Barack Obama made a fool out of himself when he stood up and told these two lies

Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail for Joe Biden.

But it did not go well for Democrats.

And that’s because Barack Obama made a fool out of himself when he stood up and told these two lies.

Obama returned to the campaign trail for the first time this cycle to speak before a sparsely attended rally in Philadelphia.

During the rally, Obama unleashed four years of frustration over Donald Trump rolling back his agenda.

But during his verbal pyrotechnics, Obama lost his composure and told two blatant lies.

First, Obama falsely claimed Trump did nothing when Russians paid bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Second, Obama repeated the falsehood that President Trump called dead marines “suckers” and “losers” while on a trip to France in 2018.

“Just like when Russia puts bounties on the heads of our soldiers in Afghanistan, the commander-in-chief cannot be missing in action. I can tell you this, Joe Biden would never call them men and women of our military ‘suckers’ or ‘losers.’ Who does that? He knows these heroes are somebody’s children, somebody’s spouse, dad or mom. He understands that. He will restore our standing in the world, because he knows America’s true strength comes from setting an example that the world wants to follow, a nation that stands with democracy, not dictators,” Obama raged.

Both claims are outright lies.

The military has conducted investigations into the Russian bounty story and found that there is no evidence to corroborate this claim.

And around 20 officials went on the record – including anti-Trump former National Security Advisor John Bolton – to deny the report in The Atlantic that Donald Trump degraded dead veterans by calling them “suckers” and “losers.”

But in an example of how dishonest the Fake News Media is, the cottage industry of “fact checkers” that popped over the last four years did not blast Obama as a liar.

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