Barack Obama is in for this rude awakening after a stunning turn of events in the Senate

Barack Obama and his allies thought they could count on a conspiracy of silence in the United States Senate to keep their shady dealings secret.

They just got some bad news.

And now Barack Obama is in for this rude awakening after a stunning turn of events in the Senate.

RINO Senator Lindsey Graham finally relented in the face of massive pressure from President Trump and grassroots conservatives to investigate Obamagate.

Graham announced that the Senate Judiciary Committee would hold a vote to open the long-awaited investigation.

The Daily Caller reported “the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on June 4 whether to authorize subpoenas for documents and testimony from more than 50 current or former government officials, including James Comey and John Brennan, as part of the panel’s investigation into abuse of the surveillance process during Crossfire Hurricane.”

Graham just unleashed the nuclear option on the Deep State.

The Daily Caller reports this vote will allow the committee to subpoena “documents and testimony referenced in the Justice Department inspector general’s (IG) report on the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe. The FBI committed 17 “significant” errors and omissions in applications for surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, the report stated.”

Graham listed 53 FBI, intelligence community, and Obama administration officials he could possibly subpoena including Deep State heavyweights like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and James Clapper.

Trump supporters have been calling on Graham to launch this investigation for two years.

The President and his supporters will keep up the pressure on Graham to make sure this investigation doesn’t languish as the calendar turns to the fall and the Presidential campaign consumes all of Washington, D.C.’s attention.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. obama is not worried he has graham in his hip pocket. graham has never done anything. Says he will do a lot but he never does it. With his record he has to be working for the democrats he lets them off on everything.

  2. Did anyone see that Democrats want Biden gone so guess who will go in his place? Three guesses, not a women, made millions off the American people and is in some deep poo. They have done everything in their power to take down our President and it has backfired bad. Now they are in panic mode. Afraid the rest of the world is going to find out the truth, just like President Trump supporters have know all along. Gavel has fallen and game over. Tick tock, clock ticking faster and faster. Get ready to learn new # dressed in orange.

  3. Graham will never follow through he is involved in all the scandal. He is a coward and just want to keep getting rich then fade away

  4. Lindsey GRAHAM, is a “RINO”. He is an OBSTRUCTIONIST, border lining on Treason.

    This lying sack of bull crap, should be ousted, this next time around, people in congress weren’t supposed to be lifers in office, and he’s not the only one, I’d say about 90% of people within the Government/Congress/Judicial Depts. are “L I F E R S”?

  5. Who can forget that phony Birth certificate were it said black in race excuse me but I am from that era and it would have had N for Negro! I did love what some people put out that it was just an up grade! You do not just upgrade a Birth Cert. It is hard to get legitimate errors corrected. But to change thing like race forget it! Also isn’t it strange that the person who certified it died in a plane crash and now the “Birth cert. is back locked away and can not be released except this phony one! Collage records that are all sealed and can not be released perhaps it is because he put down that he was not a US born citizen? Place of birth Kenya?

  6. Lindsey Graham, you better do your job, quit backing down. Your bark,is louder than your bite, very dissappointing

  7. Bob M. –It’s about time Graham cracker gets off his lazy butt and finally does something for the Republicans instead of just being another RINO.

  8. There is a utube video of Obama in a mosque telling everyone there that he was born in Kenya. Of course since he was a senator in Illinois I knew his life story by osmosis and realized that he thought he was the smartist guy on the block. There is another utube video forgot the name of the guy who knew Obama hung with him back then (he is dead now?) who partied with him sex and all he put everything on video his story that is. He is dead now? He lived with his mom & step dad in Indonesia for years where he ran with the LBGT group. He was considered to be an Indonesian citizen and they do not recognize dual citizenship!

  9. It ‘s about Dam time. So sick of these Dems getting away with this crap. Graham if you don’t want to this then step aside and let some someone who stands for justice take his place. Hang these treasonous bastards

  10. Monty Jackson wheres you be, this Mexican illegal chick gab the fab is giving us a bad names lies like yous

  11. About time somebody with some clout showed up with some balls! Now to get something accomplished to the beginning of the swamp draining!

  12. Obama needs a rude awakening by sending his camel jockey ass to Gitmo where his type corruption belongs! Now here we are with his stupid ass back on camera and appearing in collages lying through his teeth again! Hes nothing but a hasben and never should have been a president! He only corrupted our goverment and never went away! His shadow goverment does nothing but stir up trouble! Brainwash people with fake news and lies! Obama needs taken off the street where his dumb ass cant speak again or poison anymore people! Cant believe people are stupid enough to listen to this pos!! Gitmo should be his temporary home!then let treason charges finish him!

  13. Finally, at long last. Lies, cheating, deceitfulness is unacceptable for America. We are founded upon the principles of truth, honesty, and, integrity. To allow corruption in any level of government is criminal and infects the soul of this great nation. Why even bother to ever express truth if everyone lies? The lies will weaken our country. Fake media, disinformation, propaganda are the subtle tools to divide and conquer by Communist China.

  14. Finally, at long last. Lies, cheating, deceitfulness is unacceptable for America. We are founded upon the principles of truth, honesty, and, integrity. To allow corruption in any level of government is criminal and infects the soul of this great nation. Why even bother to ever express truth if everyone lies? The lies will weaken our country. Fake media, disinformation, propaganda are the subtle tools to divide and conquer by Communist China.

  15. My FEAR: if, the corrupt federal agents blackmailed tough General Flynn with son, then it is again likely that the same scary scenario will be repeated for someone else, including Attorney General Barr. Blackmail, lies, cheating are tools used by the corrupt. Similarly, false media, disinformation, propaganda from Communist China. Soon, they will twist the truth, like Eden’s serpent, to lie that the U.S. was the originator of COVID-19. Pathetic deceit.

  16. My FEAR: if, the corrupt federal agents blackmailed tough General Flynn with son, then it is again likely that the same scary scenario will be repeated for someone else, including Attorney General Barr. Blackmail, lies, cheating are tools used by the corrupt. Similarly, false media, disinformation, propaganda from Communist China. Soon, they will twist the truth, like Eden’s serpent, to lie that the U.S. was the originator of COVID-19. Pathetic deceit.

  17. Just wondering how many of the people from Durham’s investigation and now Graham’s investigation will roll over and point the finger at Obama and Biden.

  18. If the Deep State participants aren’t investigated heavily and prosecuted then that will only serve to enable them to keep on with their dirty evil tactics on anyone else and their families.

  19. I think Neil cavuto should be fired

    I agree as he’s turning Liberal and I don’t like his voice either. It sounds like there’s gravel stuck in his throat.

  20. We’ll never know the real “pedigree” of this impostor. e.g.: This guy graduated from Columbia Law the same year as Wayne Allen Root, and neither he nor any of his classmates ever saw or heard of him ’till he hit the political spotlight. The shame is that we as a nation let this phony become our leader. What does that say for us as a nation?

  21. The natives (Patriots) are getting restless!! WE need for justice to be done…and quickly!!! So help me, if this is not fruitful in getting at least jailing for these white collar criminals, then we should just all go out and do whatever we would like to do also…and then point the finger back to their crimes and just slaps on the wrist. WE MUST have severe punishment so that NOBODY ever contemplates doing this again. Set the precedent.

  22. In the mighty chess game we call politics, isn’t it interesting that this investigation is going to happen just when there is talk of Obama running again, instead of Biden? This investigation should shed enough shadow on Obama to cause some folks to pause from voting for him again, if he or his wife (VP?) run this election year.

  23. What are they waiting for? For the OBama gang to pack up and leave. That would be great but not going to happen so stop waiting and start prosecuting the gang. Time to put an end to the treasonous group once and for all.

  24. Lindsey graham get on with this investigation now all of Obama’s adm. Should be in prison or hanged for treason

  25. fuhrer Obama and everyone in his regime should be hanged for treason. grahamnesty is a deep state traitor who won’t do anything but stall and cover for his pals. the gop is just slightly less corrupt and treasonous than the democommiecrats

  26. I understand he doesn’t want to politicize the doj, it’s already under scrutiny because of Obama and his administration. Obama will get his one way or the other. His entire administration is dirty he is dirty and it’s still a mark against him and his presidency even after the far as Graham goes, yes we the people demand an investigation we deserve to have the truth we have had lies after lies crammed down our throat for the past three and a half years about Trump. And here we go again with Nancy pelosi wanting to start more investigations over how covid-19 was handled when WHO and China and everybody else lied to us. pelosi herself said it was no big deal and said to flock to Chinatown so she should be investigated. I can’t believe less than 200,000 people are voting people like her and ASS ( Adam Shifty Schiff)into office. she’s the wicked witch of the West and he is nothing more than her monkey. Hold strong we’ve already flipped 2 Democrat Seats back red. I just pray for justice

  27. OBAMA and all of the co-conspirators are going down. I will atest to this fact; WE The People have assembled an army of shooters who have pledged their lives, and fortunes to remove the deep state actors and democrat crooks from Our Republic. WE have been prepared, trained and rehearsed for the mission which WE will launch upon The Domestic Enemies of The United States Of America. NO DEMOCRAT IS SAFE NOW!
    R.I.N.O.S. will be flushed out into the open and made public examples of. FECES HITS FAN NOW!

  28. Obama is going to get what he has coming to him. That is certain. It’s just a matter of if it will happen here or in front of Jesus.

  29. No Punishment will be doled out to the Communist-in-Chief, he has been Heavily Propped Up, and Shielded by the Leftycrat Sheeple in this Country, it’s Disgusting!!!

  30. Trump needs to create a Special Council headed by Guliani, Powell, Judicial Watch, Investigative experts in the Alternative Media and go around congress like the left did in the Mueller Investigation. and demand all files and information unredacted.

  31. Lindsey will slow walk this as much as possible until the election. He is a RINO and a loud mouth do nothing.

  32. Let’s give up on the past and Obama’s birth certificate and University days.
    You’re wasting time and effort on something the people don’t care about anymore. We think he was born somewhere else – but his mom got him US Citizenship. Coloumbia he faked his way through there. Stay focused on the present and what was done at the time the presidential transition was ongoing.
    The deep state wanted to hurt the incoming president of the United States. That to me is treason. Sorry it’s that simple.
    Time to put them in jail.
    Graham may have wanted to wait till the election was over to move forward. To better gauge the mood of the people. But with the big house wins in run off elections as of late it was time to act.
    Hopefully one of the nuts falls off the tree and cracks. Giving up the top of the criminal enterprise. Obama, Biden, Comey, Ect….

  33. It’s about time! I knew Lindsey would come around. He is a great patriot.
    Obama and his crew are going to get what they deserve. Hopefully jail time.
    Like I said before–No one knows anything about Obama to this day.

  34. I would hope this investigation happens . Obama and his minions broke a lot of laws in their time in office , not the least being his eligibility to even hold office . His claims and actions have always seemed questionable at best . From his vetting by Nancy Pelosi to his unprecedented sealing of all his personal records . One can only suspect and draw the conclusion that something is being hidden for some ulterior purpose and that purpose is not a good one . If one reads our constitution on Presidential eligibility , Obama was never eligible as only one of his claimed parents was a citizen before or after his birth . His claimed father Barack Obama Sr. was never a citizen nor did he ever apply for citizenship or try to become a citizen . The constitution clearly states that to be eligible to hold the office of President , one must be the offspring of two citizens either natural or naturalized . I suspect this is 1, the reason Obama had such disdain for our constitution and 2,an attempt by the Democrats to set a president in electing an illegal candidate now for future elections . Sadly these people want an America as they see it . A third world utopia Sh*thole !

  35. We will one day know every thing that happen in these last 36 years or even before then.

  36. Lindsey finally grew some balls! I know you could do it! Let’s prove the the United States of Amerika does not have a two tiered justice system.

  37. The ‘Kenyan’ candidate, ya mean? Why ‘drag’ Manchuria into this? Remember back when libturds were ‘acting as though their ‘black messiah’ with his ‘tranny wife in tow’ had arrived…

  38. Would not be surprised if it doesn’t get the votes to go forward. Graham did not want to go there. He and the establishment DS can pressure enough senators to to put this in the grave.

  39. Obama had one of the worst attendance records in the U.S. Senate.
    They deliberately never vetted this man or looked into his past or his experience.
    They just propped him up like a Manchurian candidate, and covered for him on the media.
    The first black president. And now, everyone knows his presidency is riddled with scandals and corruption, along with what is now called “Obamagate”; the greatest misuse of power by any president in U.S. history.

  40. “BARRY SOTELLO”AKA “BARACK OBAMA” Thanks Jim I have been calling Berry this ever since he fell on the scene as a phony Senator. The fake name Barack Obama is something this nation should have known was fake and that Barry Sotello was NOT a born American citizen. Yet he is still allowed to perpetrate this crime on the American people. Thank you for the rest of your post.

  41. read Dr. Jerome Corsi,s book. “The obamanation” written in 2008..before Bam bam the phoneyscam was “elected/injrcted”. very ⁰through and well Researched,and FACTS RELATIVE TO ONE “BARRY SOTELLO”AKA “BARACK OBAMA”.

  42. I was a big Lindsey Graham fan but not so much now. Why did he have to be beat over the head to do his job? None of these bastards will face any real justice. They are all too high to be subject to the legal system. It is sad but true. Why did I spend so many years of my life in the US military fighting to defend the country and constitution when the elites trash and stomp on the constitution every day?

  43. my husband and my family and of course me felt obama was in on this and knew really we may be poor but we are not dumb so im saying its about time he got his due for what goes around always comes back around and sometimes in full force for it can really be bad for him this is treason and they need to do something about it put them all in jail or out of commission as they did years ago they shot them at firing squade the bible speaks the truth it always comes back to you

  44. It is past time that Graham and the Senate to put these people under oath and ask the pertinent questions and they should be transparent, with no closed door basement sessions. There is no reason for using Security as an excuse to deny public access. This has all the earmarks of a Political white collar Coup.

  45. The blacks used to go around saying that during the “black power “ days. A term often used by the black panthers

  46. Dr.JD they used to say that black is beautiful several years ago. I sh$t a masterpiece this morning

  47. I am sick and tired of Obama and Biden getting free passes on their involvement in all these investigations.

  48. If your feces is black you better go to the doctor asap because that means you have blood in your stool.

  49. Hey, my feces is black and that is a fact and in no way does that make me racist, Obama is a foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant, is not nor ever has been a United States citizen and that is the truth, so the members of the Communist party and their deceit disseminating data source Bobblehead s can just eat my feces.

  50. Remember that folks, Barr says they plan to issue 50 subpoenas against the traitors of the true patriots of this nation, because we have been hearing about justice being served against our enemies for over 3 years and not 1 charge was brought against them nor subpoena issued.

  51. They CANNOT investigate Obama because that would be racist.
    If the senate goes after Obama the dems will call them all racist in the media and on TV, and Americans will soak all that up. It will backfire at election time.
    Because Obama is black, he is untouchable. That’s just the way it is in this PC culture we have now.

  52. After all this time we still don’t even know who Obama really is. We do know that he ILLEGALLY spied on Trump. We do know he was funding the Wuhan lab with U.S. tax dollars.
    As said above he made a big deal out of proving his African heritage. He wrote two books and a lot about his “father” – “I am the son of an AFRICAN goat herder”. We also know Barry had his “Aunt” Zeituni Onyango along on the campaign trail and in the White House after he was elected for photo ops – and to give even more credence to his claims of African heritage. After the lights dimmed and the reporters left Barry gave “Aunt” Zeituni an autographed photo of himself and sent her on her way back to Boston – where she lived out her days in abject poverty. When she died the Obama “family” asked Barry for help in getting her back to Kenya for her funeral/burial. Barry declined – his exact words according to his “brother” – Malik Obama – were – “she got what she deserved”. Barry is said to have made millions from the sales of those books about his father and his “Obama” name – yet to this day Barry has never put one red cent into the Barack H. Obama Sr. Foundation. If you look at age similar- side by side photos and even overlays of Barry and a man named Muhammed Sabuh you will be in for a surprise. They are almost identical. IF Sabuh is Barry’s biological father – Barry has no African heritage at all – he is 1/2 white and 1/2 Arab. A simple DNA test could easily prove this one way or the other – The Obama family has asked for such a test as they no longer feel they were ever related by blood – but have just been used as political fodder. Malik Obama also recently asked if Michelle is really a man or a woman. You have to understand that Malik was the best man at Barry & Michelle’s wedding and that in those days Barry and Malik were very close. You would think for sure he had seen his brothers “wife” either in person or in photos when she was pregnant- obviously he never did. Nor has anyone else ever asked. This whole thing goes very very deep. It has been in the plans for a long time.

  53. Pelosi know she doesn’t have a chance in November. So she gotten China to get involved with her plans.

  54. Graham can talk crap all he wants! But if he a real Patroit AMERICANS he will back up his MOUTH! Or he can resign from Congress like the rest of those COWARD!

  55. Nothing will happen because Lindsey Graham is part of the Deep State. He has been asked a hundred times by the news media when is he going to investigate this corruption by the democrats. He says we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that and he does exactly nothing. He is just one big political bag of AIR.

  56. Two things; Graham just talks a good fight, and The chosen one is still black! Goin nowhere!

  57. Obama in three of his personal tomes stated his birth place as Kenya. Isn’t that sufficient cause for an in depth investigation. The birth certificate he provide was from a hospital that didn’t exist when he was supposedly born. His school financial records list him as a foreign student. Enough?

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