Barack Obama made one promise that is bad news for Republicans

Many Americans believe Barack Obama is still calling the shots in the Democrat Party.

That belief will get stronger with Obama wading into what happens in the 2022 midterms.

And Barack Obama made one promise that is bad news for Republicans.

Former President Obama appeared at a virtual fundraising event for the National Democrat Redistricting Committee – a group committed to tilting the process of drawing Congressional District lines to elect more Democrats – with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

During the call, Obama promised supporters that Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin would come to an agreement on an up or down vote on what Republicans call the “Corrupt Politicians Act.”

“I have every confidence that Nancy working in conjunction with [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and others, including people like [Sen.] Joe Manchin, are going to figure out a way in which there’s an up and down vote on the For the People Act,” Obama told supporters.

This legislation would invite massive fraud into elections by crippling the ability of states to enforce voter ID laws, mandating universal mail-in voting and ballot harvesting schemes.

Republicans argue the sole purpose of this legislation is to guarantee a permanent Democrat majority in Congress and ensure the Democrat Party never loses another Presidential election.

Obama promising “an up or down vote” also means Obama believes Senator Manchin will come to an agreement with Schumer to blow up the legislative filibuster, which is the only way to pass this risky scheme since no Republican will support this bill.

Up to this point, Senator Manchin has stated he opposed both this legislation and the idea of triggering the nuclear option to change the Senate’s rules and eliminate the filibuster.

Barack Obama hinted that opposition may not be as sturdy as it appears.

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