Barack Obama was just betrayed by the one person he never suspected

Barack Obama survived his scandal-plagued Presidency because of his aides’ unyielding loyalty.

Almost no Democrat ever dared flip on Barack Obama.

But that all changed when Barack Obama was just betrayed by the one person he never suspected.

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is struggling to get back on track.

Biden’s lazy campaign schedule, disastrous debate performance, and link to the past 50 years of government failure have his campaign taking on serious water.

Biden tried to get back on track with an appeal to working class voters.

But in doing so, Biden was forced to admit the Obama administration failed millions of Americans.

Breitbart reports:

A lot of people were left behind,” the frontrunner said when discussing the Obama administration’s efforts to combat the recession. “In areas where people were hard hit, I don’t think we paid enough attention to their plight.”

Despite the confession, Biden stopped short of laying the culpability on Obama. Instead, he claimed the president and others were preoccupied by more pressing issues during their eight years in office.

“Everything landed on the president’s desk but locusts,” Biden said in describing the early days of the administration. He added that Obama was so busy he “didn’t have time to breathe.”

The former vice president attributed the “lack of messaging” and Obama’s reluctance to “promote his successes.”

“He told me that he had encouraged Obama to promote his successes more — to “explain to people how we got where we were now and why it happened” — but that Obama was resistant. “The president said: ‘Joe, I’m not taking a victory lap. We have so much more work to do,’ ” Biden recalled.”

Biden’s pitch to voters is to go back in time to a period of civility and “normalcy” in American politics.

But he just undermined that by admitting on the campaign trail that the administration he was part of was a failure that left too many Americans behind.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new dev elopements in this ongoing story.



  1. I hope all the sons of bitch’s who tried to take down our President go to jail. They probably won’t. Us deplorables will watch them get away with all the crap they have pulled. As an old US Marine from Viet Nam era I see a Civil war brewing in this country.
    Do not give in to these slime balls to take your guns away. If we lose them we will lose everything.

    • yes and they are ruining 20 people now that way they have 20 people telling lies about are President that makes hard for him BUT the people can see that the Dem,s are full of bull hockey and are wanting to make the USA a third world country

  2. Obummer belongs in prison, and made to return all the moneys that pos stole, and deport the rest of his degusting family, we don’t want garbage like in our beautiful country.



    • Barry is an illegal alien from Kenya. Paid Iran $400 million in cash at 2:00 am staked in bails for Iran’s continued attacks in the Middle East. That act ws nothing less than treason.

  4. “Obama’s reluctance to “promote his successes.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! All we ever heard from him was “I” “me” “my” over and over and over! It was such a joke people would count the number of times he said “I” in his short comments! Reluctance! What a joke!!

  5. The democrats are cannibals, eat their own…wonder if creepy groping joe has good dentures? As far as that black BAS*ARD from Africa he has a better chance of drinking ice water in hell that ever being elected president again.

  6. Obama was the worst, he caused more racism than ever, that was his intention. He almost ran the country into the ground. He sat and grinned and lied to us. Michelle spent more on vacations, using tax payers money! They are a disgrace!

    • I agree with Ann and the rest 100%. Obama hated American. He hurt his black race by separating families..offered more money if Dad was around. Made welfare a target for them. Thank God he is no longer President. I love what Dr. Benjamin Carson is doing for this country.

  7. And now Rush Limbaugh is predicting that Obummer will wait until the 20 or so Demo candidates will spend their campaign $$ beating each other up, then, sometime next year, Mrs. Obummer will enter the race in the hopes of retaking the WH again. Brrrrrr. That sends chills up and down my spine. Even Stephen King couldn’t write this scary a novel.

  8. What a pathetic excuse for an article. If your readers accept this nonsense, which turns reality upside down, then they fully deserve the bait and switch games that Trump has been playing on them. Bait them with racist taunts and switch the money to the wealthy and to corporations.

  9. if sleepy joe think that telling America that they fail during those 8 miserable year he will lead this nation he already fail and it too late. You can’t correct history nor can you win by your stupidity Joe. So, Get the FK out!

  10. Obama certainly had time to play golf. And a lot of GOLF. So, sorry but not sorry. Your bucket doesn’t hold water!

  11. Yea, Obama was soooo busy that he never got to his desk in the Oval Office until 9:30 AM or later. He also admittedin an interview that he was LAZY. He and his grifter wife where only there for the perks and themonaeyu.

    • Yes Katie you are correct. Obama did nothing for our country. Trump got stuck with cleaning up the mess that he left behind. Obama was never at his desk as he was to busy taking one vacation after another and he, his wife and kids spent unnecessary dollars on all his vacations and we the people got stuck paying for it. So unfair and he should be locked up for all of his lying background stories. First of all I don’t believe he was qualified to be President as I don’t believe he was a US Citizen as I believe he was born in Kenya and his Birth Certificate is a fake one. Trump was right when he was arguing about it.

      • Oh I forgot to mention, even if he was born in Hawaii as they say, that too is untrue as Hawaii was not even a state then when he was born. Amen!

        • Are people born in Puerto Rico not accepted as American citizens. When a situation like arises and the new state is born do we go down to divide the citizens between those born before and those born after. You got to clean yourself from the dirt of racism so you can see well and understand.
          Nze ASUZU AGWUNOBI

        • AND his fake birth certificate states his race as African American. That term for blacks did not exsist when he was born. The woman in charage of the birth regestry in Hawaii was killed in an “accidental” plane crash shortly after all of this broke. I will NEVER beleive he was a US citizen

          • Not to mention his SS # is a Connecticut issued number. Somewhere he’s never resided, but belonged to an elderly man who died in Hawai’i.

        • No, Hawaii became a state in 1959. Two years before Obama was born. Does that make you wonder what other false shit Fox and Breitbart have you eating and asking for more?

  12. What was Jerry Nadler smoking during Muellers appearance before his committee.He heard something Different than what the nation heard and Muellers Dimentia.He retracted his statement to lulu lieu but it went completely over his head.Why The DEM voters elect these Califoirnia idiots and Senile old Farts I will never know.

    • The real question is what is he smoking now.Maybe Schiff has some good labrador.Cummings is rolling Blunts and Swalwell is running around in a bozo suit suit while they all bean him in the head with beer cans.

  13. Joe Biden has the IQ of a HOUSE PLANT!!! We would be better off with a Dose of the Clapp than having the Ultimate Village Idiot back in office!!!

    • I’ ve always referred to those morons as DUMBASSCRATS. And there’s a constant challenge with one trying to “out-stupid” another. But then, what would we do for laughs if suddenly all those dumbasscrats fell off the face of the earth?? ROFLMFAO

      • Hi Michael
        You have a good point. Watching them out-stupid eachother is like watching a 3 ring circus…you don’t know which one to watch.

  14. “He worked so hard he couldn’t breathe’??? So why was he on the golf course all the time? This is such BS!!

  15. Uhh, what successes? Plaudits from Politifact for biggest lie?
    The post’s ‘four pinocchios’? Or perhaps setting race relations back a century or so, creating the most division the nation has suffered since the civil war?

  16. Aw, that’s not good for the liberal commentators here. Your brotha just shanked your beloved Fuhrer Obama. He said your Fuhrer was really busy with other issues. Speaking of these issues, we all know that it was Obama that okayed the fake Russian dossier conspiracy.

    Biden, it’s okay. We are listening. Go ahead. Spill it out. Whatever you say is not too surprising.

    Obama administration = many scandals.

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