Barack Obama told a crowd of supporters this terrible truth about Joe Biden

Barack Obama is on the campaign trail for Joe Biden.

But Obama has not always had the highest level of respect for Joe Biden.

And Barack Obama told a crowd of supporters this terrible truth about Joe Biden.

At a rally in Florida, Barack Obama pledged to supporters that Joe Biden would stand with Black Lives Matter rioters and terrorists.

“But Joe and Kamala, they care deeply about people, America, and they care about our democracy,” Obama began.

“They understand that protest is not un-American. This country was founded on protesting against injustice,” Obama stated.

Obama claimed Americans were “joining together to declare — in the face of injustice and brutality at the hands of the state — that Black Lives Matter no more, but no less.”

Obama also attacked America as a racist nation.

“So that no child in this country should feel the continuing sting of racism,” Obama added.

Obama’s promise that Joe Biden would support Black Lives Matter rioters in the streets did not sit well considering it came one day after thousands of Black Lives Matter rioters looted businesses in Philadelphia and injured over two dozen police officers – including leaving one with a broken leg after a truck ran the officer over – following police shooting a knife wielding thug.

Many Americans are worried Joe Biden will serve as a figurehead while radical leftists in his administration and in Congress call the shots.

Donald Trump made this a centerpiece of his closing argument to voters.

Obama did nothing to alleviate these concerns by boasting that Joe Biden would be on the side of Black Lives Matter rioters without also condemning the violence and looting in Philadelphia.

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