Barack Obama hid a secret about the 2012 election that he doesn’t want you to know

When Barack Obama won re-election in 2012, he and his team were hailed as technological marvels.

His campaign utilized social media data analytics to run circles around Mitt Romney.

But there was a dark secret Obama and his team was hiding.

The media has trained their fire on Cambridge Analytics.

Trump’s campaign hired them and they allegedly used the data acquired by a third party app to target voters with ads.

The press is trying to create the narrative they illegally used people’s data to steal the election.

But this isn’t anything different than what Obama’s team did in 2012.

In fact, Carol Davidson, who was the director of Obama for America’s Integration and Media analytics tweeted out that Facebook executives admitted after the election that they let Obama get away with more than anyone else because they supported his campaign.

The press will ignore this story.

Their narrative right now is that Trump ran a shady campaign and cheating was the only way he possibly could have defeated Hillary Clinton.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.



  1. There is little doubt about how corrupt the Democrats and the Obama administration were and are. The sad thing is they got away with it and F…ked Up this country to the point we may never recover from it. Until the MSM stops protecting these people, those that can’t think for themselves will continue to think the Democrats are on their side. Personally I don’t think we have a chance in hell of saving or country.

  2. Barack Obama hid a secret about the 2012 election that he doesn’t want you to know

    You don’t mean that Husaine would try and hide anything from the public do you .

  3. Hillary and the rest of the left wing loons cannot understand how they lost. They had it RIGGED” all the way. How could they possibly lose? In their feeble little minds President Trump had to have cheated – no other excuse. The real irony comes when all of the evidence of cheating points right back at them. What a cluster***k of clowns – can’t even win an election they RIGGED from the start. Or was it that Hillary was just that BAD? Couldn’t get enough votes in a slanted race. Even they hadn’t cheated so much she may have had the most disgraceful results ever.

  4. The MORONS who supported Obozo and Hitlery just CANNOT accept the TRUTH. That being Americans were and still are SICK of the Democraps and their CRIMINAL WAYS. Obozo committed several acts of TREASON. Hitlery LOST and the MORON MEDIA both on and off line just CANNOT ACCEPT the TRUTH. America was SICK of Obozo and his disregard for the law and Constitution. Hitlery was going to be a continuation of that same disrespect for the Law and Constitution Obozo ruled under.

  5. Let’s see, Hillary has numerous reasons that she has listed for being a loser, but now she has Facebook connections as another excuse. What will be next?

    • This worthless liberal black POS did absolutely NOTHING to advance America or the Amrtican middle class he vowed to help. Instead he had an 8 year vacation onthe Ameri/can taxpayers dime. The quality jobs he vowed to create, didn’t happen, the jobs he took credit for were low paying ‘service’ jobs or were part time or ‘temporary jobs thad paid BUPKU!. His so called ‘affordable care act’, what a piece of SHIT that was that was thrown to the American people like a bone is thrown to a hungry dog was unfeasable and the ‘dumbocraps’ knew this wouldn’t work but figured ‘throw the peasants a few crumbs to shut ’em up’, shall I go on with his so called ‘accomplishments’?. Why do the ‘dumbocraps’ still shove this traitor down our throats when his ‘tenure’ was a farce and thinking Americans dodged the bullet when they defeated hillary big time. The real travesty: we’ve got to pay this traitor a pension for the rest of his life, a penioin he most certainly didn;t deserve as he did nothing to advance America, played golf and had a ride on the American taxpayers. I’d like to know how a so called ‘community orgganizer’ left the White House a multimillionaire despite a salary of only 400 thousand dollars per year, the numbers don’t add up. Enough of this, i could go on but my time’s valuable and I’ve wasted enough of it commenting on the obvious!

  6. Osama the Islamic dictator was the most filthy corrupt lawless pig that ever served in that office. We all know that. The demonrats are the same, that is why they wanted Clinton in, to continue the corruption of the country and the control of the American people.

  7. I wish everyone would quit Facebook and find or start a better platform that is honest. Nothing that is associated with Democraps seems to be honest or honorable.

  8. Obama wants people to think he had no scandals, but his entire 8 years was basically one big scandal. And as far as the 2012 “election” goes, well that was one big scam too. I heard stories about counties that had 100% of the vote for Obama. Now before you say that he was well liked, think about this: in any election having one candidate get 100% of the vote is a statistical impossibility. Which means if there were counties that gave Obama 100% of the vote, then he cheated. Plain and simple!

  9. Hillary lost in 2016 because of this” On the plains of hesitation lie the bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory sat down to rest and resting died” Two weeks before the election she decided to quit campaigning because she had it won, and we all know what happened next. During the campaign she talked at the voters, while Trump talked to the voters. That’s that.

    • I must say that following HRC and her debauchery I was never voting for her and no Republican candidate made the difference! She and her husband are so morally corrupt that they are known as the Clinton cartel. Read about them!

  10. about the democrats being liars, blames shifters , cheaters that paid bribes to McCabe avoid prosecution for espionage and treason!!! where is that comment???? post it????

    • America , had it not been for Hillary’s defeat, would be a part of the communist controlled China/Russia cabal where 75% of the World would be reduced to slave status. Look around America and see how much of Her has been SOLD Internationally over the past 35 Years. I dare You to buy up land in China and then vote.

    • The liberals act like spoiled brats on the school yard and throw tantrums ’cause they lost big time. This is real life not Burger King, you don’t always ‘get it your way’ They need to suck it up, get with the program and help us move forward and ‘Make America Great Again’. Instead they act like spolide losers sulking and are no more than obstructionists blocking ALL the progress that’s been made in the last year under president Trump, more progress than ubnder obozo,. For once, the American people ars the propriy, not the liberals and their bank accounts!

  11. There are some losers who NEVER give up. Trumps victory was not BECAUSE but IN SPITE of the ‘cheating’ which goes on in EVERY election cycle. From a total vote count, the democrats really OUTDID the republicans. Unfortunately for them, their “real” victories were in only two States (California and New York) which provided the “landslide” they have harped about for months. Of course, neither of these States would ‘welcome’ an honest election OR any ‘in depth’ inspection. So, it just goes on — IF you can get enough ‘honest’ votes, you can win (Trump, 2016) BUT it’s tough. Let’s hope that some day, elections will be honest and the ‘best man’ will be elected (as he was in 2016).


  13. When is this scumbag going to be charged with his crimes? He and Hillary committed many to include treason. Not to mention his illegal reelection. Send this guy to jail at least or better sdtill the firing squad.

    • Only 1 SECRET? Do you homework! Every time this piece of stinky crap opens his lying mouth…lies fly out!! If he, and killery, and all the other pieces of crap, don’t stand before A REAL JUDGE ( judge Janine Pirro, would be great!, they will meet their Maker, and even though I’ll be in the other neighborhood ( HEAVEN, with JESUS!), the smoke will be a sweet aroma to me!

    • Rich, I agree with you 1000%. We haer all the facts on the dirt and the collusion and nothing is done about it. This is called the scum form the swamp.
      We the people do not have the pleasure of this kind of fooling around without Jail time.
      I for one thank it is time for these great saviors to pay the piper. Treason is treason no matter what you want to rename it. Elmo, The 85 year SEABEE.

  14. And the Bast–d O’Bummer won’t allow the press around him or hear him under any condition when he goes to New Zealand to speak for $400,000????? Please!!!!! Taxpayers are paying for his “S.S Protection” while he’s there!!!!

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