Barack Obama told this huge lie about Trump. You won’t believe how Trump fired back

Barack Obama can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

Every time Trump rolls back another piece of Obama’s legacy it rubs salt in the wound of the former President.

And Barack Obama told this huge lie about Trump. You won’t believe how Trump fired back.

On Sunday, Barack Obama posted a tweet marking the anniversary of when Obama signed the nearly one trillion dollar “stimulus” bill into law.

The bill was an utter failure as the Obama administration posted the weakest economic recovery in American history – a point Donald Trump made in his Tweets responding to Obama attempting to take credit for President Trump’s historic economic boom.

President Trump fired back at Obama by tweeting, “Did you hear the latest con job? President Obama is now trying to take credit for the Economic Boom taking place under the Trump Administration.”

“He had the WEAKEST recovery since the Great Depression, despite Zero Fed Rate & MASSIVE quantitative easing,” Trump continued. “NOW, best jobs numbers ever. Had to rebuild our military, which was totally depleted. Fed Rate UP, taxes and regulations WAY DOWN. If Dems won in 2016, the USA would be in big economic (Depression?) & military trouble right now. THE BEST IS YET TO COME. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!”

During Obama’s time in office he rarely talked up the economy.

Instead he blamed President George W. Bush for leaving him a mess.

That strategy made sense as Obama had little to no economic record of achievement to speak of and the Fake News Media would gladly give Obama a pass to focus on Bush.

But after eight years of whining about his predecessor, Obama is showing a lot nerve to claim credit for Donald Trump’s economic boom.

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  1. Obama needs to keep quiet. He is no longer in the WH and under his administration the US was sinking and GOD gave us Donald Trump. Like him or hate him is irrelevant. He has kept his promises and America is prospering, military funding increased, building a border wall, tax reductions, fair trade deals, pulled out of IRAN deal and Climate change. If the Democrats would work with Trump, he would have already had infrastructure in place, welfare reform, deficit reduction, etc. What have I received from the Democrats is the past 20 years? Higher taxes, lower education standards, illegal immigration, higher welfare, illegal voting, illegals receiving handouts,etc. and they want me to vote Democrat? WHY???????????????

  2. He still believes he is President just like Kerry still believes he is Secretary of State.

    The sad fact is the two will get away w/ anything they do. Obama has been working steadily since Trump was elected to undermine elections @ every level. The media is still supporting him & Michelle while those of us who pay taxes are paying for all their trips.

  3. Obama was the most terrible president this country has ever had. Like one person above me said he went around the world to other countries putting America down and also putting Christians down and saying their religion is false. Well I am very glad he is gone and I wish we could kick him out of our country and shame on him for taking credit for the economy. Obama, PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE ONE THAT IS MAKING OUR ECONOMY GREAT AGAIN AND HE IS MAKING AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN AND HE ACTUALLY LOVES AMERICA quite unlike you Obama.

  4. Benghazi,Tea Party Scandal,Secretary of State Hillary deleting 33,000 emails that were under supoena, smashing her blackberries with a hammer, bleachbitting her had drives, Lois Learner and the IRS scandal, spying on Carter Page to get to Trump, hiding his agenda and friends from Chicago, the (un)affordable care act, the 1.7 billion dollar website, the 150 billion dollars in cash he gave to Iran, the largest supporter of terrorism in the world and the Fast and the Furious just to name a few of Barry O’s lies and covered up scandals. Barry was lying every time his mouth moves. He’s the crook.

  5. Methinks we get what we deserve. Too many Americans do not do their own vetting of candidates. One only has to study the accomplishments, or lack thereof, of the candidates to determine their suitability to hold higher office. Following the MSM is not the way to vet a candidate; it takes some real effort. It starts with caring enough to do your own homework.

  6. All Obama did and mostly the first 4 years was complain and complain about “the previous administration” and all that was going bad was because of “the previous administration” I got so sick of that and how he always said “he had pen in hand…” that I changed affiliation which should have done long before because I realized I had never in the past voted for a Democrat president, only voted for those I thought were better for the country and Democrat candidates were NOT.

    Egotistical Obama: The worse president this country has ever had… has the nerve to take credit for Trump’s economy… I still don’t understand why some people say he was a great speaker… yes, of lies!

  7. Why is he STILL being addressed as ‘President’? He’s no longer in this position. Please…let’s stop the stupidity!

  8. Everything about this pure imposter Obama is a lie and a fraud. He is not an American citizen, his man-wife is a man, his children are not his, and he lies incessantly. He did NOTHING for this country. He is full of hate for this country and showed it time and time again. He needs to be deported and tried for treason – giving all of that money to Iran – and no one said anything about that? Imagine if Trump did that – there would be nonstop investigations. Obama is a true DEPLORABLE, and so is his disgusting man-wife Michael. They need to go away and never be heard of again.

  9. This is what happens when a bunch of low information idiot voters only care about putting the first African American in the white house.
    You get a guy like Obama. If it weren’t for idiots, the democrats would never win another election.

  10. Benghazi pardons the worlds greatest terrorist then gets mad because Trump kills him without first telling Congress. Held a meeting with MS13 leader and at least 3 other terrorist leaders at the white house to guarantee that they would have easy entrance to the USA without fear of deportation. Helped Biden cover up Biden’s son’s involvement with burisma. Traveled around the world apologizing to everybody for our existence. Yeah sounds like a great president that would never lie. Yeah right. Notice that he claims to be born in Hawaii, the state that has horrible record keeping. They can’t find anyone’s birth certificate

  11. Scott27. What are you on? The economy under Obama was horrible. Remember the mfg jobs when Obama said they were gone and never coming back. What is Trump going to do waive his magic wand? Oboma has so many regulations it stopped our economy. You my man are an idiot!!!

  12. Scott27
    FEBRUARY 20, 2020 AT 7:38 AM

    What flavor of the OBozo Kool-Aid are you drinking? Obozo did NOTHING to boost the economy, and now he is trying to take credit for what PRESIDENT Trump has done. You are just another sick brain-dean DUMBOCRAT !

  13. In his last three years in office, more jobs were created under Obama than in the first three years of trump. That”s a fact, folks.

  14. Yes it is a good thing Obama is gone. BUT the real sad thing is we will have to listen to his whining for the next 20+ years and he will fleece us of money he does not deserve and protection for who knows how many years.

  15. Obama, once you said that Does Mr. President Trump has Magical wand to get the jobs back & improve the economy which you had predicted also a recession in the coming years of Mr. President Trump time, or you had forgotten your words dummy, do you have any type of amnesia or you have Alzheimer or maybe you are playing a fool lair Obama/Michael

  16. B Husain


    Husain Obama should be deported as an illegal alien. (BERNIE) Was educated in the USA as a foreign student! LOOK IT UP! His presidency was a set up & we took it line & sinker! Perhaps we should ask SOROS & his many TENTACLES throughout the WORLD! Who is watching? SOROS IS STILL PAYING FOR HIS ”WORLD ORDER’ FANTASY! He’s not too far from his dream if people don’t wake up & educate themselves of the EVIL that is lurking & hiding their takeover America & the World!

  17. Obummer / Barry the Traitor , can not take credit for anything good for our country . Now putting the USA trillions of dollars indebt , and our military , and vets being short changed , and weakened . Yes , he can put that in his bucket of crap , that he left for the American people !!

  18. Obama was the worst president in the past 50 years (since I’ve been voting). Everthing he did should be ERASED from American History.
    He was not a LEGAL president, lied about everything that mattered and pretened to be the best thing out there. The only reasons he was elected in the first place was 1.-minority…Black, and 2.-imposter supported by OPM and crooked Democratics who’d do anything to ‘manage’ the White House.

  19. W hat political party is responsible for choosing Obummer WITHOUT PROPERLY VETTING?
    What other President/s sealed their records? WHY?There are Too many uanswered questions

    Don the Realist

  20. For sure Obama should be very proud he has Obamacare, stimulus package and shovel ready crap. Do not forget Solyndra. Great accomplishments. He goes to history as THE WORST PRESIDENT E EVER. Carter maybe a very happy camper.

  21. He shouldn’t even be appointed a dogcatcherHe knows when history is set straight ,he will be the worst president ever for the United States

  22. Just another lie from the chief liar! Bathhouse Barry couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended upon it. I don’t believe anything out of Barry’s mouth.
    He was a failure at anything that required work.
    He was a lazy POS, wouldn’t even wake up until 10:30 am. That’s after the world was up for most of the day. He wasn’t able to respond to much of anything going on in the world. While our POTUS is tweeting at around 3 am. Which means DJT probably sleeps about 3 hours a night. He’s always working hard for the American people.
    While Barry just thought he was supposed to throw parties in the WH.

  23. People should have figured out that he hated this country when they all stood together on that podium, with the rest of those on stage holding their hand over their heart while the half-black jackass stood there with his hand over his crotch! He brayed like a jackass and the fake news media fawned over him, and the dimwitcrats applauded him! He is a TRAITOR, a THIEF, and a FRAUD, and deserves nothing less than a noose around his skinny neck for high treason!

  24. Obama’s shovel ready was to the economic recovery what Obamacare was to healthcare costs and Obama inciting racial strife.The most important thing Obama’s pork bill did was raise the baseline for future continuing resolutions.

  25. I have absolutely nothing good to say about Barack Hussein Obama, except Good by! His was the worse administration in this nation’s history. Plain and simple. I still say that once his educational records are revealed the world will know the con job he and George Soros pull on the Democrat party and ultimately the entire nation of the USA. He personally pulled more treasonous than any other elected official including Benedict Arnold. I think that the world will be better off if he were not in it. This country would definitely be better off without him in it. But Wouldn’t want him ousted on conjectures. I want him ousted on undeniable facts.


  27. Trump has accomplished all of this despite the 3 year attack on his character by the democommunist party. Imagine what he could have accomplished if he was pampered and coddled like Obama was by the MSM. Trump is like the closest thing to superman this country has ever seen. He deserves a 3rd term.

  28. What is the biggest handicap to businesses and the economy?
    Answer: Taxes and regulations.
    Obama must think we are all really stupid to believe the economy could flourish under his taxes and EPA regulations. It wasn’t until Trump reduced taxes and got rid of all the stupid EPA climate change regulations that the economy started to recover.
    What is Obama trying to take credit for???????

  29. Let see! Michelle/ Micheal and two phoney daughter took Vacation all over the world at TAXPAYERS expenses. Obama spend more time on the GOLF COURSE. His famous line was he was TRYING TO GET AS GOOD AS TIGER WOODS! Another thing was use ERIC HOLDER TO THREATENED ANYBODY WHO SPOKEN OUT AGAINST HIM.

  30. You would think by now folks would realize that Obama was the greatest and is the greatest terrorist threat this Country has ever faced. Even in retirement he continues to stir the pot. He should be arrested and jailed for all the times he has broken the law.

  31. I thought the same thing when I read the first few sentences.
    For 8 years Obama blamed Bush for everything wrong with the economy, and now that Trump has saved it, Obama wants to claim he’s responsible for it. The man is a clown, and should be an embarrassment to everyone that thought it was so important to elect the first black president. What a choice you folks made.
    Obama’s stimulus package was nothing more than kickbacks.

  32. Barry Sotero was and is a fraud in every way possible. A Kenyan by birth, changed name,
    even allowed own relatives to die on welfare, pardoned thousands of convicted drug dealers, donated over 1 billion to Iranian terrorism, etc. A legacy that will live in infamy.

  33. Barry Sotero was a fraud. He so weakened the USA that the only man willing and able to repair it was President Trump. What galls me is that, for the most part, Barry gets away with all the crap he spews as the main street media genuflects.

  34. Still tryin to salvage that pathetic “legacy” by assuming credit for everything Trump does! What a chump!!!!!!

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