Barack Obama is quaking in his boots over what crimes this testimony will reveal

Barack Obama’s role in the worst scandal in American politics will finally be revaled.

Donald Trump and his supporters have been counting down the days until this scandal blew sky high.

And now Obama is quaking in his books over what crimes this testimony will reveal.

Former CIA Director John Brennan was one of the ring leaders of the Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump.

He tried to inject the fake news Christopher Steele dossier into the 2016 election by briefing former Democrat Senator Harry Reid on its contents so Reid would then leak it to the press.

That gambit failed.

And now with President Trump and his allies in the Senate demanding an investigation into how this Russian collusion fiasco started, Brennan is a person of interest.

And surprisingly, Brennan seemed agreeable testifying.

The Daily Caller reports:

Brennan responded on MSNBC, saying that “I don’t think it’s surprising at all that we continue to hear these sociopathic ramblings of Mr. Trump claiming that there was this effort to try prevent him from being elected or to unseat him.”

“I welcome any type of continued investigation of what we did that period of time that we were in government,” he continued. “I’ve testified in front of Congress … and absolutely I’ll do it again.”

Brennan testified before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on May 27, 2017, just 10 days after former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel of the Russia probe.

Brennan has had to walk back some of his bold claims about the investigation, which formally ended on March 22 with no charges related to conspiracy between Trump associates and the Kremlin.

This is bad news for Obama.

Brennan knows everything and will be under oath.

That could lead to explosive testimony about the extent of the illegal spying and leaking against Donald Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Thanks for your service too brother. Glad to see so many of us agreeing on the same thing. Have a good one brother.

  2. It would be great to see all their butts uncovered and kicked out of DC, but it won’t happen because they’re all covered in the same sh.., including many Republicans. If the whole truth were to surface, all those establishment politicians from both parties would lose everything. The only winners would be Trump (because he’s not one of them) and the American people. Trump got elected because FINALLY the sleeping populace woke up and discovered there finally was a candidate who wasn’t afraid to upset the apple cart!

    TO YOU!!

  4. Me too and lots of other real Americans. They need to make an example of all the
    bunch involved especially Obama and Clinton. The whole bunch should go to the prison to show no matter who you are or what you do breaking the law is breaking the law. It’s just plain TREASON and they need to pay now.

  5. I totally agree with you all the way. Don’t we wish. Their day is coming and way
    past due.

  6. Gunny I took the same oath as you when I joined the service in 1968. This country is riddled with trators Obama and Clinton should be locked up for a starters. then go after Holder, Mueller.

  7. Obama/Clinton Two greedy power hungry demons that have managed to rip our wonderful country apart. I can’t wait
    to see them pay the price for what they have done. And GOD prevails over dark and sends us POTUS to reclaim
    our wonderful democracy. I pray that Obama/Clintons are fully exposed and America gives them just retribution!
    I Thank God everyday for our President Trump MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  8. JAN I feel the same as you do. The demogogs are fools lead by hate. The CIA the Muslim obama crooked bill and hillery and sore losers. This was a tresaous coup like you would se in a back water country. They are trators to this great country
    They all took a oath as I did when I joined the usmc.I am a master gunny sgt USMC retired with 30 years of service to this great nation. SEMPER FI ( ALLWAYS FAITHFUL)

  9. He just may do that…sooner rather than later. He has no ass to kiss. He got where he is fair and square. Hillary was mad mainly because of all the people she had paid to get her into that oval office…and it didn’t work. That’s why she still can’t accept that she didn’t win. And Trump didn’t have to cheat to get the office! One sunny day, there will be a newscast…and it will say their are warrants out for the arrest of the following…and that will be music to my ears. And everyone is right when they say, they’ll begin to turn on each other…they’ll have to. They’d eat their young to survive! With all the body bags the DC police have had to buy because of the Clinton administration…they were falling over llke flies! Someone knows where all the bodies are buried, and the why’s and who-dunnits with them. This will make excellent fodder. It will not be an American shame…it will be a loud call that we the American people will not stand for any politician feathering their own nest with our hard earned money…and we will take them down if they do!

  10. Okay! This may all play out in my lifetime…it seems that the swamp is leaking out from under the door where everything has been hidden, that occurred in the Obama administration. Wouldn’t that be a great! It is high time these Clinton/Obama crooks got pulled in front of the citizens of the USA, and the damned the Democrats and shown for what they are…liars, cheats money launderers, traitors and perhaps murderers. Nothing I would like to see happen more! I was afraid that it would never happen that I could cheer about..I’m 82, and want full justice and those guilty, punished….especially BOH. He was a mastermind of it all!

  11. Big Joe: I wonder whether or not Mr. Brennan will ever get to see the inside of a court room. Remember what happened w/the guy that H.C. had taken out of the way? Wasn’t his name Vince Foster? Hmmmm?

  12. Brennan, ‘spewing’ whatever ‘info’
    0n Cnn for Mega $, Is Enough ‘evidence’,
    for ( you name it).

  13. NAIL Brennan, AG Barr.
    Takes ALL ‘guts’ on this one.
    Then ‘dominoes’ Fall, 1 by 1,
    including ‘o’/ ‘h’ . & Call Return
    to USA from foreign countries.

  14. Please, please, please, don’t tell me that they think Brennan is going to actually tell the truth?!?!? I mean, he has lied, under oath, before, and he will have no trouble doing it again!

  15. A Short Rope and a Tall Tree , Western Justice , to see them all Dangling , from the short end of a good Rope , would be a great day in American History , Wishful thinking , I’ll believe it when I see it

  16. Why are you trying to drag republicans into the mess,,,,it’s the dems that caused everything we are seeing right now, I have been around for a very long time,,the dems have always been the most corrupt bunch around,it’s nothing new,,I used to be a Democrat years ago,turned republican and glad of it !

  17. Folks continuously make statements indicating that very soon crooked Dems and RINOS will be facing Justice for their crimes! We’ve all heard their wistful wishes! … has anyone actually seen it happen? … Of course not! BS floats from ALL POLITICIAN’s lying lips! … you’re looking for Justice in all wrong places! And therein we find the answer to the tragedy: Because the Liars we contually re-vote into office are such Expert Liars, the crimes flourish. Shame on US VOTERS. “No cure for stupid! ????

  18. Brennan and his big mouth may finally do HIM in, but I’d doubt that anything will happen to the immigrant who became president.
    I believe clapper may be in for a reality check too.
    Both had already been found lying to congress, yet neither paid for it.
    After General Flynn got nailed for lying only to protect his family (they get you sneaky like that…), on something that mueller already said wasn’t happening in his report, it’s about time these preyed on folks get some payback.

  19. We all know he is muslim. He said so in his books. But dems don’t care, as they also hate America. dems and muslims are in satan’s army.

  20. Brennan’s big mouth will soon be tested under oath in a public hearing, and he knows the hammer is going to fall right on his head as well as many other Obama stooges. I’ll bet he will start throwing the other stooges under the bus as well as the LIAR IN CHIEF OBAMA. The reason I believe this is they lack moral courage because they sold their souls.

  21. That’s what the old Soviet Union did under Stalin and the Cubans did under Fidel.
    I don’t think we want to go down that path. Jail time and the loss of their dignity and prestige would be a fate worse than death for those proud peacocks.

  22. Unfortunately you are probably right. The good old USA is rotting from the inside because politics gives people a roadmap to power and money which create corruption.

  23. I agree with you. He’ll just call everybody that threatens his safety from criminal charges RACIST!!! Why not? It worked for 8 years when he was president. He called out any and all opposition to his leftist viewpoint with the words: “They just can’t accept a black man being president!”

  24. Don’t think Obozo is worried about anything..Whether it’s stupidity or arrogance, he thinks he’s untouchable like the Clantons…

  25. How will Obama evade the Secret Service agents and Likud the Clintons bought to ki-l-l-l him and the Monkey? What can they possibly do to stop Spygate from blossoming?? The results are so clear one or the other family of nigg’ago leadership, or the Clinton Southern Plantation must die.

  26. We look forward to Horwitz’s report to Barr like Dems. looked forward to the Mueller report to Barr .This will be the culmination and presentation of a concert of evidence we’ve longed for.. All the devils in 1 basket and the whole of Obama’s closest imps will stand on each other to remain afloat like rats in a barrel .We’ll see it all . What I really look forward too is watching Obama trying to use personality to avoid his fate. ” A Streetcar Named Desire” Sorry Stella. Not this time . You’re toast

  27. People who claim the country would be hurt if the real truth were revealed are most likely the one’s with something to hide. I think the country would start to heal if the truth was told. We need to get a high ranking official on the hotseat and have him or her spill the beans for immunity on the rest of the corrupt bunch. I would really like to see Brennan and Clapper marched off in chains with Obama and Hillary close behind.


  29. I would give Page the chance if she knows
    enough. Under oath she was for the most
    part forthcoming.
    There is no doubt in my heart that the
    charges for all of the heavy hitters at
    the top should be treason. It was a coup
    nothing less.
    Trump is coming…and hell is coming with
    him. Pray that AG Barr is enough of an
    AMerican to bring justice to the American
    people. They are the ones that deserve the
    truth. And when the truth comes out I hope
    the American people vote for President
    Trump in 2020…to avenge the lies of the
    DemonRats and RINOS.


  31. So very very true. It would bring about
    integrity to our system and hopefully
    restore faith in our justice system.
    We are the greatest country in the world
    and I pray that Donald Trump is our
    President until 2024.

  32. Jorge you are so right. Those involved with the conspiracy, collusion, coup de etat and treason will NEVER be brought to justice. The two tiered justice system is already in play. Those that wish to prosecute will be shut down and in a hurry. THEY will secretly use the arguments that 1; the nation would be damaged by all those testimonies and how far the lies and treason went. 2; Citizens would lose faith in their elected representatives. 3; because Obama and Hillary were clearly involved any charges may erupt in a civil war. 4; so much money and so many crooked politicians and billionaires are involved they would just buy themselves out of any charges. 5: There would be so many found in the deep state treasonous acts that it would cripple the governments ability to function.

  33. The time has come for all of these traitors
    to be held accountable. The sad part of
    this is the Never Trumpers will never
    accept the truth.
    Never in the history of our nation has a
    President been the subject of such hate.
    President Trump was investigated for two
    years and nothing found yet the DemonRats
    couldn’t apologize and move on.
    President Trump is the best thing to
    happen to this country in a very long
    time. He is trying to turn this country
    around but the DemonRats..RINOS..and
    crooked federal judges have attacked him
    at every turn.
    All Americans regardless of color or race
    need to join hands to vote every DemonRat
    and RINO out of office.

  34. Brenner will lie just like he did before, these conspirators are ALL LIARS!!! BUT it would be AWESOME if OBUMMER and MOOCHELL were indicted along with KILLARY, ETC!!!!!!

  35. The greatest gift America could receive is to see Obama, Comey, Clapper, Brennen, McCabe, And the rest of the criminals in the Obama administration in PIN STRIPES.

  36. I can not wait to see what happens when they start bring in McCabe, Brennen, Comey, and all the rest and I am curious which one will make a deal to hang all the others out to dry! I betting on Commey to out the rest!

  37. There is only one reason he had his records sealed. The truth will come out about where he was from and he is a muslim. I just hope he is on his way to jail and all his clan of lawbreakers.

  38. Barack is a loser! Not many people from his younger years knew him. Go check around. You will find that almost none of his “college classmates” knew him. He’s a freaking mystery.

    He was probably homeschooled, or taught in foreign Islamic schools. You have heard that one of his Kenyan relatives claimed his birthplace in Kenya.

    Who is Obama?

  39. Barack Obama is quaking in his boots over what crimes this testimony will reveal

    YES BUT !!!!

  40. He has nothing to worry about since Hollywood and the media including George Soros that world currency illegal manipulator to back him up with his billions of dollars that he made off of this scam

  41. Will all the guilty democrats finally be held accountable, or will someone get paid off or threatened?

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