Barack Obama was just hit with a nasty surprise that left him shaking his head in rage

Barack Obama is used to unyielding respect and worship from other Democrats.

That all changed in the blink of an eye.

And Barack Obama was just hit with a nasty surprise that left him shaking his head in rage.

After Barack Obama won the White House in 2008, his campaign created the nonprofit Organizing for Action.

Democrats blamed the fact they lost 1,000 down ballot races during the Obama years in part because Organizing for Action sucked up the donations and grassroots volunteers that could have went to the Democrat National Committee and state parties.

In a rebuke to Obama, every leading 2020 Presidential candidate signed a pledge not to create their own version of Organizing for Action.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Association of State Democratic Committees announced Tuesday that every leading presidential contender has vowed not to create “any organizing or messaging infrastructure that is parallel or duplicative” to the DNC or state parties. The signed pledge also binds candidates to publicly call on their supporters not to launch outside groups on their behalf.

It’s an enormous change for the party, one that will likely strengthen the DNC and state parties after what many Democrats considered neglect of the party infrastructure during the Obama years. It also throws into question the future of Our Revolution, the Bernie Sanders-created grass-roots organization, which state party leaders say would appear to violate the agreement if Sanders wins the general election.

“It’s a huge shift,” said Jane Kleeb, chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party. The move sends two messages, she added: “You cannot create another OFA,” and “the DNC is an important national infrastructure, but it’s not in the states — we are.”

“[State parties] are never the shiny object that gets funded with all the appeals from podcasts or big donors,” Kleeb added.

In reality, Democrats lost 1,000 down ballot races during Obama’s time in office because the American people revolted against his socialist policy agenda.

But other Democrats willing to defy Obama’s example in setting up an outside group shows Democrats will not willingly follow the Obama model because of the political disaster it inflicted on the Democrat Party.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Obama inflicted many disasters on the Democrat party. When Obama left office, the Republicans had the Presidency, a majority in the Senate, a majority in the House, a majority of state governorships, and majorities in most state legislatures. Democrats had hardly any control of anything aside from filibuster rights in the Senate. Disaster! And Obama denial of scandals in his Presidency is no more than an ostrich sticking his head in the sand!

  2. This article about Obama is so lame. President Obama retains 95% support among Democrats, they don’t care about that petty stuff. Barack was one helluva campaigner, as shown by his two landslide victories, and Obama won the popular vote by millions, whereas Trump lost by 3 million With Trump being behind now in 7 of the states that he took in 2016, and the main three he barely won by a combined 70,000 votes are double digit leads for the Democratic nominee, Trump is in REAL TROUBLE. Something over 56% have an unfavorable rating of Trump.

    And all you seem to do is divert your attention to some poster who calls himself Redman.

    • You are still listening to the liberal lies. Trump was behind in the last election and all polls said he did not have a chance. The Democrats still believe their own lies.

    • Obama didn’t win his second election by a landslide. 4.9 million.
      That is not a landslide. There’s also doubt that Hillary Clinton won the popular. A Google whistleblower came forward and said Google was able to move 2.6 million and up to 16 million votes to her.

    • Dr. J.D. … So the truth is just petty stuff to dems. That just proves they have no morals and do not care about right and wrong or facts. NOTHING you said is true. And Hillary only won the popular vote because illegals and dead people voted and there were people who voted more than once. Take out the fraud and Pres. Trump easily won the popular vote. And Obama is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. You have no clue about the truth. sad.

    • 0bama was the wrst president in over 200 years. He used his Justice department illegally to spy on and attack Republicans. He used the IRS to attack republicans. He will soon be remembered as the guy who tried to setup President trump with the BS Russia investigation. He should rot in heck

  3. I don’t know why people respond to ” the red man”. You are just encouraging him to make those stupid comments. I live on native American Indian reservation and I have shown some of his comments to them, they’re totally disgusted with his comments and disavow any rights of privilege of him being able to to claim any Native American heritage.

    • Question for you when are native Americans going to demand reparations like all the democrats pushing for blacks?? Native Americans are the race that got screwed just look at the reservations they were forced to. With infertile ground and no economic structure to support their communities. To this very day these injustices continue their suppression is causing massive population declines a blatant attempt to extinction of native Americans. Slavery was hundreds of years ago reparations from so called injustices two generations past are ludicrous. When we as a nation are suppressing and starving our true native Americans. Please ask the phony Native American Elizabeth Warren WHY she isn’t supporting the people she faked being to only further her career and now has the nerve to run for President.


  4. Barrack Obama is a Muslim Radical. He sent some 150 Billion Dollars to Iran, via military transport to Iran WITHOUT congressional approval, which is required. This money has gone to a state that sponsors terrorism against the USA and Israel (among others). This is bordering treason. Barrack Obama brought in 90,000 Muslim Somalia refugees, settled them all in one city in Minnesota and now we have Ilhan Omar. Obama did his job which was to start planting Muslim Radicals into our political system.

    Time to fight back.

    • Just a note – ex Pres Clinton also brought in thousands of Somalians in the 90s
      Some settled in Minnesota and others in Ohio! And they multipled and stole millions of welfare dollars!! Look how well that worked out!
      But it’s hard to match the destruction of 8 years of the Muslim traitor Obama!
      Trump 2020 our only hope!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • pj, You are right on. Obama is muslim and sides with our enemies. He knows full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. He is very dangerous.

  5. Obama can’t ever be president again. However, he could be a Congressman… If Illinois is that ignorant, they get what they deserve.

  6. Thank God BHO is such a “political disaster.” Beinga Narcissit does have a down side (and upside for other people).

  7. That money was raised to support left wing shit. It sure wasn’t used for the good of the country. Black lives matter assholes probably got most of it.

    • Nah, dan-o-inbred. greasy headed white-folks down yo line of corrupt history has stole mo money den satan has demons in pink skin. and there’s a whole lot of you jokers going to and fro up and down the earth stealing, killing, and lying like trump-ah-bump on americas butt.. hahahahahahhahah

        • I don’t think I have ever come across a bigger a ss than The RedMan anywhere on line. Typical democrat, spewing racism as they call you a racist, violently attacking a conservative because they say the conservative is being violent, promoting hate because they say you are a hater. I really do believe liberalism is a form of mental health. There is no reality to it. This country is in for a real problem this 2020 election. They have proven they will do anything to support their cause. We are in for the nastiest and most violent election ever. God help us all.

          • No Pinky , I don’t believe I will , I’m , just like Cooper I tried and true , buy I do have a gift for you wannabe Redman , any time Pinky , seems you are having PM’s issues today Pinky

      • You are a canker sore on America’s butt. You are not even Native American, just a dumbass leftie pig. Soooeeeey!!!

      • Seems this ReMan character is lacking in every which way a person can. Not only does he sound uneducated with his “Na”,”yo”,”mo”,”em” broken english slang, but also lacking in intelligence as he insults people that disagree with him. Chances are this person never finished school or was just pushed through school, but he never got a complete education. But this person biggest problem is bigotry and racism. I’m willing to bet he blames white people for all his shortcomings and failures due to his inability to comprehend his own existence. People like this person will never find the happiness that they are looking for. And everyone knows the saying. “Misery loves the company of misery.”

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