Barack Obama was put on the hot seat with one question about his 2020 plans

The Democrats presidential primary is a mess.

And from Nancy Pelosi on down Democrats are waiting for Barack Obama to step forward and solve their problems.

Now Barack Obama was put on the hot seat with one question about his 2020 plans.

The current most likely scenario for the Democrat primary is no candidate amassing a majority of delegates before the convention this summer in Milwaukee.

What worries party leaders about that possibility is the fact that Bernie Sanders is likely to emerge from the primary season having won the most delegates at which point it would be nearly impossible to deny him the nomination.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told NPR in an interview before the Nevada Caucus that maybe Barack and Michelle Obama could broker a deal that would lead to the party nominating a more electable candidate.

“Maybe we could even get Barack Obama to do it,” Reid told NPR. “The two most popular people in the country, and perhaps the world, are Barack and Michelle Obama.”

None other than Bernie Sanders threw cold water on that idea.

In an interview on the campaign trail Sanders said he speaks regularly with Obama and that Sanders believed Obama would be all-in for him if he won the nomination.

“I’m not going to tell you that he and I are best friends, but we’re friends. And I have talked to him on and off for the last many years, was sitting down alone with him in the Oval Office on more than one occasion. Talked to him on the telephone every now and then. He is an icon, clearly, in the Democratic Party, and I have absolute confidence that he will play a vigorous, vigorous role,” Sanders stated.

Sanders also said his conversations with Obama led him to the conclusion that Obama would play a similar role in 2020 that the former President did in 2016, which was to stay neutral during the primary and only endorse a nominee once the delegates picked one at the convention.

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