Barack Obama is going to lose his mind when he finds out what Trump just did

The American people elected Donald Trump to erase Barack Obama’s disastrous legacy.

But Obama figured his policies were entrenched, thanks to the help of the Deep State and rogue judges.

And now Obama is going to lose his mind when he finds out what Trump just did.

Nowhere has Trump made a bigger impact than in rolling back Obama’s job-killing, Soviet-style command and control environment regulations.

Trump campaigned on bringing back the coal industry and he stayed true to his word.

He withdrew from Obama’s Paris Global Warming accords.

Trump rolled back Obama’s clean power plant initiative.

And he just announced eliminating a burdensome Obama-era regulation that strangled coal plants.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Trump administration is reportedly preparing to give the coal industry a boost by rolling back another Obama-era environmental regulation.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday is expected to rescind a rule that requires new coal plants to be fitted with carbon capture technology, according to several officials who spoke with The New York Times. Under the Obama-era mandate, new coal plants were not allowed to emit more than 1,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour. The Trump administration is due to raise this limit to 1,900 pounds.

“It’s fantastic that the Trump EPA is repealing the Obama EPA’s ban on new coal-fired power plants,” publisher Steve Milloy said in May when The Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively reported the administration’s mumblings of the rule rescission.

Americans in coal states like West Virginia, Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania cheered this decision.

They finally have a President that looks out for their interests as opposed to those of the global, cosmopolitan elite.

That was certainly not the case in the Obama years.

Obama tried to put them out of work.

Now, Trump made restoring industry a central plank in his “Make America Great Again” agenda.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    THIS will bring the saying back CRIME DOESN’T PAY..

  2. Everything that has the arrogant name Obama on it should be erased!! Most worst corrupt useless soros puppet president yet!! Yeah Trump! Sink that fake bastard! Gitmos waiting! Whens the arrests start on the 17th?

    • I have been following these ongoing surveys and charting them regarding the approval of the Jon Pres Trump is doing for this country and it indicates an ongoing upward trend in his approval rating by the American people at-large. Many are shifting gears in that direction regardless of their party affiliation. Trump is proving to be the true voice of the patriotic American citizens that believe in the Constitution and want the country to be the best it can be to set an example for the rest of the world.

      • President Trump is our General Patton. Ike was nothing compared to Gen Patton. Yes I did have contact with Ike in 1959, thru this son. I grew up in Northern Virginia near the pentagon. Go see the movie Patton, I just saw it again ! Trump is our General Patton !!!!

        • “Patton” one of my favorite movies. I watched part of it getting ready for work today.
          At the end of the movie, Patton was shamed and fired for his attitude and comments about the Russians.
          And it’s funny you brought up Eisenhower, who fired Patton. I saw a series on KCET that pretty much put the blame for the Vietnam war squarely on the shoulders of Eisenhower.
          Ho Chi min addressed his wants for a unified Vietnam by asking Ike to tell the French to De-colonize Vietnam. But Ike wanted to stick with being friends with the French. Unfortunately, the North Vietnamese had a better ally in the soviet Union to rid Vietnam of the French.
          Well enough history. I just hope the American people wake up and realize the Democrats (who are erasing history) are going to doom us to repeat it.
          Beit 1776, 1861, 1939 or 1965

      • Scott Massie, Thank you so much for your great comment! We need more positive feedback like this! It is good for our morale and efforts to MAGA!

      • Because so many people love Trump, so much, because Trump in not a politician for sure, he’s not been into politics that long , that he knows all the evils pointers, of politics, and I hope he never does!

  3. Now all the liberal disclaimrs and demockRATS will come forth with tears flowing and snot flying, shouting that PRESIDENT TRUMP is poisoning the atmosphere. They say the jobs lost in coal country are not important. Why, everybody can find something else to do !
    They need to live in West Virginia for a period of time, as I did. Watch kids growing out of their coats. See some of the diets that poverty brings on.
    It ain’t pretty ! They need to shut up and appreciate what has been done for those people and for the nation. Also they need to realize that Carbon Di Oxide is a non poisonous gas that every green growing thing needs to survive. obama* should have found something else to demonize.
    *Lower Case Intentional

    • SweetOlBob, Thank you for sharing what taking away the people in coal country’s livelihood cost it’s people. I wish I could believe BHO regulated corporations out of business from sheer ignorance but, we all know it was part of a larger scheme to financially ruin us into a banana republic.
      Thank God for DJT! Not a perfect man but doing God’s work in America!
      TRUMP 2020, Keep Senate majority 2020, and, please God, take back the House 2020! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  4. don’t you need to have a mind in-order to lose it , a brain is something oboma and liberals lack , as for ruinning him out of the white house , we should have run him and his racist family and soros out of the country , gitmo was designed for people like them

    • Libtards are commies and have gone overboard on their bizarre agenda? Benefitting mostly the elites in society born into wealthy families upper incomes college educated good jobs for the most part? The Bible says that we should look after widows and orphans. All libtards care about is this bizarre agenda benefitting homosexuals lesbians and transgenders and indocrinating straight people into this Hitlerish mentality. Some imaginary super race of freaks that will one day rule the world? Seriously this is how many of them think crazy sicko perverts!

      • Matthew Atwell,
        The majority of Dems are “The Devil’s Spawn” and the rest are unaware of the reality of what they are a part of!

  5. ObamASS was the worse excuse for AMERICA’S leader, I have/never called him by the correct official title. He did so many things to eliminate The United States of AMERICA and our freedom way of life. AMERICA is AMERICA and,I pray, will never become a Gobalistic form of Government.


  7. Electing d. trump as president was the Worst Mistake ever made in American’s entire history! Compared to Mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM! Barack Obama was a Presidential Genuis! Also, about CLASSY Hilary vs CRAZY donald, to think right now, we could have a LADY in the Oval Office Instead of a LUNATIC! To really make America Great again, DUMP (D for DUMB) trump!

    • Betty, Don’t know where you got your brain, but it is lacking any sense of patriotism. People voted for Trump to do just what he is trying to do, Close our borders to the people who are trying to kill us and make us a communist state. It seems that is your goal, with your Obama and Hillary gibberish. Obama set this country back years. It will take years to get us back to where we were under Reagan, with a strong Military, citizens carrying guns wherever they want, and educators that do not push the LGBT agenda. Sorry, you had better pray extra hard when you go to meet your maker. But then again, you probably don’t believe in Jesus Christ.’

    • Betty,
      I think it is way past time for your
      You are talking like a raving, lunatic!! Please do not miss your medications again. The guys with the white coats will come and take you away!!!!😂😂😂

    • Betty you are sexist!!!! I thought libturds was about being gender neutral. Oh I get it. It’s just like freedom of speech. Only if it’s tilted in your favor. The “lady” whom almost got in isn’t what America needs. A lady president would be great as long as she is not a liberal idiot whom thinks with her tits. So get your head out of your ass and quit lecturing with your sexist point of view.

      • hitlery is no lady. She is a vile and petty little creature that should be spending the rest of her miserable life in GITMO. I think that betty should also be there.
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  8. I pray that you who voted for PRESIDENT TRUMP IN 2016 WILL DO THE SAME IN 2020. He is doing his best for us and all the American People. I don’t want our country to slip back like it was in 2016 and it will if we let it slip.

  9. Testing after failing to send my previous comments five times. Specific words to block my access to this comment section? Can’t take the heat?


    • ..i was kicked off ‘fb’ again 2 days ago, for telling the truth.. Silli-con- censores & Trolls,holding muslims in high reguard..!! Hahahaaa… truth is they wash dishes by licking ypthem & not washing their fecel hands after toilt use..!!! Working in COFFEE HOUSES & RESTURANTS..!! SPREADING DESEASE..!!

      • don’t know why you were kicked off, but it is pretty clear. Everyone needs to be civil. We can disagree with someone without all the filthy rhetoric. It puts you to their level.

        • Jo:
          Of course you’re right. But when it comes to filthy muslims, and obama’s* effort to glorify them and their non-existent efforts in forming our nation, and the lies he told about muslims being the “religion of love”, perhaps strong language is called for. obama* is and was a muslim fraud !
          *Lower Case Intentional

  10. Can you say “clean coal”? Experts agree this is an acceptable level with minimal to no impact on environment! Thank you DJT for another “promise kept”!

    • M coal can be turned into gasoline. Hitler did it in nazi Germany. I hate to use that bastard for an example, but the technology is there.

  11. I love it! I hope that eventually there are NO footmarks left from the obama admin in *anything*, including obamacare. Such a corrupt and reprobate to serve as our county’s leader in times when our country needed godly leadership. obama failed! pos! @$$-h0le that he is. Praise the Lord, Trump defeated hillary.


      • Bob Rice, I share your sentiments that BHO was the worst President in history and he single handily set back race relations to the 1960’s, among all the other disasters he put in place, things he said about America, did all he could to reduce America to a third world country, etc.
        Thank God for DJT! The Democrats constantly use their favorite weapon, accusing DJT of being racist, but we all know that is a lie!
        With that said please let me remind you that more blacks than at any time in history, a poll of black voters say as high as 40%. I say we want them all to be Republicans because, we, Republicans, have fewer members than the Democrats. We need everyone we can possibly get, not just for votes but for the good of America! So I ask you to please don’t make racist slurs and run off our black voters. We have to keep them plus, grow the party if we are going to continue to be able to win elections!
        Thank you Bob for your help!

        • I agree with everything you said. I differ with your reason for insulting blacks, though. The ONLY reason not to use racial slurs, is because it is WRONG to do do. We are all the same on the inside, our outside is only determined by the amount of melanin in our skin. Treat people courteously and all else will take care of itself.

          • Mike, You at correct it is wrong to make racial slurs and I should have stated it. We do however, need blacks to
            help us, Republicans, for the good of America. We must be able to win elections to save our sovereign nation.
            Thank you Mike for your response!

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