Barack Obama is trying to save Democrats from complete disaster in this key swing state

Democrats are privately panicking about the Midterm elections.

They’re pulling out all the stops.

And Barack Obama is trying to save Democrats from complete disaster in this key swing state.

Democrats are on their heels heading into the Midterm elections.

President Joe Biden and Democrats have run the economy into the ground in less than two years.

Nevada is becoming one of the biggest battleground states in the country.

The state’s Senate race could decide which Party controls the Upper Chamber.

Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak destroyed the state’s tourism dependent economy with totalitarian lockdowns that decimated the casino industry.

The state’s economy is still reeling from the damage caused by the Sisolak led lockdowns.

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats up for reelection this year.

Cortez Masto is being challenged by Trump-endorsed Republican Adam Laxalt, who previously served as the state’s Attorney General.

Laxalt has led in all but one poll since the end of August, and even Democrats are conceding that the momentum is on his side.

Now, Democrats are turning to former President Barack Obama to help try and turn their sagging fortunes around in Nevada.

Obama is headed to Nevada for a rally on November 1 in Las Vegas for Cortez Masto and Governor Sisolak.

Joe Biden has been notably absent from the campaign trail, as the pair of vulnerable Nevada Democrats try to distance themselves from the politically toxic President.

According to a recent poll from Morning Consult, Biden’s approval rating is 15 points underwater in Nevada.

The Hill reported that, “While President Biden has done some campaigning in states like Pennsylvania and Oregon, Obama’s travel suggests that the former president may be seen as a preferred Democratic surrogate over Biden, who is suffering from underwater approval ratings and has been blamed for economic turmoil.”

Democrats are panicking about their chances in Nevada and are trotting out the biggest name in the Party to try and save their bacon.

Obama won Nevada in both of his Presidential campaigns.

Even the powerful casino workers union, the Democrats’ top ally in the state, is worried about Cortez Masto’s re-election race.

“It’s up in the air,” Culinary Union Boss Ted Pappageorge said. “It’s a complete tossup.”

Democrats’ fading fortunes in Nevada could cost the Party control of the Senate.

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