Barack Obama told one lie about Donald Trump that will make your blood boil

Barack Obama and Donald Trump are political enemies.

That is no secret.

But Barack Obama told one lie about Donald Trump that will make your blood boil.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama met at the White House after the 2016 election.

This was a standard meeting for any new President to sit down with the outgoing Commander-in-Chief.

But after the meeting, Obama reportedly smeared Trump behind his back by telling associates that Trump “knew nothing.”

The Daily Caller reports:

“He [Trump] knows absolutely nothing,” Obama reportedly said after one White House meeting.

Obama “held out hope” for a traditional relationship as past and current president, Obama’s first post-presidential press secretary Kevin Lewis said, according to Politico. However, Trump’s policies and apparent attacks of the former president forced Obama’s hand.

“He [Obama] wanted to be a resource,” according to Lewis. “What we didn’t expect at the level that it was done were the attacks.”

America can only have one President at a time.

And a former President sniping at the current President sends a confusing signal as to who is in charge.

That did not matter to Obama as much as trying to destroy Trump’s political standing in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Obama’s chief goal was not preserving the constitutional traditions that have maintained the Republic for nearly 250 years.

All Obama cared about was defeating President Trump and electing more Democrats.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Barry is still an illegal who broke the law with his oath when Pelosi said he could be president. Both of them should be charged with treason and sent to Gitmo for life, along with his so-called “wife”. We should not have to put up with their crap anymore…they ruled for too long and they all think they are above the law…

  2. Ricky, I agree with every last word you wrote. Barry was a Manchurian candidate brought to the American people by George PIG Soros. Barry is also a traitor and should be treated as such. His “wife” is also a traitor.

  3. Redman, Just an fyi; You seem to be consistently lacking in grammar, spelling and unable to form a comprehensive sentence. To have a meaningful dialogue with people, using the term “inbred” constantly is really not necessary to make your point….that is, if you have one to make.

  4. Peter, neither pretender went to law school. Only evidence of Barry going to college is two terms as a foreign exchange student at Occidental College.

  5. Barak Obama’s entire life is one big lie! He’s a Muslim born bastard groomed to infiltrate and cripple America.

  6. Barak Obama’s entire life is a lie! He’s a Kenya born bastard Muslim groomed to infiltrate and topple America.

  7. That’s gratitude for you what with Affirmative Action and Welfare I feel like I put both of them through Law School. Talk about “biting the hand that feeds you.” When they say “No shame to my game” I guess they mean they don’t mind treading on thin ice. Personally I’ve lost my patience with them. They’re a pair low-life embezzlers. That’s my final assessment. They seem to endorse the philosophy that “Politics breeds prosperity” in other words EMBEZZLEMENT. What part of that can’t they understand? They could lose everything. Infamy not posterity.

  8. She said the only time she was proud of Americans is after Obama ??‍♀️was elected. Notice how the Obama’s always show their hatred for America when making speeches over seas disapproval of white men and now old white men since Biden is running for President ??‍♀️


  10. He’s just very superstitious and primitive in his understanding of his fellow man tending to making simplistic assessments and stereotyping not to mention obsessing almost to the point of fetishism.

  11. May I suggest burning a cross as emblematic that their persecution complex(es) viz a viz their use of religious symbolism for political clout is(are) unacceptable?

  12. Obama aka Osama was the worst, sorry for my word “president “in history of USA ,corruption, love ISIS and terrorist because he is Muslim, racist and many, many other bad things he did, he supposed have to spend rest of his life in maximum security prison!!!!!!!

  13. Redman, I don’t know who you think you are but you’re not the most intelligent! You sound like you’re a real butt bump, seeing you seem to know a lot about them!

  14. Hey redman why dont you attack Jesus Christ in your rants could it be fear keeps you from it good now repent before it’s too late

  15. Hey redman why dont you attack Jesus Christ in your rants could it be fear keeps you from it good now repent before it’s too late


  17. Redman always the stupid obamas legacy is he almost succeeded but God stepped in and stopped his evil intentions

  18. Jes look at the racism being posted on here by a bunch of greasy headed trump-butt-bumps who even hate other white-folks. They are some of THE worst TERRORIST in the WORLD. They are to inbreed stupid ta even care dat trump is a lying, crooked, money stealing, racist dat will soon leave dem behind to be whining like lil trump-butt-bumps babies. And when he sink julie-anna next, he will run into Russia wit all kinds of info. about the country like his son “Snowden” dat you idiots don’t seem to remember, or mention anymore. Yes, you idiots. snowden is the one in Russia doing the hacking, while trump have you butt-bumps hoodwinked. hahahahahaha

  19. Nah, terri unruh. You’re jes another trump idiot. trump the bump is riding on Obama’s wave. trump has caused everyone in his cult to end up in prison, and his corrupt time is short now. haahahahaha

  20. Hey, patty overbite. trump-ah-hump a tramp like you while lying his way into Russia, He fires anybody who doesn’t ride his lying, money hustling money train. hahaahahaha

  21. The “master” gummy CPL USMC re-tard is a shell-shocked subhuman who is a inbred from Georgia dat was a low life at birth, and is now about knee high to a rat butt licker. simpleton fi. “allways” dumb and racist like his mama. hahaahahaha

  22. “Obama” is way smarter den any of you greasy headed trump-butt-bumps. And doesn’t have anything bad against him like old lying, money greedy trump does, and you whine-o’s hate him simply because his black, and was yo president. jim-bo-pig. hahahahahaha

  23. A first-time president elect of the United States is not obligated to know anything beyond whatever it takes to survive as a man in society for no shorter than a certain amount of time. When that man takes the oath to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, to the best of his ability; he, in order to make good on his word, will either read the Constitution or follow the advice of another federal officer who has both read it and also taken an oath to preserve it. Advice! That is the key here. In every nation, the head of state, and the head of government, has advisers in addition to assistants, to help him or her execute his or her job functions in a manner that neither contradicts the law nor jeopardizes the essential capabilities of the corresponding government.

    The person neither has to be an administrative expert nor already have a civic background, military background, political background or business background when first assuming office, any of which are helpful. Expertise is something to be gained over time in office. In Donald Trump’s case, he already had experience in managing multiple businesses.

    What does a President of the United States really do? The job basically entails managing the Cabinet of the United States, which is comprised of Heads of Departments of the executive branch of the United States. Each Head of Department simply manages the many heads of subdepartments within the corresponding Department, and every head of a subdepartment simply manages the subordinate managers of the corresponding subdepartment personnel bearing all the fancy qualifications, equipment, clearances and details, necessary for carrying out the constitutional duties of the President as well as the legal duties and contractual obligations of the executive branch overall along with organizations lawfully subordinate to the executive branch.

  24. Don’t hold your breath! I do not think he would do that for O. Wishful thinking. More like sending him on a round-trip ticket to Gitmo.

  25. obummer was nothing more than a worthless, useless, american hating, muslim loving racist. president trump doesn’t take a pay check, but we’re still paying the half breed from when he was president and should’ve never been elected because he was born in kenya. to bad he doesn’t take that wife of his and children back to his roots.

  26. He is out of office take anything he say’s with a grain of salt. He tried to screw up our country , now he want’s to have a say. He is now more important than Micky Mouse.

  27. Why would Trump an America loving President want the help of an America HATING MORON like Obozo??? Obozo tried to tear America down from the instant he was sworn in while Trump has done nothing but try to build America up after Obozo’s reign of terror and he started from the day after he was Elected fixing all Obozo’s damage. Of the Two it is Obozo who knows nothing which he proved daily. S

  28. Review DJT’s Congressional Hearing in the 80’s.
    Review previous “know nothing’ post. o’ REFERS to
    Dbl speak ‘set up’….

  29. What the hell are you smoking you better take up reading about Donald Trump. He has done more for this country that any president. get real

  30. BHO said DJT knows nothing? This is the reason someone coined the phrase “that’s the pot calling the kettle black”!
    Obama was a Chicage community organizer and one term senator who had spent his entire life as a race baiting rabble rouser thug! If he was so knowledgeable, why didn’t he “fix” Chicago? They have the toughest anti gun laws with the highest murder and crime rate per year per capita in America! I think he ran for the Senate to escape it!
    DJT was a businessman who had studied politics and problems in America from the outside his entire life. He was so knowledgeable about the problems in America and had such good ideas on how to fix them, the Dems and Republicans loved him and “asked” for his advice! Between what BHO did to the country for eight destructive years and the progress DJT has made in three years, while fighting the Dems everyday to keep from being impeached because of their hatred of him, he has done a magnificent job!
    Of the two men, BHO and DJT, I’ll take President Trump any day and any time!

  31. Obama was the biggest puppet ever in office. He had no knowledge of anything political and couldn’t do speeches unless using a teleprompter.barak didn’t do a anything without a higher power scripted it for him.Its insulting that barak could say that Trump is dumb. Trump is a genius! He goes before his audience unscripted and is knowledgeable about what he has planned for America’s future. That’s the whole reason why the deepstate needed Trump to lose the last election!

  32. It is my considered opinion that our current GREAT President will, before the end of his term, end up pardoning Barack Obama, for all the illegalities he pulled on the American people during HIS 8 years of beyond illegal actions.

  33. The Kenyan muslim/marxist demonstrates every negative stereotype about blacks that the KKK ever identified and publicized.

  34. Hubert please explain what you received from Obama being president! Calling Trump a liar, so you can’t accept the Truth? Obama lie like hell! And black voter got throw under the bus! Because Obama try to put all black people on welfare program.

  35. Some dumb education fool with a freaky name! I bet you can’t even tell us one thing you benefit from Obama? Matter of fact Trump is NOT GETTING PAY FOR THE PRESIDENT JOB

  36. Sgt. USMC thank you for your service. You are so right. My husband was in the Navy spent 16 of his 30 yrs with Marines as a Corpsman. Two tours in Nam. Semper FI Do Or Die. Welcome Home Brother from my husband.

  37. Excellent response Rickey to numb skull Dominic. God bless President Trump Trump 2020. Happy Thanksgiving. PS President Trump is draining the swamp just as he said he would. That’s what all the non- Trumper’s are afraid of.

  38. Well said Greg. He is just a well spoken, self centered, egotistical, Muslim CON MAN, who sent BILLIONS to Iran as they chanted Death To America. He should be tried for Treason.

  39. You are absolutely right. obama was never legally president and should be hanged for treason. He’s evil, satanic, demonic and maybe the antichrist. He put grown men in bathrooms with little girls and wants insurance to pay for sex change operations. He’s EVIL
    I would love to see him in prison

    Our great President Trump is trying to fix the mess our country is in. God bless and protect him and our country.

  40. terry you better think again about the worst president ever
    . For the first two years of oboma being in office he took away our Social Security and what did he do with it.I think he out it in his own pocket. He is the worst of the worst bar none. At least President Trump has brought work back to the United States. And he isn’t trying to sell us out to an other country I love my Country and I will vote for President Trump in 2020 and would vote for him for a 3rd and 4th term if possible. God forbid if we have another oboma and clinton in office we might as well give up and weather away,to each his or her own but I don’t want our great Nation to go down hill again.Let us make America Great Again with Trump again. And put God back in our lives and everything will turn out fine.

  41. The corruption of the Obama era is so significant that if Trump didn’t get elected, I feel that USA would have been doomed.
    Thanks to GOD, we were saved from destruction.

  42. Imagine that. An empty headed private citizen with NO political accumen whatsoever, and still he manages, in 3 short years, with no help from the House of Representatives NOR the news media, to fix 95% of what it took you 8 years to foul up, rescue the African-American community from your former malfeasance, and create an economy 8 Times MORE successful than YOU thought possible. Go figure! I guess you may be even MORE inept than we thought.

  43. Dominic, must be a 2nd grader in school. Isn’t intelligent enough to think for his self yet. Just repeating what the fake news keeps reporting.

  44. Obrainfart should of been on the front line that way he would of been one of the first ones to go but I would never trust him to be on ourside. He was and always be atraitor

  45. If he doesn’t know anything why do we have record job growth. Obama is the worst qualified ever. Never held a real job,was so wish washy he voted present 94% of the time he was in Congress. Being a community organizer, what ever that is, certainly doesn’t qualify him for any job in the government. Biggest fraud ever on the American people.

  46. If he’s only there to get money, then why is he the only president to loose net worth after becoming president? Your Obummer went from 1.3 million to over a hundred million so who actually made money from being president?

  47. So, he lied, not one of us is perfect. He didn’t mean to lie, it was an accident. Can’t we all just get to hell along? Look, these social-libs, it’s in their nature to lie, It can’t be helped, especially if they’re stupid looking!

  48. The other day 0n Radio, Limbaugh explained the “know nothing”
    comment as in :[obama] “He [Trump] knows absolutely nothing,”
    Referring to ‘activities’ re PRE & Current Presidency .fbi/comey/ cia -brennan /clapper/ steele dossier/ Hillary/Fisa 0n & 0n.
    Take it for what it’s worth.___ Short;y After Inaugueation = Trump KNew re
    ‘All the ‘stuff’___

  49. No Donald tRump is the worst we ever had. He doesn’t know a damn thing about the office except to get money in HIS pocket. He is the most unqualified person to ever hold the office…….PERIOD

  50. I am from Georgia peanut carter was worst president in my life time and i am 75 years old. He is now #2 as obamer is #1. He hates the amercian people and loves the musliam and the teroest. He hates the malitary who fight am put or ass on the line to keep this great nation free and obama and the commie democrats and the liberal nuts in the democrap party want to be in power so they
    Can run this country in the ground. Wake up people we canot servive as s third world back water country. The swamp crooked helery obama will be uncovered soon. SEMPER FI (allways faithfull) USMC RETIRED 30 years.

  51. Past President Obama, I think that he was the worst President we have ever had. When President Trump was elected, the United States was in the worst shape, Since Former President, Herbert Hoover. Now, we are in he best shape, since Former President, Ronald Regan. Quit picking on our current President Donald Trump and lets Re-Elect him in 2020, for 4 more years.

  52. Read the accounts of the transition and Trump’s use of anyone with experience in government. Look at the chaos and cabinet shifts that have occurred! Has any president matched what we see now?

  53. My God hsve you ever got that waisted! Just look sh the video documented evidence! But please document rvidence to support your nonsense!

  54. How can you tell if Odumma is lying? When his lips are moving. He is the lowest form of life there is. The only reason that he became president is because of support from Soros.

  55. Obama was a make-over of phantom of the opera.. A figure-head, a token, a “stiff” and a bum.. They only reason he became President was to secure a place where he could spy from the Oval Office “AS IF” the “most powerful man in the World” (Oprah Winfrey’s interview immediately after hearing the election results of 2008.) But this was the beginning of the end of Black Nationalism and Black Power which rely on the underworld, black market, and organized crime to proliferate their favorite commodity VICES.. “the EASY way out”.. but in order to be successes there they must operate in secrecy and anonymity.. To some degree collectivism offers that but they can afford to “name names”.. And having Blacks in elected office actually does not help promote their “preferred condition of servitude” which is corruption and crime..

  56. What he meant was Trump wasn’t aware of all the booby traps Obama left in the WH. Well, of course at first glance one wouldn’t necessarily suspect the former President at foul play. Under a microscope I think Trump has been extremely tactful about Obama’s pseudo-Presidency.. Obama was obviously some kind of “plant”.. in the WH just for the sake of occupancy.. like a spy.. I mean what was Trump to say to acknowledge he was “woke” (barf)? “Ding, dong the witch is dead.. Which ole witch? The wicked witch. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead..”

  57. What he meant was Trump wasn’t aware of all the booby traps Obama left in the WH. Well, of course at first glance one wouldn’t necessarily suspect the former President at foul play… but under a microscope.. I think Trump has been extremely tactful about Obama’s pseudo-Presidency.. Obama was obviously some kind of “plant”.. in the WH just for the sake of occupancy.. like a spy.. I mean what was Trump to say to acknowledge he was “woke” (barf)? “Ding, dong the witch is dead.. Which ole witch? The wicked witch. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead..”

  58. Obama is just jealous of Trump because Trump actually knows what he’s doing, and he is doing a better job than Obama did, and he is undoing all of Obama’s burdensome regulations.

  59. 0bama is a white hating American hating half breed muslim born in Kenya if he doesn’t repent he and his hatred will burn in Gods hellfire forever

  60. That from an unrepentant community organizer is indeed rich. Obama’s default positions of the race card and surrender was obvious throughout his disastrous administration.

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