Barack Obama eviscerated Kamala Harris with one truth no Democrat wants to hear

Kamala Harris is looked at as the future of the Democrat Party.

That may not be the case for much longer.

And Barack Obama eviscerated Kamala Harris with one truth no Democrat wants to hear.

Kamala Harris spent the last six months serving as Joe Biden’s border czar.

Harris utterly failed in her stated goal of addressing the “root causes” of illegal immigration as experts project nearly two million illegal aliens will pour into the country in 2021.

Barack Obama tried to provide some political cover for Joe Biden – polls show the failure to secure the border is one the drivers of Biden’s sinking poll numbers – but in doing so, Obama threw harsh shade at Harris.

Obama wondered if the administration had any grand strategy for immigration or would just lurch from crisis to crisis as in the recent debacle of 15,000 Haitian illegal aliens building a campsite under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

“As big-hearted as he is, nobody understands that better than Joe Biden,” Obama said in an interview with ABC. “And the question is now: Are we gonna get serious about dealing with this problem in a systemic way, as opposed to these one-offs where we’re constantly reacting to emergencies? And I think that that’s something that every American should wanna put an end to.”

“Immigration is tough,” Obama continued. “It always has been because, on the one hand, I think we are naturally a people that wants to help others, and we see tragedy and hardship and families that are desperately trying to get here so that their kids are safe, and they’re in some cases fleeing violence or catastrophe.”

But Obama stunned Democrats by calling open borders – the policy of the Biden administration – “unsustainable.”

“At the same time, we’re a nation state. We have borders. The idea that we can just have open borders is something that … as a practical matter, is unsustainable,” Obama concluded.

Obama could be nudging Democrats to draw a tougher line on border security in anticipation of a potential 2024 campaign by Donald Trump.

In 2016, Trump won the election in large part due to the American people revolting against Barack Obama’s immigration policies.

If Trump runs again in 2024 against either Kamala Harris or Joe Biden, Obama and other Democrats fear that matchup will provide fertile ground for Trump to run a replay of his successful 2016 campaign.

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