Barack Obama sat in silence after he found out his biggest crime in office would be exposed

Things are not looking up for former President Barack Obama.

He just learned it will be his turn in the hot seat.

That’s because he just found out when his biggest crime in office will be exposed.

Democrats could not wait to grill Attorney General William Barr about his handling of the Mueller Report.

But maybe the biggest bombshell out of Barr’s appearance before Congress was the news that he was reviewing the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

He also announced that the Office of Inspector General’s investigation into FISA warrant abuses would be done in May or June.

Breitbart reports:

Attorney General William Barr announced Tuesday he is “reviewing the conduct” of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s counterintelligence into the Trump campaign under the Obama administration.

“I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation,” Barr said while testifying before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies.

Barr also said he has heard the ongoing Justice Department inspector general investigation into how the DOJ under the Obama administration obtained surveillance warrants on Trump campaign members will wrap up in May or June.

“Hopefully we’ll have some answers from Inspector General [Michael] Horowitz,” he said.

This is terrible news for Obama.

There is now a timeline on when the American people will finally learn the truth about the Obama administration and the FBI colluding to try and frame Trump for conspiring with the Russians.

This is the real Russia scandal.

Many Americans consider it the worst political crime in American history.

And they are weeks away from being able to possibly hold the perpetrators accountable.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


    • Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Arschloch, how about The worst Crime in American History was allowing Bathroom Barry and or Mr. Barry or is it Barak Hussein Soetoro alias Soebarkah alias Dunham alias Obama to the us presidency.

  1. trump supporters doesn’t seem to care that these charges against Craig are in no way related to Obama or Craig’s time in the Obama administration, but rather validate the charges against Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, with whom Craig was working long after being fired by the Obama administration.
    When President Obama was told by intelligence Craig was fired! Then he hooked up with Manafort! Trash follow trash😂😂😂

  2. Nobody will be locked up. Nor indicted. Nor subpoenaed. Nothing whatsoever will happen to a Democrat. Never does. Republicans DO NOT have what it takes to follow through any of this. They are as cowardly as any and every person who has ever voted democrat. Repubs are the bad cops, Democrats are worst cop. They will get what they want someday sooner than later.

  3. One can only hope that justice will finally be served. This is only of B.O.’s numerous felonies. He belongs in prison for the rest of his life.

  4. Trump has had it right all along. “Clean the Swamp” and thank God he leading this great country and the men and women behind him to do just that.

        • YEP, but he DIDN’T “become” president, it was all done by FRAUD……!!!!Still remember all of these ILLEGALS being BUSED around to VOTE, going from State to State…..He DIDN’T “win” NOTHING, SAME goes for his so-called “re-election” = ALL FRAUD

          • a whole lot of dumb whites that are so desperate to show that they are not racist put this bastard in office.
            We could have elected an Allen Keys…would have elected a black man but would have also elected a patriot. George Soros would never have gone for that however.

      • We know he was born in Kenya but important point is he’s stepfather took him to `Indonesia to be a citizen of that country and is to this day; never been citizen of USA. So why are all these low life politicians covering up for him ? Has Soros and his use full idiots completely taken over our country ?

  5. I know there are going to be a lot of Democrats finally locked up for a long time and I can only hope it is for no less than 30 years and without any chance for parole!!! These Democrats and FBI traitors are finally getting justice served on them and you can bet it is going to be a lot more than just 8 people, for most all of the people that run the DNC are going to prison and a lot of the top FBI heads are also going to go down as well!!! Hillary and Obama dug themselves a grave and they got caught, and now the clean up of our government and hopefully the end of the Democratic party which was the very evil that bull shited us for a great many years with trying to bribe us with welfare, and incentives just to get are votes so they could take over the country and take over the rights that we have and the freedoms we have and just completely control are lives which they almost pulled off but their lust for power is what did them in!!! All Democratic voters need to realize that the Democrats are not what they use to be they have become drunk with power and dictators not representatives at all but there throwing scraps at us made us think they were honest and true patriots which we all should know that they are not just by the ideology they pushed on us and policies they try to pass!!
    It is now up to all Americans to let all politicians know that are freedoms are not for sale nor is are rights and that we all want are laws and are constitution upheld, and we want all government officials to be held accountable for their actions!!!

    • Tom Curry: Very good reply! I think they all should be tried for “treason”. Put them
      in front of a firing squad, & get it over with. They don’t deserve 30 yrs in prison at
      the taxpayers expense. If that was the case of 30 yrs, they’d probably get some democrat
      Judge who would put them in a “Federal Prison”, where they’d have it easy, w/their cell
      phones able to still stir up trouble!

    • Obama was the instigator of the biggest abuse of power in America History: the Russia hoax fabricated machination to eliminate the duly elected President of USA by We American people. Americans by supporting Trump were rejecting in mass the destructive politics of Obama and the Democrats. This scandalous attack is worse than Watergate and require a special counsel to investigate the criminal conduct. He should also open the dossier of his fake birth certificate which allowed him to fool the elections and be elected as president for 8 years. The worst years of the American History with Russia, Iran deal and Benghazi protecting his keen Muslim Brotherhood instead of the ambassador and other very valuable patriots.
      All these cover up by Democrats need a Justice scrutiny.

    • Tom Curry, EXCELLENT REPLY and I agree that they ALL should be tried for treason, especially Clinton & OBAMA. I just can’t even imagine all the corruption in our government, especially the FBI. Who in the hell can you trust to uphold the law of the land? We all knew that OBAMA was fraudulent and that he got away with being the POTUS for 2-long terms. I think we ALL knew the elections were fixed. WHY???? How could this possibly happen? Especially when all his records were also hidden? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF THE AMERICANS??? That is when I lost any trust for our ALL of our government officials. WHY in hell would the POTUS records be hidden? I think WE ALL KNOW WHY, but it happened and I thought that would be against any of our laws. HE was NOT an American born citizen of the US and how in the hell could he hold the highest office of the land? I would really like an honest answer that I am sure we will NEVER get. Even the children are not theirs. They tried to pull the wool over the American people, BUT we are NOT stupid. WHAT A JOKE of the century. This will certainly be in the history books.

    • I completely agree. They were both a fraud helping the Democrats who were covering up and helping a Muslim intruder to get the highest executive power putting our fate and sovereignty in the wrong anti- Americans hands. I hope that Justice will prevail and send all the protagonists of this dirty game in jail where they belong with Hillary the Marxist Alinsky adept.

  6. Obama and the Clintons were sex objects for the Bush41 criminal cabal. These punks ALL got off for the 9-11 attacks because of jesuit and British freemason appointees into the courts. The American sheeple are just too lazy for self-rule. Look at the scars all over Obama’s head. That convinces all but the most ignorant and self-deluded that Obama is not calling the shots.

  7. Obama should be in GITMO for the last 10 years of many counts of high TREASON , sedition , theft of trillions of taxpayer funds , suffering of millions because of his obamacare , and the maximum sentence for all !

  8. Sorry, the worst crime in the history of America and the world, was when an illegal alien occupied the Office of the President for 8 years. Yes, if he was a legitimate President, he did many illegal acts while occupying the Office, but, since he was an illegal President, EVERYTHING he did while in the Office was illegal! And, as it stands now, he, and the conspirators that put him in the Office, are getting away with it. When they can get away with a crime that large, is it any wonder Hillary and Bill get away with all their crimes? We don’t have just a Deep State, we have an Evil State, we call our country, the supposed, Land of the Free. It’s really the land of those free to commit the biggest crimes!

    • Amen to that! Everything that Obama done was illegal because he was not a citizen of the United States. Every sealed document should be opened. Hillary Clinton should be investigated as well. While we are at it investigate Pelosi & Cortez & their 2 Muslim counter parts. Yes I wonder what skeletons in those closets. My investigate all of the Dems in Congress.

    • The conspirators are Pelosi and Biden.They approved his candidacy as the President without vetting him.They signed 2 documents one with the citizenship and another one without it in 2008. They should be brought to Justice.

    • SeptMcDade
      Well howdy Sept. Figured you would be here as soon as you were done decorating your float for the rainbow and unicorn festival. Maybe you can get your sweet little friend from over at Loving America to help you. That way you will have more time to confront those evil conservatives. I bet if you hold hands it will give you both the common strength to deny what a viper Obama is and that the Democratic party are morally challenged crooks and traitors. I am so very glad you cannot see me right now as all I can do is stare at your words with astonishment, while my hangs open like a slack jawed yokel. Be assured that I will be awaiting breathless waiting to hang upon your every word of your next shared installments of “As The Idiots Speak”. I am sure ALL your fans here are as anxious as I.

  9. What a shame the one who started all of this
    Clinton & Obama will never see the inside of
    Jail Obama was the most corrupt president in the
    History of America Trump is cleaning house
    Stay strong mr president
    2020 and beyond Donald j Trump

  10. SAD, i hope none of you good church folks are celebrating Easter ! Because Jesus but most likely which day you are a liar and full of hate take your place in hell! Along with your liar, adulterous in chief ! Who married an illegal immigrant, who had a anchor baby, and sponsor her family!
    Hope America wished they had a third term with President Obama!

    • Obama was/is a liar, racist, traitor and fraud! Hopefully, we’ll live to see the day when he’s hanged by his neck in some town square. Finally, we have a President that truly cares about the American People and, is trying to keep his promises to US. We, that voted for him, knew that he isn’t perfect but, he’s doing the job, despite tremendous opposition and lawlessness by the Democrats and Republican Turncoats! You act like a holier than thou individual, so I’m wondering just how many mistakes you’ve made that you’ll have to pay for on Judgement Day?

    • The man took his oath to office with his right hand on the Quran. Changed his Christian name to a Muslim name but claimed he was a Christian . He attended a church where the pastor preached God Damn America. A questionable birth certificate. Apologizing to the world in our behalf. Draws a red line and cowers. Bows to a Saudi King. ISIS thrived. That’s only what we were allowed to see. And now we will see who he really is? I think I have a pretty good idea . And I really don’t want to see anymore of him.

    • Loving America
      What we need is a good five and dime rubber lipped moron to defend a man that as it unfolds will have been the perpetrator and co-conspirator of the most TREASONOUS act in American history. A good Christian man that he and his idiot wife had Rap performers at the White House. Need I remind you that their message conveys hatred of whites and peace officers, promotes drugs and violence. Lyrics which normalize murder, degrading terms for women and young girls, talks of rape and murder like it is something every young male should aspire to and be shining example. Ask him how his negotiations with North Korea and Iran worked out or how Russia ended up with MOST of our weapons grade uranium. How about BENGAHZI, the handling of ISIS. Your damn right I have hatred in my heart for him and everyone of his toadies for what they have done to this nation, her people and her sovereignty. We have this curr to thank for filth like Ilhan Omar, Tlaib and Cortez being in our country. When all is done I will do my very best to see that ALL these traitors face a firing squad! What they have done would make Benedict Arnold ashamed.

    • You dont go to hell for being a liar you go because of not having Jesus as lord and savior. If you read his word you would know the truth before you speak.

    • Nice try st deflection and distraction. You don’t have to hate someone, to point out their crimes. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with hating the crimes the criminal commits.

    • Loving America???
      I come from a long line of haters. Starting with great, great, great grandpappy. He hated the British. Since then we have hated the Mexicans, Rebs, Spanish, Huns, Nazis, Imperial Japanese, Al Queida, ISIS. But, what we/I have learned to hate are liars, thieves, murderers, and I personally really relish hating traitors as they embody all of those crimes. You go ahead and pray to Jesus, while if they let me I will put a bullet in every damned one they find guilty of treason. No guilt, no remorse.

    GOOGLE: CA Revenue & Taxation Code 19280.
    CFTB goes after criminal for victim
    FELONY Port Hueneme cop video / report tamper.
    CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)

  12. This why they did not Trump to become President, because all the dirty illegal things they did would more than likely come to the surface. I hope all the corrupt shit they did comes out and leads to prosecution and prison.

  13. As far as this American is concerned, his entire presidency was a crime against this Nation. It’s disgraceful his assault against this country and her citizens. I pray there comes a time when everything is drug into light for all to see, and the media can no longer shield him.

  14. Send Obama to live in Iran this way these Crazy Islamic people will do to him in the same way they get rid of all Homosexuals.

  15. I can only hope that you will be found guilty and sent to prison for the rest of your life you stinking commie.
    and you can take your ignorant wife with you.

      • Give it a break. Don’t be a pantywaist about racial slurs. Blacks use that word much like I say please and thank you. In other words, it flows off their tongues like water through a sluice. Regarding Obama doing nothing, you’d better back up on that one. Fast and Furious, Irangate, collusion with Benghazi, trading Bo Bergdahl for 5 Afghani terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay, and more. You still think that he’s squeaky clean? Not in a million years.

        • John, This “LovingAmerica” is just another low information liberal. When people write comments and they don’t care enough or are too lazy to educate themselves with the facts and the truth, it is usually obvious in their first sentence or two at the most! These little millennials play on their phones, go shopping, or play at something meaningless 99% of their time should not try to “mix it up” with people who stay informed, they just make themselves look incompetent and DUMB! This liberal isn’t intelligent enough to realize crimes of this nature are usually like following octupus tentacles. Start at the outermost point and keep following it until your reach the main body. We are expecting this tentacle to reach all the way to the BHO Whitehouse, in the Oval Office! We have Lisa Page, the FBI attorney and lover of the operative FBI agent Peter Strzok, she has admitted guilt and complicity in the attempted coup to take President Trump down in her testimony to Congress. In one of her texts between she and her lover, it was stated that Obama said he wanted to know everything they were doing. So BHO knew all about it, what was going on and when it was going on.
          Hey, “LovingAmerica”, pay attention, all of this stuff we know about is coming back again so all of you people, who have no clue, can find out the good stuff!

          • Loving America, it is obvious that you really don’t love America at all. You have no clue what this country is all about.

        • John; well stated. the truth in the case of that morally corrupt scumbag!
          You can hardly believe how much damage he has done. Eight years of his s__t. Eight years of his hatred of America.I hope he, and every one of his criminal cronies are sent straight to “TheGbay” hotel for some h2o boarding
          We would already have stalins pic on our money without President Trump!!

      • I am reporting you for being a dumbed down blind part of the masses called snowflakes! David is saying out loud what for are thinking you holier than thou wanna be! The liberalism of the lowering of standards to pacify all hurts all! Nothing is perfect America has come a long way in such a short period because of the fore-fathers documents called the U.S Constitution, and America has a long, long way to go to be perfect which it will never be because not everyone complies! America’s greatness because it gives many people the opportunity for freedoms to seek the persuit of happiness and prosperity, they have a chance at it and again all must comply hence to prosper and growth! The medias are at fault today for a lot of unhappiness . It stir creates and stirs racism for civil unrest all for ratings and profits! Look at how those pay the medias to divide this country all because a person was elected that wasen’t what the bought out biased medias propaganda lies were paid to promote so that they can prosper in the contining of their corruption , the rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for their anti-American agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! The blind masses of sheeple are too ignorant to notice because of the angendas of liberalisms anti-Americansim!

        • gary, Oh, spread it on to “LovingAmerica” thick man, you are telling the truth, the whole truth and, nothing but the truth!
          BHO set back race relations by fifty years. I could sit here all night naming the ways but, it makes me physically ill every time I do!
          I don’t know how this person happened to choose her/his name but, it is the WRONG NAME!

  16. I pray they get to the truth of this mess and let Americans know how this really started. I want to know; using the President’s words: What a national disgrace!

      • Are you nuts? Obama divided this country more than any other president. He set race relations back about 50 years. Why do you think Trump won – because they knew that if Hilary got elected it would be another 4 more years of the monsters plan.

      • I am glad you are “Loving America,” but your conclusions are up-side-down. B.O. made the USA more divided than it had been in years. The hatred shown toward DJT is an extension of this.

        As for lies, B.O. told many: “You can keep your doctor. You can keep your insurance plan. Families will save $2,500 per year in premiums, et cetera.”

      • Yeah… Right…

        He TRIED (AND FAILED!) to bring OUR CONSTITUTIONAL-REPUBLIC “together” UNDER TWO FLAGS, actually: The “Half-Moon and Star”, AND, “The Hammer and Sickle”!


        You’re about as far-removed from “LovingAmerica” as B.O.’s “Pal-Michael” is from being a Genetic Woman! – Rot-in-Hell, YOU SAD, SORRY, PAID, SOROS-TROLL P.O.S.!



        • Oh… Sorry… I almost forgot:



      • Loving you don’t have your facts straight… Obama was, and still is The divider in this country. If he had a son he would name him Treyvon who was a black thug, then he supported Mike Brown who was even worse than his make believe son He is a communist just like his father. He hates America, during his first term , he went on an apology tour in Europe about our mistakes, and in the past few weeks he I still doing the same crap in the Middle East, as he did in Europe, bad mouthing our country. He weakened our military, by not funding it enough, and whoever heard the term “rules of engagement on a battlefield? (You can’t shoot at the enemy unless he shoots first. And like a real man he threatens Syria with his famous “red line” if they use gas on the general population, they used gas after the hollow threat. Then a real man became president, and sent a bunch of cruise missiles when they used gas. ” bath house Barry” the title fits him well.

        • Real America
          Here’s an idea. You and your rainbow rodeo buddy Sept McDade should get together and write a book of bed time stories for liberals. “THE Little Bastard that Could”, “Where’s Schiff?” “Schumer And The Three stooges”, “The Three Little Sows”, “Nancy and Maxine’s Big Adventure”, “Booker and Waters’ Vacation”, “Red Like ME the Pocahantas Story”. You will never run out of material.

  17. //// HEY OBAMA! ////
    I think the gig is up!
    Your transformation ideas are in
    for a big transparency
    the very
    first half
    black President
    is the only thing
    you will be known for
    //// AND ////
    OH YEAH!

  18. I thought a coup only happens in third world country like Africa, oh wait.. isn’t that where Obama is from. I told a friend when he won, if you want to see how Obama runs the country..just look at Africa. Bingo… Corrupt ,corruption, crooked, liars. He was trying to make his father so proud by trying to bring America to its knees.

  19. When Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – finally gets in the hot seat – LET’S pull out ALL of those records he was so desperate to have sealed away and see what’s in them. Obama’s own “brother” Malik asked a few weeks ago if Michelle is really Michael? He doesn’t know. Malik was the best man at Barry & Michelle/Michael’s weeding and he doesn’t know? Apparently Joe Biden knew – there are NO photos or stories of him ever sniffing Michael’s hair huh? No one has ever seen a photo of a pregnant Michelle/Michael either.

    Oh well as Barry remember this?

    “Barack Obama: “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

    • who do those two girls belong to I read that their parents lone them to the Obamas especially now that some one said they never saw Michelle pregnant makes you wonder

    • Old Joe would have tried to sniff Mikey’s hair, but was afraid the wig would fall of and he would get his butt kicked.

  20. I will bet one thing. It will not be proud to be a dumbocrap, when this starts up. My solution is 6 Grand Jury trials going on at the same time. Give the media high blood pressure. Maybe they might have a stroke. Damn I wish. When they are sentenced, GITMO would be a just place to house or jail them. Bread and water. One to a cell. That’s all they deserve.

    • It’s not bout repub or demo, it’s about love of country before self. It’s bout greed. Anymore, no good party but u have to register as something.

  21. I know it and all you know it! But how do you think it will play out?
    The Obama Administration, the top heads of The F.B.I., Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and gang of misfits, and any others involved with the attempt to over-throw The White House with President Trump?
    It is going to be(to say the least) embarrassing. Will it be so much, that after the dust settles, you, I and everyone else won’t know the half of it and testimony/affidavits sealed documents for years to protect and lesson the blow towards/within Our Government. It’s been done before? Think about that. There will be some accountability without a doubt. But will the citizens of The United States of America know everything that we should? We’ll just have to wait and see?

    • I dunno. At the risk of sounding stupid, mebbe we ought to go back to the 1870’s, break them ALL out and have a necktie party. Hell we KNOW they did it. I think with 350 million people we should be able to get it done. Then sell tickets at five bucks a pop for each one. Go a long way toward reducing national debt and restoring civic pride by cleaning up all the garbage.

  22. Good times coming up!!! Can hardly wait for this investigation to get started! Get ready Obama…your corruption is about to be on display for all the world to see. I feel like dancing in the streets. Unlike the Mueller report, which most intelligent folks knew was a hoax….this investigation WILL end up with recommended indictments 🙂 BTW, will we be sending the indictments to you as Barack or Barry…it is so hard to keep up with your aliases LMAO

  23. All bargaining time for the traitors who were known all along to have staged a coup. Everyone in Washington DC knows exactly what happened, but no one knows how to deal with it and not cause a civil war. Barr will try to be as gentle as he can with obama and hilliar. Barr will have to prosecute a few important scape goats, and they are being selected now. Washington DC would never let anything happen to obama or hilliar. If they did, game over, possible civil war. A war I’d gladly fight.

    • Won’t be much of a war…what are they going to fight with…their wits or maybe a sling shot? Armed and Ready. I love fighting the good fight!

    • Lock and load Jack. And they might go back to the fast and furious cluster odumbass and holder pulled to turn people around concerning our guns. They failed and taking us isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

  24. It would be so nice to have the United States back on the maps as one of the greatest places on earth to live and raise your family with dignity and honer instead of violence hate and discontent & maybe even the Democrats will come to the party and join in the GREATNESS of the United states

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