higher Ground is launching a podcast division, Higher Ground Audio, through which the former president and first lady will develop, produce and lend their voices to select shows for Spotify.

“We’ve always believed in the value of entertaining, thought-provoking conversation,” Barack Obama said Thursday in a statement announcing the deal. “It helps us build connections with each other and open ourselves up to new ideas. We’re excited about Higher Ground Audio because podcasts offer an extraordinary opportunity to foster productive dialogue, make people smile and make people think and, hopefully, bring us all a little closer together.”

Spotify’s roots are as a platform for streaming music. It has 217 million monthly active users and 100 million subscribers to its subscription offering.

This deal sounds innocent.

But it isn’t.

Spotify has nearly 60 million users in the U.S.

And the Obama’s will use the platform’s reach to produce content that attacks Donald Trump and promotes Barack Obama’s political values.

The Left will exploit every avenue of pop culture to convince Americans that Donald Trump is an incompetent racist and that they need to support whoever the Democrats nominate for President.

Americans are used to seeing this in Hollywood movies and TV shows.

But now the Obamas will use the cover of “nonpartisan” podcasts to attack their political enemies and support their ideological allies.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Specifically, what has Trump done that is good for America? I’ve never seen him as a man working for the good of the people. I think of him as a person focused on himself and what will benefit him. If that happens to also be good for the country, it’s an unintended benefit.
    By the way, the expressed racism in comments here is disgusting and doesn’t reflect well on those who espouse it. It also shows that the subject of your racism is a better person than you are.

  2. The Obamas are such an ugly couple and such an embarrassment to America. This is not a race-based comment; I just look at them and see hostility and deviousness.

    • He’s nothingK but an ex-affirmative action president who accomplished nothing as an Illinois senator and less as president.

  3. Obama is the worst President in our history. He completely depleted our Military. Did nothing to help the Black American community.

  4. The liberal newspapers which publish fake news, biased reports, and promote the Democrats agenda, are all publishers of liberal propaganda. If you subscribe to one, you’re helping the Democrats defeat President Trump. I canceled my subscription and I hope they all go bankrupt. No President in my lifetime has done more good for America and Americans than President Donald Trump.

  5. A public forum to promote his anti American ideals. What a piece of shite. He needs to be banished from this great nation, never to return. Better yet cut all government welfare off from him, take away sectet service and drop him and his cross dressing husband in the middle of kenya. Let him try to spout the same things about kenya that he does here, they will cut his tongue out.

  6. Liberalism , the ruin of all Free Nations , look at all the simpletons on that side , they Lie so often they believe there on BS , COMMON SENSE ISN’T PART OF BEING A LIBERAL NO MORE , BUT BEING BRAINWASHED and a Idoit Stick is a requirement , plus you can’t think for yourself , only the chosen ones are allowed , now if the chosen ones are the best you got , well sorry , but that’s just a piss poor group of dumbasses , now lying , stealing , cheating , making up false accusations , treason and being a Traitor that’s what the Liberal Party has become , I’d go to say the liberals are neck n neck with the Ragheads as to whose the stupidest humans on planet Earth are , well , the liberals would most probably end up in the Goat Herd , so the Ragheads are just a little smarter , not much happening upstairs , lots of sand instead of brain cells on both sides !!

  7. I am an old person with a terminal disease so what happens won’t affect me but what does affect me is all the immature and pointless name calling. We are close to the line of losing everything we have lived for and we will never get it back. Please America, stop falling for all the emotional buzz words and put some real thought into what you are voting for before the greatest country the world has ever known vanishes

    • AMEN hicusdicus! If we quit subscribing to left articles, papers, newscasts on left TV stations, etc., at least they will lose those of us who REALLY car about America and its people. A former President and his wife WHO HATE AMERICA, HATE WHITE PEOPLE, AND HAVE SAID SO BLATANTLY ON TV AND IN SPEECHES MANY TIMES — they need to be courtmartialed for TREASON!

      • Yes indeed , the Obummers and all the rest of the Far Left Wing Looney Tume Liberals , we’ll see soon Enough , talk is cheap , time for some heads to Roll for these Treasonous acts against God , Country and We The People of The USA

      • Court martial would be too good for the weasel from Kenya and his tranny manfriend Michael. These anti-American racists should face a firing squad for sedition and treason. They have been working diligently to try and over throw the US and it’s duly elected President.

    • Even at 83 years, Please make sure you vote for President Donald Trump in 2020. I agree with you that Obama is an EVIL man. I wish he can go back to Africa where he was born. These Muslims have no place in American Politics. “The 1952 McCarran-Walters Act, Chp. 2, Section 21, is the Prohibition of the Entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an Organization seeking to Overthrow the Government of the United States by Force, Violence, or other UnConstitutional means.” That Obama brought 150,000 Somalian Refugees (Muslims) and placed them in Minnesota and Michigan. Two Women among them got entry as “Congresswomen” recently and are spreading “anti-semitism” against Israel and the Jewish people. They say, “America was born on the backs of Slaves (meaning Black Africans) and its time for them to take it back”. Can you believe it? USA is a Judeo-Christian Country, not Muslim.

      • America would have been and was born without slavery. There were no slaves on the Mayflower, Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. Through 1675 only 824 slaves had been transported to territory that is now part of the US. By that time almost seven decades had elapsed since our founding. I hardly see that as a nation ” born on the back of slavery.”

  8. You all sure have a different definition of “massive bombshell” than I do. What a laugher. So what if President Obama has a podcast?? One, you don’t have to listen to it. And two, the current occupant of the office apparently still thinks he’s on that apprentice show. Maybe you all should find something useful to do with your life.

    • It’s not about choosing to listen to – just the idea that Obamas are trying to do now after they left the WH instead of doing good while they were there. No Bashing Shame on you Obamas!

    • For you to be out here indicates you have found something useful to do with your life. That’s good. Nobody out here plans to listen to the Obama podcasts. He and Hillary will have no more success than did Hillary and Bill on their international American Last tour.

  9. It’s very difficult to remove scum. Box this fool up and send both of them to Kenya where they will fit right in unless the Kenyans decide to de-scumify as well; then OUT WITH THE TRASH!

      • Obo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!How many terrorist Muslims did obo let into Our country? Investigate and lockum up.

    • Problem is that it won’t be his money – are you kidding? He wouldn’t spend a dime – no bet on where that money is coming from – a felon who needs to be deported back to his native land, along with his family.

  10. The Obamas don’t realize that they only people that listen to them are the hard core Dems but they are not well liked by the majority of voters. If they were then HRC would be Prez!

    • really??? I guess the majority anti Obamas voted to elect him to two consecutive terms? Evidently you right wingwes try to ignore the polls. I suggest you compare President Obama’s polls to Donnie’s…I’ll be waiting LOL…LOL

  11. WOW…federal penitentiaries have sure changed a lot if they are going to allow an inmate to appear on podcasts! My guess is a lot of contracts obama is signing will be void once he is arrested for conspiracy against the United States. As for his he/she wife…she can always get Stormy Daniel’s old job..just have to keep it nice and tucked LMAO!

    • Darnit Debi….I just commented to another comment that it was my favorite one….then I scrolled down & read yours….now I’m torn between 2 great comments!

  12. It seems this needs to be combated by AG Barr proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he was responsible for the coup against our President along with his wife. They both should be the first in a long line of criminals who pay the price for attempting to unseat Donald Trump while he was taking office. Time to call their criminal actions Treason and put them all in line for a firing squad.

    • obamba and Bigfoot will soon realize, like “the witch” and willie found out on their National “Speaking” Tour, that folks are tired of listening to liars.

      The obamba’s will have a larger crowd than the clinton’s, but their gaggle of indentured followers will only decrease as they pass gaseous emissions. ????

    • Barack and Michelle Obama are hoping to do a cover-up of not only of Obama’s part in the Russian Collusion but Clinton email scandal,Benghazi, Fast and Furious and many more scandals. Just another attempt at a cover-up.

  13. I have a great solution,indict them all for all orchestrating the Russian collusion hoax against Trump like they should be and they won’t be able to cause anymore trouble! A no brainer, but why hasn’t anyone done it yet!Lock them all up!

  14. Dam funny ole Soros sold all of his interest in Netflix,Goldmans Sachs,and another company 8 months ago,,now Obama involved in Netflix! Sounds like Soros handed it over to Obama trash to me, so he could brainwash people on next election! Someone needs to be going after this muslim trash one way or another and put a permanent stop to him! You see this idiot in public, Boo this moron, protest, whatever you can to show him he’s the idiot nobody wants them around! Chant Gitmo is waiting for you!!Soros is the number one problem the world has but yet he lives in New York and walks our streets! And screws up our goverment and stock markets!! How hard is it to take 2 idiots of the street! Wouldnt be hard for Clinton’s to get him if they wanted too! 2 bullets in the head and call it suicide!

  15. Obama trash = George Soros puppets need to stay out of the public eye before someone does the world a favor! This made up false documented fake family trash needs to go back where they came from! Never should have been a president yo begin with! Shame on you people who voted this idiot in twice ! Hes nothing but a corrupt Muslim piece if trash that thanks to him we now have camel jockeys all over the United states spreding there backwards fake beliefs all over and screwing up our towns! Pushing there fake Koran book some dumb camel jockey made up centurys ago to control his women. Obama wasted millions of our tax dollars and created ISIS and supplied them with weapons and missiles with our money! (Benghazi to Syria.) And has done nothing but cause Trump trouble through border to fake dossia’s all paid for by Soros! This idiot needs to be in Gitmo and water bordered everyday for the next year! Then shoot the bastard with firing squad! Hand him and inject him just to make sure! Burry his Muslim ass to see in a bag of pigs blood!!

  16. President Donald Trump has proven that the United States of America has proven that “WE THE PEOPLE” do not want or need anything the obumbo’s have to push on “WE THE PEOPLE”

  17. Okay! What everyone that has NetFlix needs to drop them from Online because Barack Obama is the owner and he is using all of the money from NetFlix to u8nder mine the 2020 Elections.

    • I WILL NEVER pay 5 cents for Netflix. Anything to do with the Obamas is no good. Barak and his husband can take a hike. Wonder what Hillary’s brother Tony did to cause his death. Maybe he committed “suicide” like Vince Foster, et al. because he was about the spill the beans on the Clinton crimes.

  18. The swamp rats are squealing louder and louder. They know that DT is getting closer to holding them accountable. Can’t wait till killary and holder and jarrett and love and barry are wearing orange jump suits.

    • “Can’t wait till killary and holder and jarrett and love and barry are wearing orange jump suits.”

      I completely concur, “josephg”, but don’t hold your breath. It ain’t gonna happen!


  19. Barblockhead Oblah Blah is a typical chip off his old Islamo-communist dad’s block and another traitor to the American people and our way of life and should’ve stayed with him in Kenya where he was born.

    • I agree. I pinned him as a Muslim following Hitler’s agenda. Trump sure screwed that up. God’s plan for our country isn’t Obama’s agenda. Are the woman, Cortez, Omar and ? on Soros Patrol helping Obama. They are what happens when you have Muslim Brotherhood take over a town or district. What’s going to happen with all the Illegals Pelosi Feinstein Walter Harris and Newsom wants to support. Trump 2020

      • I agree Obama’s cause is to turn our country into a Muslim country. For a Muslim to take the oath of office they have to lie. Doing so should prevent them from holding office. Challenges in court should overturn all of them.

  20. Obama is so EVIL. He is the DEVIL within and I know that he and his he-man wife have Soros supporting his moves to ruin America. Obama and everything connected to this POS is EVIL. How could people be so GD stupid to have voted him into office for 8-years. He accomplished nothing for America and he isn’t even an American. I don’t understand what this POS has, but it is unacceptable. Do not trust Obama or wife, Michael. Open your eyes and ears.

    • Why do you think the people voted for him because Obama was giving everything that wasn’t his free for votes, and now that Biden is running its going to be the same all over again. The mess Obama left President Trump,those freebees can’t see it because Obama spoiled them with free everything. When Obama became the so called president always talked of the mess Former President Burns left, now what goes around came around. Obama left a horrendous mess and he is jealous of President Trump, but you have to remember Obama had his chance and didn’t do a thing but mess up everything.


  21. What’s pissing off Onigga the most is seeing his legacy of choking regulations and mediocrity being swept away by a white man he and his commie cohorts never took seriously. Trumps great successes are only more salt in the wound. Aside from the 2 elections he won, aided greatly by 2 weak opponents and millions of stupid Americans, his policies cost the Dems everything and the candidates he endorsed lost virtually every time. This media farce will be no different, the only people he’ll reach are the diminishing pool of imbeciles who still tell themselves he was good, despite overwhelming proof to the contrary. Liberalism is a mental disorder and cannot be reasoned with or assuaged, it must always be exposed, confronted and defeated!

  22. Barack Obama is a disgrace to American politics and is the only former president actively trying to unseat the sitting president in American history. He needs to go away.

    • When Trump wins big in 2020, the Left will throw Barry and Big Dick Moochelle under the bus, like they’ve done with Billary.

  23. I am sure there are many more skeletons in the closet that these dems know are going to come out, which is 1 reason they keep fighting so hard to impeach President Trump, but as the saying goes, what’s done in the dark will be seen in the light (or something like that). They are toast & they know it

    • Trumps past, his whole life, he has never been racist. That is the Dems favorite word, Trump also is very giving, helping people that need help….all when he was just a builder. Many people know it, that’s why he is so popular. Disgusting that a former president is doing everything to unset an elected president.



      • Make sure that Obama’s and Pelosi deportable wall is taken down, no security.
        If Citizens can’t be protected by Trump’s Wall then none of the people against the wall should have security.
        Trump 2020 I live on the borders and news isn’t reporting much of the crime, drugs, murder kidnapping gangs domestic violence sucides and rapes. God Bless Our Country

      • I agree , they are against guns , so save the tax payers money , let them live that way , it just means they don’t need security , Barry / Obummer the Raghead Treasonous Traitor , how do you like it now Barry

  24. We all knew that he couldn’t and wouldn’t keep quiet. It is common courtesy for a former President to go quietly. But we all knew when he was in office he wouldn’t.

    • Americans know what liars the Obama’s are…it will flop because I can’t name one person in ohio that will listen to obama especially his wife…

  25. The media will make a fortune on this potential controversy. As they have been doing, they will trip over each other to create more controversy which translates into big bucks for them. The problem is that the Left, especially Hollywood, will promote the whole disastrous mess with all the money it has and, America will lap it up. It will provide “Late Nite TV” hosts and shows like SNL with tons of material. The media will attack Trump with all it has, otherwise, they will be exposed for the treasonous traitors they are and have been. George Soros and the Clinton’s are probably behind it all. Just get out and vote for Trump when the time comes and that will put the Left where they belong.


    • I would call it the Homo House. Obama is a 100% Homosexual and his husband Michelle aka Michael LaVaughn Robinson is the first black Drag Queen that diry the What House.

      Both of them did not even have the respect to let people know what they truly are.

      Also Obama is not really a black man. He had a dirty white woman as his mama and a Communist black daddy.

      Also he did nothing for the Black man and Black woman in the USA.

      But he did a lot for the Transgender, Homosexual, and people who want to change their gender.

    • Cornholeo knows that Barr will be coming for him it’s a sure thing, as long as trump remains in the white house.

  27. The Kenya puppy dog and his wife (little brother) are at it again. He cannot say anything that is not a lie or made up BS. As for Michelle..old carrot or cucumber stories is not what we want to hear from her mouth. We want to know when she and he are moving back to Kenya and what color will the thatch be on their hut!

  28. Well now is that what we really need from a Fake,and phoney muslim piece of whale dung, folks you better read up on this pair and please disregard all that comes from their pieholes I can only hope this upcoming disclosure by the AG will reveal this dirtballs role in this phoney investigation how he was completely implicated in the
    entire saga. Do not be swayed by this :commie: we have to much to lose.

    • Those 2 could never sway citizens that really know who they are. They want to be gay that is their business but turn this Country into a commie Country is our business.

  29. Spotify is a popular audio streaming service, the O’s can use this along with their Netflix propaganda to warp more young minds, as well as the liberals who love these two. IOW they’re tacking advantage of media, which is something Conservatives should follow suit in or be left out. There must be a Conservative influence in this arena or we’ll lose.

    • The sooner the better for that NECK PARTY. They HAVE to pay the price for what they’ve started. I consider all of them lower than sewer sludge

  30. This POS won’t quit. He and his butt buddy Mikey have been on a whirlwind world tour bad mouthing the U.S. and the President. Last seen in Brazil. One of world’s most restictive nations on firearms and one of the highest murder rates in the world. Coincidence? The traitorous fool stood up in a speech and slammed our second amendment and claimed you could “even buy a fully automatic rifle over the internet in America”(machinegun). This scum is bought and paid for by Soros, Blumberg and the One World Government group. A criminal and liar. As soon as this garbage shows up on set he should be immediately marched out the door, nailed to a wall and shot. It is far better than he deserves.


    • Yes, but the silent majority must be sure and vote. This is the most important election ever. Not just for Donald Trump but for the Congress as well – we simply must get rid of the worthless obstructionists who have done nothing for the American people. Kick them all to the curb and replace them with people who want to move this country forward. Make America even greaters, Donald!!!

    • Name-calling is schoolyard bullying.
      It says so much about the current right-wingers.
      ALso it seems to go hand-in-hand with the Census data that documents the Republican majority states have the highest levels of school dropouts. Also, please to remember that Census data is self-reported. Hence, it is real people admitting to be dropouts.

  32. Like the Hunchback of Chappaqua, Barry is a committed Follower of Saul Alinsky. Conservatives have to stay engaged an defeat them at the ballot box.

  33. Just because Obama carries the title of EX-president, doesn’t give him the right to interfere with a sitting president. He needs to back-off and let our president do his job, or face a long jail term for treason. How about it taxpayers?

    • ~ Totally Agree ~ I would like nothing better to see obummer on the wall with a military firing squad making him look like Swiss Cheese……You know the kind with all the holes in it.~ (Smile) I hate that Lyin Son of Bitch ,he’s a Treasonous Traitor that needs to be removed like a cancer he is. ~

      • Why waste the bullets ? Get some old wheel weights , melt them down . Strap him face down and naked on a table , stick a funnel up his butt and pour the molten weights in . A good old fashion “Hot Lead Enema” will certainly cure his stinkin’ thinkin’ . Sort of clear his mind as it were .

    • Don’t be drug into that quagmire, you know it is impossible for it to run again, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be a puppet master.
      Have you noticed that their so-called children are not anywhere to be seen now.
      I wonder how much their real parents received for hiring them out.

  34. The democrats want a third world nation,
    obama wants “WELL, we are still recovering
    from his dysfunctional wims.
    Democrats are……taxes, investigations, lies,
    over sea radioactive deals.
    Another democratic president will result in
    the downfall of the United States.
    And we the people will probably revolt against
    this democratic president BIG TIME…..
    Some people were never meant to be the
    President of the United States, and we all know
    the results of the obama era (error).
    I have never seen so much dysfunction within
    our government, the democratic party has got to go
    before our nation crumbles to the third world effect.

    • Chainlink – When Americans wake up it will be too late. Good ole georgie soreass and his money have had this “plan” for eons. The little halfbred, faggot porchmonkey has SWORN to be a dick taster, I mean dictator, and he and his HUSBAND have always been the biggest joke ever. But while we Americans are too busy to see it, yes, they’ll leave no stone unturned to accomplish their sick dreams. Makes me VERY, VERY glad that I’m 75YO..????????????

  35. Subversive Idealists never go away, they have to be defeated… time to attach all Obama’s Bank accounts.. that is something he understands. Since he helped Russian propaganda get into America seize on the basis association with Putin/Human rights violations.

    • Let tell you all, the bible tells us all about this. We hear Obama talking about being a Christian, but we know that he is really a Muslim. Well think about the antichrist, he will profess to be a lover of God but is truly working for Satan. These podcast and Hollywood has all the tools that satan needs to try and take over. Just look at all your surroundings now. Trump is on our side so we must help work for him.

      • Obama was a real President, all the historians rate him highly, Trump is a pretender, wants to be a dictator, stole the Presidency with Russian invasion and his lies and mobster ties.

  36. now I KNOW WHY I BANED SPOTIFY from my computer. Any site that will glorifies bho the turkey will not get my business. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Obama the disgrace to the world. Screwed anyone who got in his way. A liar, traitor and sickening what he did to America. Anyone listening to this trash has no morals or brains. Dumb down americans with his lies.

  38. Obama could never speak without his teleprompter, so I imagine that he will have someone else write what ever he says. If they had a town hall meeting environment where they did not control the attending people, I think we would have a great time make him look just as foolish as A.O.Castro .. and I doubt any one recalls his failure to even know how many states there are in this republic, but I believe he dose not even know that this is a republic. I never watch the man, he looks like DUMBO in the movie with his big ears, and he maybe polished in speaking, but his words are always tainted with lies, and the press never covers that. Speak up you idiot, lets those words slide out of your mouth, even if every other word is but, or I .

  39. Yeah, 2020 is coming. I hope that more findings from the Barr investigation would reveal the depth of Obama’s power abuses. Other than well-informed voters, the American people must know the truth. Liberal media won’t print/broadcast the truth. Major tech networks are working against the conservative voice. And the RINOs are not helping us. (Vote ‘em out)

    According to this article, Obama is proclaiming a new forum for new ideas, obviously a cloaked attempt to undermine our constitutional laws. Keep in mind: he achieved NOTHING for America, but for the international community thru our wealth distribution. He sucks!

  40. It may prove difficult for BHO to move forward w/this plan from behind bars, if the AG & IG find that their investigations into where all of this mess began, lead back to the TOP person.

  41. Why don’t this fool be a man, & quit trying to be relevant to America, he had his chance for 8 years & did nothing but try to bring this country to her knees. He’s a looser & the lunatic libs are going down in flames!

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