Barack Obama was just betrayed by the one person he never suspected

Barack Obama survived his scandal-plagued Presidency because of his aides’ unyielding loyalty.

Almost no Democrat ever dared flip on Barack Obama.

But that all changed when Barack Obama was just betrayed by the one person he never suspected.

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is struggling to get back on track.

Biden’s lazy campaign schedule, disastrous debate performance, and link to the past 50 years of government failure have his campaign taking on serious water.

Biden tried to get back on track with an appeal to working class voters.

But in doing so, Biden was forced to admit the Obama administration failed millions of Americans.

Breitbart reports:

A lot of people were left behind,” the frontrunner said when discussing the Obama administration’s efforts to combat the recession. “In areas where people were hard hit, I don’t think we paid enough attention to their plight.”

Despite the confession, Biden stopped short of laying the culpability on Obama. Instead, he claimed the president and others were preoccupied by more pressing issues during their eight years in office.

“Everything landed on the president’s desk but locusts,” Biden said in describing the early days of the administration. He added that Obama was so busy he “didn’t have time to breathe.”

The former vice president attributed the “lack of messaging” and Obama’s reluctance to “promote his successes.”

“He told me that he had encouraged Obama to promote his successes more — to “explain to people how we got where we were now and why it happened” — but that Obama was resistant. “The president said: ‘Joe, I’m not taking a victory lap. We have so much more work to do,’ ” Biden recalled.”

Biden’s pitch to voters is to go back in time to a period of civility and “normalcy” in American politics.

But he just undermined that by admitting on the campaign trail that the administration he was part of was a failure that left too many Americans behind.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new dev elopements in this ongoing story.



  1. yes and they are ruining 20 people now that way they have 20 people telling lies about are President that makes hard for him BUT the people can see that the Dem,s are full of bull hockey and are wanting to make the USA a third world country

  2. Obummer belongs in prison, and made to return all the moneys that pos stole, and deport the rest of his degusting family, we don’t want garbage like in our beautiful country.

  3. Not to mention his SS # is a Connecticut issued number. Somewhere he’s never resided, but belonged to an elderly man who died in Hawai’i.

  4. Yeah, but he enabled the mass behind him – including the dozen or so that have hopes of following Trump to the White House…God help us if ANY of those communists ever get in!

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