Barack Obama could not believe Trump did this one thing

Donald Trump was elected to dismantle Barack Obama’s legacy.

Brick by brick he has been tearing down the disastrous policies of the last eight years.

And now Trump is set to make an announcement that will leave Obama up in arms.

Trump is set to announce the end of Obama’s DACA amnesty program.

Imposed in 2012 by executive order DACA has granted amnesty to nearly 1,000,000 illegal aliens who came to America as children.

Trump promised to end the program and he is about to make good on his word.

Fox News reports:

“President Trump is expected to announce plans to end President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which had halted the deportation of certain young illegal immigrants, a senior administration official told Fox News.

The announcement could come as early as Friday. Trump promised to terminate the program during the presidential campaign.

According to the official, Trump is expected to announce the program’s end but still allow the so-called “dreamers” currently in the program to stay in the U.S. until their work permits expire – which, for some, could be as long as two years.”

DACA was a cornerstone of Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform” America.

It was so near to his heart that he promised to violate the tradition of past Presidents not criticizing their successors if Trump ended it.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

“President Obama said he would regard any effort to round up and deport Dreamers as an attack on American “core values” that would cause him to speak out publicly.

The so-called Dreamers, young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, “for all practical purposes are American kids,” Obama said at what is expected to be the final news conference of his tenure.

“The notion that we would just arbitrarily or because of politics punish those kids, when they didn’t do something themselves … would merit my speaking out,” he said.”

But promising to crack down on illegal immigration won Trump the GOP nomination and the election.

Ending DACA is making good on Trump’s promise to erase Obama’s lawless legacy and Make America Great Again.


  1. The other day there was a Daca baby now a teenager ,who came her when two yrs old on tv complaining about Trump. She needed an interpreter,because she could not speak English!

  2. barack soweto obummy, GO BACK TO AFRICA where you came from and remember that you never existed!!! Zero, Zilch, Nada and you are NOTHING!!!

  3. I still find it amusing that the officials of New York all support illegal activities and then act as if Trump is the problem. He is the answer. New York needs to start electing Americans instead of fools to office!

  4. Anyone that supports any government action which violates the Constitution is a traitor. The law should be obeyed and that is the end of the discussion. I am an expat in the Philipines healthy when I came but now in poor health. I had to leave the country for 24 hours or be deported. Four philippine doctors who have treated me for over ten years said I was not able to make the trip. The Philippine government said it was their law no excuses go off be deported. I nearly died on a short trip to Singspore. No one felt sorry for me in the Philippines government they stuck to the law

  5. need to do more then dismantel his legacy , we need to hang him for treason ,he done nothing for blacks , every thing is the illegals and refugees ,what’s wrong with you blacks ,for still supporting the kenyan freak,then he has the nerve to turn his budget in for next year 1 and a half million dollars, more then any other president gets,these freaks make millions by screwing us , and then we have to support them after they leave office , let the bums retire on their own money like every one else

  6. Nobama uses a stolen social security card 042-68-4425 which was issued to jean Paul Ludwig who died And yet low IQ idiots would still vote for the
    Kenyan scum

  7. O has said our Pres was attacking American core values,no I believe it is O who has done that. Now he hangs around where he isn’t wanted or needed just to get attention,go away.

  8. Interesting that the White Men who fought the revionually war were called terrorists by the British and king of England. Today the illegals who come into our country feel that they have the right to change it to their culture, language and needs.

    President Donald Trump is like a new savor of America. Please bring America back our cherished culture, which includes the speaking and writing in English, the rule of Law, and return the Constitution to its former glory. Why should the house of representatives and congress both be elected by the people ? Where does the sovereign states come into the equation ? Well I guess they did when the Electoral College elected Mr Trump president.

    Perhaps the illegals should be treated as we treated the Native American Indians when we placed them on Indian Reservations until they could be educated to speak English, read and right in English, and learn there American culture. Why should illegal Indians from the countries be give passes that our Native American Indians were denied ???

  9. We need to push the fact Obozo was never a natural born American, so we can quit paying him $400,000 a year plus SS protection! I just read today he is still costing tax payers more than any president in history! I also want to give the 11 people before me a thumbs up!

  10. These ‘kids’ may have been brought here by their parents, but it isn’t like they haven’t been aware they are here illegally in this country. They could have chosen to leave voluntarily when they turned 18 and that way they could have come back legally at a later time. They chose to stay here illegally, therefore making the same choice their parents did when they came. They aren’t US citizens, they aren’t our children and they aren’t our problem.

    • Those RINOs aren’t just fighting against the president, they have basically chosen to fightt against We the People who put them in their current positions. All based on the lies they convinced us of. They made the wrong choice. Their job-killing decision is no one’s fault except their own. May the cards land where they will.


  12. Too bad the Congress doesn’t follow and support what they promised when they were running for office. We have no choice but to hold them responsible for their inaction when it comes to them running for re-election. Hope a lot of good Republicans are on hand to run against them. I can’t see myself voting for a Democrat.

  13. Trump will continue the fight and will accomplish what he promised in spite of the news media ,the democrats and his RINOS who do not back him up, but the elections will show the rath of the voters.

  14. President Trump better get rid of this illegal piece of crap.
    Too bad we can’t get rid of the piece of crap who started it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I believe in free speech but Obama has used his all up. He needs to remember he is not President anymore, thank God. His funding needs to be cut off as well. We don’t need to fund someone who is trying to make our country look like his sand palace. Notice he doesn’t live like the rest of the Muslims.

      • True. DACA was unconstitutional just like his other tricks!!! Half the time he didn’t know what was right but he did it all the time just to ruin our great Country. Thank God, he is not our President anymore

        • Sandy – – True that daca was unconstitutional, but also true those who benefited have had 8 YEARS to assimilate and meet requirements to apply for citizenship. Most did learn English but did no more to earn citizenship. The vast majority are steadfast in hating America – except for the priviliges and benefits – constantly riot or protest against ANYTHING patriotic to our country. Past time to end daca and require proof of AMERICAN citizenship or get out.

          • If they have assimilated and meet requirements for citizenship as established by Congress, they should apply for citizenship. Their applications can be considered on a case by case basis rather than being granted a blanket amnesty.
            Congress and only Congress has the authority to establish immigration and naturalization policies and laws. The President is obligated to enforce those policies and laws. The only reason that President Trump can reverse DECA is that it was unconstitutionally created by President Obama. If Congress had established DECA and signed into law by President Obama this would be a completely different matter.

          • Since 2012 , One Million DACA became U.S. Citizens .Now there are about Another Million out there screaming and kicking to be allowed to stay . HELL NO , go home ; your parents Screwed up coming here by jumping the fence and by INVITATION of Obama . Go home and come back LIGALLY .

    • President Trump,
      You best stop that program ASAP. Obama is a dirty player and he will flood this country with illegals in such a short time just to out smart you.

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