Barack Obama used four words to attack Donald Trump that will make your blood boil

Barack Obama is back.

The former President threw himself into the midterm campaign.

But he used four words to attack Donald Trump that will make your blood boil.

Obama spoke at a rally in Ohio for Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Rob Cordray.

The former President laid into President Trump without using his name.

He claimed to say America was not a healthy democracy because voters did not reject “bigots and fear mongers.”

It was impossible to avoid the fact that he smeared the President of the United States.

Breitbart reports:

“People are stressed. And they’re anxious. And it seems that all the chatter and anger on television doesn’t match up to their lives. And it frays our civic trust. And it makes people feel that the game is rigged, and nobody’s looking out for them. And historically, in those kinds of conditions, that’s ripe for opportunists to try to exploit America’s history of division: racial, ethnic, religious.”

Obama went on to say as the November elections near, politicians will pull out the old “playbook” of pitting people against each other.

“In a healthy democracy, when everybody’s participating and paying attention, and listening, voting, people of good will in both parties, they call out bigots and fear mongers,” the former president told the crowd. “And then they work to compromise. And they work to get things done. But, when there’s a vacuum in our democracy, when we don’t vote, when we take our basic rights for granted, other voices fill the void. Demagogues get out there. They promise simple fixes to complicated problems.”

Still without mentioning any names, Obama claimed these “demagogues” will make it harder for young people, minorities and poor people to vote, all while giving billionaires “outside influence.”

Democrats always have one play in their playbook.

Call Republicans racist.

It failed in 2016, but they continue to try and smear Trump with this label.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in the 2018 midterm elections.



      • Obama sounds like the little kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and wound up in the corner. That was the worst eight years of our lives, including the time spent in Viet Nam. The left had better wake up and smell the success or find a new hole to crawl into. MAGA RVN 68-69

    • How many non-white or female members do you find in the current government? Any conclusions…?????
      One new record the government has achieved and the stable genius forgot to mention:
      The national debt is highest since WWII!????

      • You appear to be as dense as a cinder block when it comes to economics. In the past 73 years since the end of WW2 the cost of living has also increased (the highest since WW2), wages have increased (the highest since WW2), THE COST OF GOVERNMENT HAND OUTS IS THE HIGHEST SINCE WW2, the cost to the government to provide these handouts is the highest SINCE WW2. I’m going to give you the benefit of a doubt crediting you of having an IQ of at least a high enough double digit to understand how all of this ties together. If not maybe a junior high school student can explain it to you. Or are you one of the zombies that thinks everyone should get a free college education and the money to provide it will magically appear!

    • Wow, u sure hit the nail on the head, Ur absolutely correct, what do u suppose he thinks he’s accomplished ? Absolutely nothing that I can possibly see!!!!!!!

  1. “Fear mongers and bigots”. He must be talking about himself and the whole DNC. Does anybody with a brain listen to this ignorant a$$hole?

    • Funny how he tries to turn everything around to make it sound like all the things they have been doing was actually Republicans! These people make me mad for the fact that they think we are stupid enough to believe their rhetoric!!

  2. I thought PAST President Obama studied and taught Constitutional Law. Seems he has forgotten we are NOT a democracy we ARE a REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!

  3. Obama is jealous of what Trump has accomplished in his less than 2 years in office, while in the 8 years in office Obama managed to tear the country apart and raise the deficit hire than any ohter president. Obama and his wife are the racists, I’ve never seen 2 people more racist than the 2 of them. He is still telling stories, which I don’t believe are true, to gain sympathy. They hate white people, it doesn’t matter if they or rich or poor.

    • U certainly do have that right, obama did absolutely nothing for this precious country, during his term, now he’s sticking his “nose” into Trumps affairs, I don’t believe, no other X- President has ever done this to a incoming President before, ……..I think he’s doing this, because he’s SO jealous of ALL Trump is doing THAT he didn’t do, I’ll never believe obama EVER has loved these United States of America, ever, I honest to God Almighty, HE DIDNT, he certainly never showed it, like Trump has , got it you hypocrites!?????

      • Obama’s three words are me, myself and I. This is the rhetoric of a narcissist and not the leader of the greatest country in the world. He and his cronies or cohorts will never understand that. Neither will the kindergarden media. MAGA RVN 68-69

    • FYI the national debt is now highest since WWII…????
      Thanks for the economic wisdom and expertise of the patriotic GOP Christian government. ????

  4. What is the problem ? Trump IS a Bigot and his whole Administration and Voting Base is predicated on Fear Mongering. He is also a blatant Racist, but Obama chose not to put that into his comments. In the Words of your Dear Leader :”Real power is – I don’t even want to use the word – Fear”.

  5. When is this fraud we had for 8 years going to disappear. This mulatto still thinks he is the president. Time for him and the she/he get out of our lives.

  6. “Somebody” should tell Dr. J.D./DIANE that if the good Dr. is going to profess to being a white male with a doctorate in academics, she must try harder. Her comments are full of grammatical, punctuation and structure errors. No selfrespecting doctor of education would put out such bad work. Hmmmm, maybe someone has misrepresented the truth in oh so many ways. ya think? Elites should not talk down to anyone, ever. It will come back to bite you on the butt and besides it’s not nice! 🙂 🙂

    • Will somebody please tell me and the rest of America why this disgusting thieving liberal black POS is still relevant andshoved down our throats? The liberals have done absolutel;y NADA, ZILCH, ZIPPO, SQUAT, ZERO, NOTHING and BUPKUS to move us forward. Instead, they act like spoiled brats on the school yard ’cause they lost big time and didn’t ‘get it their way’. Newsflash: This is real life and not Burger King, you sometimes don’t get it your way!. They need to ‘suck it up’, deal with it and realize the American people got wise to them and decided to move us in another direstion with President Trump. Although President Trump had no political exprience before taking office, he was ELECTED LEGALLY by the majority of American voters. Time to put the gamnes and name calling behind and help move us forward. ‘Nuff said on this subject, let’s move forward!

    • JoeBronco, you have nailed this freak who was illegally installed as President of the United States in 2009. Sucks, he isn’t even a US Citizen by birth as the constitution requires.

  7. Obama could not have been elected if more white people than black had voted for him. He did more to agitate racial tensions than any President in the last 100 years. He so readily called the same people who elected him as racists. So what does that make him? Less than 12% of the electorate was black. That means more than 40% of us racists voted for Obama. CUT THE RACISTS CRAP, you liberals, you make yourself not only look stupid, it reveals that you ARE STUPID.

  8. On Donald Trump, My perception is. “Let’s see what he gets done.” Let’s stop banging on the pilot’s door and trying to pull the guy out of the pilot’s seat while he’s still flying the plane. You might not like how he’s flying the plane but let’s see how he lands it. Tim Allen,

  9. President Obama is exactly right about this one. Trump appealed to bigots and used fear based tactics all through his campaign. It’s hard to work up any sympathy for Trump because the author claims he was “smeared”. Trump spent all has been smearing good people since he announced his run for the White House.

      • Opossum you and shit biscuit are like typical commies. You assholes don’t know what a bigot is. A favorite smear from antiamerican pricks.

        • Well, there Dan goes again, as Reagan would say. The article talked about the empty tag of “racists” but Dan likes to label everyone he does not like with a Trumpette label of “commies” and then spice it liberally with vulgarities. Not all conservatives are racists, but those that use racist terms, and put downs and say racist things, which is all too common among conservatives, sure fit the mold.

        • Actually, I do know what a racist is. David Duke is one and he had high praise for Trump when he was elected. There are many other examples to choose from but that proves President Obama’s point.

        • Dog biscuit and o possum..2 readings y president trump is our president.enough people woke up and got sick and tired of listening social c suckers like u 2

    • Golly Gee Gomer, I’m sure glad you liberals have never smeared Trump. Or do I remember about a million stupid moronic attacks on him? Wasn’t it demon crats that were yelling Russian collusion even before the inauguration. Let’s see wasn’t it Hil liar y that paid for a phony dossier on Trump before the election was decided. Wasn’t it the FBI who tried to set Trump up? Wasn’t it Strozk and Page who lied over and over again, before he was elected? Wasn’t it Mccabe who supported the phony investigation. Wasn’t it Rosenstein who ordered a special counsel on the basis of the lies he helped start. Wasn’t it Comey who lied, and lied, and lied again about the president. Wasn’t it the Obama white house who helped formulate the biggest Scam in American history to bring down a sitting president, put into planning before Trump ever took office. People with a memory like yours are referred to as either senile or just plain stupid! Which applies to you?

      • They are just stupid,ignorant,and do not want to hear those facts..they call it funny numbers,funny math etc..this is y liberals suck.its’s a disease they caught from listening to liberal media

    • Mike; he’s not illegal; not kenyan; not muslim; and not homosexual. But you just keep spewing those lies and that garbage. It adds so much to an adult and sane discourse… NOT. If you can’t offer anything to a reasoned, sane, adult discourse, maybe just keep quiet. You know the old saying: better to be quiet and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

      • Scott27: Obviously you think highly of President Obama. Can you tell me who benefited from his term in office? What greatness did he really accomplish that Americans really wanted and is lasting that benefits all? Did he bring the races together in harmony? Did he tell the truth about Benghazi or try to save those individuals? Did he help our Military maintain its superiority. Why has he hidden his academic backgrounds, his birth certificate issues, and reportedly nefarious activities? What was his record like while a senator from Illinois? Why would he not wear an American Flag on his lapel like all other POTUS have until it became a huge issue? Why did he bow to a Foreign King? Why did he get caught telling Putin he would have more room to work after the mid term elections? I won’t even get into the marriage part and suspicions. I am having a problem trying to figure all this out, maybe you can help? I am not defending Trump, but I am questioning the reluctance of Obama to let the newly and duly elected POTUS do his job without his interference, just as all other POTUS have in the past. Why doe he feel it’s necessary to keep stirring up racial divides, spreading apparent lies, and causing more problems? His term is over, he is history. He should fade away like a stinky fart in wind as all other POTUS have before him, but he lingers and just stink up the place, why?

        • It is easy to tell who received from his eight years in the oval office. All of the non-working leftists, the illegals and many freebie seeking others. Now that this is winding down and we are trying to take of hard-working Americans, the left and the media are running scared. RVN 68-69

      • Scott27, dude was just on TV claiming that he was the 1st Kenyan to be an American President. So if that was a lie……add that to all of his other lies and I would not trust anything that he said. He also supports the Muslim Nations and did put his hand on the Koran to swear in as president… check yourself and watch the videos before you say something is not true. EXPECCIALLY when the man himself is proclaiming these things as FACT!!

        • Sandy, he may have said he had Kenyan roots, not that he was the first Kenyan. More likely that he was the first of color. He used two bibles at his swearing in – one once owned by Martin Luther King and one once owned by Abraham Lincoln. The notion that it was a Koran is a ridiculous lie. And the fact you believe it says something about you.

          • Scott27, well said, glad you added some sense to these conspiracy wingnuts who just keep quoting the same FOX, Alex Jones, Rush propaganda. Some of these people are SO ate up in conspiracy thinking that they guess that you and I and Diane and some other person are all one in the same. No matter the evidence, they are like drug addicts or cult followers, and even as Trump said accidentally (because he was actually HONEST), he could shoot someone in broad daylight, kill them and they would still support him.

            The one they won’t listen to is Republican Jindal who said” “Republicans need to quit being the party of stupid.” They love to make ignorant prejudices up and will not mess them up with any factual evidence.


      • not illegal, but ineligible, is kenyan, because g-ma said she was there when he was born in kenya, Not christian either, because he favored muslims over his own country, Homosexual? He lied about everything else so…..

  10. Mirroring – the act of trying to impose one’s own crimes on others. Obama is a master at it and the uninformed buy into it. May all of the left’s crimes be exposed before November. All Dems and RINOs need to be voted out!

  11. The real racist here is Barrack Obama. He hates White people, demonizes them whenever he can and attempts to claim President Trump’s accomplishments as his own.


    • Must be another conspiracy! Could the “Deep State” have your number, your email address, your real name and home address and be shutting down your postings. Have you looked outside your house for people watching you? The “Deep State” – – it is everywhere. Why they planted that birth notice in the Honolulu newspaper about Barack Obama, knowing full well he would be president one day and lead them. They also gave him a birth certificate printed with alien ink that cannot wash away. Yes, they have invested pills that slows the aging down of liberals and makes conservatives look like raisins and dead Puerto Ricans. No wonder Trump does not think Puerto Ricans are dead!

  13. Words against our president , coming from a treasonous , seditious , thief of trillions of taxpayer funds to aid & abet our worst enemies , & serial murderer , along with the
    clintons , and so many other NWO & islamic crimes against America , Terrorist P O S !

    • Look at it this way ,Do we the people need the Government are do those evil corporate cronies along with their banks that are the types of people that formed their government in our country,only after this great free nation was growing in size,with more people coming into this free country as it was,the only country they could come with their families with everything they owned ,including their money,and it had to be their money that those behind their government that they wanted, and to do that those types of wealthy crooks came with their scheme with a government in such a way in fooling even our fore fathers ,and even they knew that if they gave any types of information on those types of people ,they would of been killed ,but our fore fathers were clever,and they used the best laws ever written ,and it was the laws of God that was given to Mosses as his ten commandments for we his people to live by,for which our fore fathers used his laws in such a way that it is unfolding to we the people in our great country who live today ,with their constitution that was written in such ways to protect us from the evil doers behind their government that was created by the wealthy bunch of the worst types of people our God has created,and we the people are seeing how crooked and evil they have become,from those that have gotten in power over this past decade alone,like the Clinton’s to Obama ,and how those types of people can lie in our faces and get away with murder ,as we have seen and heard ,and I for one feel it is our God that is watching over us ,to see how we his people will protect ourselves from those types of evil crooks and murdering thieves on his world he has created for all of us,and maybe what is taking place with Trumps pick Brett Kavanaugh should be taking place on all in branches of politics to see if they are all trust worthy of serving we the people of our country,from before they get into politics to after they get in power,of running their government for we the people ,are they running it only for those types of people mentioned above in ways so that they can rule over we the people of our country with their made up laws,with no laws that can be used against them ,such as we the people have seen taking place With Hillary R. Clinton and her Husband the X president, and why she is still roaming free,and this is the worst run government. I for one of older people in our great country has ever seen in my life time,and it looks like it is taking place with our own money that those same types people that came up with their tax scheme ,and pushed it on we the people as their law ,and to do it ,we had to win world war ll ,So that we the people could pay for the war we won ,and make we the people believe ,we where to be patriotic by helping pay for the war we won,and I for one of the millions of people in our country would like to see those who give we people their news,to dig up the pass news,from over 70 years back when their wage earners tax took place on we the people in our great free country,and one of the best places to get such news is in a library where old news papers are kept,which most people can find on their own ,without getting it from those who give us our news.

  14. hay ,oboma if americans rejected bigots and fear mongers , you would be erelavent , it’s all you democrats know how to do , is put fear in peoples hearts , i have 4 words for oboma, “go f**k yourself oboma” until 2008 racisum was almost never herd of , so they wore that out and now it’s throwing phony sexual assault at every one ,women are the new n words , and blacks have to take a back seat , to them , that’s why i live alone , i ain’t putting up with their stupid bitching and complaining about stupid crap

  15. Once again Obama’s lips are moving and nothing but lies is spewing forth. The only People angry are the Liberals and the Demoncraps who still can’t believe that their chosen Queen got her ass kicked in the election. And they are still sore losers about it. They do not have Americans best interest at heart but their desire to control us at every turn and every bit of our lives because they think that we are to stupid to live our lives without their guidence. Demoncraps care more about ILLEGALS than they do about Natural American Citizens because the ILLEGALS don’t know how many timews that the Demoncraps have stabbed Americans in the back or being lied to for decades by them. These attacks coming from the Fraud who committed TREASON EVERYDAY HE WAS IN OFFICE.

  16. We’ll probably have to look hard to find how many people show up at Barry’s next appearance. There were fewer than 1000 at this one. It’s all about optics and protecting whatever it is they consider to be his legacy. Another key indicator of the disappearing Obama ‘glow’ will be evident when Moochie starts her ‘talk n hawk’ book tour this month. They’ve included some sizable venues. Be interesting to see if she can fill them. You know they revile the fact that wherever POTUS Trump shows up the crowds are ALWAYS overflowing.

  17. Obama is displaying the horrifying symptoms of the dreaded ultra liberal disease which in all cases seems to make the user appear stupid!

  18. i agree obama did start to try and bring it around but yes trump has done good for the economy but what he has done for the country cant be forgiven to me he has laughed in the face of americans pretty much saying we are fools and he is a puppet master by lying to the country even when he has been caught at the lie, but demands we believe everything he says. to me your not unaccountable when your the president you should be even more accountable because how can you demand justice from anyone if you can’t for yourself, which is wrong just like a president saying if they find the evidence against me i’ll pardon myself and carry on. so if he can why can’t the rest of the country, if we do wrong? we can’t because all americans must be held accountable for our actions and so i feel he should be accountable and if he gave false information to get in he should be removed from office.
    just like to get into office he promised to build a wall to keep out illegal aliens and was going to force mexico to pay for it but they told him to go jump in a lake basicly, so to keep that promise his solution is force america to pay for it or shut down the government til they did i think was the last threat, well mexico said no to it so no matter what you say that promise is broken forcing us to pay for it doesn’t complete that promise, you failed at that promise, just like putting tariffs on china to pay to what you demand, are people that naive to believe china is paying for that, no they are raising the prices we pay for there goods to pay it so why is everyone commending him for jacking the prices on the goods they sell to pay it. just to say one more thing about the wall he demands and everyone is jumping at him building if he had to start a go fund me account to raise the money to build it how many of your would donate to build it because if you aren’t willing to donate to building it you should not be saying give him the money to build it. and if you are willing to donate to build the wall where is the gofundme account for people to donate to and there wouldn’t be an issue of his wall anymore otherwise its a dead issue

    • Obama sounds like he is describing himself here , not Trump. and as far as a “go fund me page” . that is called income tax , we are already donating , and that money is being used to fund the illegals,which we the people are sick of doing . So pull your head out of your ass and wake up

    • Good grief. Did you even look at the trade agreement we now have with Mexico? Or don’t you keep up with truth at all. Mexico will be paying for the wall through changes in the trade agreement. They are losing a lot of the unfair fees/tariffs they had been levying on the US and in so doing, we save more than enough money to cover the wall. It is exactly what Trump said would happen. The wall is already being built. It will be finished as promised. If Canada wakes up they can get a better trade deal as well. But they have to stop ripping off our dairy farmers.

    • Patrick – please stop with the liberal lies. Trade agreements are being written with a lot of countries to relieve us of a horrible burden of tariffs that previous Pres did nothing to correct. The work with China is ongoing. The end result will be more fair pricing on both sides. China is maneuvering for position right now so prices are fluctuating. They will come back down though they are not that bad even now. Wait till the negotiation is complete before you condemn the agreement. How can you complain about work that is still in progress? That’s irresponsible and goes along with Obama’s fear mongering tactics. All this garbage about Trump lies is just that – garbage! Liberals keep claiming something they never back up with facts. Try not to fall into their chicken little games and research for actual facts. Something the fake msm doesn’t do.

    • Patrick, In which country did you learn English and writing composition? Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your time attempting to share whatever thoughts you have.

  19. Don’t you realize that you have been the worst president ever I can’t even say your name because you make me sick why why are you trying to belittle president Trump he is the best thing that has ever happened to this country he doesn’t take any crap from the Democratic side because you people can’t buy him like you by everybody else Soros killary you people are really bad you’re going to pay for it in the end you’ll all be sitting in hell with one another it’s a sad sad day when you come out and try to belittle the best president we have ever had. God sent us President Trump for a reason to protect the United States from you corrept idiots.Trump 2020. Vote red in November. God save our President.

  20. Beth, Obama will not go !! He thinks he’s needed to help the Left win elections!!! How pathetic he is ….. America vote RED your freedom depends on it!!!

    • As long as Sorros continues to fund him he will continue, remember he is also fighting to keep himself out of prison for his own treasonous acts. Using Government resources to spy on US. citizens, Uranium sales to Russia, ect. The Democrat party is the slave party they initiated the KKK. When the Democratic party began, the top political officials all owned slaves and had a vested interest in keeping it that way. They haven’t changed.

    • “Bigot” seems to be the Democrat campaign Buzz Word for the 2018 elections. Beto (for the Senate) in Texas has non-stop ads on TV calling Texans bigots….”he is working against bigotry”. I assume he is referring to conservative Texans. He is such a disgusting Libtard going along with the use of abortion for birth control. 60 Million dead babies aren’t enough for him and his Libtard ladies.

      • The Kenyan communist interloper and his regime were the most anti-American proMuslim, corrupt and unethical, RACIST, Criminal Communists that ever darkened our country. NOW the DNC is paying trolls , like you, to post the daily communist propaganda and lies.

        • Butchy, Joan Rivers said it 2x to the paparazzi, that were
          pestering her going upstairs to her apt. Then, shortly after that,
          she went to Dr. appointment for a supposedly ‘simple throat’
          procedure. She never came back. & THAT Was ‘that’. & Documented.
          Try to find that video (if it hasn’t been taken down by googie gulag Google.) I saw it too many times, what she Said. wow. Then i Saw a
          smart phone clip)(from a ‘whistleblower’, )i guess, of ‘o’ & michael in
          a lower level parking structure going to someplace thru a ‘back door’ type of thing, & Was V. Revealing of what Michael was doing.
          >All i can say IS : 8 yrs of a HUGE Boondoggle 0n the USA.

  21. We The People will have our say this coming NOV. election…. Obama the most Pathetic to ever sit in the W/H…… America wake up!!!!! The left is a danger to all Americans!!!!!

  22. Obama is the most disgusting person I have ever heard of or met. He lies, he divides, he’s a Commie in our mist. He hates America, as does his wife, he hates White people as does his wife, and has the nerve to speak in public after all that has been proven and more to come. He is a phony Mulloto.

  23. His comments show his stupidity. The so called “constitutionalist” doesn’t even know that the U.S. is NOT a democracy, it’s a Constitutional Republic. So much for any college he went to, now I know why his records are sealed because it would prove he is nothing more than a “D” student, if that, and as he’s proven dumb as a box of rocks. I believe his background should and MUST be thoroughly investigated and ALL records revealed and the research done by undercover individuals so they cannot be tracked down and killed. Kind of like the woman that signed the certification in Hawaii that he was born there and coincidentally was killed in a plane crash about a week later. Can’t leave any chance of her reneging and telling the truth.

    • odummer is and always nothing more than a piece of shit on americas feet, why hasn,t anything been done to clintons and odummers after all the shit they,ve done to this country and it,s people?

  24. we deplorables get offff our ass and vote babygirl the free loaders dont they are so used to doing nothing voting is a chore they dont show . keep up rhetoric it will work fo republicans . we listen and vote sorry babygirls

  25. Can someone please burst that has-been’s bubble and tell him he is no longer in power?? So his fabrications don’t mean anything. Maybe he just likes to hear his voice.

    • when your nothing and have acomplished nothing you have to try to convince people so you can beleive in your self but in his cas he does not even beleive in him self .he lies until he beleives it him self then tries to make people beleive him trash is trash.trader to this country .OLD VET

    • I think he thinks he is god, (notice I did not capitalize it). He doesn’t deserve it…..GOD does. Obama’s goal, from day one, was to bring us down. That is why God sent Trump to us. I pray every night for God to keep Trump strong, and He is doing so. Who else would be able to put up with all that is thrown at him? I have never seen anything like it. They just keep digging and digging. I am a registered Independent, and I will, at this point, never vote for a democrat, (notice, no capital “D”)…..such poor losers.

  26. That idiot is seeing his false legacy fall apart. That’s why he’s out there shooting off his mouth. What a pathetic commie lying tool.

    • That former president is still much more popular today than is Trump and he would have smashed Trump in any non-rigged election. Trump only won because he ran against Hillary, and she has about as much charm as white bread, just above Ted Cruz. Again, if you don’t like commies, then why support a president like corrupt Donnie who is Putin’s Puppet and has done everything Putin has wanted, well except for removing the sanctions against Russia, which Congress stopped;

  27. He can go to hell. his criminal actions are coming after him for sure. I would say less then 2 months. Then he is done and out of our hair, the dirty muslim rat.!

    • He and Hillary need to be prosecuted for the Benghazi incident. They are responsible for all the deaths that happened during this time frame. I don’t advocate assassination of anyone because that is like Hitler…. however, I will never shed a tear at Obama’s demise.

  28. Odumba is projecting exacty what he did to divide this country onto President Trump! I’d rather be in hell with my neck broke than to listen to the little pinched face creep make another speech! Get on the Trump Train.

  29. This man is the biggest piece of “CRAP” that ever took the office as president.And I cringe every time I call this Jerk the president.He no more was the president of the United States than I was.He is a two timing,double standard,and delusional piece of crap.Putting it mildly .Anyone that voted for this guy fits right in the same category as he does.I think the Democrats put voting machines in the insane asylums across the country so the people that do have much sense could vote.

  30. There is a saying that if in all respects something acts like a duck, there is a probability that it is, indeed, a duck, similarly, Obama’s acts and words show that he is one to whom the n-word can justifiably be applied

  31. Let me get this straight – this clown who did more to divide this country and reinstate racial hatred than anyone in our history has the audacity to claim moral high ground? This is the very same person who all but gutted the Constitution, trampled on our Rights and Freedoms and he is pointing a finger at our President? Not in the history of our nation have you had a former president of this (lack of) character stick their nose back into politics in an all out attempt to tear this country apart again in some sick way to make him feel like he is significant! Well, he’s not – never was, never will be – but he will be remembered as the worst president in the history of our nation!

      • The only reason he even likes to make a speech in the first place is very simple. His man wife will lubricate his throat for him before he speaks and we all know why he has got those big ears, from being pulled on so much while the sick commie fag is being fed his protein shakes by his man wife, or Comey or Muller who ever happens to be around him at the time. I am sure that he doesn’t care as long as he gets fed !

    • Exactly. If he had any brains, he would remain very, very quiet and hope people would forget all about the horrible “job” he did for 8 looonng years.
      Maybe then future historians would be able to write him off as merely the first black president and let it go as that.
      Anyone think that’s possible?

      • Nope,he’s too puffed up with self importance. And besides,he isn’t black,he’s grey at best. Takes 2 black people to make a black baby!

    • Greg Dane, Great comment! You said the things I would almost to the word. I am still bewildered that the first black President, instead of using the opportunity to bring people of color
      forward and improve race relations, did the opposite. His actions prove him to
      be a black racist, using the office of the
      Presidency to bring his own petty small
      grievances (the ones all in his head) and
      drive people of color to commit riots, destruction and other lawless acts. He caused our wonderful law enforcement
      to be disrespected in a way we still
      struggle with. The problems he created
      and magnified go on and on. We found
      that a community organizer, does not
      make a suitable good President. I did not bother to bring his ideology into my comment, that is a whole other story.

    • We have been exposed, without choice, to the LLLOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG retorick from the BIG ZERO, but now we need not listen any longer! Every time he gets a microphone near him,,,,he lectures the hell out thru his live mike. I didn’t need his spewing lectures during the ETERNALLY LLOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG CRAP during his eight years. This person, according to his own speech in his BIRTH-CITY, where he stated,,,,I am the first president of the United States of America that was born in this country! There are times when even HE DOESN’T LIE, and this was one of them!!! Now, we could listen to him lie again about this,,,but there are too many things that can prove he was not born in USA!!! With all of the illegal, crooked people that he had in his “CLIQUE”!!! Crooked Hily is one, and ALL of the officials that signed (9) to sell the URANIUM (20%) to RUSSIA,,,and THEN, THE CLINTON CLAN READILY ACCEPTED THE GENEROUS DONATION OF $145,000,000.00 from RUSSIAN SOURCES to the CLINTON FOUNDATION!!!! HOW WILL SLICK WILLY AND CROOKED HILLY RESPOND WHEN CHELSEAS KIDS ASK IF THE STORIES OF HIS INDISCRETIONS AND MOLESTATIONS WERE REALLY TRUE,,,,AND HOW WILL HILLY RESPOND WHEN THEY ASK ABOUT THE 4 DEATHS IN BENGHAZI,,,,AND THE MISSING EMAILS, AND THE SMASHED BLACKBERRY UNITS, AND THE ILLEGAL SERVER, ??????? THIS CRAP NEVER ENDS!!! GLAD WHEN THEY ARE BROUGHT TO TASK!!!

  32. Obama never worked a day in his phony life. He was a community organizer. That’s someone who tells people what he thinks they want to hear, although 99% of the time he’s lying to them. He said he was a law professor at U. of Chicago, but he wasn’t. He was an instructor. I attended U. of Chicago when I was working on a graduate degree. An instructor is a lower echelon teacher who is hired to teach a specific course, a course that is at entry level or one that tenured people don’t want to teach. (I was hired to teach “Medical Terminology.” Big rip!!)
    When he was elected senator from Illinois, he just played at it. When he was elected president, same story. He played at being our leader while he stabbed us in the back.

    • Cate, you are correct that the lowest academic rank is “instructor” but is that not the common designation for an adjunct or part-time faculty member? And you should know by now, given my career in academia, that instructors are often the hardest working people at a college, because they are hoping to get their foot in the door. Many of my full profs had not done a week’s worth of work after they became full profs!

      I think we have some evidence that Barack worked pretty damn long and hard as president. He came to work before Trump was in, worked a full day, had dinner with his family generally, and then worked late every night, often getting only five (5) hours of sleep on average. While lying Trump said he would not play golf if president, he has spent one-third of his days at a Trump facility playing more golf in one year than Obama played in a four year term. Trump did not even read OR LISTEN to his Intelligence reports as president-elect!

  33. Will Obama ever go away!!!!!!!! Why is he still here?..Has he paid off the right person to hide what he did with Hillary?..Or is he promoting his wife’s new book or is he still just the asshole he was in office looking for mag covers that he liked?!! Go away Obama!!!!! and stay away!!!!!!!

    • Dan T., Yes, and a dangerous one! The biggest danger to our Republic and Constitution in history!
      Dan T., I sent you two replies last night that were both censored. So I gave up and went to bed!

  34. Only if Jeff Session could unrecuse himself and steer the special counsel investigation back to the right track where Obama and Hillary originated the fake Russian dossier deceit.

    People need to know the truth.

    About the “bigots and fear mongers” labeling, we need to expose his pretense that “bigots and fear mongers” are actually law abiding citizens (We the People). After Maxine Waters’ repeated calls for the liberals to stand up to the GOP supporters, Obama finalized the call to “sic” them after us.

    We know that we have one month before the election and that the libs are at all out war against the conservatives. If we lose the majority, Trump will be impeached. That’s for sure.

    Well, somebody need to talk to Jeff.

    • THE DEMORATS need to grow up they are like 2 year olds on a play ground fighting over whoes
      dad is the stupidest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL EVEN LOOK AT A DENO FOR AN OFFICE as they are all like walters and the other idiotts so stupid they can not find their behind to see if they are upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sessions will soon be fired along with Rosenstein. Both need to go and Trump needs to carefully weigh whom he chooses as AG…..

  35. Criminal, traitorous ex-Presidents should be behind bars, not running around stumping for these crimes to continue. OBAMA did so much incredible, horrible damage – nationally and internationally – to this country that we may NEVER get to the bottom of it all. Every day produces another new “shudder” about the eight years of his Presidency, and his insidious, anti-American “plots” have rocked our constitutional framework and “tainted” the fabric of our institutions and America’s reputation throughout the world.

  36. Now we know why Obama resurfaced…he is the “bigot and fear monger” that may have called himself into the “just say it…over and over and over…etc” then some will believe it.

    • Do you mean BO or DJT?????? Because you post described Trumpty Dumpty to a “tee” He must be playing golf today, what do you think???? Man doesn’t have an ounce of empathy in his being

      • what hatred you have must be a democrat, well before you attack DJT again I suggest you explain how having a server in your home for your work is legal, how saying no one would charge her when I know many who would and then there are the texts from the FBI folks democrats committing actual crimes right in front of we the people, and I have yet to find a democrat who has an ounce of sense all they can seem to talk about is how bad DJT is when he in fact he has been doing great tings for this country, need to start using that brain you supposedly have

        • Patricia Silverman, What happened to Michael Michelle Obama’s statement “they go low, we go high” . That is a a joke! “They” have no moral high ground and there is nothing, I repeat nothing, they won’t do to advance their agenda and as BHO said “fundamentally change America forever”. He worked toward that goal for eight years, right?

          • That’s right, Patricia, because M is a living representative of “when they go low, we will even go lower!” As the op-ed in NYT said (who wrote that in the first place – – trump must have lots of people that think he is an “idiot”), the Trump administration is amoral.

          • Zeke, You are a bold faced liar. Every word in my comment was true. Guess I stung your little snowflake mentality, well get over it babycakes, that shoe definitely fits so put that sucker on and wear it.

      • I REMEMBER obama “PLAYING GOLF” as Western Reporters got their “HEADS CUT OFF” in front of cameras by obama’s JV TEAM ISIS……He was DRAGGED in front of cameras, OFF his beloved GOLF COURSE, and was literally “FORCED” to say “something” and he looked PEED OFF, then he RAN back to his beloved GOLF COURSE to PLAY some MORE with a BIG smile….He had CHILDREN separated from their ILLEGALLY entering the U.S. PARENTS and had them CAGED, ACCORDING to LAW that was passed by HIS party, so-called democRATS party, in the early 2000’s….!!! And we all REMEMBER Benghazi just TOO WELL, ALL of the LIES about a NEVER-seen video…..!!!Under obama, hillary sold 20% of US Uranium to the RUSSIANS for a BIG PAY-OUT, obama sent BIG MONEY to IRAN on UN-MARKED planes to TRY and keep it “HUSH-HUSH”, another FAILURE of your BELOVED NON-former president…!!!!!There is soooooo much MORE ILLEGAL stuff obama did for 8 MISERABLE years AND President TRUMP had NOTHING to do with ANY of it, just the DEMOPOOPS all along……!!! Grow a brain, STOP LYING you DUMBED DOWN DEMOPOOP CLOWN….!!!

    • OCrap head bama is the one who started all this hateful rhetoric. he should be ousted out of this country. hes a traitor and nobody likes the bastard.

  37. Obama was a phony.. a liar and a member of the Chicago mob…. he got an 8 year golf scholarship from the american taxpayer and that should make every american’s blood boil…. he did nothing to improve our country .. he divided it.. he is a despicable being.. i left out human on purpose… jimmy carter must be proud that he is no longer the worst president in history… Odumbski has rightfully taken his place….

    • You are RIGHT about the 8-year long GOLF SCHOLARSHIP, as I remember as if it had happened yesterday the BEHEADING of Western Reporters in Syria by obama’s JV team ISIS, had to be DRAGGED OFF “that Golf course” to say “something”, of course it WASN’T much as it was of NO interest to “THAT muslim SLIMEBALL”, and then he literally RAN BACK to that golf course to PLAY some MORE with a HUGE “smile” on THAT “ROTTEN” FACE of his……!!!!

  38. I would love to use Oscuma’s face as toilet paper but some of his stupidity might rub off on me!! Anyone wanna become rich? Buy him for what he’s worth & sell him for what he’s worth!!

  39. “…ripe for opportunists to exploit America’s history of division: racial, ethnic, religious….” This is exactly what he did for 8 Long years. His entire message during his campaign was “Us Against Them”. Along with “Change.” Wow! we got that for sure. Coupled with his actions while president, this led us to the increased divisions we see today. Democrats. Always the pot calling the kettle black. [btw, that’s a euphemism and not intended to be racists. Just sayin’.]

  40. I voted FOR Obama..both times! By the middle of his last term, I felt he was a failure as he failed me and my family. Two of my daughter’s ( I have 5 kids) we’re enrolled in Obama Care. Both has issues with increasing premiums AND one had her regular Dr, stop honoring Obama Care.
    Now he’s back. I swear, it’s pretty Pittiful that he is staying claim to President Trump’s accomplishments!

    What kind of person does this? Look, you don’t have to tweet off the cuff to be a cry baby! I am sick of his face, his voice and very sick of that guy trying to take credit while spewing lies! He is preying on gullable people. He is Pittiful and needs to fade out, like the ending of a one hit wonder!

    • Sounds like YOU were TWICE “confused” by having voted FOR all of this guy’s FAILURES, TWICE….!!!! As far as I know, he should have been IMPEACHED on DAY 1 of his so-called “presidency” as he SEALED his records on DAY 1 by EXECUTIVE ORDER….!!! HOW come that NOBODY “noticed” this and asked the RIGHT question, like WHY would an “honest” person do something like THAT….????? Because he is NOT, NEVER was “honest” in his whole life time thus far…….!!!!


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