Barack Obama just declared war on Fox News with this comment on Critical Race Theory

For eight years Fox News lived rent-free in Barack Obama’s head.

Obama won’t let his anger at Fox News go.

And now Barack Obama just declared war on Fox News with this comment on Critical Race Theory.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper former President Obama attacked “right-wing media venues” – Fox News – that whip up white Americans’ fears over changing demographics.

“I also think that there are certain right-wing media venues, for example, that monetize and capitalize on stoking the fear and resentment of a white population that is witnessing a changing America and seeing demographic changes and do everything they can to give people a sense that their way of life is threatened and that people are trying to take advantage of them,” Obama began.

This has become a favorite topic of conversation as leftwing critics and media outlets falsely accused Tucker Carlson of supporting the “white replacement” conspiracy theory when Carlson ripped Democrats for supporting open borders and amnesty legislation in order to import new voters for their Party.

Obama went on to complain that instead of caving in to Democrats demands to raise taxes and impose the Green New Deal, Republicans have focused on stopping schools from indoctrinating children with Critical Race Theory.

“We’re seeing it right now where you would think with all the public policy debates that are taking place right now that the Republican Party would be engaged in a significant debate about how are we going to deal with the economy and what are we going to do about climate change and what are we going to do about this. Low and behold, the single most important issue to them apparently right now is critical race theory. Who knew that that was the threat to our republic?” Obama added.

Republicans across the country are beginning to focus on local school boards and paying attention to what poisons the Left injects into their children’s classrooms.

Tucker Carlson has been out front covering the racist ideology the Left is pushing into lesson plans.

And that has Obama, and other liberals who thought they had free-run of what was taught in schools, up in arms.

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