Barack Obama knew his time was up when this secret audio leaked

Former President Barack Obama was lashing out in rage.

Obama always expected the Deep State cover-up of what really happened during the 2016 election would protect him.

But Barack Obama knew his time was up when this secret audio leaked.

Former President Obama recently spoke via web conference to the Obama Alumni Association.

In his leaked remarks, Obama ranted and raved about the Justice Department filing a motion to drop the charges against Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI as the Justice Department found the FBI interview with Flynn was not based on any lawful predicate or legitimate investigation.

“The news over the last 24 hours I think has been somewhat downplayed — about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn,” Obama began.

“And the fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places,” Obama fumed.

The FBI setting up Michael Flynn over his December phone call with the Russian Ambassador – while Flynn was the incoming national security advisor was the first domino to fall once Trump became President in the Russian investigation.

The Justice Department’s filing to dismiss the charges against Flynn explain why Obama is so enraged.

Documents show that for the first time, Obama is recently linked to the conspiracy to bring down President Trump.

Then Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates revealed that Obama already knew about Flynn’s call to the Russian Ambassador when she went to brief him and that Obama was in the room when then FBI Director James Comey floated the idea of using the 1799 Logan Act as the basis for interviewing Flynn and entrapping him in a lie.

From day one, Obama was neck deep in the Deep State conspiracy to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Obama is now lashing out because he got caught.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. They are polling asking if we would vote for a third term of Omama. That gorila is a moron if it think we could even accept him as a candidate. Now we are sure that a black hand was behind all the lately crap in our country.

  2. Comrade Obama is just another puppet for Communist China, like Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Newsom, Comey, Strozk, Lisa Page, Harris, Newsom. Observe. Truth will reveal the lies, cheating, and, deceit. The Communist Manifesto instructs to divide and conquer. Hence, fake media, disinformation, and, propaganda, as well as, Twitter. Thank God for the strength and courage of President Trump to champion our nation against all invaders.

  3. Post by Jeff… Couldn’t of said it better… Good knows every thought and motive at all times.. He is truly amazing! PS good name you got there!

  4. Thank you
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    1 Corinthians 3:18-20 Let no one deceive himself. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with GOD.
    For it is written, HE catches the wise in their OWN CRAFTINESS; and again, the LORD knows
    the THOUGHTS of the WISE, that they are FUTILE.

  5. To Bob Coffey. You must be one of the brainwashed idiots who are totally incapable of reading or listening to the Fake News. The evidence has been presented on this case that determines that the DOJ/FBI/Obama crew set this heroic general up because he clashed with Obama directly on his foreign actions that severely jeopardized this country. You are probably too stupid to realize that you are condoning malfeasance and corruption. You are also too stupid to understand that Obama and his democrat lemmings together with the Deep State are trying to take your freedoms from you. Maybe you like being told what to do, when to do it, and be enslaved to the communist ideology these sordid potentate wannabes are trying to establish. If that is the case why don’t you leave now and go to Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, or China? You should really be ashamed.You are going to be highly frustrated and angry when the GOP takes the house, and keeps the senate, and presidency! Do you need a rope?

  6. This article is egregious. First off, everything that Obama said was true. Letting Flynn off the hook is unprecedented. Not only was he in cahoots with Russian intelligence, he was also a paid foreign agent of Turkey while, at the same time, Trump’s National Security Advisor. That puts him about 1/2 a step behind the Rosenbergs.
    Secondly, Mike Flynn was not set up. Everything that he did was planned out and of his own doing. If anyone urged him to contact Kislyak it was Trump. It sure as hell wasn’t the FBI. Mike Flynn was caught red handed. Everyone is really sorry that the Trumpies didn’t like the whole chain that led up to it. Had Flynn not been doing what he was doing there would not have been a chain at all. Letting his off Scott free is only “justified” due to his association with Trump. Should we be saying “hello” to a “new” America and a “new” judicial system?

  7. Is the law going to be used for all of what Twinkle Toes Barry did? You know it’s a long list of crime and corruption.

  8. Dr. J.D. I’m assuming that you might be a Doctor of Jurisprudence. When you were in college, did you ever take a course on statistics? I did. Two of them. One of the first things that the professor stated was don’t believe polls. They only come to the conclusion that the people that commissioned the polls want to see. Example: 2016 presidential polls. How did that turn out for you? These polling companies have records on how every precinct has voted clear back to the 1930’s. If the customer wants a poll saying their candidate has a 6 point lead the poll company knows exactly what precincts to call people to get that result. Anyone who believes in polls is living a pipe dream.

  9. Or.T I’ve never been in the military but I’ve had a lot of training in (.) click. Thanks for your service

  10. To Dan Tyree.
    Thanks… Just Wish for the Best for OUR NATION..Really bad days are here.. Please forgive me when I write this.. Lost souls like Monty will be left on the SIDE of the Roads. If you are any kind of service member Military, police etc. this symbol
    ( . ) and the sound of click click. Says it all For anyone who Hates our Freedom.

  11. Lt.T monkey Jackson is retarded like the rest of the trolls that post. He doesn’t know to whom he’s addressing. He’s probably just another crack head. He’s posted that he wants to shoot us conservatives. I wonder how he’ll react when Trump wins again.

  12. To Monty Jackson
    Are you making a Statement to me?? or Trump?? Not clear on your one shallow sentence??? Be more specific when you Blog.. So that Americans can respond to you as free people… If I am wrong it’s because when people try to COMMUNICATE they express themselves better then a one liner which makes no sense.. Like I just said forgive me to you if I am wrong.. However what you just WROTE Does not make sense to responding bloggers.. Re blog as to whom, what, where and why… Hope that makes sense.. Mr. Monty Jackson…

  13. Rocco Luca..
    Thank Sir, As I read the blogs daily… I understand that the majority are awake and very very angry… With what has been revealed in our corrupted Politicians… We ALL WANT VENGEANCE…. But which is the right course to follow?? One of which always worked in our history is ‘ UNITY ‘ a well organized counter movement against our enemy’s both foreign and domestic.. So many well trained Americans, and supporting family and friends.. Just waiting for orders from Potus… We call ourselves ‘ Oath Keepers ‘ I can tell you with all my very being… America will NOT FALL..

  14. judy, you have no clue what the Electoral College is or why we need it. You are very ignorant. And Trump was elected fair and square in spite of the voter fraud of the dems who had illegals and dead people voting and those who voted more than once. But you don’t care about that

  15. Dr.JD I wonder what happened to your favorite c—t Diane. You two used to try to gang up on me and others. I guess that I ran her ass off. Or maybe she’s playing stink finger with retard joe

  16. To 75th Rangers James

    Point in FACT I asked you to stand down on Blogers whom don’t know many of the FACTS on how this game is played out…. Nor knew what what the Military has done to have Americans get food on the TABLE… Our Duty is when POTUS CALLS at any given moment….. Remember 75TH JAMES and others, OUR Calling… HONOR… Many will never know what has been done for them..They Complain, yes like I said before if it goes wrong they will demand for our Military to do SOMETHING.. Sleep well America UNITED STATES Armed Forces And All American First Responders. Are here!!!! So think twice before you COMPLAIN….

  17. Judy I won’t try to explain the need of the electoral college. You’re too stupid to understand

  18. TO. 75th RANGER JAMES…. Stand down… What we fought for is what we gave them… Freedom of speech…. I recall reading the Last words of our Lord… When he said ” Father Forgive Them for they know what they DO ‘Let them live let them say what ever they wish, let them COMPLAIN.. But when the TIME COMES they ALL CALL UPON US.. OUR UNITED STATES MILITARY..

  19. Dr.JD and Scott27 are A-holes who should just be ignored because they are plain stupid commies. Our country will never knowingly vote in a Communist. The only reason we got one in Obama is because he lied about who and what he was. We got wiser and voted a true American patriot to follow him and clean up all manure he left behind. He will go down in the end just like Joe Biteme, Piglosi, Schitt, Nadlee, Shu-shu. Cuomo, Comey, Brennan etc., etc.,etc. MAGA GBA KAG Go GOP vote straight ticket in Nov.

  20. Thank you.
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    The truth will flee. God will flee.
    If they know the truth they would try to change it.
    Thank you for listening

  21. If there must be Trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may have peace. And to Judy, your the same kind of parasite as Donnie Brazil. She stated the same thing, just another Liberal loser…

  22. Glad to see that the 1st amendment is ALIVE and well America!! However the FACTS OF THE MATTER .. We all have Done our share to try to live Free. ( The Golden Rule ) For many But not The Criminals Around us ALL. ( POLITICS )Try to take care of the very things we Hold Close to us… That’s all we have left, to see our kids grow up.. To Honor our family.. Wish I had the words but NO words can stop the pain, sorrows that we all are faced with.. Just what do we have??? A union of peoples trying TO SURVIVE.. Recall A house Divided Will Certainly FALL… ( JESUS )

  23. Scott…I answer to God. Communists answer to satan. You are on the losing side, but you have the chance to switch sides. Jesus loves you and will forgive you if you repent and follow Him. Your choice on where you will spend eternity. Life is short, choose wisely

  24. tinytim….Not only that, but he brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well the goal of islam is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. He is a traitor and should be treated as such

  25. Scott…God wins, YOU lose. FACT!!!!!!! Yes, the dem party belongs to satan, and satan will rule for a time, but then Jesus will come and He will send all of you where you belong and we will never have to deal with you again

  26. Dr.JD if you and that scott27 idiot wants to support quid pro joe go ahead. Attend his rallies and he might let you smell the fish on his finger. Want a lick? Or do you preserve that for kids?

  27. Dr. JD…Go away. We were doing great without you. NOTHING you say is true. NOTHING you accuse Pres. Trump of is true. You attack Pres. Trump, who has done only good for this country, but muslim traitor Obama is just fine. You have no concept of the truth. You just come here and make a fool of yourself

  28. Obama should talk just because Mr. Flynn was thought of being released. What about when Obama released all those criminals from GETMO what a hypocrite. Every one has Obamas number he should stay out of every business he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Obama you’re kicked off your pedestal that you cherished, you’re history now and not a good one.

  29. Tried putting this out a few times… However blocked… The higher Criminals in D.C. Will not go to jail… It’s the low ranking fools who followed them that will… Remember most Americans are smelly low life walmart shoppers like us..Who Have no real say in anything.. Just hoping for justice that’s not really going to come… Recall in history no named High ranking Politicians ever went to jail. Just one or two which wrote books and still made Millions…. Friends we were never invited to the party… They used our votes as a DEFENSE to say WE PUT THEM IN POWER….

  30. Snott27 I Am clinging. True, stink finger might get elected. But my life won’t change. I and many other people people will refuse to be governed by the idiot. And yes, your party is a communist party. No doubt. Marxism is alive and well among your crowd. Now taunt and post your jeers along with JD if you want to. I support your right to do that. But Trump hasn’t lost yet. And if I were him, upon losing I would pardon EVERY federal convict. Then you morons would have a hell of a voter base.

  31. Barry Soetoro is a low IQ script reader not a mastermind of anything why do you think he always had a teleprompter telling him what to say every day of his faux Presidency.

  32. Dan Tyree, you and Fluffy keep calling democrats communists.
    Well if you truly believe that then you better get used to communism because that is exactly what you will be living under. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop it. Go cling to your gun and your bible if it makes you feel better.

  33. Trump lies all the time and all of you people know it. To deny Trump is a liar means you’re a liar yourself. Furthermore, Biden is hugely popular amongst the democrat voter base, and even some of the republican base, while Trump is very unpopular even among registered republicans. Trump has had too many scandals on his watch from Russian collusion, to Ukraine bribing, to impeachment. He also bullies people which a majority of American don’t like. The polls show that Biden will win in a landslide this November regardless of his VP pick. Biden WILL BE president, and all you Trump supporters can come on here and vent your anger and hatred like children.

  34. Dr.JD if you can prove that everyone voting has been polled then mabey I’ll believe your stupidity. And trump hasn’t lied to the people. You’re just another Tokyo Rose spreading propaganda. Not a single supporter of stink finger joe is good enough to kiss Trump’s ass. False allegations against retard joe? Was the allegations against Kavanaha false? Stand by and watch the republican win today’s special election in the people’s republic of California. I feel like nasty pussy will lose her San fransodomy district.

  35. At least Jimmy Carter could grow peanuts, the son of a mud shark can only spew communist hate speeches and hide in the trees while he’s doing it. He’s like a flea embedded on an lap dog…

  36. You can’t ignore the polls. Polls have Biden beating Trump in a landslide the likes of which this country has never seen before. Biden is hugely popular despite the single false sexual harassment allegation, and Trump is horribly unpopular because of his constant lying, his Russian collusion, his bribing the Ukraine, and his miserable handling of the virus pandemic that cost the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.
    Trump will be remembered as the worst president in American history.

  37. Sure he is lashing out, because he got caught. He is watching his legacy go down the drain and probably has a inkling of what history will say about him. He did not jump start the economy as he claims. In fact, he told people to train for something different because the jobs were not coming back, and there was no magic want to wave to bring them back. We probably haven’t seen or heard anything yet, and I think that there is more on the way concerning Obama and his deeds.

  38. I’m tired of seeing that mulatto son of white trash in the news every day. Someone should give him a janitor job and keep him out of sight. Obozo is the worst president since peanut Jimmy Carter.

  39. Butchy…Oh, my. You shouldn’t have asked. Now that you mentioned the redman the idiot will probably return. And, unfortunately, there are a few others who are far worse than julio

  40. linda, you are right on, but I’m sure that you have only just scratched the surface of Obama’s corruption. There is a lot we don’t even know about. He is very dangerous, but God knows his evil heart and he will not get by with what he has done. If he is not punished here, Jesus will send him to join his master satan unless he repents

  41. That is why we are not supposed to point the finger at others, because there are three pointing back at you. Obama thought he could get away with this cover up, if Clinton would have won. Now that the cat is out, the mice will come out.

  42. Another Obumo/ Dem planned leak. Sorry no leak.. Just Obumo trying to be important. SET UP….

  43. Obama is probably the most corrupt individual to ever obtain the office of President.
    He has the protection of the MSM and the deep State to protect him, but Michael Flynn for Obama is problematic. Since Michael has been exonerated and the facts have come out that he did nothing wrong and was setup by members of the FBI in order to remove him as an impediment to their attempted coup against the POTUS. Hopefully this reversal will underpin further investigations into the actions of those who abused their power to unlawfully attack the elected POTUS without cause, and not without the knowledge and consent of the former President.

  44. What happened to the Redman?i told you.he broke his parole by talking filth he is gone.and you nitwits keep responding to the illegal julio?stop giving him his tingle up his leg by responding to his nonsense.

  45. this exusurper blackyOB better catch the next spaceship flight with his faggie michael moos back to the planet of the ape. before he leaves to make sure his shadow sealed record goes public. i’m 100% sure this monkey came from kenya jungle.

  46. The entire corrupt and complicit MSM are doubling down with them…the Corvid 19 bio/psycho attack in which the MSM is completely embroiled is an indication of their utter fear of the revelations that are coming fast and furious that you may have noticed are being completely omitted from their reports(?). Their audiences, unfortunately, NEVER read the actual transcripts or watch entire events themselves and rely solely on these corrupt, malevolent, calumnious and malicious “entities” who “spin doctor” everything to keep them (mal/mis)informed – thus ignorant…

  47. Why Can’t Odumba be prosecuted being former president?? They had no problem trying to prosecute Trump, while in office? Oh yes, Trump is Republican and Democraps are exempt from the law. The crimes odumba committed are inexcusable. He was living the biggest lie ever to gain access to the white house; a muslim arab, claiming to be black, claiming to be an American Citizen (not), married to his lover Michael, adopting 2 daughters to look legitimate; handing over billions of dollars in Cash to enemy terrorist nation Iran, planting trouble making muslims in our congress, letting Soreass tell him what to do to our country (for dirty money). Odumba used our country to get rich and supply his cronies with American Cash, was involved in countless scandals. We Americans were not paying attention when we elected him and turned our head the other way when he did questionable things in order to be Tolerant and ‘politically correct’ for fear of being called racist if we questioned him. We were all duped by this Kenyan living the biggest lie ever in the whitehouse.

  48. Let’s see Obama was born on the shores of Kenya while they were all partying. The rumor is after she delivered Obama they high tailed it back to Hawaii to get him a USA birth certificate. Her mom owned all of or part of a bank in Hawaii.
    He was very young later when his mom fell for an Indonesian man. They relocated to Indonesia where he spent time in school there hanging out with the LBGT crowd.
    They did not allow dual citizenship so he was considered to be an Indonesian.
    So even though his BC says he was born in Hawaii that was fixed after the fact. His Grandmother owned a bank or a big share of one.
    His father in Kenya was a drunk, had 30-39 children (rumors) he killed someone while driving drunk.
    Basically Obama is a con man who does the bidding of George Soros. He is also
    I think
    a known liar he surrendered his law license in 2008 to escape charges he lied on his bar application (he was going to get suspended for lying to the Judge).

    Mechelle surrendered hers/his license in 1993 after lying to a federal Judge who gave Mechelle a choice of giving it up or going to trial for Insurance fraud.

    Lying comes so easy for them like they were doing movies or something. They care about no one except themselves and their wish to climb the tower as high as they can. I have news for them though they will never make it to Heaven. Because the Devil already owns them.
    Now when he lived in Indonesia with his mom, went to school there etc., he was considered to be a citizen of Indonesia which does not allow dual citizenship.

  49. Hang Obamas both of them It`s about time the SOB got Caught SAD to say aDemoCROOK always gets away with CRIME Look at Hillary and BILL

  50. To Julio, the guy was told that if he didn’t cooperate with the FBI his son would go down. What would you have done if you knew for a fact your family member had nothing to do? And Obama needs to be put in front of congress, and answer to why did he allow this to happen?

  51. Obamas, Clintons, George W Bush, George Soros, Bill Gates, Pelosi, Schumer, and all the traitors in the Congress of the USA need to be hanged!

  52. Not only Bummerman, what about all the Republicans that were in the closed door hearings that heard those 53 interrogations that said they had no proof of collusion, or other crime, and then let them keep lying to the public on every MSN OUTLET in the country. They all need to be tried in court for aiding and abetting in the traitorus enterprise that was the 2019 COUP of the USA. The Impeachment was total BS.

  53. If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, it will crush you instead. PROVERBS 26:27. I guess this proverb pretty much sums it all up, I cant add much more wisdom to it.

  54. The poor old guy came out of hiding? Can’t hide under the blankets too long. He looks like a hermit. Must be getting too hot in there. He should of put a mask on got his hair dyed before they took his picture. Yep getting pretty heated ain’t it? He is comming out now and “SWINGING!”

  55. Criminals always swear to god their innocence when caught and it looks like treason has been committed to the highest level which demands a federal grand jury and indictments against everyone whose hand has been in this.

  56. Thank you.
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    The truth will flee. God will flee.
    They hate good, but love evil.
    Thank you for listening.

  57. Again it’s okay to be a demturd and lie but not anyone else. Obummer if you were a republican you would’ve been in jail a long big time ago and even soreass your boss couldn’t of gotten you out

  58. About DAMN time Obama finally got caught. We need to hope and pray that U.S. Attorney Durham can bring down some more corrupt and crooked Democrat’s along with Obama SOON!!!

    Hopefully, all of the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s will get what’s coming to them very SOON!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, this Presidential Election, every American citizen needs to go out and vote to help with keeping President Trump and Vice President Pence in office for another 4 year’s to finish with draining the swamp completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need to have some decent candidates in office that will work with President Trump and his whole administration to work to help him get his agenda fulfilled NOW!!!!!!!!!

    I’m glad that former Obama finally got caught doing unethical spying. I hope to HELL, he and all of his corrupt and crooked Democrat’s will get what’s coming to them and I can’t wait to hear and see them be charged for their awful crimes PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama and his corrupt and crooked Democrat’s aren’t above the law PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don’t need to think that they are all squeaky clean. Obama always said that there was never any corruption in his administration during his 8 year’s in office. TO me, it looks like a lot of corrupt and crooked Democrat’s have gotten caught finally. About DAMN TIME PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s also including Comey and all of his corrupt and crooked colleagues. The book need to be thrown at everyone of those corrupt and crooked Democrat’s, and that also would include Muller and Rosenstien, Loretta Lynch, everyone that was involved with all of this PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. All the chickens are all coming home to roost.Did anyone think the obubble head was not up to his eyeballs in this OBAMAGATE.

  60. Didn’t Clapper and Brennan lie under oath in his interview with Congress? If so, what is Obamma talking about? Flynn had the FBI spring a perjury trap on him and then the FBI blackmailed him by telling that they were going to place his son in jail.

  61. It is hard for me to imagine that Hillary was not part, or at the least aware, of this evil affair in its planning and execution stages

  62. Soooo, now we know that Obama set up General Flynn, President Trump. Don’t forget he also honored and kissed the traitor Bowe Berghdahl.

  63. Obummer better hide cuz sfter this he will be ruined. Gocant even go back to Kenya his own family wants nothing to do with him. That tells you it all in a nut shell. The man is soreass number one man


  65. Damn straight Dan, they start that bullsh_t in grade school now with Liberal school teachers preaching re-wrote history to the children from their own view of our planet. They call it what’s right, I call it what’s wrong…

  66. Time for the Kenyan Communist to face up to what he did,and face a jury in court,a 25 yr.prison sentence seems very fair!!!!!!@

  67. I think Obama leaked the conversation himself to test the waters. It was a mumbling, uh, ah, uh, phone conversation. This from the smartest man on the planet. He knows the jig is up. Time to pay the piper. “The news over the last 24 hours, I think, has been somewhat downplayed about the Justice Department dropping, uhh, charges against Michael Flynn and the fact there is no precedent that anybody can find for, uhh, someone who’s been charged with perjury, uhh, just gettin’ off scot-free. Uhh, that’s the kind of stuff where you, you begin to, uhh, get worried that basic, not just institutional norms, but, uhh, our basic understanding of rule of law, uhh, is, is, uhh is, uhh, is, uhh, is at risk.”

  68. We know that obozo is a commie, but people don’t fear communism today. Brain washing young people is working

  69. the Closer bahr and co get to the truth the more the Muslim kenyan shoots his mouth off?i don’t know how he speaks with Scott on his knob.if Obama was white and republican he would be in gitmo,fact not opinion

  70. Barack Obama is a DISBARRED community organizer bought off by George Soros. Nothing more. Obama is 50% Caucasian, 6.25% African Black and 43.75% Arabic. His book tells that his Arabian ancestors were SLAVE TRADERS…. OUGHT AND SOLD BLACK MEN AND WOMEN INTO SLAVERY.
    That is who Obama is… nothing more… married to a DISBARRED nobody.

  71. Every body and his dog knows that OBAMA was and is a communist. His parents were communist, his grandmother was a communist, he was taught by a communist. Like I said, EVERY BODY knows. But the democrats and the press will hide it and never talk about it. When Trump was elected over Hillary, this completely threw him in a tizzy. Of course the plan to get rid of Trump started in the OBAMA White House and there it stayed

  72. Treason carries the death sentence. Put Obama and his associate terrorists up against the wall now.

  73. Wild farts are evil. Causes the coronavirus. Especially don’t allow democrats to fart on you. AOC had a bad experience standing behind a cow. Must have been a democrat cow. Moo? Let’s hear it. Give it up for cows. The cure for coronavirus is to breathe mule farts. All of you republicans need to learn that. Look it up. It’s going to be published in the mother Jones magazine. They don’t lie. My daddy never told me anything about it.

  74. Someone should do an update of the movie “Team America: World Police” with new villains Obama, Biden, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Holder, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Rosenstein, Ohr, Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine, and the rest of the coup cabal. I bet they could get Oscars for best comedy of the year.
    America! F*** Yeah!

  75. Dan, you are correct about other presidents. But Obama is not anything like other presidents. He lied his way into our White House and he is not about to go away. He is still very dangerous to our freedom

  76. Both Obamas are very corrupt and evil. But it is unlikely that they will pay for their crimes here. That lying muslim traitor WILL pay, though. No way is Jesus going to let him get by with what he has done. Either he repents and acknowledges his evil deeds or he spends eternity in Hell

  77. Other presidents served and went into private life afterwards. Why do we always have to keep hearing about this idiot mulatto? Someone should give him a banana and tell him to go sit in a corner.

  78. @Fluffy Pillow Five. Strange isn’t it – the same media that thinks Barry was qualified to be president – doesn’t think he is able to handle the tough questions? OR is it they already know the answers and those answers make the media look just as bad as Obama – or whoever the hell he really is.

  79. Obama? I wonder if we will ever know who he really is? The Obama family in Kenya has said they would like to see a legitimate DNA test. Barry wrote 2 autobiographies before anyone had ever even heard of him. In those books he talked a lot about his “father” – “I am the son of an African goat herder”. Funny, he is said to have made millions of dollars from the sales of those books – yet he has never put one red cent into the Barack H. Obama Sr. Foundation. He had his “Aunt” Zeituni Onyango make appearances on the campaign trail and even at the White House when he was elected. As soon as the cameras and reporters were gone – Barry gave “Aunt Zeituni” an autographed picture of himself and sent her on her way back to Boston – where she lived out her days in abject poverty. When she died the Obama “family” asked Barry for assistance in getting Aunt Zeituni’s body back to Kenya for her funeral/burial. He refused – according to Malik Obama – Barry’s exact words were – “She got what she deserved”.
    Seems to me Barry was making a big effort to prove his African heritage – Why? Could it be because his real biological father is Muhammed Sabuh? If so Barry is of Arab descent and NOT African. He couldn’t hardly run as America’s first black president like that could he? There have been many reports about Barry spending time in the tanning booths and keeping his hair short so as not to reveal how straight it is. Maybe it’s time to grant the Obama family some truth – give them the legitimate DNA test they are asking for.

  80. Previous poster Dennis is right! Nothing will happen to any of these criminals. The evidence appears to be that out in public, slim balls like Schiff categorically stated that there was direct evidence that tied President Trump to the Russians. I’ve seen video clips of Schiff saying it dozens of times for the cameras. All these new, previously classified documents now show that behind closed doors in interviews with the FBI and others, these democrats admitted they had nothing. Same story for all of them. They all protected themselves from perjury, while out for the rest of us, continually lied through their teeth. They all belong in prison for what they did to our country for 4 years. But unfortunately, most of them will still get re-elected because half of the country doesn’t care, doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

  81. Obama doesn’t think Flynn’s charges should be dropped for lying to the FBI but Obama has no problem with Hillary lying to the FBI, and deleting emails.
    I wish some interviewer would grow a pair and put this scumbag on camera, and ask him the tough questions. But that will never happen because he’s the black and that would be racist.

  82. Obama and his overreaching ego really felt that there was no way that the investigations into his corrupt and abusive plans could never be proven. He felt that his minions would lie, coverup, and even take the falls for him. Guess he never read Walter Scott.”O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” Nor did he master this truth “Trust no one, remember the devil used to be an angel!” Obama’s ego trapped himself by revealing to his people how crooked he is….The sad truth is that it isn’t your enemies who know your secrets that betray your trust.

  83. And again, nothing will happen! Remember, he’s the FIRST almost black President. Nothin to see here folks, move along.

  84. I believe the NOBEL committee should request to delete his NOBEL prize!! No lying erson is entitled to such a prestigious award!!!!!!

  85. Except the FBI tricked him into incriminating himself, here is the real tragedy Obama, you are not nor ever have been a legal United States citizen, every action you have ever taken was not in the best interests of the true patriots of this nation in truth everything you have done since you were first appointed dictator over this nation by the vile Globalists was a serious threat against the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based.

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