Barack Obama made the one blunder that could cost the Democrats everything in 2020

Democrats cannot help themselves.

They celebrate mass shootings as their best opportunity to grab guns.

And Barack Obama made the one blunder that could cost the Democrats everything in 2020.

Investigations into the horrific events in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas are not finished yet.

But that hasn’t stopped Democrats from pushing a host of gun grabs that would not have prevented these terrible acts of madness.

Barack Obama got in the game when he tweeted out his support for taking Americans’ guns away even though he admitted he did not have all the facts.

Breitbart reports:

Barack Obama used a tweet Monday to call for more gun control following the heinous attacks in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

The former president admitted that was writing on the shootings before all the details were in, yet he voiced his support for more gun gun control.

Obama did not mention any specific gun control he believes ought to be pursued, and he noted more gun laws cannot guarantee an end to attacks like the ones in El Paso and Dayton. But he suggested more gun laws can “can stop some killings” and “save some families from heartbreak.”

He added, “Until all of us stand up and insist on holding public officials accountable for changing our gun laws, these tragedies will keep happening.”

If Democrats follow Obama’s advice, they are walking into a political buzz saw.

In 2013, Obama tried to ram a national gun registration database through Congress.

Not only did the effort fail, but voters swept Democrats out of power in the Senate as Republicans gained nine Senate seats in backlash to Obama’s attempt to grab guns.

Democrats believe the political winds are at their backs on this issue in 2020.

But they thought the same thing in 2013 coming off Obama’s re-election victory.

Will the party pay a similar price next year for supporting gun control?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The greasy headed racist hater white-folks on here posting are why america failed. They are jes as demonic as trump-ah-hump, and worst den Obama. They love to spit racism like spiders, and think they have all of the answers to the vert problems dat they are causing in the world. Just a bunch of greasy headed losers. And most of em have Jr inbreeds being ingrained to be future haters. hahahahhahahahahahahha

  2. Hey, marvin, jack-bo, and long mouth shirley. white-folks worship guns more den God. And you coward demons in pink skin have ruined america dumping guns like the drugs you are still dumping.. hahahahahhahahahah

  3. Nah, bobbie-jo2. Racist white-folks came out of their racist closet when a black man was running the country, and most of yo racist white congress tried to ruin him. However, trump-ah-hump america all the way to Russia. hahahahhahahahahahah

  4. Obama’s grandmother in Kenya, provided his actual birth certificate, indicating he was born in Kenya. His forged Birth Certificate indicated he was African American. Remember, he was born in 1967. The Term “African American” did not come about until the 1990’s! His Certificate of birth was a laser print. Laser printers did not come into our society until the 1980’s. All Birth Certificates were typed by the IBM round Steel Ball, or the old fashioned type writer, or a daisy wheel that imprinted the paper with each letter. His forged certificate of Birth did not have any imprints, and was a laser print. In addition, his SSN is from a deceased person in New England. Like all of the Democrats, Obama is a habitual & Chronic Liar. All people of black ethnicity on their birth certificate, indicates “Negro”, not African American, for those born before the 1990’s. That is a fact! You people that support the Communist Democrats, need to open your eyes when it comes to understanding Basic Economics!

  5. Why is the POTUS always get blamed for the shootings.
    Why not Waters for telling the people it is alright to KILL KILL KILL.

  6. The demonRATS are just going to shoot themselves in the foot if they try to impeach Trump, he’s going to win a 2nd term in a landslide, we’ve never had a president who has tried his best to keep his promises! I will vote for him for a 2nd term and nothing is going to change my mind!

  7. The US should ban ammunition for Assault rifles. I tried hunting one time with an AK 47. Every rabbit I mowed down was a charred mass of bloody carnage.

  8. No lie, when Obama went to his sister’s wedding in Kenya he bragged that he was the first American President born in Kenya. That came out of his mouth.

  9. RicB you’re wrong. Mulatto means a person of mixed race. It’s a proper term. Old census reports called my gggrandfather mulatto due to him being monacan indian. And concerning Kenya, If a black guy said I was not born in America, would that make him a racist? You libturds have worn your welcome out with the race card. Nice try but no cigar. Study the facts before schooling anyone on race. Your argument is falling apart. My brother had dna test and African was found That explains why I love watermelon. Oops!! Done it again.

  10. Plus, Bob2, rather than following a long-term strategy, Trump messes with tariffs all the time by tweets – – it is like doing eye surgery with a meat axe. It hurts many Americans and causes instability in trade.

  11. I have had a LOT of economics classes and am warning Americans that Trump’s economic plan is dangerous, and much like W. Bush’s that got us into the 2008 Great Recession. Trump plunged us into severe deficit spending to over $1 Trillion per year – – the largest ever.

  12. By calling Obama a “mulatto” is to stick him in a category as less than human. Do you ever see Trump referred to as a kraut or Nazi because his father, Fred Drumpff came from Germany and was a Nazi? All of us have aspects in our backgrounds (heritage) that don’t accurately define us.
    And you show you are a racist by your posting the LIE that Obama was born in Kenya — when EVER Trump admits that is false, and that he used it just to score political points. Are you using it or just deliberately ignorant?

  13. He had a excuse from the democrats, no name calling only republicans.That all went unnotice. The left sucks.

  14. Thanks Lola. I take every chance to practice with my fiddle and guitar. I once played for a country music entertainer. Miss it sometimes.

  15. RicB and Taylor made called me racist. Elaborate please. Because I criticized a former President that’s 1/2 black and 100 percent Kenyan?

  16. I’m not happy that those that got killed and who’s to blame but I can say this what about the baby’s that are killed why doesn’t anyone complain about that all those that are for killing baby’s are going to answer to God, He is the one that gives life who does plan parent think they are? All those who agree with plan parent hood, I feel sorry for them because you are going to be asked from above who gave you permission to kill baby’s.

  17. We know. We have him on a hot mic. Standing up to Putin. We know all about your love affair with communism.

  18. We know. We have him on a hot mic. Standing up to Putin. We know all about your love affair with communism.

  19. Obama only stood up to Putin and Un when he ran from them. President Trump stood up to them.
    Sure President Trump isn’t presidential but look at the criminal structure running the country and you can understand why. Trump’s economy plan is working but now he needs to relook at the tariff plan he is using. Trump is far better than anyone else right now.
    As for the nut job shooters, the shooters alone are responsible for their actions. obama has the highest number of shooter incidents for President as of Feb 2018. he has 24 to his name.

  20. We should at least have a computerized list of whom should NOT buy guns legally, including criminals, people with mental instabilities, and people on the FBI list of radical jihadists etc..

  21. There you go again, Dan, showing your racist, less educated jealousy of a graduate of Harvard Law School

  22. Dan, you are clearly a racist little worm, aren’t you!?! You could disagree with Obama’s policies, but it is clear you can’t handle his race. Barack was a graduate of Harvard Law School, best in the nation, and you aren’t even close to his expertise.

  23. No William, Obama knew enough about the economy reduce the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016, while Trump has driven up the deficit to over $1 Trillion A YEAR! the DOW increased three fold because of the actions he took after the Bush 2008 recession.

  24. Quite fiddling around and get serious, Dan! If you give money to NRA, it will only be used for corrupt purposes as it is now.

  25. Except, cc, the studies indicate that does not work well at all. When they used to hang pickpocketers, the pickpocketing increase DURING the hangings. You see, you do not understand The Criminal Mindset.

  26. Oh, I forgot how Obama got Bin Laden by making the call, and how he had strong, positive connections with our allies. He was the last president to stand up to Putin and Kim Jong Un.

  27. True, Just look at the economic accomplishments alone: The day Obama took office, the Dow closed at 7,949 points. Eight years later, the Dow had almost tripled. Obama saved millions of jobs by helping our automobile companies avoid bankruptcy. Obama reduced the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016, while Trump has driven up the deficit to over $1 Trillion A YEAR!

  28. Some of you post about the left wing Kool Aid, well this Breitbart website is the right wing Kool Aid! Obama never tried to take away guns, never wanted to. It kills you that Barack and Michelle are STILL more popular than Trump, and some of this rubs off on Biden.

  29. The one sure way of putting an immediate prevention to mass shooting is to HANG the perpetrators in view of the public. When people see actual killers kicking & struggling until they’re dead while hanging on the rope would really instill fear to a future killer. Resurrect the old WESTERN type of justice. Don’t confiscate our GUNS-confiscate the GUNMAN.That’s REAL justice.

  30. Amen…You really need a different screen name. Someone might mistake you for a Christian, which you are not. You have only hate and lies like all dems.

  31. Amen…Your ignorance is profound. PLEASE get help with your sick hate. It is very obvious that you know NOTHING at all about Republicans. I know HUNDREDS and ALL are very loving decent people who do a lot for others. MOST are CHRISTIANS!!!!! So YOU are the LIAR!!!!!! Christians follow the teachings of Jesus. Jesus forbids lies and violence. Dems have thrown God out of their party and satan has taken over. You are proof of that.

  32. I still haven’t figured out why people elected that anti-USA, anti-Israel, anti-development, anti-transparency petty dictator TWICE!!!!!
    If people did not learn from the 2009-2012 fiasco, they should not have been allowed to vote!

  33. These demonrat leaders are multimillionaires living in walled estates with their own armed security. America needs to be armed & have border security & wall also. But demonrats & their hoaxnews media are regressive & hoaxnews media are regressive traitors to all citizens.

  34. Obama, Hillary, Bill, Soros & their hates team media & universities are the real cause of all mass murders to date.

  35. …and the wearing of the hijab anywhere, especially in Congress is a token of Islamic dominance & inplementatiom of Sharia (Islamic-Qur’an) law.

  36. Right. For centuries the Letist & Jihadists will terrorize the west before fimall being run out, just like the criminal reign of terror, the so-called Ottoman Empire – 700yrs of bloody battles against them before they were finally thrown out by a handful of relatively more organized crusades. But our Marxist government controlled schools & historians have lied about & distorted it into a golden age of Islam. Sick.

    Best vidro on the recent shootings at Youtube is by Bill Whittle, “How to Stop Mass Shootings Like ElPaso & Dayton”

  37. So far every gun law put forward does nothing to stop criminals, crimes, mass shootings, or any terrorist attacks. The only thing they have done is disarmed law abiding citizens and make them victims. When are the democrats going to get it through their obviously thick skulls, criminals do not obey laws. That is the bottom line. Now if you can disarm all the criminals let me know.

  38. And, as Jeff Cooper – known to a lot of us as “Chairman Jeff”- pointed out that if guns were not dangerous – very dangerous – they would be useless. –

  39. Not enough voters paid attention to Obama’s words – caught on a hot mic – telling Putin’s agent that after hi re-election in 2012 that he could do more that Putin that we would infuriate us. Unsaid but understood was that Obama would be a four-year “lame duck” and he could give us the finger with impunity. That is why I question the wisdom of term limits.

  40. Right you are, Jack. Just as Stalin and Hitler arranged for mass killings that they could point to in order to “justify” their totalitarian rule, the Dems look the other way when we have shootings like Dayton and El Paso and blame honest gun owners who don’t hurt anyone – except in self-defense. Now we hve “Mad Maxine” demanding an illegal alien to become our next SCOTUS judge and Schmuck Schumer and Faux-cahontas want SCOTUS to pay very little attention to the Constitution.

  41. The Democrats were in control during the 30’s and 40’s and there was a lot more hanky panky that few of us knew about. One of my co-workers was stationed at Schofield Barracks [ yes, the setting for “From Here to Eternity”] and some of the old timers who had been there in 1940 and 1941 told him how the ammo had been at the AA emplacement for as long as they remember but on Dec 6, 1941 the orders came down from WDC to lock it all up.

  42. Did anyone really think Obama would take any information about these meaningless killings into consideration b/4 he made a comment for gun control? Obama is so full of himself that he thinks anything he says is gospel. Obama is a Racist, Obama is promoted Identity Politics, one only has to look at his actions, not his eqequent dialog. Take the Harvard Professor and his racist rant. I fact the professor was breaking and entering, he forgot his key to his apartment. The police came the professor pulled the race card, Obama sided with him, Eric Holder joined in, the Police “Pigs” picked on a black minority elitist. So b/4 all the facts were out it was a normal police harassment of a black man, and a so called “Upty Ypty” black man who happened to be a Professor. Then the facts came out, the police officer was not at fault, the Black Professor was just like any other nut who defies law and order. On top of that it just so happened that the Police officer who this professor accused of racism, was an expert as well as the Police departments Instructor on handling police interactions with minorities. So Obama to save face had the infamous White House Beer party, and he invited both people involved the WH for a beer and talk. Obama, Holder, the Clinton’s, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and all the other so called leaders against racism are the worst RACIST in this country. To them everything is a RACE issue, even a red hat! It is not a joke,it is not funny, it is political incompetence wrangling for POWER.

  43. You hear this from the DUMMIECRATES, will send the military to confiscate guns!! Wrong, The UCMJ starting at code 809. Article.90 to code.892. Article 92. The Constitution comes even before the POTUS if a order is unlawful and violates the Constitution you’ll be in deeper crap obeying a unlawful order than disobeying a lawful order. Sending the military to take away our 2nd amendment right isn’t that easy considering all military personnel that took part would be guilty of. These articles were update after the Nazi Nuremberg trials when the “I was just following orders” excuse didn’t fly.

  44. Good point on the name. Bill Ayers is a common name. William Charles Ayers is one of the Weather Underground terrorist leadership.

  45. Hmmmm? May be he thinks he has a voice so the mouth opens. obama has been and always will be a lost cause. he is also a hypocrite islamist. Christian… no he isn’t. he just mocks Christianity by claiming to be a Christian so he could get elected. he’s a fraud and traitor or enemy agant. Charge him accordingly. As he opens his mouth publicly then select the appropriate charge classification and go get him.

  46. An irrelevant Muslim! That was an illegal President, never should have been, he was put in office by the crooked dems , the doj to take down America! He did absolutely nothing for America!! He still thinks he’s president, going all over even other countries running his mouth. Sit down! Shut up!

  47. Dan Tyree, Well your point is valid, a bullseye hit. In my definition evil + insanity = hate. Hate does give the needed courage to murder.

  48. Great! Keep them undocumented. It’s NOT the governments business to know who owns rifles or pistols or any other form of fire arm!

  49. Bob2 I’ve noticed that criminals are not overly brave. Yes, it takes a certain amount of courage to fire on helpless people, and not worry about the consequences. But that kind of courage comes from evil and insanity.

  50. William–99.999% of Americans agree with you. Our first coke addicted Islamic fraud who sent two plane loads of unmarked bills to Iran in the middle of the night to build their nuclear program that has the ability to kill millions was the actions of this demon. Burn Baby Burn.

  51. There are a couple of issue that could doom the Democrats to FAILURE (somewhat interlocked). 1) By Planned parenthood’s own records the majority of women suffering an abortion (that prevents a LIVE BABY from being born)are minorities making the victims of abortion minorities. If the case is made that killing minorities in the womb is akin to shooting or lynching minorities (as a way of keeping their population down) the Democrats lose their minority supports! 2) If the case is made that you reap what you sow (Galatians 6:7) and the DEATH that is sown in the womb by abortion is reaped by mass casualty events the Democrats (99% of whom support abortion) lose the support of many of the ‘gun grabbers’ and the elections.

  52. That we do bj. Law enforcement even says they can’t get to you in time. Shoot back or die in a mass shooting is usually the out come when it first starts. The snibbling cowards tend to zero in on gun free zones where they know no one can stop them. Sad but true.

  53. chief, NO the dems do not think more gun laws will stop killing. Their ONLY goal is to take our guns so they can have total control of our government. They are the reason that our founding fathers very wisely gave us the second amendment.

  54. Yesterday I posted that I was going to stand on a street in town with a bucket and play my fiddle and give the money to the GOP. I will also fund raise with my fiddle for the NRA.

  55. I’m sorry to have to disagree with you but idiot control will work. I will not let an idiot have a gun. Period.

  56. 2009 Did Obama get Blamed for 13 of our troops shot at Ft. Hood?
    2012 Did Obama get Blamed for Sandy Hook?
    2013 Did Obama get Blamed for the Boston Marathon bombers?
    2015 Did Obama get Blamed for the San Bernardino Massacre?
    2016 Did Obama get Blamed for the killing of 5 police in Dallas?
    2016 Did Obama get Blamed for the Ft. Lauderdale Airport killing of 5?
    Obama proved he didn’t know his ass from his elbow about our economy. No one gives a Rat’s ass about his opinions…he needs to shut up and go away like every other president in history…he is no longer relevant…nor is her Black Fat Ass!

  57. Exactly. DO NOT EVER give up your gun. That is just what the dems want. They want to take complete control of our government and cannot do so as long as we have the means to defend ourselves. They are evil.

  58. The only thing that obama ever did was apologise for being an American. He did not protect America, he never stuck up for America, he never folliwed the rule of law by protecting our borders, he never spoke for me, and he sure as hell does not speak for me today. He does not matter any more, because he never mattered in the first place.

  59. Under obama he has the highest death toll for mass shootings. As of Feb 2018:
    Mass shootings: 24 Dead 236 Injured 257. Total Victims 493

    President Trump:
    Mass shootings: 4 Dead 83 Injured 512. Total Victims 595

    The stats show gun control does not work. These liberal gun free zones in effect
    under the Trump presidency clearly show this. Gun violence is NOT by political party.
    Restricting law abiding people from being able to defend ourselves doesn’t work to stop gun violence.
    UNFORTUNATELY we have to add the two latest shootings to the numbers. The regrettable ‘bright side’ to this is that these last two shootings add to the proof that liberal gun control policies add to the misery experienced for many and the nation in general.

  60. Bob2…Yes, you are right. Don’t ever give up your guns. We will need them to protect ourselves from idiots, the mentally ill, the dems, and all others who are a threat.

  61. JG…ABSOLUTELY!!!! The goal of the dem party is TOTAL control of our government and they know full well they cannot do that without taking our guns. They are VERY DANGEROUS.

  62. satan is gaining ever more of a foothold. He has the dems/atheists/commies/muslims and whoever else rejects God in his army. But he cannot win. They will all be thrown into hell when Jesus returns and we will be free of them.

  63. Yes, that is where they will all end up if they do not come to Jesus and repent. They have rejected Jesus and the truth.

  64. Kind of surprised Barry took time from his jet-setting lifestyle to offer one of his professorial rants, Certainly had all the markings of something Billl Ayres might pen for him. I wonder where in Europe the Obama’s latest carbon footprint trail can be found. Highly unlikey they’ll get anywhere near the ‘killing fields’ on the South Side of Chiraq.
    Like their constant harrangues regarding ‘comprehensive immigration reform’, long on verbage, short on specifics. These are wedge issues, never to be seriously ddressed, which they hope will help put them back in power. Remember, from ’09 to ’11 they had total power in DC and did nothing regarding immigratin and gun control.

  65. How many mass murders , with all kinds of guns , did Obama’s ISIS terrorists do that he funded from trillions of stolen American taxpayer funds , to be used against us ? !

  66. Gun control is being able to hit your target. My position is that my guns will never be illegal, just undocumented.

  67. Thanks for that bit of a history lesson, Thomas. You now have me thinking that maybe these shootings are being orchestrated by the Demonrats in order to make America an easy mark. Take our guns and we can’t defend ourselves???

  68. Why is there even an argument about taking guns away from ALL citizens? That would require repealing the 2nd amendment which requires 37 states (2/3’s of the states)voting in favor of such a repeal… THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!! Without giving it a hell of a lot of thought I can think of more than 20 states that would flat out reject such an idea.

  69. With all due respect, liberals do have guns. I saw a report on the Fox News app that the antifa crowd are stockpiling weapons. Including the so called assault weapons. I strongly suggest that anyone with that type of weapons refuse to give them up. And don’t tell anyone what or where your guns are. With radical Islam and the antifa thugs we will be insane to surrender our weapons. And if anyone reading this is having crazy violent thoughts,please go get help. Not for the gun issue, but for innocent lives. I have no thoughts of hurting innocent people. But dangerous maniacs aren’t innocent. And background checks would be good.

  70. Democrats seem to think more gun laws will stop killings what a dumb idea if someone wants to commit murder they will find a way to do so. WE already have plenty of gun laws on the books and all they do is take away law abiding citizens rights to defend themselves. Law breakers could care less about gun laws they are going to break them anyway. When will we finally realize we have a people problem not a gun problem and it can not be cured by more laws.

  71. The democrats should study up on their history. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.The general in charge of the army wanted to attack the American mainland he said that a surprise attack of California would be a huge victory. He said that the army would overwhelm half the country before it could be stopped. But admiral Yamamota told the emperor that it would be a fatal mistake because just about every American owned a gun.

  72. If you take guns away from good law abiding citizens the only people that will have them will be criminals and those who want to kill the innocent people in malls,coffee shops etc. Therefore the Demonrats are idiot’s for thinking stricter gun control laws are the answer…

  73. Saying obama made “ONE” blunder is the funniest line I’ve seen this millennium! The Usurper was the worst criminal in our history and when the Truth about that fraud comes out, people will be running for the exits as to who actually supported that FRAUD!

  74. Robert we have ourselves and each other. We don’t have to comply. Stand and fight!!!! It’s showtime.

  75. Gun control doesn’t work, never has and never will! Background checks are useless, anyone that knows they won’t pass one will not submit to one! If a person wants a gun, they will get a gun, if they can’t buy a gun, they will steal a gun, then who does the background check? How long is the waiting period? Besides background checks are technically illegal, everyone has the right to defend themselves! Nowhere in the second amendment does it state that a person must submit to a background check to purchase, own or carry a firearm (gun)!

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people (the citizens of any particular state) to keep (own)and bear arms (carry guns of any type and caliber, anywhere, anytime) shall (absolutely) not be infringed!

    Militia: A military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency. You can’t join a militia with a slingshot!
    The American people must demand that the government and the courts stop interpreting the constitution and instead enforce the constitution as it is written in plain simple and easy to understand English that a fifth grader can comprehend!

    In legalese the part of the second amendment that says shall not be infringed, the word shall is absolute and means that the second amendment is etched in stone for eternity. The framers of the Constitution were among some of the brightest minds that ever lived and this was precisely their intention, don’t think that they didn’t know that future generations would develop better and more powerful weapons because you would be dead wrong.

    No where in the Constitution of the United States does it state that if a person is a former felon that thhey are no longer entitled protection of said Constitution or Amendmendents known as the Bill of Rights, as I stated before every person has the GOD given right to self protection! Mass shootings can’t be stopped, sorry but that is a fact of life! Problems can’t be solved by simply passing a law!

  76. Don’t worry, now Trump and the Repubs are behind it also. We have no where to turn to as they all want to take our only means of defense. They are all afraid of what will happen when the working men and women find out just how bad they have been screwing us.

  77. It’s a wonder that anyone would still listen to that commie mulatto. People need to understand that there is no end in sight for so called gun control. The dream of the commiecrats is to completely abolish the 2nd. admendment

  78. The Democrats, Liberals and all other nuts should just leave the country. If their not happy with our good growth,and ability to take care of ourselves and
    Freedom, LEAVE.

  79. Obummer should follow General MacAuthors Advice year’s ago about old soldiers. “Old soldiers never die they just fade away”. Obummer just fade away, no one cares about you or you opinion! You did enough damage to our country!


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