Barack Obama insulted Donald Trump in one way that will leave you red with rage

There is no love lost between Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

But even with that being true, Obama still goes out of his way to try to sabotage the President.

And Barack Obama insulted Donald Trump in one way that will leave you red with rage.

There is a long-standing American tradition that past Presidents who just left office do not criticize their successor.

Barack Obama threw that right out the window in his thirst for revenge against Donald Trump.

Obama’s latest swipe at Donald Trump occurred at a tech conference where Obama said it was “helpful” if Presidents didn’t watch cable news or use social media.

Breitbart reports:

Former President Barack Obama implicitly criticized President Donald Trump’s media habits in a speech on Wednesday.

During a Splunk tech conference, Obama said it was helpful as president to have a diverse staff offering a wide range of advice on the issues of the day.

“The other thing that is helpful is not watching TV or reading social media,” he added pointedly, according to Axios.

He warned about people living in “filter bubbles” of information, made worse by social media.

“That’s not healthy for a democracy and it’s not healthy between countries,” he said. “That’s how wars get started and bad things happen.

This was a clear dig at Trump, whom the Left caricatures as a coach potato that spends his day watching Fox News and tweeting.

This is – of course – a lie.

During his presidency, Obama often complained about his cable news coverage.

Obama routinely attacked Fox News and chided other media outlets for not focusing enough on his achievements.

What drives Obama to undermine Trump is that Trump is wiping away Obama’s failed legacy and piling up successes where Obama failed.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Larry, don’t be a moron. This didn’t start with Trump. It’s been going on for decades.

  2. If these posts reflect mainstream Republican/Conservative thinking – America’s demise is not only impending but will not even be a big deal since we no longer stand for anything meaningful or good. In fact, President Trump and his meanness have made America and Americans into a symbol of unchecked ignorance accepted gratuitously. What a shame! We are now the laughingstocks of the world! Thank You!

  3. You mean good By to the USA and hello USSA. Every Democrat running for congress is a Communist who all want to turn the USA into Venezuela, Cuba or the former Soviet Union. That was the USSR. All you progressive millennials need to take a vacation to Venezuela or Cuba to get preview of what will happen here if a left winger gets in the whitehouse. Nusam the commie governor of California (a left wing progressive) is already turning the golden state into the golden S–t.

  4. I don’t know why you are always laughing, RedMan. Nothing you say is ever funny…or insightful…or clever…or witty…or true…

  5. You caught my drift though,didn’t you. Hobama didn’t get that round mouth from eating bananas!…..but that ugly ass wife of his might have!! Lmfao!!

  6. Obama was the worst president ever and a frigging muslim, so in the eorld world anyone believe anything he’d say?

  7. What about the native Americans that also kept slaves , Africans,Native Americans, Hispanics, and white. Not to mention the English who sold both Irish and Scottish men, women and childern as slaves if they deemed them criminals. One of the Democratic canidates for president is descended from Jamacian slave owners.

  8. And it’s way past time to get miss Hillary & Nancy Pelosi out!!! They are both nothing but a waste!!!

  9. Who is obama? He is a nobody that needs to keep his fargin mouth shut! He does not matter now, or ever! Lets get him on the witness stand snd see how he can lie out of this. He is the worst president in history! What did he ever do? I cant remember one thing, except him going to countries and apol9gising for being an American. So leave the country and shut your pie hole.

  10. I don’t blame Obama for taking shots at Trump. I blame Obama for the mess he caused in this country and all the lies he spewed about the ACA, and his pompous arrogance belittling Christians and gun owners and people that cling to their bibles.

  11. The same racist white-folks posting on here, are the same ones who ruined america from ever becoming great. Most of em are trump butt bumps. hahahahahahahahahahah

  12. I discovered that too. There are certain trigger words the renewed right doesn’t want you to say. One of them is the “S” word. It has 9 letters and resembles communism.
    Every time I try to use it my post gets blocked.
    They have no problem with trolls though.

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  15. tinker-bell, greasy head dan, and green-ghost-greg do nothing butt whine like old trump-ah-hump america. They are some of the worst wigga bag of losers in the world. hahahahahhahahahahaha

  16. “Will” a stupid loser like you, Willie, ever come out of denial. “be careful” if you do, you may like it. You trump nutty idiot. hahahahahhahahahahahah

  17. Laura, white people don’t have a monopoly on evil. All people of every race are equally evil.
    Were the blacks that sold their brothers and sisters into slavery not evil?
    Are Muslims that throw gays off buildings or stone women to death not evil?
    How about muslims that mutilate women’s genitalia? – evil or not?
    How about the democrat plantation owners and democrat KKK members of the south?
    What about the native Americans that butchered each other of land and cattle? – were they evil or not?
    I’m just saying.

  18. You failed at really understanding what I post, nasty-Nancy. Even the beginning of yo last name starts out wit “Evil”. White trash tramps like you, are the left leg of failure for america. hahahahahhahhhahahaah

  19. Yep, Laura. But the racist dat post on here are some of the worst terrorist in the world, pulling the country down into hell wit dem. hahahahahahahhahhahah

  20. I wanted to vote for Ben Carson but Trump got the nomination.
    If Carson had won, it would have been funny to watch the democrats dance around calling him a racist.
    Obama should have never been in office with his past affiliations.
    Obama couldn’t even pass a background check for his own security detail.

  21. HO HUM!!! I knew that this M.T. Suit of a man would draw insult like a turd draws flies. But who could have guess that this OH BUMMER AIR MAN (as in advertising)could draw more adverse attention AFTER office?
    However as an other CHAMPION of CLIMATE CHANGE with AL Gore who bot have said the oceans shall rise 60 feet, yet BOT have spent MILLIONS on each coast byint mansions on the beach!Figures don’t lie but LIARS figure!

  22. If you’re not one sided then why are all your posts about Trump?
    Trump this and Trump that. Why don’t you show equal outrage for your own party?
    If Warren or Sanders wins, will you be on these sites calling for investigation into their pasts? Just wondering?

  23. Indoctrination is not education. Most of the progressives that come out of these universities today are worthless. I should know, they’ve tried to apply for jobs at our company but failed their interviews. Save your money and go to a trade school where you actually learn something useful you can build a career on.

  24. Dr.J.D. … I know hundreds of republicans and MOST are very intelligent. But you have no clue about the truth. Your lack of intelligence shows.

  25. Scott, what I said IS THE TRUTH!!!! It can ALL be verified, but you are too ignorant to find it. Your ignorance knows no bounds. You have no clue what truth is. The dem party has only lies and hatred. They have nothing else to offer and you are proof.

  26. Dr.J.D. The FBI found it. There was a repository of HRC emails that were obtained by the Obama white house. These were emails HRC tried to have deleted earlier. Why would the Obama administration have emails from HRC’s private server and then Obama said he had no knowledge of it? Either Obama is a liar or he is incompetent and didn’t know what his own staff was doing. don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself.

  27. Lola, I never said Obama was muslim. You have me mistaken with someone else on this site. Go take it up with them. I just pointed out the people Obama associated with before he was president. That’s all.

  28. That shows how stupid you are! Obama’s records were sealed and archived, President Trump doesn’t even know where they are, how in the hell could he order them unsealed? Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

  29. Who wrote and how much did they pay you. Liberals Demrats are a hotbed of lies and hypocrisy. Obama was he worst president in modern times. He has done NOTHING to improve this economy of this country, he created more racial tension and social programs so he can control the social economy.

  30. Right DR.JD. Like Bill Clinton lying under oath. A felony!!!! What happens. He lost his lawyer license. And this Ukraine crap is pointing back to Joe Biden. He’s corrupt, Trump isn’t. And Ukraine was trying to help killery.

  31. If I ran for office, they could pull stuff out of my past also. But, even though my errors were generally done in my early teens, it is a whole different story is a person wishes to hold public office. I think the penalties should be INCREASED for those in government, and often, when convicted, they get a minor slap on the hand.

  32. Libra, what you say is clearly from biased right wingnut propaganda. Trump, while claiming he would NOT play any golf if he was elected president, has played it over 289 days, costing the taxpayer, AND EVEN WORSE, FUNNELING IT INTO HIS OWN POCKETS, $102 million! His golf in his first two years alone is more than Obama played in two full terms as president. Barack got FULL intelligence briefings, whereas Trump only wants it “dumbed down” to one page. Obama had dinner with his family, and went back to work at night, and Trump sometimes averages only 4-5 hours work a day.

    Another thing that makes NO sense is this IGNORANT B.S. about those supposed “sealed records”!!! If a president could seal his records, the following president could order them unsealed by another executive order.

    You are cooking on less than one burner, Libra. Keep something in mind – -who puts out and funds all the right winger propaganda? As always TRUE, “FOLLOW THE MONEY.”
    The ultra-rich, the 1%, fund people to generate a lot of conspiracy stories that have no evidence, fund right-wing “think tanks” to get people DIVERTED from the truth, that THEY ARE GETTING MUCH, MUCH, MUCH RICHER WHILE THE REST OF US ARE GETTING RELATIVELY POORER. Follow the money, libra, why do you think the Trump tax “cut” that only the richest 1% got 83% of the benefits!

  33. Doc political correctness is a sickness. And I too have a college degree. But higher education has in many ways became indoctrination. Education doesn’t produce common sense. The commie professors throw that away.

  34. I am glad you at least admit you are a part and in lock step with the TRUMP CULT. Once you see and admit it is a cult, you can start to ask some important questions, like is the cult leader acting like an innocent person as he claims to be?

  35. Dr.JD you are right on that one. Take notice that, being all in on guns, I don’t even joke about killing anyone. To Michael: be careful friend. You aren’t helping our cause. PS, I despise Obama too.

  36. Doc I might be guilty of crimes too. But nobody has proven anything on me. I did five days in jail once when I was 19 years old, but that was because of not being able to pay a fighting fine. But no felonies. But I could be accused If I decided to run for office. The commiecrats would pull every trick in the book.

  37. Obama was LAZY and left a mess for President Trump to clean up. Obama had no clue as to what his duties were once he was President. President Trump works endlessly to keep us safe and prosperous. Obama has at least 3 mansions–why does he stay in Wash. D.C. and meddle? Obama made it so obvious that he hates this country and he sent billions to his home country of Kenya to build highways, greenhouses and other infrastructure to enrich the country and people of Kenya. Now we know what happened to those infrastructure shovel ready jobs. They all went to Kenya and not the USA. Unseal those records so we know who and what Obama is.

  38. And what kinds of things was his “Christian” pastor preaching? Obama was BORN a Muslim, has always BEEN a Muslim, and will die a Muslim. So much the worse for him, since like all Muslim’s he actually worships Satan…

  39. So, Steve, if Obama attended the church for 20 years, how does that fit with some of these nasty lies about him being a “Muslim.” Trumpers, you need to get your lies straight. Even Trump has admitted the whole Kenya thing is false and told Jared he used it to gain political points.

    Steve, did you ever get a college degree?

  40. Steve, it is foolish to argue with Scott27 about the facts, he is too well educated and well read. What Scott27 has said is dead-on accurate. Trump is even fighting that California has higher air standards, to LOWER THE STANDARDS ON CLEAN AIR (do you remember how Los Angeles air was as think as soup?). Plus Steve, Trump picked a corrupt person, Scott Pruitt to run the EPA to unravel all the regs, on everything. Scott had 13 investigation in regards to his ethics, and should be in prison.

  41. That is sad, bj, that you think Trump’s IQ is that high . . . it is another false front that Trump has put forth. Trump has done that his whole life – – he lied to Forbes and others about his wealth, he lied to the banks to get loans (which is why most USA banks stopped doing business with them), he lied about his inaugural attendees, lies about his height, lies and cheats about his golfing and so forth.

    Trump did go to Wharton (no advanced degree) and got no academic honors — and his professor there told everyone that “Donald Trump was the dumbest G.D. student I have had in 30 years!!” It is not that Trump did not have the capacity – – it is his narcissism and arrogance, and the fact he did not want to learn or to read. That is why he wants all intelligence information dumbed down for him to one page. He has a limited attention span of 30 minutes, according to his autobiographer. Many of the people Trump hired have left and called Trump a “MORON” because of his ignorance. Tillerson said he often tried to explain that what Trump wanted was illegal, but Trump refuses to listen to experts or the law.

  42. Ha, Dan, you are so funny. It has been shown over and over that the Democrats, especially the Progressive ones, tend to be much better educated. Now there is a segment of very intelligent and educated GOP, but many of those you disdain and call RINOs. I have seen some intelligent and educated posts on Patriot Posts, but I have also seen far to much name-calling (i.e. “retards,” “commiecrats”) and the childish twisting of names to vilify others who do not agree with the Trumpers.

    And Dan, they are not called “retards” any more, just like we don’t use the term “colored” for African-Americans.

  43. An honest person, even if I am white, would have to look at how Native Americans helped the European settlers survive when they first came, and were paid back by the taking of lands and the white people violating every single treaty signed with Native Americans as evidence of the evilness and selfishness. You would have to be in denial of history not to see the massacre of the Trail of Tears, the taking away of land given in treaties to Native Americans, when wealth was found there, not to see the point Redman is making. And I have not even mentioned what was done to Africans who were brought against their will and made slaves.

    If we deny our capacity for evilness, we will never face and solve our issues. The Germans after murdering 10s of millions of people, tried to deny the holocaust ever happened – – and denial keeps one from learning, growing and changing.

  44. It would be easier to count the times Obama actually told the truth…

    “I want to fundamentally Change America…” That’s 1…


  45. Wow, Steve, tell me where we can find this information that even Republican lawmakers could not find and did not use in their investigations of Hillary! Tell me where the evidence is, because that was not even brought up at Hillary’s grilling! Could it be from the purveyors of right wing propaganda that you guzzle like cult Kool Aid? Because your GOP reps seem ignorant and so you might straighten them out!

    NO president previously in history has even come close to over 12,000 documented lies and/or misinformation (that he never corrects or apologizes for) of Trump. Shame that our greatest president, Washington, “could not tell a lie,” whereas Trump clearly cannot seem to tell the Truth.

  46. We are so glad your kind, Michael, is dying off, because young people are far less likely to be this way . . . .. In fact, most Trump supporters are white, old men, whereas Trump only has the support of 30-33% of females, and very little support among the young. Statements like you made just show you are an old, whiney and racist grouch who is angry that the world is changing.

    Who would have expected words like this from the Party started by Lincoln?

  47. Wow, not only is this a racist diatribe, it is illegal to advocate in any way about the assassination of a president or a past president. You had better hope that the Secret Service does not see this post. Secret service are still involved in protecting all past presidents. What you did Michael was illegal and immoral.

    I am not one to believe all conservatives are racist, and that most are not racist. But when you say racist things like this, it proves SOME people who post here are racists.

  48. Not so, Dan . . I want all corruption in public office eliminated as much as possible. But you are unwilling to even consider, with your bias, that Trump may be guilty of crimes, despite all the growing evidence to the contrary. This makes your position without credibility. I have no problem accepting Hillary or other dems might be guilty of crimes and should be investigated, but you cannot accept that, even with the tons of evidence about Ukraine and both Trump and Guiliani already admitted they did ask the Ukrainian government help getting dirt on Biden.

    I would hope we would ALL agree that the bad and/or illegal behavior of one person does not justify or excuse the same from another person. Just because a co-worker might steal from the company does not justify me doing the same thing. If Hillary or Obama are found guilty of crimes, I have no problem with her going to prison and do not think it is excusable by blaming Bush. The same with Trump and his acts – – you cannot excuse them by blaming stuff on others.

  49. Obama Obama is nothing but a lonely metrosexual narcissist that has to get the permission from his man-wife so he can start wearing men’s underwear again. He’s still butthurt that he could not get a third term as president. He failed to get hildabeast elected so that he could continue his agenda through her.

  50. No, Steve I’m not denying the others were scoundrels. I was never a hillary fan. But like you and trump, I would take either Bill (who left us a drastically reduced deficit) and Obama (who had a sense of the world and how it works) over anything the current guy has done. None of the others lied constantly, even about silly stuff; nor none of the others so flagrantly broke the law as we’re seeing now; and none of them had companies and family members profiting so much as now.

  51. Yes Scott, that is my evidence. Trump has made those arm flailing motions with a lot of people so you can’t pin it on mocking handicaps. As for the rest of what you said, yes I said Trump is a scoundrel but so are all of them. Do you deny Bill Clinton isn’t a scoundrel? Same with Obama or Hillary. All scoundrels and liars. You are selectively singling Trump out for the same things democrats are all guilty of.

  52. What I meant is Obama ridiculed all the people that said the democrats are coming for your guns as just silly conspiracy theorists, but as we see now, that was also a lie. I’m also not sure about the ISIS thing unless she’s referring to when Obama sent a skid of cash to Iran. And I don’t care how that ATF program started but Obama and Eric Holder certainly lied about it. You’re saying Obama had no responsibility?

  53. Scott, my point is that Trump is only undoing the EPA regulations that are about climate change which Obama created. Not other regulations about pollution.
    Remember, you said I must like dirty air and dirty water? Well that has nothing to do with climate change or what Trump is undoing.

  54. bj, you really aren’t worth my time. When you are a little less hysterical and a little more willing to deal in truth, let’s talk.

  55. So that’s your evidence, Steve? Yeh, what a guy that trump is. Makes ya proud he’s a president, right. And he “didn’t know the reporter had a disability.” Right? And from that evidence you don’t think he was mocking him? Would you be interested in some real estate? Even if I followed your line of propaganda, and he mocks many others with the same motion… is that the guy you want as the leader of this nation? But you like his policies… of hate, bigotry, lies, cheating, of trashing the environment we all depend on, of filling the swamp with lobbyists both on and off his cabinet, of trashing our intelligence community and siding with Putin, of now possibly using foreign aid as a bribe to get Ukraine to interfere with our elections, of intercepting a document that by law must go to Congress and keeping it hidden? I could go on, but you should be ashamed as an American to support all that.

  56. I read some of the knuckleheads comments you right wing Patriot wrote…it reads like you knuckleheads are closet racist.
    One question before I get chewed up with your stupid klansman rhetoric….who is texting here that is 20 years old……
    Have you NOT PAY ATTENTION!!!!!
    millennium’s are liberals and believe in a PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT. WHEN ALL YOU RED WING TRUMPERS ARE GONE….the children of millennium’s will be in charge…..SAY GOODBYE TO THE REPUBLICANS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!????????????????????

  57. I’m not sure what “scaffolds of uranium” is, but he didn’t send it to terrorists. Benghazi was indeed a tragedy, but no one was asleep at the switch. Fast and Furious was a Bush program that Obama merely let continue. I agree with the private server issue, and it continues to be an issue in this administration as many top officials are not using secure systems, and many have security clearances advised against by real officials; not sure what you’re talking about gun confiscation.. who’s guns were confiscated? And he sure as heck did not send taxpayers dollars to ISIS.

  58. Obama is a 10 cent ni–er as there is no getting around it. Take away his privilages, he sure as hell doesn’t deserve them. He is typical of his kind. He relies on the race card if anyone disagrees with him. He has done more for racism than anybody in the whole world. He has the dumb ass media and democrats, you know those people who are to stupid to think for themselves. Cut him off.

  59. Scott, I don’t believe a word YOU say. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. You have no concept of reality

  60. Scott, it is Obama who tried his best to transform this country into something it is not. He despises everything this country stands for, esp. our freedom. He is Muslim and there is no freedom in Islam. He brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. His goal was to have everyone dependent on government for everything. He hates whites and law enforcement. But that is all fine with you. Guess you wouldn’t mind facing Mecca five times a day to pray, but I do.

  61. Steve, the left will do whatever it takes to discredit anyone they do not agree with. They have no morals, so truth does not matter to them.

  62. Scott, I don’t believe anything Trump says either. I just like his policies and that’s why I voted for him in the general election. I am not in denial as you seem to be that Obama is not a liar also. Or Hillary for that matter. Or even Billy who is still lying about how many times he was on Epstein’s plane.
    They’re all liars but you seem to have selective outrage.

  63. The red man.I always heard that mentally retarded folks do well in institutions. have they missed you sense you excaped ??Turn yourself back in,They can help you

  64. Scott, you don’t believe a word Pres. Trump says, but Obama and the Clintons are professional liars and that is fine with you.


    Donald Trump cruelly mimicked and ridiculed a reporter’s disability.


    From 2005 until 2016, Trump occasionally mocked some individuals by shaking his arms with limp wrists and gaping his mouth. Consider ten examples: he did this to make fun of himself, a bank president, Marco Rubio, Serge Kovaleski, The Washington Post, a U.S. Army General, George Stephanopoulos, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and Donna Brazile. Reporters and pundits did not know (or care) that this was a common way in which Trump mocks some individuals, so they focused on a freeze-frame in which Trump’s right elbow and wrist were momentarily bent, to make it seem that he was mimicking Kovaleski’s disability.

  66. Scott…truth, integrity, ethics, and honor??? Like Obama?? Obama is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. He had NONE of those. And the Clintons, who have been extremely corrupt for many years? They have NONE of those. Wake up!!!!!

  67. No Scott, most of what Nancy said is true. Obama did email Hillary on the private server then pretended he knew nothing about it. Obama was asleep at the switch when Benghazi happened, and then went on TV and flat out lied about it. Obama lied about the affordable care act. Obama lied about Fast and Furious. Obama lied about gun confiscation. Notice how I don’t resort to name calling either?

  68. Scott, NONE of that was in the White House when the Clintons and Obamas were there!!!!!! You have no idea what our founders envisioned if you support them. It is obvious that you yourself do not believe in them. You don’t care about truth, honor, or our laws. Those ARE NOT immigrants at our southern border!!!! They are illegal invaders. IMMIGRANTS come in here legally and are proud to get a job, learn English, assimilate, and become citizens. My grandparents were immigrants. Those coming in now are criminals. But that is fine with you.

  69. Steve, send me a link to ONE, even one, of those “plenty of videos” where he’s flailing like that. I keep hearing about them as an excuse, but I’m a pretty hard core researcher and I can’t find a single one. It’s a lie. And if there is a video of him explaining it away, well, he lied about where his dad was born (findable video). I don’t believe a word he says. And according to the Department of Defense, some of the money he’s taking was for schools on military bases. Don’t you find it just a little disconcerting to believe that scientists, journalists, our intelligence programs and others are all out to deceive you, but you take the word of a reality TV star without question? I do.

  70. Scott, you have no concept of what truth is. What they said is TRUTH. They are FACTS you can look up if you know how. The dem party lives on hate and lies and you are proof.

  71. Scott, your ignorance is profound!!!!! NO, you FOOL, we ARE NOT jealous of Obama!!!! He HAS NO INTELECT NOR CLASS!!!! That is a FACT. What the he!! are you on???? Obama is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. He was an illegitimate “president” and should have the entire eight years annulled and sent to prison where he belongs. Pres. Trump has no intellect? Really??? His IQ is 162, far above yours.

  72. I have never trusted him. Especially when his transvestite wife said this is the first time i have been proud to be american. What o piece of *hit! He will continue to bad mouth President Trump.

  73. Makes one wonder why Red Man who hates whitey so much is doing here. If I lived In country as a minority and was treated as badly as I fantasised I was, I’d get my ass out as he should do the same here. If he did this, he wouldn’t be missed.

  74. Scott, likewise, no response button for me either. But anyway, it’s the democrats that are deliberately ignoring the immigration laws they don’t like. And no money was deprived from military children, that is another fake news lie.
    Also, Trump never said all immigrants were rapists. What he said is rapists are coming in with them and that is a FACT. Something like 40% of the women crossing have been raped before they even got into the country. You wrote too many things for me to comment on all of them but one thing that was debunked is where Trump supposedly mocks disabled people. There’s been plenty of videos shown of him making those arm movements with people that are not disabled and even one of him talking about himself doing the arm flailing.

  75. Steve, since there is no reply key on your last post, I’ll reply here. Name one thing I cited that has been debunked. Nada. I totally agree we have an immigration problem, but it’s not resolved by dehumanizing an entire race of people as “rapists and criminals.” That’s been done in history and we know how well that worked out. It’s also not resolved by taking money from military children’s schools to build a wall that has proven not to work. Sanctuary cities? Isn’t that really up to the citizens of those cities? He is, however, transforming this nation by creating hatred and division; and ignoring the laws he doesn’t like. What if we all chose to ignore laws we didn’t like? He’s transforming this nation by his constant and proveable falsehoods and outright lies… would you have your children follow his example? He’s also transforming this nation by dissing our allies around the world while budding up to the Putin’s and Un’s.. and for what end? His business? He’s also transforming this nation by helping himself and his family profit from his position. The list is extensive.

  76. I agree Sherry….also where did that money come from that he gave to them without Congressional approval?? Taxes?? US!!

  77. Scott, I’m sorry to disagree with you but YES some of it has been debunked.
    And as far as Trump trying to transform our country, let’s just take his stance on border security. How is upholding current immigration laws transforming the country? We could go down a list but let’s start there.
    Trump wants to end sanctuary cities, as do I. Since they are a relatively recent thing, ending them would not be trying to transform the country would it?

  78. There is nothing there that has been debunked, Steve. And seriously? You don’t think trump is transforming this nation into something else, something the founders never envisioned? I love this country; and I’d like it back.. a return to the ideals of truth, integrity, ethics and honor. None of which we have in the white house.

  79. I believe if you look at the truth. You will find that you are the only one in control of your destiny in this country. What has happened in the past is the past. We have to live in the future. Be a part of the fix not the problem.
    That said, We have spent millions of dollars trying to bridge the gaps between the races. Only to still want to call each other names. Blame, someone else for our failures. If you are not willing to live next door to a white man. Then maybe you are the racist in the group???
    One more thought. If the white people are the only problem. Then what happened in places like Detroit , Chicago etc…. were the black people are in control of these area. and fail!!!

  80. Scott, some of what you just mentioned has been debunked already. As for the rest, yes Trump is a scoundrel. I’ll be the first to admit it. I didn’t even vote for him in the primary. Bill and Hillary are both scoundrels too but I’m sure that didn’t bother you because I’ve noticed you have selective outrage. And Obama is a quisling. One thing you can’t say about Trump is that he hates America and wants to transform it into something else.

  81. Hell yes I’m in lock step with the Trump cult. F—k you If you don’t like it. Communism is a cult and you are right in the middle of it.

  82. “The Trump administration is rolling back requirements that oil and gas drillers correct leaks of methane – a potent heat-trapping pollutant contributing to the climate crisis.” I just pasted that from the Guardian website but you can Google it for yourself if you’re interested.

  83. The Clintons and the Obamas should be run out of DC, they are there to just stir the pot. The don’t go because their home states are in shambles due to them, ashamed to go home? Arkansas would run the Clintons out too.

  84. Well, if us white folks are as bad as you say and you say we have “black hearts”, I guess that means black is useless or worse.

  85. NO! liberals ruined America, like you sitting on your fat
    butt doing nothing daily. Liberals and tax payers can’t see eye to eye because the liberals want it all free.
    Don’t forget everything you do is American. How about a reality check redman.

  86. Steve… accomplished something in their lives like defrauding students at a university under your name? Like stiffing hard-working contractors on multiple projects? Like filing bankruptcy six times to avoid paying creditors? Like being so bad at business no bank in America would touch him so he had to deal with Deutchbank for all his dealings? Like losing money on a casino? Like mocking the disabled? Having four children by three wives and cheating on all of the latter? Like lying on a daily basis?

  87. obama …after ruining the country, shady deals,
    and NONE transparencies on you dealings…
    and just plain destruction of our SYSTEM.
    You have not met up to our standards.
    You have failed, as a former president.
    We have fixed most of the failures on behalf of the American
    Let’s all pause for a moment, and realize that the democratic party is all out to ruin everything that our President Donald J Trump has done.
    Let’s tell the democratic party (it’s over) let’s tell all of them, (including the supporters) this is it, if you don’t love America then get the hell out.

  88. Nancy and Diana… you have conflated so much garbage and lies here it’s almost impossible to unravel the truth… but you don’t deal in truth, anyway. Sheesh. What nonsense.

  89. If I remember correctly Obama insisted on carrying his phone with him 24-7 and was very active on social media. No other president had done this didn’t need to as he had secret service surrounding him to get important information from. He was the first and took full advantage of the fact. He also went after Bush and now Trump. What gives and why in the world did he remain in DC and construct his wall around his home? Everything he dishes out he flakes it, cannot take criticism and neither can his other half.

  90. Steve, that’s absolute nonsense. He has rolled back regs to allow coal waste to be dumped in rivers; he has rolled back auto emissions regs designed to clear the air (ever been to LA before the regs and after?); and he’s rolled back regs on lethal pesticides. And he has appointed lobbyists as cabinet members. You need to do some research.

  91. What would you expect from Obama? One of his mentors was Bill Ayers. He read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals book and admired him. He attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, and he’s friends with Louis Farrakhan. Obama is a quisling if ever there was one.

  92. You poor CHUMP! If you were human, you would be ASHAMED of yourself!It’s GOOD that you use a fake name! Try reading a book, once in a while! Pull yourself out of the slimy gutter you live in now! Be careful, above all! We shouldn’t like to hear someday that someone, in frustration, well….you know!

  93. You poor CHUMP! If you were human, you would be ASHAMED of yourself!It’s GOOD that you use a fake name! Try reading a book, once in a while! Pull yourself out of the slimy gutter you live in now! Be careful, above all! We shouldn’t like to hear someday that someone, in frustration, well….you know!

  94. This treasonous POS who should be tried for treason, spying on private citizens, corrupting high echelons of law enforcement agencies, aiding and abetting war on cops, inciting violence, embezzling funds , orchestrating the effort to unseat the duly elected president fir the first time in HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY , etc just can’t keep his stinky breath to himself !!!
    Didn’t you do enough damage to our country , Barry Soetaro???

  95. Obumcrap / Barry the Dumbass Traitor , if his lips are flapping , he’s Lying , you can count on that , Up URS Half-bred , now Redman there’s your inbredding your flapping yoh lips about all the time , yoh daddy Obumcrap

  96. Not chronic, NATURAL BORN…

    Chronic implies it is a mental deficiency. His lying is intentional, willful, and 100%.

  97. Obama is a chronic liar. Obama exchanged emails with Hillary on that private server using an alias, and then claims he didn’t know anything about it. Obama lied about Benghazi, Obama lied about the affordable care act. The democrats all have selective outrage about lying.

  98. It’s sad that we have to elect someone based on their skin color.
    Obama was the first affirmative action president.

  99. I guess Obuma thought it was OK for him to listen to the news .. ROFLMDAO what a damn piece of trash he is!!! Hey, remember the shovel ready jobs???????

  100. We likely have many thousands of black men who could be good Presidents. It is perhaps significant that Obama`s ” blackness’ has nothing to do with America. His mother was a white CIA affiliated person and her parents as were her parents. I may of misspoke about his blackness not being American however as possibly not Obama but a black communist.

  101. Obama is not a traitor. To be a traitor, one has to be a CITIZEN, which Obozo is NOT, and never has been. He was NEVER a citizen, let alone a Natural born citizen – whether he was born in Kenya, Hawaii, or Timbuktu. His father was a Kenyan (therefore, a U.K. citizen), who never even applied for U.S. citizenship. Under U.K. law, any child born of a U.K. citizen, whether at home or abroad (i.e., in the U.S.A.) IS, by law a U.K. citizen. The U.S. has NEVER questioned this…

    Barrack Hussein Obama was NEVER a U.S. Citizen – PERIOD!

  102. That’s not the EPA regs that Trump undid. Trump undid all of Obama’s climate change regs Scott. We’ve already had EPA regs on pollution for a long time.
    Obama created a whole pile of global warming regs by executive order, and that’s what Trump undid. The EPA should have no business with global warming

  103. This is a case of the worse president of my lifetime giving advice to one of the more successful. If you can’t compare criticize!!!

  104. RedMan are you Obama in disguise? You sound as ignorant as he does and the racist as he is. Why don’t you, Obama (?), Michael and the rest of Liberals Demrats take your sorry asses and move to Kenya or any of those Islamic Terrorist Countries. Don’t worry we won’t miss any of you.

  105. Obo is a Terrorist! Why he gave Terrorist $$$$$! Still wondering where the $$$$ went from the uranium one deal.? We know Russia is selling Iran uranium with the money obo gave them. Start Locking up the Law Breakers. Corrupt Con-gress needs to be investigated Deeply. Trump 2020????????????????????????????????????????

  106. What else would one expect when his use of social media is one of the President`s greatest strengths though it is also at times a small problem. Trump`s media savvy is not a surprise given his highly visible run as a business based celebrity reality game show and who otherwise had not heard of the construction magnate.

  107. Obama is one of the worst Narcissists there is. When he speaks, he holds his head high and looks down his nose!

  108. Obama seems to “forget” that every time a scandal was exposed in his administration (VA, IRS, Hillary’s secret server, etc), when he came out and faced the reporters, he always said that he just learned about it “on the news”. He was lying then and he continues to lie. I guess we should give a big thanks to Obama, because his administration is one of the many reasons why we have a President Donald Trump and Hillary has had an almost 3 year nervous breakdown.

  109. Barack Obama was controlled by an Iranian woman, maybe because Obama was a
    obedient woman in a male body. Obama was a tool to be used by stronger willed
    people because he was a coward and weak both in mind and body. Democrat are weak
    they are pussies instead of bulldogs, they are gay lesbians and queers who need to
    be told what to do, that is the politicians, the normal voters fail to use their
    brains and only listen to what liars are telling them, when I meet a democrat
    and engage in talk they cannot state facts only “feelings”

  110. They don’t want Trump to use Twitter so he can’t get anything out meda lies about him so his bet for him to do is use Twitter to talk directly to the people himself

  111. That is a totally racist rant. You need to stop and think occassionally. Your comments are actually helping mobilize Republican voters in my opinion because nobody likes or respects your comments. So keep it up as you are assuring a blue wave in November!!! MAGA and KAG, Donald!

  112. Actually, Dan Tyree, the conman is Obama. What is in those sealed records? You know, the ones sealed with his first executive order as soon as he entered the oval office? Those records should be unsealed; they will tell all about Obama and it won’t be pretty.

  113. Yeh, Steve, those pesky EPA regs. I guess you like dirty air and water; and who cares about those lethal pesticides you can now use. Can you see beyond your nose?

  114. John, please. You and others here are just jealous of Obama’s intellect and class, neither of which your cult leader has.

  115. RedMan, You are a major part of any problem in today’s culture. You must be a Democrat. Leave your hate and Racism at home.

  116. I hate Obama and support Trump. With that said, Trump has trampled on every tradition in politics, that there ever was. As he has done that, it is only fair that Obama be understood if he takes a few shots back at Trump.

  117. You forgot to mention his giving funds to ISIS and other terrorists (taxpayers money at that) and his Iranian nuclear deal. And Biden claims Obama’s reign was scandal free. Which only proves Biden is as big a liar as Obama was.

  118. redidiot…It is YOU who will join your master satan in Hell. God forbids your sick hate and racism. I will never have to deal with you. I belong to Jesus.

  119. Exactly, P.J. Was Barrock transparent when he sent scaffolds of our uranium to fuel terrorists? Was Barrock transparent when he knew his Sec. of State was sending emails involving our national security on unsecured servers? Was Barrock transparent when he flew to Vegas for a fund raiser to benefit him and Michelle within hours of 4 Americans being killed defending the U.S. embassy? Was Barrock transparent when he released terrorists from Gitmo? Was Barrock transparent when he told Christians to get off their high horses as Christians were being beheaded? Was Barrock transparent when two American journalists were beheaded and Barrock did nothing? Just who does Barrock think he is giving advice to another President? General McCarther?

  120. How can you laugh at anyone, as you’ve stated, going to hell? Now that tells me all I need to know about you, Mr. Redman.

  121. The failure of America is because of no good, racist white-folks from the past, and the greasy headed ones of nowadays. Jes look and read their evilness on here. How could it be dat they are the only ones right, but, the country is yet failing. They have always been in control of the country, but yet ruin it. Tell us, evil white-folks, why has america never really been great for all if yall call it “the united states of america”> I’ll tell ya why, Its because of you demons in pink skin. Dats why. But you jokers will NEVER admit to yo black hearts, and will help carry yo own brats into hell wit you because you’ve passed it on just as your evil renter parents did you.. Just look at what you post. hahahahahhahahahahahahaahha

  122. The ignorant white-folks on here refuse to except the truth jes like old trump-ah-hump. Inbreeds like dan-o-inbred, long mouth john, many mae, Pauline, and some of the others as well are pure losers. hahahahhahahahaah

  123. The ignorant white-folks on here refuse to except the truth jes like old trump-ah-hump. Inbreeds like dan-o-inbred, long mouth john, many mae, Pauline, and some of the others as well are pure losers. hahahahhahahahaah

  124. Dear tramp cindy. You evil white-folks hated Obama, and hindered everything he did, and still do. Butt, you worship trump the lying bump on americas butt. And you pinkies know he is a nut, but, then, so are yo kind, huh. hahahahahhahaahah

  125. Dear tramp cindy. You evil white-folks hated Obama, and hindered everything he did, and still do. Butt, you worship trump the lying bump on americas butt. And you pinkies know he is a nut, but, then, so are yo kind, huh. hahahahahhahaahah

  126. Dan Tyree, you are a fool without two brain cells to share a thought. Miss your gay Kenyan, Tyree? America sure doesn’t. He’s an embarrassment to America and STILL needs to come OUT of the closet.

  127. It was mandatory for the country to elect him because of his blackness. No one ever expected him to be President of the Century and he certainly didn’t disappoint. Thank God we have that in our rearview mirror.

  128. All I can say is thank you to the American people for electing Donald Trump. Here is a man with exceptional ability who actually understands how to run a business. That’s how a government should be run. Activists like BO should not be trying to run a government. And should keep their noses out. He was a dismal failure. You’ll never see that in the polls, though – because people are scared to death to be called a racist. My hatred for BO has nothing to do with race/color or any other BS. He is anti-American and so is his wife.

  129. All I can say is thank you to the American people for electing Donald Trump. Here is a man with exceptional ability who actually understands how to run a business. That’s how a government should be run. Activists like BO should not be trying to run a government. And should keep their noses out. He was a dismal failure. You’ll never see that in the polls, though – because people are scared to death to be called a racist. My hatred for BO has nothing to do with race/color or any other BS. He is anti-American and so is his wife.

  130. He should respect the office and go quietly away like most decent ex-presidents. He (and she) just doesn’t know how to shut his mouth. He doesn’t seem to understand his irrelevancy. Nobody gives a damn about his opinion. GO AWAY BO!!

  131. What you say is so true. These people hate the United States, our Constitution and our complete and total love of FREEDOM. I can name six off the top of my head who should be tried and executed for TREASON.

  132. Dumbass sleepy joe is being found out about his collusion with Ukraine when he was vp. That’s why the commiecrats are in a frenzy. But this too will pass. He will be cleared and the commiecrats will be looking at each other wondering who farted.

  133. bj you mean Trump is an insult to what a human being should strive to be. He is the worlds biggest “CON MAN” Don the Con!!!!!!

  134. Making history as the first (.5) “black” POTUS, the arrogant, thieving, lying coward that he really is, this barack hussein obama will be remembered as the total disgraceful fraud and, above all, for the traitor he is. And it’s become evidently clear that most all of today’s (typical)so called “democrats”, these are all but set to continue on spreading their treachery and venom under the same path of hate and resentment .. with their open desire to “fundamentally transform” our Nation via their deceitful and most brazen of attacks against the very principles and values of our Country. The US American people need to take serious notice of the fact that, it’s been near 3 years now since POTUS Trump’s been in office and, all of what these liberal-progressive-rats have been saying and doing – literally – amount to treason. No, these “democrats” are not just carrying a personal attack against POTUS Trump .. no, they’re also attacking our Constitutional rights, our freedom and way of life and, any of those “democrats” who – knowingly, willingly and intentionally – have been engaged in such acts of treachery and deception .. ALL of these rats need to be made a “public example”, and be held accountable and punished for their offensive betrayal to that of their given word in their sworn oath of duty, for their treasonous assault against our US Constitution and for their assault against We .. the people and our Country. As far as I’m concerned, all of the top rats associated with the 8 yrs. of the obama’s administration, as well as the majority of today’s radical democrats, all of these deserve to be put to death .. charged with treason. Sending to Guantanamo would be a waste of taxpayers money.

  135. We’d welcome anyone who talks about Patriotism and always puts America first. But Moslem traitors like Hussein Obama better STFU.

  136. Do you think for a minute tRUMP will go away think about that. When he leaves office he will continually flap his mouth. How will you feel about that but it’s tRUMP so the red team will say it is ok and make excuses.

  137. Because he wants to be King. King Barrack Obama. the bumper sticker best describes Obama’s Presidency: ” One Big Ass Mistake America “. Note the first letters of the sticker. This pretty sums up The Obamanation Presidency.

  138. Obama is jealous of President Trump. That’s his problem. That and the American voters did not elect his chosen (hand picked) successor, Hillary Clinton like he told them too. I think he planned to continue ruling (ruining) the country through Hillary.

  139. Because he’s angry that Trump is undoing everything he did during those 8 years except for Obamacare, but Trump pulled the teeth from that. All democrats think Trump is vindictive and he’s doing all this to get back at Obama for the jokes Obama made about him running for president. But the truth is the only way Trump could get the economy moving forward was to undo all Obama’s crap, like the EPA regulations for starters.

  140. Oh, really, Barrack? Your first order of business, once in the oval office, was an executive order to seal all your records. In that regard I have only one question. WHY? Before you open your mouth and criticize ANYONE, unseal ALL those records and make them public. Be the transparent president you claimed to be. Or is there something in those sealed personal records you don’t want the public to see? Put up or shut up!!

  141. This coming from the worst President ever. Anyway who really gives a f*+k what he has to say, he had 8 years and blew it!! Our Great President Trump is fixing all Nobama’s bs!!

  142. Hussein Obama broke the old tradition of US presidents of not criticizing their successor but Obama is not just a regular ex president. He’s a closeted gay Muslim who has betrayed America many times. If he was a man he might have not done that.

  143. It would be helpful if we elected presidents that actually accomplished something in their lives and ran a business or something.
    Obama was the first affirmative action president.

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