Barack Obama was speechless when a top fundraiser betrayed him for one shocking reason

Barack Obama is still one of the most popular figures within the Democrat Party.

But some of his supporters are slowly coming to understand the truth about his Presidency. 

And Barack Obama was speechless when a top fundraiser betrayed him for one shocking reason.

A former fundraiser for Barack Obama selling off her collectibles 

Obamamania swept through the Democrat Party during the 2008 Election cycle.

Former President Barack Obama achieved rock star-like status with his party’s base.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Allison Huynh was swept up in Big Tech’s love affair with Obama.

She and her husband, former Google Search programmer Scott Hassan, put on fundraisers for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign that attracted some of the biggest names in Big Tech.

“My role was to bring in Silicon Valley people for the $50,000- and $100,000-per-plate dinners,” Huynh said. “[We] brought in [Google co-founders] Sergey [Brin], Larry [Page] and Eric [Schmidt]. Obama was a hopeful candidate who was outside of the system.”

Huynh paid over one million dollars for original artwork by Shepard Fairey that inspired the Obama “Hope” posters.

Now’s she done a complete political reversal after being a hardcore Democrat.

The entrepreneur told the New York Post that she’s given up on President Joe Biden.

“I think Biden has been out of touch,” Huynh said. “He’s asleep at the wheel.”

Rising crime and drug use in the country caused her to reexamine her political beliefs.

Huynh now identifies as an independent and is supporting former President Donald Trump.

She traveled to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Florida for a fundraiser recently.

“I was surprised when I met Donald Trump,” Huynh recalled. “He was light and funny and intelligent. The people there were down-to-earth.”

Huynh said she was impressed with Trump’s knowledge when she met him.

“I was happy with how knowledgeable Trump is about what is going on with the country and the economy,” Huynh explained. “He had the information. He is all there with the things that matter: education — his kids are well-educated — fighting crime, immigration, and business.”

Obama memorabilia is getting sold off by former top supporter 

Her Democrat collectibles like the Fairey artwork and a rocking chair owned by President John F. Kennedy are going to be auctioned off.

“I am cleaning house,” Huynh said. “I was a lifelong liberal and Democrat but when things don’t serve us in this moment, it is best to move on and let other people enjoy the items. They don’t have much meaning for me right now.”

Huynh pointed to San Francisco as “a failed science experiment for super leftist ideas and ideals.”

The city’s woes led her to become more conservative.

“We are allowing heroin addicts to shoot up in public, violent attacks on Asians in Chinatown, and looting of our grocery stores and shopping malls,” Huynh stated. “City officials and police just look the other way.”

She once found Obama to be cool, but now Trump is the hip one. 

“His rhetoric is entertaining. But the policies and politics make sense. I think Trump is engaging. I would like to hang out with Trump. He’s a really cool guy,” Huynh remarked.

It’s never too late for a Democrat to learn the error of their ways.

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