Barack Obama humiliated Bill Clinton by letting this secret slip out about Donald Trump

Barack Obama wanted to keep this secret.

But that is no longer possible.

And Barack Obama humiliated Bill Clinton by letting this secret slip out about Donald Trump.

A Bloomberg News Freedom of Information Act request revealed previously suppressed comments from Barack Obama about the 2016 Presidential election.

In off-the-record comments to left-wing journalists, Obama pinned the blame for Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory on Bill Clinton.

Obama said Bill Clinton’s infamous visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a Phoenix airport in the middle of the FBI investigation into Hillary keeping classified emails on an unsecured private server set in motion a chain of events that caused voters to focus in on Hillary’s scandals.

“The fact of the matter is, setting aside that Hillary Clinton got the substantially bigger share of the vote, I think it’s fair to say that a whole series of different things happening — how the email thing unfolded, and sort of the chain from Bill Clinton getting on that plane, to Comey making an announcement,” Obama stated. “At a bunch of different junctures, people could have made different decisions that would have resulted in it playing out differently.”

Obama claimed that without Bill Clinton visiting Lynch, James Comey never would have held the press conference where he took Hillary to task for mishandling classified information.

“I will say this about Comey. I think that — and I’ve been very careful about this — I think the way — as I said, if there’s Bill Clinton deciding he should get on Loretta Lynch’s plane, to the last announcement about Wiener emails, and it’s just like this train wreck and this cascade of decisions that I was powerless to intervene in, because I actually observe institutional norms and I’m not supposed to investigate — or meddle in investigations,” Obama continued.

Unlike many Democrats, Obama did not blame Comey for the investigation into Clinton’s emails remaining front and center with voters.

The former President believed Comey got pushed into continually making pronouncements about Hillary’s reckless behavior because of Bill Clinton’s actions.

“But I think Comey is actually a person of high character and is not partisan when it comes to this stuff, and believes in playing it straight. That doesn’t mean that every call he makes necessarily will be the right one, because this is a human enterprise and everybody is human. But I trust his basic integrity. I trust him to — I think he thinks of himself as serving the American people and as a guardian of certain values and norms that I share with him,” Obama explained.

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