Barack Obama heard the 11 words that proved he was guilty in one terrible scandal

Barack Obama never imagined this Senate hearing would be where his world fell apart.

But that is exactly what happened.

Because one witness said the 11 words that proved Obama was guilty in one terrible scandal.

Democrats and their allies spent over a year falsely claiming that the FBI and Obama administration did not spy on the Trump campaign, despite the confirmation that the FBI used a confidential human informant – otherwise known as a spy – to try and infiltrate the Trump campaign.

That lie collapsed during Attorney General William Barr’s testimony before the Senate.

Under questioning from New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Barr revealed that he believed the FBI and Obama administration spied on Donald Trump and that he was going to get to the bottom of it.

The Daily Caller reports:

“I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” Barr said during an exchange with Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee…
…You’re not suggesting, though, that spying occurred?” Shaheen asked.

“I think spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur. But the question is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated,” Barr said.

“I’m not suggesting it wasn’t adequately predicted, but I need to explore that.”

Many Americans believe this is the biggest political scandal in American history.

The Obama administration weaponized the FBI and intelligence gathering apparatus of the United States government to attack their political opponents.

This is worse than anything Richard Nixon ever did.

And now the cover up is collapsing.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions fell captive to the Deep State and refused to hold the anti-American conspirators that plotted against the President accountable.

That may be about to change.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. He had nothing good in mind for Christians or our country. Only padded his bank account . Evil pair of humans!

  2. I agree, Obama committed treason on his false birth certificate. He should be put where they released Talibans to kill again. Gizmo is a place he needs to be.

  3. ONE OBAMA SCNDAL??? Why do I get a feeling that by the time Barr nad Sen Graham get done we are going to see MANY MORE OBAMA SCANDALS with his DEEP STATE KOMRADS???

  4. Sadly I found out awhile back that Obama was also a freak who had a guy from Chicago go to WH. And give him all the bj’s he wanted! His wife is also not a full woman. Look at her groin area. And told her name was mikeal at one time. The 2 kids are adopted.This freak only got in due to color!Born in Kenya,he even states he was. Heaven help this country! Look at the freaks in there now.3 blind mice!

  5. Thank you! I have emailed the POTUS about this fact! I was very disappointed in Trump when he backed off the “birther” movement. We, the American people knew he was born in Kenya and the story behind the false birth certificate. 26 photo shoped items and the fact that the NAME of the hospital where he supposedly was born, didn’t exist until years later. He needs to be tried foe Treason along with Pelosi and Harry Reid for swearing and placing their signature on the documents that he was eligible to run for the office of President of the United States os America!

  6. Completely agree with you. Because of all the bad players, we are dying a slow death here in America. I couldn’t give a damn about what Progressives think, want, most importantly feel.

  7. But we elected our first black President, right? We almost elected our first woman President, right? Just because we have never done it before does not by any means say that person is worth a damn. Let alone to run the most powerful country in this history of the world. Furthermore, there’s not one damn fool on this planet can tell me honestly that the “progressive direction” of the last 20 years has been progressive. What does killing babies, men screwing each other in the ass, putting more people on welfare, killing babies up to the day of birth and putting U.S. workers out of jobs have to do with progress? I thought progress meant smarter, more efficient. Not, needing a bullet to the head! But we’ve had our black President so now everyone who owned slaves can clear their damn mind. How’s it going in Rwanda or the Congo today? That’s what I thought, but we had our black President.

  8. I do also Brittany. President accomplished a lot through all that nonsense, but could have accomplished a lot more…yes he should be given a two year extension for the two years of harassment by the evil DemonicRats.

  9. I have always felt that Obama was not a legal citizen. He ran this Country for 8 years filled with lies, contempt, and committed Treason and all other manner of crimes. Had we listened to Officer and Medic Terry Lakin, Obama would have never been President very long. He refused to be complient going to Irac for a third time until Obama proved he was an American Citizen. If Obama is put in prison it should be for LIFE WITHOUT ANY CONSIDERATION OF PAROLE,or he should be put before the Military firing squad. He is Evil and doesn’t deserve any lieniency. He did the Country and her Citizens wrong. It’s time that whole Administration caught up with and pay the price.

  10. Man from Grey, Obama was placed under formal Citizen’s arrest in 2012, with service on then US Attorney General Eric Holder. William Barr is involved in this case currently. Read about this formal arrest in my book about Obama’s usurpation of the Presidency by fraud, with the help of Nancy Pelosi and John McCain. See: “Imposters in the Oval Office” by me. (iUniverse Publishing, Copyright 2017). Read the first (6) pages here:

  11. In my opinion, Sessions was part of the Swamp which is why he recused himself. The Christian Bible says that secret things will become public for all to see. The Dems and lefties who pushed this falsehood will soon get a lot of attention for stuff that 20/20 hindsight will scream Stupid idiots! Let the games begin and watch ’em fall.

  12. Obunghole should be deported to his Homeland. Grass hut, 3rd on the left next to the monkey toilets, and lizard teeth necklaces his family sells. In Buttlick Kenya. His real girlfriend Named I’ma n. Urass, the village pet hippo. Can still say: do me Barry.

  13. Maybe CIA can help like they did for hillarys messes! Suicide with 2 bullet holes in back of his camel head! Still think he’s Osama bin ladin without the beard and head rag!!

  14. What arent democraps guilty of? We know they cheated congress election so step down next 6 years, let Republicans run the show with Trumps leadership, get the states back on track,deport camel jockeys and the last 2 years of border crossers and give Trump back the last 2 years of his time dems wasted over fake Russia hoax! Clean house in cia,fbi and doj! Release anyone arrest with Muller investigation and pay them back what they lost and costs!! Plus a million for what they put them through! Give wiki leaks a job watching goverment corruption! Then we have a start!

  15. I think I had a comment here … where is it? ????‍♂️

    By the way, Obama will never step into a jail cell. I guess that Mueller cleaned up the mess before handing in the final report. Mueller probably looked around for any shred of evidence for two years until it is all done and ready. That’s one possible factor I see for the reason of a lengthy investigation. For example, the FBI deleted their own text messages. And either DOJ or FBI helped sweeping Hillary’s 33,000 emails. Gone.

    Probably only a few low-level Obama cronies will go to jail. That’s it.

  16. My thoughts exactly. I hope extra precaution is taken for the AG. We don’t want another unexplained “suicide.”

  17. There has not been true justice in this country since before the Kennedys. Joseph P, one of the biggest crooks and liars of this century was allowed to bilk shareholders till after the stock market crash, and then he was put in charge of the SEC- where he made it a rule that no one else could do the kiting that made him rich. He was determined that one son would be a Senator, and one would be in the White House, preferably both at the same time, so that he could manage affairs according to inside info he would obtain from them. Thus, he bought and paid for the presidency of JFK-remember the dead people who voted?-so I hold little hope there will be any tiny semblance of justice now. Too bad, but they all still have to answer to their Maker-can’t fool Him, can’t bribe Him, all they can do is be in terror of what is coming for them.

  18. Uh, yeah Cheryl. Think it over. With the way the liberals use every excuse to commit assault both verbal and physical on conservatives for expressing their opinions in a peaceful manner or just wearing a hat, what do you truly believe will happen when their chosen ones are arrested let alone convicted for treason and sedition? Our American brothers and sisters have been so poisoned by propaganda and lies that they honestly believe that conservatives are racist hateful oppressors who will not allow them to steer the Nation toward their ideal of greatness. If you truly believe that these poor deluded souls will let you prosecute and punish their Godhead and his disciples without extreme resistance you are very sadly mistaken.

  19. Well Diane, I see you have added a couple more “pen names” to repertoire, “Loving America”, yuk, you hate America if anybody does! You are so shallow you cannot figure out how “transparent” you are!

  20. Thank God we get to watch the liberals melt down, kinda like when you melt metals and the dross floats to the top, all the bullsh*t is surfacing in this party, there for all to see! Keep the heat on Mr President! I would like to see all these criminals like Pelosi, waters, Harris and all the other career criminals crumble. The president was tried in the fire and he is shining brightly! All Americans should be smiling from ear to ear knowing these murderous, crooked, lying, two-faced, ugly ass polititions are being held accountable.

  21. Why are you insulting the poor animals? Those democrats are suppositories with legs! Their craniums are deeply inserted into their rectums and that is the fact that they can’t see because it’s too dark in there. True conservatives, not just Republicans guide their decisions by the wisdom in the Bible and the Constitution. The liberals want to abolish both. The greatest country ever created has the greatest pillars supporting our laws: the Bible and the Constitution! Before you vote read them! It is criminal electing those sodomites and Islamic fanatics into elected positions of all levels of government! MAGA! Stop the murder of children and the invasion of illegals from every hell hole in the world! Those are the new voters for the democrats to win every election! Better wake up and demand voter ID like they do in most countries! We must save America otherwise Ocasio-Cortez will be our next President!!!!

  22. Ronald Dunne
    Uh, gee, I don’t know. Never thought about someone being ivestigated when they leave office. I would suppose if they had acted honorably, upheld the Constitution,.not lied, cheated, stolen from the citizens that put their trust in them or tried to subvert our nation’s government through treasonous acts, I would probably guess they would have nothing to investigate after you left office. Probably not your best line of reasoning Bub.

  23. I do believe Obama, Hillary and others in high places have committed treason…. they should be punished but will they?

  24. I agree with you Bailey.. Obama and Hillary profited from the uranium deal with Russia. They are responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi. Obama is responsible for a person’s death in Fast N Furious under Holder…. What goes around comes around bye and bye and they will get their punishment,…

  25. Butchy! are you repulsive to the facts and so uneducated you cannot grasp the world that smart people being Republicans are in ? Go back to school and wise up. Your wording shows the range of intelligence you are displaying.

  26. Dumb in America
    What a libtard. If no “collusion”, no obstruction. What are you trying to “obstruct”? You may read, but pick up a real book like “see Obama lie. Lie, lie. See Obama run Michael. Run, run run. See Obama and Michael run.” You’re not too high on the old reading comprehension scale there, are you “rainbow brite”?

  27. What Obama did and what the Democrats are doing is really nothing new. When Mark Levin’s new book “Unfreedom of the Press” comes out we will see that this garbage has been going on since FDR, LbJ spied on Goldwater.

  28. I agree….and Uncle Georgie will no doubt hire the very best to defend them. But then again…we can only pray that a miracle will occur and justice WILL prevail.

  29. Prediction:
    After all evidence is completely sifted through and investigations if any are completed, even if word of all their guilt is leaked, not one damn one will receive even one day of penalty. I personally can think of at least five that deserve a firing squad, and several that at the least deserve life at a maximum security federal prison. Justice will NOT be served as they take care of each other’s asses and the two tiered Jessie Smollett justice system will prevail and continue. That and the cowards of the DOJ will be forced from doing anything because they will be threatened by a false specter of civil war.

  30. No one!has to show their tax returns to the public. Show yours to the world. There is nothing to cover up per Trump. Only the ones coming up for trial NEED to know! Get the prison doors open. Trump, is Not guilty of anything. I.R. S. doesn’t care who you are. It is about money, interest, bank accounts, properties, and all valuables. You should know all about that,Butchy!Only the nosy ones want to know that. He, is worth over 3.3 billion $$$$$$ and counting. And the 2nd. richest President in history. 1st. being, George Washington. Donald Trump Is very, very intelligent being with a high I.Q.. Jealously. is a disease. Washington ditch dirt(s) have the disease. What are their accomplishments? And, others that are , also. Other than Washington, many people are jealous especially the low lifes that will not work. Or, spend everything on drugs, liquor and such not going any father. Welfare ones are profound critizers. The symptoms are always there.

  31. Please don’t forget the first patriot pointing out all these facts to us. Rep. Steve Stockman who began asking for these investigations was thrown in prison a year ago and is still there. Release this poor man and let him return to his family.


  33. A better name for our president’s predecessor would be a Islamo-communist don’t you agree?


  35. Strange how very many people do not remember or do not want to remember it was the democrats who had the slaves as well as the blacks had slaves. Now if they get reparation for owning slaves how will that work. Jim, I do so agree with you and I wondered how the dems got so corrupt, I was one once until I opened my eyes and ears. Pelosi and Schumer, the worst of the bunch.

  36. DemocRats have been out of control since we took their slaves away. Now they want illegals allowed into the Country to replace them. Pretty easy to see their corruption.

  37. Kara I tried to send a response and agree with you but this anti American site wouldn’t post it. Let’s see if they will post this comment.

  38. You are really sick and since everything you wrote is a bold face lie you will redeem a special place in HELL. You are sick GET SOME HRLP for all our sakes

  39. And your name is live America?you are too fkn stupid to love America.everything you just posted is a lie.i don’t even know the reason I am wasting time responding to you other than the fact that you are so fkn stupid

  40. I look forward to Barr doing what is best for our country. If the crime of treason is full scale with the Deep State with Obama running the show I look forward to each and everyone of the player being tried for treason and a life time penalty to be access to each and everyone. Watergate was no where near such an offense. Build a new place on GITMO to house all.

  41. Ron: The word persecute is not the word on the indictment soon to be handed down by A.G. Barr to Obama–The word will be PROSECUTE and the crime Obama will be prosecuted for will be named in the indictment. E-mails in the hands of A.G. Barr have Obama admonishing his co-conspirators to “Keep him posted”

  42. Does anyone remember “The Fact” that Hussein Obama received Federal Grant college money that was only given to those who weren’t born in America???? President Donald Trump does and he was blackballed so harshly and was so hammered by the left, had to drop the subject.

  43. What rock are you hiding under. Hillary and Obama are the most corrupt people in our country. The only collusion is with them. They made millions with the Russian and and that is a fact. You better get with it.

  44. Reading is not a strong suit of this site. ???????????? the only person that is guilty of treasonous behavior is the one currently sitting in the Oval Office! America does not need to look beyond that fact! Release the Mueller Report! America (68%) can read and comprehend! President Barrack Obama have nothing to hide! Unlike the current person sitting in the Oval Office: his taxes, his illegal immigrant wife, and his ties with Russia ????????! America is happy that no collusion was supported, obstruction of justice remains open! I believe you guy need to look for a candidate in 2020! ????????????

  45. take all he has strip him naked dump him in Kenya see what happens , I will be dammed if I am paying for his golf resort prison

  46. The “commie mulatto” is a “natural-born” American citizen and eligible to hold the office of president of the United States. So the US Supreme Court declared when the birther business came up- so there’s an end to it. The man could have been born on the moon of Martian parents, and if the US Supreme Court said he was a “natural-born” American, that would be the law of the land. The Courts are as powerful in their own right as the President or the Congress…
    Something to ponder… if our political opponents are to be persecuted when they are out of power, what do you suppose THEY will do when they come back into power?

  47. Will Tlaib, Omar, Obama, all reckless Mus-rats feel the hatred soaking the woodlands of their confinement? Deaf are the ears of saturated fools and peasants.

  48. Obama should be forced to unlock all of the records the taxpayers having been paying millions of dollars to keep sealed. I knew that ultimately Obama would be exposed for the criminal he is and for lying to the American taxpayers.. He is a Marxist, muslim and was a member of the New Communist party in Chicago–He has tampered with Federal documents –re: social security and selective service as well as using forged birth certificates. The republicans never went after him the way the demomarxists have gone after Trump for his Income taxes. It is not the law that a President must divulge his personal income tax stmts. Other Presidents may have done that in the past but it is not a law–It was voluntary and Trump has filled out all of the financial stmts the Federal govt asked him to and they are public. The Demomarxists are on a treasure hunt looking for something, anything to impeach Trump.

  49. He must hang in the public square for all to see and witness! He is a traitor who should have never been President of this country! He is not worth to stand where President Trump takes a leek! What President Trump forgot about being a President, asswipe Obama never knew!

  50. We finally have an honest AG Barr who will finally bring justice to America and I hope he investigates all the corrupt upper management of are justice system and the corrupt Obama administration starting with the head corrupter Obama.

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