Barack Obama told Democrats the one truth about why they are going to lose in 2020

Barack Obama is still the leader of the Democrat Party.

Obama just issued one big warning for the Left.

And this one truth Barack Obama told Democrats is why they are going to lose in 2020.

“Cancel” and “woke” culture have taken over the Left.

Their obsessions with policing speech based on race, and making “offenders” exiles from polite society, is the dominant thinking on the Left.

But while it plays well in big cities and on college campuses where Left-wing agitators can shut down speech they don’t like, it repels everyday Americans.

And Barack Obama issued a warning at the Obama Foundation Festival in Illinois that “cancel” and “woke” culture are killing the Left.

Mediaite reports:

Obama and his wife, Michelle, “took audience questions and spoke about empowering the next generation of leaders. They also talked about racism and how to be effective political activists,” Lemon said, teeing up the clip.

“This idea of purity and you’re never compromised and you’re always politically woke and all that stuff, you should get over that quickly,” Obama said dismissively, prompting chuckles from the audience. “The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws. Like if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t do something right or used the wrong verb or then, I can sit back and feel good about myself: ‘You see how woke I was? I called you out.’ Get on TV. Watch my show. Watch Grownish. You know, that’s not activism. That’s not bringing about change.”

Many pundits took Obama’s comments as a warning to voters about how enforcing racial purity tests will cost the party their chances of victory in 2020.

But so far, few in the Democrat Party seem to be listening.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  4. The way that Adam Schiff is going about this chain of “inquiries” is sure to lead to some sort of Senate “mistrial”.

  5. “You can’t make this up.”
    I’ll have to disagree with that statement, Dan. Ther is no limit on what the Democrats can make up. Only an election can stop them because then it will not matter what they make up.

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    Someone please advise….

  29. Thank you for sort of explaining ‘woke’. I’ve read that word in several articles recently but had no idea what it meant. Now if someone could explain what it means.

  30. Obama knows that people are more near to Republicans than Democrats And President Trump has won popularity Because, he does not use big words and people understood exactly that President Trump and republicans are interested fixing America’s economy as well as defending us against ISIS terrorists

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  43. M, Trump won’t be impeached. They just had a floor vote in the house to proceed with authorizing public hearings, and it passed 232 to 196 which is a long way from the 2/3 super majority required. All republicans voted “no” along with 2 democrats.
    The sole independent sided with the dems. 3 republicans and 1 democrat didn’t cast a vote. Not looking good for impeachment or the democrats.
    Jonathan, MJ, and the Doctor will be VERY upset.

  44. they will lose again in 2020 because we haven’t forgotten what the kenyan freak did to our country for 8 years , and the left has gone totally insane ,

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  47. obama really knows he can’t repeat what he has done.
    He hasn’t a clue, but we learned a lesson about obama.
    So why does he comment on the other democrats?
    He still can’t achieve even that. He gives poor advice to a bunch
    of losers like himself.
    He is refreshing our minds on the failures of his own party.
    They just don’t get it….

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  49. Pelosi couldn’t wait to give Obama credit for taking Bin Laden out the other day could she? She forgot to mention that right after Bin Laden was killed – JOE BIDEN-couldn’t wait to get out in front of the cameras to show us how important he is – By exposing Seal Team 6 – which cost American lives. Biden has NO SHAME – we should all remember and SHAME the LOUD mouthed corrupt idiot.

  50. Hell the lunatic left is bashing Trump for having 2 ISIS leaders taken out. I’ll bet their number 3 can’t wait to step up ;-). Ironically one of Hillary’s campaign promises was to either arrest or kill Baghdadi

  51. Remember Trump dared Pelosi to impeach him. Another brilliant move – what was she going to do? Look like she is “chicken” or step into the trap?

  52. Real M some of the articles of impeachment is based on Trump’s accomplishments. Such as becoming energy independent and getting better trade deals, to name a few. The commiecrats hate it when communist countries lose. He’s even being bashed over his standing up to China. You can’t make this up.

  53. Obummer the wants to stop the “woke” group headed by Candace Owens…why should any American wake up? Oh please, let me pay 70% in taxes, let me kill my babies and eat them, pay me a stipend, free healthcare and a roach infested home each month and I’d be happy. Meanwhile, there’s no purpose in life, people get obese and wait 6 months to see a Dr. Yep, they will vote Democrat. Why? Because they won’t know any better. Why?Because they won’t do their research before they vote, they’ll just know it’s all free.

  54. Steve S., I do love one sentence Obama said to the radical Dems and I plan to use it often!
    “People who do really good stuff have flaws.”
    DJT is not a perfect man but, he is a very successful President, he has done exactly what we elected him to do, he has made the vast majority of our lives much better, he loves the Constitution, Bill of Rights, America, us and our American way of life!

    #WalkAway – we want and need you!

  55. Real M the senate will be using more common sense. The idiots in the house are only kissing up to the squad, which includes Schiff and Nancy. We hear about the four bimbos but the entire commiecrat party is corrupt.

  56. Mike W., We should hold on the this truth.
    DJT will be acquitted in the SENATE.
    He will continue to serve.
    He will be reelected in 2020.
    He will serve four more years.

    The Dems will pay dearly for the House impeaching this very successful President who loves America and us.
    People will be in a rage and the Dems will know it when they lose all power in the 2020 elections and for years to come!
    Don’t believe it? Research it!

  57. President Trump has no political aspirations after he leaves office. He will go back to his own businesses. The Democrats will impeach Trump this will also be to their undoing.
    Everything they have accused Trump of THEY have done already. By bringing these charges against Trump they open the door for those charges to ricochet back onto them. As I said Trump will go back to the private sector – BUT – how many Democrats and Republicans will be put out of office as well for their own crimes that will be exposed? Like the old saying goes – “You play with fire – You get burned.”

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