Barack Obama humiliated himself with one outrageous claim about the election

Barack Obama is all-in on defeating Donald Trump.

But now in the political silly season, Obama is hurling every attack at Trump he can think of.

But Barack Obama humiliated himself with one outrageous claim about the election.

The wildfire in California and Oregon are creating visuals that look like they are out of the end times.

The sky across the west coast turned orange like something out of a movie featuring a post-apocalyptic America.

One of the fires in California was thought to have been caused by pyrotechnics at a gender reveal party.

There is no known cause for the fires in Oregon and others in California.

But that didn’t stop Barack Obama from seizing on the fires claiming they were the result of so-called “climate change.”

Obama also begged voters to vote out Donald Trump claiming the planet’s very existence was at stake.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was widely mocked for when she claimed the earth only had 12 years left before so-called “climate change” destroyed the planet.

Obama is making a similarly wild claim in hopes of scaring voters in ousting Donald Trump from office.

Every election season the Democrats make hysterical charges about the Republicans being racists and wanting to kill old people by taking away their social security.

Americans can now add “Republicans want to destroy planet earth” to that list of outlandish campaign season slurs.

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