Barack Obama made the most un-American attack on Donald Trump

Donald Trump finally pulled the trigger.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the administration was ending Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty program.



  1. Obama can whine and moan like the little baby that he is. DACA was supposed to be temporary and ‘THANKS’ to the already 800,000+ ILLEGALS/CRIMINALS he has allowed to enter our country he now complaining because President Trump has said ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP! Between them and the ILLEGALS entering via Mexico brings that to almost 2 MILLION and might be more that WE the PEOPLE are paying for.
    I STAND with my PRESIDENT Mr Trump as he i s trying to make our country great again.

  2. IF BHO ever did anything in his 8 yrs as President that HELPED the entire country, I MISSED IT! ACA was a LIE with every promise. Amateur, dilettante, arrogant, elitist, “political hack!

  3. THIS from the former “nit wit in chief”, who expanded SNAP for illegal aliens, had the Border Patrol practice “catch & release” of illegal aliens, & had the dubious distinction of having “Fast & Furious” occur under his watch! Frankly, If Obama HATES what President Trump did, sounds like President Trump did the RIGHT THING!

  4. First of all this Gay Muslim Islamist Marxist Traitor Subversive Un-Documented Rat never was President of the USA he is a complete Fraud Perpetrated by the Bilderbergs (NWO) and now has his Civilian Army at his fingertips Antifa and Black Lives Matter plus 200 Gyorgy Schwartz Groups (Soros). With a Wife named Michael LaVaughn Robinson and two Adopted Moroccan Children. This Ship will not Right until all of these Rats & Cohorts have been tried and Convicted !!

  5. When will Americans wake up and realize “Obama cares nothing about the United States – he only cares about himself.” Africa is a different situation – he thinks he looks like a hero there. He can’t keep his mouth shut, critcizes everything Trump says and the only thing President Trump is trying to get America back on track. This black jackass needs to be thrown out of America. I couldn’t stand him before when he was elected to the Illinois Congress and I despise him now and forever.

  6. Please do not use all those words it makes you look

    Please do not use such ignorant words to make a point. Color had nothing to do with it because whites voted for him twice or he would have never made it. . However, I was told that people of color voted for him because of his color. Could it be that his over reach in so many areas and times made people to take another look at what he was trying to do? We know now and have to pay the price big time. What he did was against the law and he should have gone through the Congress. What made me always wonder people said he is a constitutional Professor…..WOW, he must have been playing golf when that topic was covered. But than again it was an election year and he needed to votes of the American Hispanics. To bad that they were fooled. What did he say “elections have consequences” Well, let the Congress do the right think.


  7. O is still worried about the wrong people,the illegals have a Pres in Mexico,so O should shut up. We really care about our Pres.Trump,he is a hundred times better than O ever could be. Now if he would quit acting like everyone needs his opinion and go away we would be very glad. He has taken too much from our people that had their dreams cut off by him when he robbed our soldiers,when he closed down jobs our people had dreams that couldn’t happen because he was determined to tear up America. Go away,take all your opinions and go away for good.

  8. Speaking of DREAMERS >>>>The Congress is a shining example of exactly that, and not just dreamers, INEPT and confrontational dreamers.
    Leaving anything of greater importance than pencil erasers in their hands is to invite a very slow and ultimately inadequate outcome.
    Obama is just plain wrong and his grandstanding and vote whoring is the cause of all of this disruption and the DACA folks can thank Obama and should not be damning President Trump.

  9. Obozo should take some time off, return to Kenya where he can hump goats for a few months; I’ve heard he’s good at that.

  10. Obama is not an American Citizen and should be put in Prison for Treason and all the money he is spending should be taken away also.

  11. this fake Kenyan need to go back to kenya and stop acting like president and take mike with him we have a real American president go trump

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