Barack Obama made one jaw-dropping confession that proved just how corrupt Washington, D.C. is

Barack Obama famously claimed his administration was scandal free.

That was a lie.

And now Barack Obama made one jaw-dropping confession that proved just how corrupt Washington, D.C. is.

When Barack Obama got elected President his net worth was $1.3 million dollars.

By establishment politicians’ standards, Obama came from modest means when he entered the White House.

But now that Obama is out of office, he’s made generational wealth cutting deals with Netflix and other platforms to sell access to the only asset he has – his name.

That’s the corruption of the D.C. swamp and that angers many Americans.

Politicians with no discernible skills or talents rake in big bucks once they leave office.

Obama boasted about his wealth in an interview with ABC where Obama expressed support for Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion-dollar socialist welfare spending bill that will include one of the biggest tax increases in American history.

Barack Obama claimed the tax increases were a small price to pay for ushering the cradle-to-grave socialist system in America.

“I think the ‘Build Back America Program,’ the package is something that America desperately needs. You’re talking about us stepping up and spending money on providing childcare tax credits, making those permanent to help families, who for a long time have needed help when it comes to things like childcare. You’re looking at making our infrastructure function more efficiently and effectively. You’re talking about rebuilding a lot of buildings, roads, bridges, ports so that they are fortified against climate change. And also, that we start investing in the kinds of energy efficiency that’s going to be required to battle climate change,” Obama began.

Obama then falsely claimed that only millionaires and billionaires like him would bear the brunt of this tax increase.

“I think that they can afford it. We can afford it. I put myself in this category now. I think anybody who pretends that it’s a hardship for billionaires to pay a little bit more in taxes so that a single mom gets childcare support or so that we can make sure that our communities aren’t inundated by wildfires and floods and that we’re doing something about climate change for the next generation, you know, that’s an argument that is unsustainable,” Obama added.

This is not true.

Joe Biden campaigned saying no one making under $400,000 per year would see a tax increase.

That was a lie.

Biden never told the public that his claim would only applied to individuals.

Married couples with a combined family income of over $520,000 would also see their taxes go up.

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