Barack Obama picked a fight with the Supreme Court that just blew up in Democrats’ faces

The Supreme Court is front and center in the minds of Democrats.

Democrats’ worst fears just came true.

And Barack Obama picked a fight with the Supreme Court that just blew up in Democrats’ faces.

Barack and Michelle Obama released a statement responding to someone leaking a draft opinion of a Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe v. Wade.

The statement outrageously claimed that ending the lives of unborn babies was somehow a “freedom” that was “enshrined” in the Constitution.

Obama also tried to gin up fear that the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade put previous decisions striking down laws banning birth control and interracial marriage on the chopping block.

“[W]hat Roe recognized is that the freedom enshrined in the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution requires all of us to enjoy a sphere of our lives that isn’t subject to meddling from the state,” Obama’s statement began, before adding that “personal decisions involving who we sleep with, who we marry, whether or not to use contraception, and whether or not to bear children.”

Obama is spreading what is known as the Big Lie.

In the opinion, Justice Alito specifically stated that this ruling is not the basis for attacking any other rights and freedoms under the Constitution.

Obama – who supported vaccine and mask mandates – then absurdly used the “my body, my choice” argument the Left abandoned once Dr. Fauci ordered every American to stick a needle in their arms.

“The consequences of this decision would be a blow not just to women, but to all of us who believe that in a free society, there are limits to how much the government can encroach on our personal lives,” Obama added.

Obama then told pro-abortion Democrats to engage in the political process and turn out to vote this November.

“[S]ome of those who support Roe may feel helpless and instinctively turn back to their work, or families, or daily tasks—telling themselves that because this outcome may have been predictable, there’s nothing any of us can do,” Obama added.

“[I]n the end, if we want judges who will protect all, and not just some of our rights, then we’ve got to elect officials committed to doing the same,” Obama continued.

But if Democrats are pinning their hopes on abortion to save them in the Midterms, they are sadly mistaken.

Democrats even have a test case from a previous election.

In the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Election, eight percent of voters listed abortion as their top issue.

Those voters broke 58 to 41 percent for Republican Glenn Youngkin.

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