Barack Obama stood up and made one demand that left Americans speechless

Barack Obama is pulling out all the stops to defeat Donald Trump.

And on Thursday, Obama crossed a line no one ever thought was possible.

That’s because Barack Obama stood up and made one demand that left Americans speechless.

Barack Obama used his eulogy at the funeral for late Congressman John Lewis to launch into a partisan diatribe comparing Donald Trump to George Wallace and demanding Congress pass laws to make voter fraud easier.

But the most eye-catching line from Obama’s rant was when Obama declared the filibuster racist and demanded Democrats get rid of it if they win complete power in 2020.

This represents a massive sea change on the Left.

Joe Biden only hinted he would consider supporting eliminating the filibuster if he won in 2020.

Now Barack Obama is making it a centerpiece of the Democrats pitch to voters.

If Democrats get rid of the filibuster, they could gift themselves up to eight new permanent Senate seats by creating four new states, create 20 million new voters through amnesty, ban and confiscate firearms, outlaw state right to work laws, pass the 93 trillion dollar “Green New Deal,” and create a socialist government run health care scheme.

Democrats began slowly chipping away at the filibuster back in 2013 when Harry Reid eliminated it for lower court nominees and other executive branch appointments.

But no one thought of eliminating it for legislative proposals.

Now that the Democrats appear on the verge of absolute power in Washington, D.C. Obama is setting the stage for Democrats to go nuclear and get rid of the last check on their power.

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