Barack Obama just got some extremely devastating news about his future

Barack Obama couldn’t keep the truth hidden forever.

The former President was neck deep in the coup against Donald Trump.

And now Obama just got some extremely bad news about his future.

Senator Rand Paul just dropped a bombshell.

In an appearance on Fox and Friends, Senator Paul listed evidence he believes shows the former President was intimately involved with spreading the fake news Christophe Steele dossier.

The Daily Caller reports:

The senator continued, “I believe at that time they did talk to President Obama about it. I think they all should be asked when did President Obama learn about this, what was his recommendation? He is in charge of the government. Did he recommend that you try to spread the dossier throughout the government?”

Paul pointed to a March 2017 New York Times report that the Obama administration spread evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election throughout the government after Trump won the election.

“They were spreading the dossier, and they couldn’t get any traction. Then they released it to people outside the government, reporters who would write a story,” Paul said.

“In the Obama administration’s last days, some White House officials scrambled to spread information about Russian efforts to undermine the presidential election — and about possible contacts between associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Russians — across the government,” the TheNYT said.

Senate Republicans are determined to get to the bottom of the FBI, CIA, and Obama Department of Justice weaponizing the nation’s surveillance state and law enforcement against Donald Trump’s campaign.

This is terrible news for Obama, but good news for the country.

While it means the conduct of his administration will be front and center in the news for the foreseeable future, it will finally allow the American people to get all the facts about where the Russia hoax came from and finally move on from this sorry chapter in American history.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I am waiting for ObamASS to play the “N” Card and claim that no President before him has been charged with anything like this in the past. An operation like had to have been orchestrated from the very top. And while they are at it go after Killery for her fraudulent activities. There were/are ties between the DumbocRAT Mafia and the Clinton Mafia family.

  2. SEND them ALL to GITMO for Military Tribunals and if found guilty of a crime that carries the DEATH PENALTY then it MUST be carried out IMMEDIATELY so they don’t ever get free and try to arrange this BS ever again, PS, SEIZE EVERY LAST CENT AND BELONGINGS THAT IS WORTH 1 NICKLE so no one in their family will be any better off.



    • It will take an active of G_D for these traitors to be brought to justice, unfortunately.There are several countries involved in this failed coup ď etát.

    • President Trump would have to play A LOT MORE GOLF just to catch up with the number of times Obummer took time off the “job” to play at every course he possibly could on the TAXPAYER DIME. You must have had many cups of the koolaid to still be accusing our President of taking a time off since he has done more for this country and ALL its citizens in 3 years than Obummer did in 8 tortuous years of oppression. If you loved having higher taxes and expensive healthcare that was mandatory than having the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE your own plan, then you are even more ignorant than your post reveals.

      • Barbara Mallette;

        I agree 100 % with your comments, James Barry is an OBVIOUS Obama lover and probably has NEVER worked for anything in his/her entire life. Scum like him/her are what is wrong with this country, they have taken advantage of every good citizen, their generosity, their fair play ethics, and honesty just to build their own wealth by fraud and scams. They are typical of the Liberal democrats and Rhinos that have infested our government.

        President Trump is the first president since Ronald Reagan that is actually doing something for this great country and doing it for the CITIZENS of the U.S.A. He is the only one that has stood up to our allies and enemies and spoke the truth. The fact that he has forced our so called allies to start paying their fair share for the United Nations is a great step in the right direction. The fact that he did NOT back down to N. Korean demands or to IRAN is another great plus for President Trump. President Trump’s next great accomplishment will be to stop the illegal alien invasion on our southern boarder and he is well on the way to accomplishing that too.

        Anyone out there that is still bad mouthing or opposing President Trump’s efforts to help make America Great again is a Traitor and more than likely a welfare, tax dollar sucking scum bag that wants everything given to them without having to work for anything. These type of scum bags can NOT see past the end of their nose of the consequences to their ideas.

        Take AOC idea to do away with all jet airlines and the use of fossil fuels, talk about a stupid brain dead idea. What will she propose to the farmers on how to plow, plant, grow, water, and harvest the food that we all eat? I suppose she thinks that instead of slaughtering beef for our meat we should just go to the store and buy it where NO animals are killed. Let that last statement sink in because that is the stupidity of how these liberals think!

        a Vietnam era veteran

      • Robert Borger, 10-4 Robby A.I.! “Complete and total non-thinking idiots” definitely are the most dangerous ones! Dems never let me down with “stupids” flowing like water from the sewer! Oh, if there was only a Dem whose brain discharged even one spark, they would suddenly become enlightened! 🙂
        BTW, Barbara Mallette’s comment was really good, thank you for speaking as the liberals like to say, “truth to power”!
        One more thing, does anybody know anybody who does not have some R & R time? At least the majority of the time when President Trump is golfing, he is the United States, unlike BHO. The fact is he is the Whitehouse working most weekends so what if he spends a few hours golfing or whatever he wants to do, he should, EVERYBODY DOES! Presidents don’t have “regular or normal” working hours and when there is a crisis they work unbelievably long hours! BHO and family flew all over the world (and usually took two planes so Moochelle and the girls could come back to D.C., leaving BO to play golf or whatever he was doing) spending our taxpayer dollars on far too many “vacations”. The Obama’s never once considered trying to be conservative with money when they traveled. President Trump does not accept his salary and that says all any of us needs to know to understand he is not wasting taxpayer dollars.
        I do realize that mean and angry liberals will never accept much less agree with anything DJT does. Dems sure waste a lot of time and effort in their hate campaign of President Trump, they just need to “cool it and settle”!

        • To the Real M: I can only imagine what that M stands for. LOL!!! I was touched by your concern for my health. I was also pleased to learn that I am your favorite troll. Aww shucks, how sweet!!! Let’s talk about presidential expenses for a bit, ok. Trump’s trips to Mar-a-lago early in his presidency cost the taxpayers 3.4 million each x 4. Secret service spent 400,000 protecting Jr. and Eric on trips taken in Jan and Feb 2017. The GAO found that the government spent 10.6 million for operating costs of government aircraft and boats and 3 million for “temporary duty costs of government personnel supporting Trump’s travel, including transportation, lodging, meals and incidental expenses.” His frequent visits to Mar-a-lago, other Trump branded golf courses and his hotel in Washington, D.C. have been criticized as taxpayer- funded advertising for his business interests. Trump has yet to show the public any paper work that says he actually donates his presidential salary. Perhaps, like he did before when accepting money meant for charity he is saving up to buy more 20,000.00 portraits of himself. Reported by the Washington Post, Trump has taken 19 trips to Mar-a-lago during his presidency, so far costing taxpayers at least 64.6 million. That doesn’t include his travel to Bedminster, NJ where he goes in the summer. Fast Check: Oct 16, 2017, 9 months into his presidency Trump and family had already spent 147 million on personal travel amounting to one-and-a-half times as much as President Obama and family spent in 8 years in office. Look it up, read it and weep! Trump has spent 123 days golfing, or 1/5 of his term at a cost to the taxpayers of 72,181,957.00 and still has not visited troops in a war zone. That information came from a tweet, #votevets, July 23, 2018. As of today, Trump has retained an attorney to fight over his taxes being made public. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!! Who is shocked to hear that? I am LMFAO right now!!!

          • To the Real M, this list could go on for forever. This is only a drop in the bucket to what this creep has done!

          • Oh Diane/or one of your pen names “Elaine”, Precious, you have gone totally off the rails with all these fake liberal numbers propaganda. Your head is going to explode and you know when that happens, you are history. Are you trying to commit suicide? You are in such a state, like a mad hornet looking for somebody to sting. You are going from person to person using profanity, vulgarities, insults, trying to bully all these patriotic President Trump supporters, you should be ashamed. You obviously have a lot of personal problems making you angry and miserable and you are taking it out on everybody! Why don’t you do what I suggested yesterday, turn off the computer, get a good bottle of wine and turn on some good soul soothing music. It would do wonders for you, I promise.
            Oh, you don’t need to spend so much time typing those long explanations about your opinion of President Trump. Lord knows you have told us in every way possible how much you loathe him in you comments, using several different names. I am still working on what part of your emotional crisis makes you think you have to write under several different names, or are you being paid to? I wish we could believe statistics liberals give us conservatives but, we have been lied too many times and we don’t fall for untruths and fake information, no matter how convincing you make it sound, we simply cannot trust you liberals. We know all we need to know about President Trump. He is working his behind off every single day trying to make Diane/Elaine and all Americans safe and secure with a prosperous happy life. We don’t have mental and emotional issues, we are hard working good people just living our lives while trying to make things better for everybody! You should be helping us!
            Note: There is an old saying; “an insane person thinks they are sane, and everybody else is insane”. Serious business Diane/Elaine, you had better consider it…………..

          • I guess ordinary didn’t spend taxpayer money to go o Hawaii many times or Europe many times and Lord have mercy at the golf trips he took. I don’t care how u slice it trump hasn’t spent nowhere what ordinary spent.

    • James Barry, Go have a beer before you have a fatal heart attack or stroke! Better check your blood pressure! You liberals are soooo mean and angry!

    • James Barry…. With that rotten to the core attitude, it’s easy to see why you are sooooo unhappy with your life. I will say a prayer for you.

    • James, God hears all things and save up all things that are evil and at the proper time GOD will let James Berry get his punishment at the right time to make James Berry’s life change or maybe God will do something more severe to make his life different maybe God will take something that James Berry values. You always need to remember there are cost with a thing said.

    • That is my wishes for obama, holder, lynch, hillary, strzok, brennan, booker, waters, nadler, schiff, and the dung fling press such as lemon, madcow, jo and mika, etc.

    • Sweetie…you don’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel so we don’t want to hear from someone like you

  4. Time to go back to Public Lynchings right there on the White House Lawn for ALL TO SEE and I’ll guarantee no one and I MEAN NO ONE WILL EVER TRY TO SUBVERT OUR PRESIDENT FOREVER.

  5. Every great leader has great men surrounding them. Trump has had 9 of his close associates and 25 more indicted. There have been 25 Russians indicted, who cannot be questioned. There have been 25 security clearances turned down that he has overrode, including his son-in-law.There are only 3 world leaders that will talk to him 1-Pooty,2- “Rocket-man” and 3-The Saudi Prince. He has no credit rating in the USA, only Pooty will loan him money. He has told as of today a total of 8,158 lies since being in office (and we are still counting). He models his administration after Hitler with all the in-house fighting, each not knowing what is going on (total chaos and confusion all the time), trying to silence the media. He is in the news daily for something idiotic he has said or done. A complete MORON! He will go down in history as the worst president ever, Obama will not! He is a corrupt and dangerous man. It is amazing how you Trumptards will sweep all of his corruption under the rug and claim to be big time loving Americans! There are only 2 types of Trump supporters, billionaires and dumbasses. Have you checked your bank account? #DeportMelania!!!

    • Elaine/Diane also known by many other “pen names”. Why don’t you just calm down and stop trying to be such a bad dude to everybody? I have seen you in “mean and nasty” frenzies many times but, this is the worse you have ever been out of control! What is wrong, what is going on? Has something bad happened? Are you ill? Have you had a breakdown? Who has upset you? Gee, I have a million other possibilities of what could be wrong in your life but, I will just bask in it…….
      If you don’t get yourself under control your hair is going to lite on fire and burn your body until the fire reaches your gas supply, then you are going to explode into oblivion. Man oh man, would we ever miss you, our favorite troll……….

    • Ain’t it great that Trump is in the WH rather than crooked hillary! His presidency has disclosed the corruption in the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA, etc His presidency has brought the prejudice, into view, of the dung fling press primarily cnn and msnbc. The nasty racist attitudes of much of congress, i.e. booker, waters, cummings, lewis, johnson, omar, cortez, ratshita, iliab, lee, green, etc. The nasty criminals of antifa, the black lies matter, the gangs, the criminals and killers in the illegals sneakingtinto the US over and over again. etc., etc., etc.,

  6. We need to fully and openly protect our whistleblowers in the US government! I have started to campaign for our Man Trump 2020 reelection. Made myself another nice pro-Trump sign and wave my big American flag. I stand on the intersection of two busy state roads every afternoon, except when it rains. Get lost of supporting bikes, cars and trucks horns.

  7. I’m not one that wants to see Trumps taxes. I want to see who the Congressman were they used taxpayers slush fund to pay off their sexual assault cases to keep them quiet. This is what needs to be exposed along with the Democrats that passed Obama Care who had stock in the companies that were involved in this fraud healthcare . Gov. officials and their staff and families should not be allowed to have stock in companies that they are voting on or having anything to do with them.

    • Say what you want . . . but I want to hire a congressman to be my financial adviser. Think about it, we know what they get paid but somehow in no time at all most of them become MILLIONAIRS. Gee, they must be really smart . . . OR SOMETHING!

      • It is a common practice that all the presidents do just that. This has been happening for many years. I’ll bet that congress and senators would not have a problem with that. Only people that have something to hide, fear it. Maybe, Trump doesn’t want us to know how much money he does not have!!!

  8. The Kenyan Muslim Marxist is filth personified! He needs to be exposed and it already looks like his stooges are cracking.

    • Nothing will ever be done to the lil faggot porch monkey! I’ve been a republican all my life, but with as many a turncoats as have been turned up, I hold little faith in ANYONE anymore!! 😣😬😩😠😡👹

  9. Even if Trump were to produce his taxes for the last 10 years–The Moron Demomarxists would not know how to read them. They are not tax experts–they are on a hunting to impeach mission. They are full of hatred and jealousy. He has worked for his wealth and they just collect $$$ from their bagmen lobbyists and other nefarious creatures in foreign countries like Joe Biden and son Hunter has done and they flew to China and Ukraine on Air force 2 on the taxpayers dollars to collect their millions so Hunter Biden could start this equity fund–read Hidden Empires and you will see where the corruption lies and how Biden has built an immense empire in his 40+ years on the gov. teat.

    • Thank you for that eye opener concerning the Bidens. Maybe it will speak to some of those who would still vote Dems in…but I really don’t know who in their right mind would do it…but then, again….looking at what we have seen, there are lots of loose canons out there who would.

      • Nothing will ever be done to the lil faggot porch monkey! I’ve been a republican all my life, but with as many a turncoats as have been turned up, I hold little faith in ANYONE anymore!! 😣😬😩😠😡👹

  10. I get tired of click-bait that continues the narrative that FINALLY those miscreants in Deep State will be punished.

    The articles all read the same: “We have NEW evidence that will sink Deep State!”

    And nothing happens. It is obvious to us that we are still living in a two-tiered legal system, that continues to allow Democrats to get away with everything.

    Personally, I advise these so-called conservative web sites give up click-baiting and just wait to notify us when a Deep State perpetrator is FINALLY arrested.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  11. Talk. Talk. Talk. Are we ever going to see formal charges and prosecution brought against those investigators?

    Clearly Obama ran his administration with an iron fist so we have no doubt he was front and center.
    It’s an easy trail for Ways & Means to track how this evil man went from a net worth of a few hundred thousand to nearly a billion in only 8 years, and we’re sure it wasn’t wise investing in the stock market.

    Clearly the Biden’s were profiting as well due to manipulation and coercion. These ethic violations must prevent him as well as Hillary from ever being involved in politics for the remainder of their lives.

  12. if the fbi and congress would have vetted the kenyan freak he would have never bin president anyways , he still hasn’t shown any proof he was born in america , as for news on the kenyan freak the only news i want to hear is either he is dead or has 2 hours to live and animal control has capture his gorilla of a wife and put her back in the zoo

  13. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President to save this country. Now history may record that Donald Trump was the last Republican President to save this country. Please note: Obama would have never been President if it were not for a Republican President.

      • Kam, Elaine will do anything for money as being here to agitate us proves. Wonder how much she is making doing this less than honorable trolling.

        • To the Real M: Are you an alcoholic? Alcohol seems to be your go to answer for everyone’s problems. I already have too many friends asking to be sobered up when Trump is out of office! Now, let’s talk Trump. He took a trip to Paris in Nov 2018 and skipped on visiting a cemetery to honor the dead of WWI. He wouldn’t go because it was raining! I wonder if our soldiers only fought on warm, sunny days? But, he did not hesitate to send our active-duty troops as pawns to the US-Mexico border during the mid-term elections. He said we were in danger of a dangerous caravan entering our country, a national emergency! OMG, the only national emergency we have is sitting in the white house today ordering up Mickey D’s hamburgers from the oval office. We sure are glad he finally made it to Viet-Nam though, during his second visit with Kim Jong Un. Why would he think that a honorable deal could be made with a leader of such a murderous regime as N Korea? (who by the way still has his nuclear program intact.) It amazes me that anyone who calls themselves a christian or veteran of the armed forces could support such trash as Trump! #DeportMelania!

          • Diane, Well, right now you are calling yourself “Elaine” but, I like your “Diane” pen name better, it fits you!
            An alcoholic, me? As a matter of fact, I don’t drink alcohol at all. Is your mind in such a disturbed rage you don’t recall I told “you” to try a bottle of wine, I HAVE “HEARD” IT WORKS WONDERS! (Heard means I don’t know personally, ok?) So, I am suggesting wine for you, again. Let me know if it works out for you so I can suggest it to other liberals who have blown their minds also, bless your little heart!
            Did you also not understand when I told you not to bother telling us your liberal misinformation – some fake, some exaggerated, some lies and some figments of your mental diminished capacity?
            Your loathing and obsession with President Trump is actually much worse than I first suspected! Your memory has failed as well as your ability to comprehend words and information. You are really in a serious mental condition and may not have much longer so, in case your head explodes before you write another comment, I will say my bye-bye now! 🙂

            Note: I heave “heard” it only hurts a few minutes when the head explodes! Some doctor came up with that but, who knows, it may hurt very badly for a long time!

        • To the real name: You need to quit giving out advice, you are the one in denial and need the good Shrink. You also need to understand that I along with 70% of the American people are in a real panic about the way the country is being led. If you and yours don’t stop sweeping his corruption under the rug we are all going to go down the toilet with that ORANGE turd!!!

      • Exactly what we think of you Trumptards!!! You need to go watch the Fox news, I am sure they tell you what you want to hear. They sure don’t report the news. Talk about fake news, they lie by omission! Most of the time it is the Trump comedy show. LOL!!! So sickening!

        • You are dumb as a box of rocks. Crooked healery obama the fbi and the attorney gen tried coup that failed on trump and the people of this great country and the Commie demogogs faild. Right will always prevail over wrong and eveil. SEMPER FI For your info it means always faithful

          • Oh, blow it out your ASS!!! master dummy sgt. That is as intelligent as anything I have seen you post.

        • Diane aka Elaine, Poor baby, you’re having a very bad day, I’M sorry! You really must find a VERY capable and competent “shrink” before it is too late and your head goes “ka-pow”!

    • Obama, Hillary, DOJ and FBI should be indicted for conspiracy against the American people. Obama was the one that said nobody could rig an election when Trump stated that the election could be rigged. Trump was right, it was rigged in Hillary’s favor, the infamous dossier, their insurance policy. Now that the tables have turned, the American people want to see justice served.

      • Anyone who didn’t know that the Community Organizer was behind this whole mess should have the head examined. As far as Hillary is concerned she should never have been nominated praise the lord that she wasn’t elected. God Bless America. We certainly need all the help we can get to protect ourselves from career politicians.

    • there is no doubt in my mind that that scumbag muslim communist Obama is behind that and hundreds more terrible things. why do you think he lives about two miles from the white house and didn’t go back to the mob city of Chicago.

    • There was some mention at the time the dossier was released, that Obama paid 1 million toward the cost of the document. I saw it once then it was taken off the internet.

    • I agree with you. They need to be Fed prison for life. In most countries l have served ln they would be shot.SEMPER FI

  14. The whole deep state should be thrown into Gitmo and face a military tribunal starting with the illegitimate ex-president Obama.

  15. Why isn’t obama in prison ? Anyone with a IQ over 40 knows he was born at August 4 1961 at 7.47 PM Delivered by DR James O.W. Ang’awa Certificate # 32018
    7 lbs 10 oz 18″ long 6″ wide shoulders Born at Coast Provincial General Hospital
    in KENYA At Occidental College in California he swore under oath that he was NOT
    a American citizen to get a free ride In the past he has used the name Harrison J Burwell

    • Check out the YouTube declaration of “Larry Sinclair” who mysteriously died in a one car accident shortly after. Check out the long list of mysterious deaths behind the Clintons. It will amaze you. They are all evil and they are all focused on One World Order, but I have to wonder where they think that order will leave all of them. Everyone can’t be a leader in that system. Obama was planted here by a corrupt, Third World Government to gain a stronghold in our FREE NATION UNDER THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, (not their FALSE GOD Alah) Obama is still trying to force those Muslim laws into our country from behind the curtains of shadow government. It seems they all think they are dealing with complete fools, but MY GOD, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (i.e. Israel) will prevail and things are going to be HIS WAY not their’s. Those who doubt Yahweh’s power…. Just HIDE AND WATCH!!!
      Just saying, check the facts and study God’s Word (The Holy Scriptures)

    • Correction, Obumma’s white grandparent used the name Harrison Bounel who was born 1895 died 1960. He was from Connecticut, and his social security number was hijacked too from the same state. Obummo has never set eyes on Connecticut much less being born there. The “Deep State” is covering up his real identity.

    • That is amazing, to find out that a third world country like Kenya kept such detailed and advanced birth records over 50 years ago. The United States don’t even do that. Wait, could that be a fake news report? Obama served 8 years as our president and there is not a damn thing will change that, so get over it!

      • It isn’t easy getting over a bad case of treason…obama and hillary were both traitors…they should be shot! Every word either spoke, every act they committed was illegal in the laws of our country?

        • OMG!!! Ellie, is that short for Ellie Mae? That was the most illiterate post I have ever read! But, it sure was amusing. Keep it coming, you are definitely proving a point. The funniest thing is, you don’t even know it!

  16. The Obama regime has had plenty of anti-Americans from the left covering for him at every turn, even as far as a fake birth certificate you can buy from your states Political office,if I did it imagine how easy it would be for a president. A sample of corruption was seen when Chicago Mayor pulled off another case like the OJ murders when they let Smollett go scot free, what else did you expect from a Sanctuary city like Chicago that is ruled by Democrats, and their favorite son Obama was a street organizer there, We have all seen a Manchurian Candidate in real life for 8 years, and his strings were being pulled by the Puppet Masters of crime.Jay


    • you are so damn stupid, you make MY head hurt. you full of shit asshole!!! He don’t know how to do a president’s job, because he sure as hell isn’t an honest person. He is a freaking crook and associates himself with crooks. He is the liar in chief. You got that?

      • you need to go get your brain taken out and tested cause u must be brain dead if u are so stupid that u don’t know all the corruption surrounding B Obama and company. The biggest fraud ever put on the American people and u happen to be one of those people. All u have to do is ask yourself why would he pay millions or dollars to hide all his records, his ss # his birth cert. Inocent people don’t hide their records. THINK.

        • I guess that is why Dumb-Ass Trump has produced all his tax papers, huh? But I will guarantee you he will have to soon. He is so damned crooked they will have to screw his ass in the ground when he kicks out. He is a lying crook that has absolutely zero morals because he is a zero!!!

          • Tax records are not required to run for president but being born here is a requirement…I support president trump…He has proven his patriotism over and over…I will pray for you to read more about obama and Hillary so you can set yourself free from their reign of crime…

          • Hello elaine, There isn’t a law that says, anyone has to show their taxes to you! Show yours! lol . Do you work?At What? FREE? Before you make yourself look crazier than you already have you should just shag back to the poor side of slew town. Go get a job. First learn English Properly. It is called STUDY! Before you open your mouth!

          • Elaine is a democaRat stop drinking the koolaid-aid..All this talk how corrupt Obama was, you are talking about tax returns from Trump…… How stupid are you, who f__king cares, he doesn’t even cash his own President checks, donates them to different branches of the government. When was the last time some democrat liberal idiot did the same for the country, never is right…… You fools who believe anything that came out of Obummers mouth was a flat out lie….. Killary, Comey, Holder, the whole stinking lot of Odumbo’s cabinet was corrupt….

          • Elaine/Diane, Shhhhhhhhhhh! Man, you are still in a rage, do you have a bottle of wine in the house? If so, you need to break it open and, settle! Get off President Trump, you have driven yourself insane with your hatred of him. Drink a glass of wine and listen to some good soul soothing music before your expire! Take deep breaths and relax.
            When and if you finally get yourself together, think about a little less liberalism, operative word, “moderate”, then we’ll plan on easing into conservatism, okay? Wine Elaine/Diane, drink wine! I hear it works wonders!

          • I’m not sure of your education, but I find people who cuss and swear, do mot have a good command of the English language, and therefore rely on foul 4 letter words..sad to see amind go to waste. Hope you didn’t
            Produce any children…if youbdid, maybe somone else should raise them?

        • Oh my Cheryl, did the truth hurt that bad? It is called common decency, which I know Trump is lacking. I don’t think the other presidents had a problem being transparent. We sure can’t count on Trump to be transparent! He just has a lot to hide. I bet he will be coming forth with them soon though. I can’t wait. I am also looking forward to old man Barr having to give up ALL of Meuller’s report! Oh, and I would really worry about grammar if the country wasn’t going to shit with the sorry ass leader we have now. I bet you have a diploma sticking out of your ass don’t you? You Trumptard scholar!!!

        • You sound like a republican baby still on the titty, asshole!! Trump absolutely associates with nothing but mobsters, hell a big part of his team has already gone to prison and I am sure there will be more to come. You are the one with SHIT for brains, you dumbass!!!

          • Elaine, Well, well, well, we have yet another low class, low life, low bred, ingrate, deranged liberal troll! What kind of animals could possibly have mated and produced such a rude, crude, filthy mouthed disgusting creature like you? Must have been a Tasmanian Devil and some wild creature with a huge fanged mouth and long sharp claws, whatever they were, they obviously had teeny tiny brains because your brain is not visible without a microscope.
            You should be ashamed of yourself, I know your parents would be very proud to know the words you use when communicating with people. You have to be very young because you are very immature, low information, and obviously braindead from all the lying liberal propaganda your empty head is filled with. You probably watch MSM all day long…..lying fake news channels!
            Elaine, you should leave this site and find people to communicate with whom you have common interests. You don’t like us and your crude common language has become very boring. So leave now………….go………bye bye now……go….

          • Elaine why don’t you shut your stupid mouth and crawl back in the snake hole with the rest of the stupid jerks. You are a nasty mouth jerk. Your mouth just shows how stupid your are, because, you have no legitimate language to use. May God have mercy on your soul.

          • SO,>elaine what do you attribute your not so self smart to? We, do not want to be in your welfare handout shoes.Where did you get that mouth of yours? It is not from Hollywood is it? Whose computer are you on? Did you steal it?

        • Hey, tell you what you bunch of right winged idiots just keep believing in that useless piece of shit that calls himself president. I will never be guilty of calling him that. You can have your right winged bitch site too, I have intelligent people to talk to,so I am leaving this dump site and am going to leave you bunch of hating ass bigots to it. see ya wouldn’t want to be ya!!!

      • I’m amazed at how ignorant Americans are to believe they are being told the truth by one end of an Ass and yet their President tells them all lies.

      • I guess that is why Dumb-Ass Trump has produced all his tax papers, huh? But I will guarantee you he will have to soon. He is so damned crooked they will have to screw his ass in the ground when he kicks out. He is a lying crook that has absolutely zero morals because he is a zero!!!

          • Beth Ferejohn, Liberal trolls like Elaine are as difficult and take as long to get rid of as a bad case of Shingles on a person’s buttocks! 🙂 In fact that’s what Elaine reminds me of, a bad case of butt Shingles, mean, nasty, ugly………………………..and what a relief it will be when Elaine Shingles is gone!

        • Actually most people wouldn’t understand Trump’s tax papers. I have worked in accounting and have prepared taxes for corporations., with the holdings Pres. Trump has it would take a good lawyer a month to figure it out.

          • Oh come on you idiot. Surely you don’t believe that no one can decipher that creeps taxes. Another Trumptard scholar has spoken.

        • Oh wow, and you have no brains at all! Keep supporting your liar in chief, he is going to need it. This is for Jessie! Got to go to work. Do you have a job?

          • Elaine
            Another example of Core education gone wrong. Reading comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary and the ability to communicate ideas in a concise orderly manner are right in the toilet. I urge all on these sites to ignore this individual there is no reasoning nor an attempt to come to a mutually beneficial solution with persons of this type. To acknowledge is to waste time and space. I too am guilty of arguing with her type, but there is no reasoning with a fool or ones severely lacking the most basic requirements of intelligence. When we argue with challenged people we debase ourselves and are not the better for it.

          • Badbob, What a thoughtful, beautiful, truthful comment. You are very wise and have a skillfully organized mind! Doggone it, I am jealous! I wish I had written your comment. You have concluded that you cannot reason with unreasonable. Great comment!

        • To Badbob, how many diplomas are sticking out of your ass? I am sure not a single one. You are probably about to have a bowel movement,so go take a dump. We all know you are full of shit. Trumptard!!!

          • Nice, troll Elaine (liberal pen name), Your mother is very proud of you!
            Why do you portray yourself as a low class, low bred, dregs of society person by writing trashy and vulgar comments? I think some mental counseling is in order, maybe a professional can help you. You must get to the bottom of why you are so angry, so upset, and totally out of control. It is unhealthy to be in a rage all the time and the people on this site really don’t care what you say to them because, it does not impact their lives in any way so, you are the only one getting hurt.

    • Why don’t you all get hold of the Secret meetings of the Bilderberg group who are meeting one a year The meeting in Chantilly VA in June 2008 you all will have a better understanding of why all the Politicians and the Fake news are trying to get rid of the greatest President we ever had

  18. Let’s face it, Obama, Hillary and the whole lot of criminals who supported the Saul Alinksy how to bring down America crowd it wouldn’t take much evidence to see Obama wasted 10 Trillion dollars using one of the big tenants of the book. Spend America into bankruptcy. He wasted taxpayer money to the 10th power and we have absolutely nothing to show for it except how corrupt he was in doing so.

    • Zee I think rr is not really a conservative site. They probably use it to track and identify patriots. Noticed the left never complain about being blocked. But that’s ok. I would rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I’m not.

      • Yes Dan, 0f Course -‘track/identify’ Patriots &&&
        Dissident Non-Patriots.
        but i really think RR ‘conservative’. Have received
        several e-mails ‘0ff the cuff’, that would indicate
        ‘conservative, but who knows anymore, maybe those few
        mails were fake. I dunno. However, what i have to Say,
        WILL Get thru. re brennan cia/clapper in the coup to take
        down usa. & Already ‘Widely discussed’ 0n radio.

        • bingo!. last sentence came thru.
          brennan( obama cia) Totally ‘pissed 0ff’
          His /hillary ‘Classified Security Clearance was taken
          away by POTUS. brennan goes to cnn. hillary ‘hiding’.

          • Well now. both replies came thru.
            I Said a bit more earlier, but won’t press it.
            You get the gist re brennan/clapper/
            hillary etc.

  19. Obama needs to get use to all things terrible coming his way. The same goes for all his creepy followers. Getting even is a dish better serves hot. I wish them all pain and being treated like a social outcast.

  20. The mainstream media will do all it can to bury anything against their darlings – Obama bin lyin and the Clinton crime family. We will not hear much about it.

    • All the mess started under Obamas administration he didn’t care as long as he was getting his salary that he doesn’t deserve and that should be taken away from him also because he hates USA but he sure is taking his suppose earned money he doesn’t hate that does he?

  21. If truth and justice do not prevail regarding Obama and his administration, then the death of America as we know and love it is at hand. I pray and hold great hope that the people of this great land will awake to the evil that is deceiving the masses. It is our only hope. Vote responsibly.

    • An ignorant mulatto piece of crap. Why does he even matter? He’s waiting in the wings for his crowd to finish off America so he can come in as dictator. Jimmy carter was the dumbest president ever. He moved to 2nd place when odumbass came along.

        • master gunny sgt USMCgunny46532, Hello, neighbor! My state is north of you. I don’t like to tell too much personal stuff, know what I mean jelly bean? I am sure I remember thanking you for your selfless service to our great nation but, let me thank you again!

    • People, People, People, I was just wondering if Obama Bin lying goes to Prison, is Net Flix going to still do The Obama’s Bin Lying series? Will they follow and film him in PRISON, after all Net Flix has the MULTI, MULTI, MULTI MILLION DOLLAR deal set up for them.


  23. My wish for the horrible president in history to leave this country and take all his DIRTY money with him and we never have to see he/she or that Michelle character and both girls again. That have left a stain on the country that will always surface when ever the DEMS are having a bad time. It’s time for the DEMS to clean house and have a whole new team to take over. We will see but I can wish.

  24. Why doesn’t the USA declare George Soros a enemy / terrorist . Why don’t they hand him over to the countries that want to prosecute him for war crimes. He has been funding terrorist / hate groups all his like to bring down countries. He’s been funding Antifa groups

    • Amen! and take the Obama’s, Clintons, Pelosi, Scheuemer, Ilhan, Tliab, Cortez, Schiff, Waters that hawaiian chick, and many others with him they can duke it out as to who will run their country

      • He has powerful people who owe him a lot, and they know that he knows where all the bodies are buried, so there will be no such declaration. Sorry, but he will have to wait till he meets his Maker for true justice to be meted out. And it will come-probably sooner than he would like or expects. If he were to be declared an enemy of the state or allowed to answer for the war crimes, he would sing like a bird, and they know it. The corruption goes a**hole deep.

    • If you take a turd, wash it, put it in a nice suit, spray a little cologne on it, surround it by people saying it’s not a turd, put it up on a national stage long before it ever shows it has the skills. Building it up in a propaganda campaign that Adolph Hitler endorse. Convincing a portion of the populace that this turd is the best thing since slice bread. Shame people into tolerating it by saying that’s politically incorrect if you don’t like it and your a racist, bigot etc just because it doesn’t look like you. Kind of like high school bullies. Get with the times and go along with the narrative, put it on talk shows and prime time and take that unknown turd and shame people into accepting it and turn it into a popular trend of accepting turds. But all along, with all of the bullshit that comes from a war machine hell bent on seizing this country people woke up and realized it was just a big old turd from a morning shit and we should have flushed it. People think the last recession started in 2009. That’s wrong, the recession started the second week of October 2008. The media and all of this Jewish propaganda machine announced McCain could not beat the turd, the election was the same as over, the turd was up by 12 points almost everywhere, people pulled money out of investments that propped up the economy. I pulled mine out because one I had already lost about 10% in two days after the full propaganda started and people knew better. We knew we were going to get saddled with that bum in a cheap donated suit. I knew with Obama’s increased welfare rhetoric, HHS and the Un-Affordable Care Act spending we were screwed so I wanted to have a little cash on hand to weather the storm. We didn’t fall for the Hillary scam. Trump announced hundreds of times in October of 2016, don’t believe the polls, it’s fake news.

  25. I’m sincerely wondering,how long obozo,would last,walking down the sidewalk,without his secret service guards,before he grew a third eye??

  26. If the people of Illinois allow him to take over their special park to build his “legacy,” they will be creating a continuing hoax about Obama’s actions. We should not spend another penny on this man (or demigod). He doesn’t deserve the air from which he breaths. His “teachings” have divided our country more than the “Civil War!” Bring back our liberty and pride!

  27. So many idiots breathe our precious air. These liberal misfits will say and do anything to push their immoral attitude and destructive behavior. They would rather worship the devil who has planted his servants worldwide, obuzzard and his raggie trans partner, pelosi, cummings, those bitches from MN, MI, CA, NY, shiffter, warren, waters, etc , including the fake news media. They are baby butchers, riot inciters and terrorists. Humanity is beyond their capabilities.

    • Guns527, you are so on point. The only thing I don’t quit agree with is that that Son of Seven Fathers BHO weren’t only aware of the actions of those people; he was the instigator and leader of the whole seditious and treasonous affair. Think back to the smug smiling expression at the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

  28. You know he’s into it up to his nose. He most likely authorized all of the spying by the DOJ, CIA and other intel agaencies. He is as dirty as Brenner, Clapper and Commey.

    • I agree. Obama was more interested in helping our adversaries then helping our country. The Iran deal.and releasing the terroists( which I still believable is an impeachment offense) were two prime examples of his sympathy towards the scum bag terroists.

      Obama was all about Obama. A real phony, bull shit artist.


  29. When this fake obama said he visited all 57 states that shoulda been enough to keep him from being a president, guess the 90% leftist media covered it up!

  30. Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on a lie ! Why is the DOJ not investigating Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Democratic party involved in the smear campaign against President Trump ? This was a blatant waste of resourses and taxpayer money. This is why no one trusts the government ! It is time for a CLEAN SWEEP in Washington !

    • Brian Montgomery, Hold on tight as I am, let’s wait for the Inspector General’s upcoming report. I believe it was Devin Nunes who said the IG report will name names in criminal activities that went on with the Dems and within the intel community. I am not sure what all the IG’s office has investigated but, I believe it will include all the way back to HRC email server scandal. Let’s pray that these bad actors will be held accountable for crimes against the Constitution, the rule of law and the American people!

    • It’s called TREASON, which is a CAPITOL OFFENCE, not life or life without parole. According to the Constitution it’s hanging by the neck until dead. Bush I, Bush II, Clinton and Obama are all One World Order slugs. Fake news was behind all of them. We need a Judgement at Nurrenberg here. I almost forgot George Soros also.

    • I just watched the Mark Levin show on FOX as he had John Solomon and Sara Carter as guests who are legitimate journalists discussing the quagmire that is Washington DC. It is my feeling that everything that the democrats did with illegal FISA warrants, involvement with multiple intelligence agencies and their top leadership (Comey, Brennan, etc) in an attempt to sabotage President Trump’s election chances, and Barrack Hussein Obama’s direct involvement will make Watergate look like kindergarten work.

    • The SOB needs to be charged, convicted, sentenced to death.
      He is a traitor to America and a communist, muslim bastard.
      He needs to die as soon as we can make it happen.

    • I am pretty sure the Democraps will NOT allow ANY of truth to be know by anyone outside of their own small group. That information could very well put a LOT of them in prison.

    • Thomas, you are correct, the American people have heard so many rumors about BHO that he should want them unsealed, that is provided he has nothing to hide??????
      I don’t know if there is a “hoop” someone could jump through, if he is brought into this DJT fraudulent attempted coup (as he should be), to get a court order to unseal Obama’s record. If anyone knows please give us a reply, we want to know.

    • Obama is the son of Satan. I truly believe the Lord God Almighty will bring justice finally to this Great Country once and for all. I praise God for President Trump!


  31. God has saved USA.
    After Mueller investigation, we need an other investigation to those who created
    the Mueller investigation with a fake dossier that John McCain gave to FBI director.
    Many world leaders said that USA was ruined by inside enemies,in democrat party
    and some inside republican party.

    • Steelie, I don’t trust Rand Paul. How long has it been since he said that he would vote against President Trump on the boarder wall. Now he is all on board to investagate the Dems. Wish side is he really on?

      • I ‘Know’, Linda H., But
        Rand Paul IS ‘squeaking’ 0UT ‘the Truth’
        W/ Merit.
        > Perhaps Rand ‘getting Nervous’ re
        REALITY. & ‘Game 0ver’.

  32. Take Barry, Hilary, Holder & Lynch, strip them, chain them together and have them dig the foundation for the southern border wall. Do the same with all adult illegal invaders.

    • Bill Pieper, I agree with you. The whole Obama ADMINISTRATION that has been involved in anyway with the Treason, and underhanded cover ups that were involved. They ALL have gotten away with Murder and now it’s time for the big show down. They should all get the fullest extent of punishment. Firing squad, prison for life without parole. Whatever it takes they along with George Soros needs to be arrested….Soros needs to have his Citizenship taken away and prohibited from ANY of his dirty money coming to the US for any support for ANYONE running for the DemonicRat’s party.

  33. Nothing will ever be done to any of these people! Hillary and Her whole family have been committing crimes right out in the open since the 90s with no consequences.
    Barry Soetoro admitted himself, that he was born in Kenya but would have never been able to be president. He also admitted he is a Muslim and he did commit fraud when in college , getting grants by saying he was student from Indonesia. Then there’s the lie he perpetrated when getting his law license, when asked if he had gone by any other name, he swore no, yet at the time he was then going by Barack Hussein Obama, instead of Barry Soetoro. He lost his law license. So you see it’s fantasy to think any of these high ranking criminals will ever be punished for anything they have done! At least not till judgement day when the dear Lord judges them.

    • I personally don’t think our Heavenly Father will allow this to go unpunished. He has started a revival in this country and to allow this to slip by would be contrary to everything he stands for. The only time that kind of mercy happens is after there is total repentance. There is too much pride and arrogance for that to happen. By the way they forced Richard Nixon to resign for a lot less.

  34. He should’ve been in jail during his 1st wk of presidency just cuz he’s anti-American & wasn’t born an American !!! Stop all $$$ from going to both Obama for good !!! They also interfered with investigations on Clinton then Smollet & should be hung at the new border wall to warn the illegals not to come in.

  35. Obama got elected because he was black. The blacks wanted a black president and it didn’t matter who it was or what he had done. If they hadn’t voted for him enmass he wouldnt have been elected. They had the highest turnout of black voters ever for an election.

    • Many many White women was enchanted with his Charisma, Charm, and what they thought was good looks. I have friends that to this day think he is wonderful. I have lost friendships because I disagree with them. Sooo, I’d say the friendship was a one way street. I never voted for him the first time let alone the second. I could see right through his transparent self.

      • Shirley Warren, you have described my exact same thoughts first time Obama opened his mouth. Everything else you wrote applies to me too.

  36. Start getting them fitted for the orange jump suits. Wonder how long it will be until the country finds the truth that Obama should never have been Pres. he’s not an American citizen


      • If it can be proven that Obama gave the order to create the phony Russian Collusion charges against President Trump, using the paid for Dossier from with help from Russia, he could be charged with the high crime of Treason and according to the code eligible for the death penalty.

      • I personally believe that Hillary will turn on him once she finds out she’s definitely going down for her crimes. She’s already said she’ll take half of Washington down with her when she goes

    • We arent fooled. Obozo ran the whole charade!He stayed in DC to stay close to Get Trump out. He thinks the WH is his & he will decide who lives there. He hates this country so he should get the hell out! Lock him up with Hitlery

      • LANI, Preach it buddy, there are millions of us who believe what you just stated! HRC was up to her eyebrows in it as well, especially with the dossier and financing a lot of the expenses incurred to make the charade and criminal treasonous act possible.

  37. Since school’s history books are already praising this guy (who passed the buck, and drew “red lines” with crayon for eight years)as the new messiah, as well as more than 1/2 the population, we may LEARN what happened, but not much will be done.
    I sorta agree with Keith D, that it’s up to bright individuals to vote these connivers out.
    The Brennans of this world MAY see charges for this coup they created, but I believe that karma will see them first.
    However… people are still reelecting Maxine and the war-faker Blumenthal, so what are the odds ?
    Don’t forget, we’re talking about a large chunk of this great country that believes it’ll END in twelve years.
    Don’t hold your breath…

  38. Obama is in this from his feet to his elbows . Soon as Trump was seen to have won the election he hit the panic switch . Hillary called it in the months before the election when she said if that Ba**ard wins well all hang . Well he won and now all involved are scurrying like rats on the Titanic . Slowly but surely Trump is cleaning up the swamp and ridding it of its dezins . They looked Mullher on him and they came up empty . Slapsy Maxie Waters and senile Nancy Pelosi are trying to survive not only the embarrassment of losing that fight but possibly spending their remaining years in a Levenworth cell along with the Kenyan Fraud and his buddy , Eric ‘the Gun Runner’Holder .

    • *** “Obama is in this from his feet to his elbows ” ***

      He had his hands held high?

      He’s into it to the top rung of an 80′ ladder.

      • Obama started all this crap yrs ago. Soros paid for his education,so that out to tell you how evil Obama is. He brought the Muslims over here to take over, an they are sure pushing it, an Obama is right behind all this crap going on.

    • Lose their pensions this way?

      WELL USED GALLOWS at the FRONT STEPS of the US Capitol Building, and in front of Courthouses across the Nation, Specifically for the use of CORRECTING POOR PERFORMANCE of corrupt politicians, political appointees, Bureaucrats, judges, etc would END the problems this Nation has with wannabe dicktaters.

      PUBLIC HANGINGS, Televised and Broadcast around the World would send a VERY STRONG MESSAGE to ALL PEOPLE.

    • If evidence shows those involved in the Steele Dossier fiasco they should be prosecuted if found guilty, imprisoned, have their citizenship revoked therefore they can’t vote. There is a possible charge of treason….. I believe that is death….

    • Doris Frazier, If these traitors are found guilty they will lost not only their pensions, they will lose their freedom, hopefully for the rest of their lives!

  39. This is an act of treason against the President Elect Trump by a sitting President Obama!!! If the truth reveals Obama did this, he MUST be either placed in prison for 20 years to life for causing the country to see our Federal Law Enforcement agencies colluding with Obama, Hillary and Russia or put to death for treason!!!

  40. All those involved that are prosecuted and found guilty should loose their pension.
    Including Obama and anyone and everyone involved.. They should not get another dime.
    The truth is going to come out and all these demented corrupt Democrats can rot in jail.

  41. No matter how much his entire administration it will not happen. This is up to US to vote these CREEPS out of power before the CIA,FBI, NSA ETC can be reigned in!!! I PRAY I’m wrong but I have watched these CRIMINAL GAMES for 50 years and they only get exposed after they DIE then nobody cares they deify them!! See JFK MCLAME etc….

  42. Re: Bathhouse Barry, One thing you can’t be a little bit pregnant about is that your mother’s presence is required at the time of your birth. There is no way if the Jackal that bore It was in Kenya at the time that the evil, incompetent, sycophant of satan slithered out from under any pineapple in Hawaii! Hang the Oreo cookie and send the remains back to Hell where It came from!!!

    • I pray l live long enough to see the Bush,Clinton,Bush, Obama cabal is charged convicted sentenced and sentence carried out. I have lived through decades upon decades of flat out corruption. Corruption being allowed on every level. So many involved they all to be made examples of so this never happens again. Let other see you give this country and her people a black eye you Wii be caught and be charged to the highest rule of law automatically. Dont mess with the U.S.A. love it or LEAVE lT! MAGA TRUMP 2020 and beyond! Let’s take our country back!

    pissed off clinton
    and obama so much that
    obama sent down secret national
    emergency orders to
    do what ever it
    takes to
    Bring Trump Down!


      • I agree totally that God put Trump in office against all odds. He will save America from the muslims, and other trash that are trying to take over America. That includes the new muslims senators.

  44. It is quite likely that there are a number of issues involving Obama that bear investigation. The choices for investigation should be highly focussed and INTENSELY pursued. Diversions, stalling actions and political machinations should be aggressively challenged.

    • Yes like he was not an American , but a foreigner who worked for Alice Palmer as an Acorn agent , He helped get her Elected by getting names of Voters in South Chicago , From Tombstones and she did get Elected to the Illinois state senate , She showed him great love ! She got him to go to Russia to study Marxism and Communism , He met another Commie Valeie Jarrott , she still stays in his house as his adviser ! , When Obama returned he filed to run against Alice Palmer , then told how she was elected by Voter Fraud , She dropped out and Obama was a Illinois State senator over night , When the wall is built Obama should be on the south side of the wall , along with other Foreigners!

    • Let us show the world that Obama is not scandal-𝙁𝙧𝙚𝙚. He’s a scumbag. Let fight against the race card that protect this criminal.

      Obama is a criminal. Yes, he is. A criminal. How stupid of GW Bush making a love drama at McCain’s funeral with Michelle. He ain’t fooling us.

      Obama was our Ebola president. Remember? He disregarded our safety when he brought non-quarrentined patients from Africa to our hospitals. Aren’t you aware that this disease is out of control again in Africa? Why can’t Obama understand that Ebola virus must be contained first in infected countries?

      Gee. He graduated in constitutional law but hardly practice it in our government. He is. A. Joke.


  45. obamas’ legacy that he created can be summed up as the obama Crime Syndicate. This obama Crime Syndicate will be a text book semester length class in a Criminal Justice degree program one day. Most crime syndicates have a loose code of ethics however obamas syndicate was quickly doomed due to his ego. his own fellow rats (such as Mueller) have been running their own shows trying to save themselves. Send them all to jail, except obama. Deport the Kenyan back home where he is equally not wanted. Let them deal with him. His own brother doesn’t even want him back after the subbing by BHO after he won term 2.

  46. We need to be ready to be hearing wall-to-wall the hypocritical defense from the Democrat/Stalinist: The Race Card

    • They will all walk free because they are above the Laws! Look what was going on with Killary! She still walks free. Urainum one deal needs investigations. Fast and Furious needs investigations. Obo dealings with terrorist needs investigations. Investigations needed against Muslims being in America’s government ect ect Corruption Runs Deep.

  47. obama should never have been president in the first place, I doubt they’ll dig up anything on him now, hope I’m wrong.

  48. oh please…WE (the Right) will learn all the facts of Obama’s sordid administration but MSM sure as hell won’t breathe a word of it to the unconscious on the Left.

  49. Sorry to say, as much will happen to Barry Sotero as happened to Jussie Smollen, author of the Chicago Hoax or Killary Clinton, author of multiple crimes of greed and against the nation.

    Not a damn thing.

    It’s never been more crystal clear today that there is a two-tiered justice system in this country. One for the average joe criminal and another for democrats, black folk, or politicians all with connections.

  50. I read a couple “RenewedRight” entries about people who would surely know that Obama was born in Kenya and his birth certificate from Hawaii was a fake.
    Several years ago, I got a chance to review a court dossier that contained that birth certificate. There were a number of items circled in red. One of them stated that the year of his birth at a particular hospital would have to have happened three years before the hospital was actually built, if the birth certificate was genuine.

    • I suspected that all along. But it’s not surprising that the Devilcrap party will use any low down means to promote their agenda and win elections.

    • Putin said the BO birth certificate was worst fake document he had ever seen. That comes from the guy who was director of the Kremlins KGB!

    • Reply to drcate4…I saw a website several years ago showing Obama’s supposed birth certificate. It came from a hospital in Hawaii. Now: Someone who knows Hawaii wrote an email that claimed that the hospital where that birth certificate had been sent belonged to a new hospital company which had come into existence AFTER Obama was born. However, the new hospital’s name was at the top of this birth certificate! Wouldn’t that be a dead give away? Also, another website showed the information of Obama applying for ‘student aid’ to Occidental College as a foreign student from Kenya. Those websites didn’t last long before they were pulled!

  51. The community organizer has his fingerprints all over the Jussie Smollett hoax now too. I swear – take that teleprompter away and he is a total idiot.

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