Barack Obama wrote two words that exposed his worst secret

Barack Obama served two controversial terms as President.

During that time, the Fake News Media worked overtime to sweep his scandals and misdeeds under the rug.

But Obama wrote two words that just let the cat out of the bag on his worst secret.

When Barack Obama was President, millions of Americans suspected he was hostile to Christians.

His administration tried to force religious organizations to provide abortion inducing-drugs, supported homosexual marriage, and worked to limit religious liberty.

But Obama’s true views did not burst into the open until the former President tweeted out his condolences for the nearly 300 innocents killed in church bombings in Sri Lanka.

Obama referred to the Christians in attendance as “Easter worshippers” without any hint of their faith or the significance of the day.

Breitbart reports:

Former President Barack Obama, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and several other leading Democrats denounced terror attacks on what they called “Easter worshippers” — not Christians — Sunday in Sri Lanka.

Suicide bombers murdered nearly 300 people and wounded 500 more in attacks on three churches, three hotels, and a housing complex. Many were killed as they attended Mass for Easter Sunday. The government reportedly suspects that the bombers, all Sri Lankans, were members of “a domestic Islamist terror group named National Thowfeek Jamaath.”

Yet Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats — including 2020 presidential contender Julián Castro — could not bring themselves to identify the victims of the attacks as “Christians,” calling them “Easter worshippers” instead in eerily similar responses.”

For many Americans, this was the final straw.

They know Obama and other liberals were hostile to Christians.

But they never went out of their way to minimize their faith like this before.

Do you think Barack Obama is biased against Christians?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.



  1. BHO is simply a fraud! A gullible bunch of uninformed Americans simply believed the fake news hype and excitement around America getting its first black president. This is a guy that never really did anything noteworthy, nor did he ever hold down a real job! Only in America could a clown like this ascend to any meaningful career or job, leave alone something like the Office of the POTUS. This is likely the greatest con ever actually accomplished anywhere at any other time. In hindsight, it is still hard to believe that this man fooled millions and millions of uninformed and ignorant Americans. Shame on us if we ever let a clown like this become our President again!

  2. I’m just thinking out loud but has anyone ever thought that Obama is or was gay. Just look at the way he moves and holds his hands. And just look at the way he sits with his legs crossed. Just thought I would throw that out.

    • Suspicion is high that Joan Rivers who died during what was supposed to be some minor surgery, was “offed” because on her way into the building a reporter asked her when she thought we might get a gay president. Joan Rivers reply was “you already have him” and the shocked reporter made a further remark to Rivers and Rivers said “Obama is gay and his wife is a trenny”!

  3. Yes, why does this surprise you? he is a Muslin. So does anyone wonder how three disgusting Muslin women got to be seated in Congress? I’m sure Obama and Michelle had a lot to getting them seated if for no other reason than to make everyone feel like there was three in Congress that don’t fit.

  4. Sure he is he’s already said that he is muslim and he told all the Muslim countries that they didn’t have anything to fear from us because now he was in control and that he would put them first before the American people… Just like when he was asked why he didn’t do anything for the black America and he said because he wasn’t part of black America he was Muslim.

  5. The O admin era was dismal at best. The fact that he couldn’t say Muslim Islamist terrorists and now can’t bring himself to say that this was an attack on Christians speaks volumes. The man is a narcissist and if it isn’t blatantly obvious by now, a Muslim terrorist sympathizer through and through. The knucklehead handed over pallets of cash to a terrorist breeding nation. What a disgrace.

    • Barack Hussein Obama is by Constitutional definition a traitor to the United States of America. He failed to honor and keep his Presidential Oath. He should be stripped of all monetary payments to himself and his Secret Service protection should be rescinded immediately. My comments here are protected by the United States Constitution, Amendment I.

  6. Obama was simply laughable … I doubt he could spell President! Americans simply surrendered … having a Black President seemed to mean more than anything else. The BHO record of performance says it all … everyone seemed to be on vacation for the 8 years that he played at being President. It is what it is!

    • Some Americans sure can be Americas worse enemy from within ,allowing the likes of obamas, and now Clintons, rhino, and especially the anti-American democrats and their tools for their anti-American agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! Diversity is code for anything anti-American , white and black and who knows next! The liberalism of anti-Americanism and the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all sure can add to a cansor in the demise of any country and especially by those who do Nothing but complin!

    • And who is the blame in putting him in office and those that did not did Nothing but complain , you Americans sure can be a countries own worse enemy!

      • I never supported Barack Obama so don’t blame me! Blame those who voted for him whether legal or illegal. I will never cast a vote for an illegal candidate…otherwise known as an imposter.

      • Thank you gary. “America’s” worst enemy lives inside the US borders and holds US Citizenship. It is a faction produced by our US Department of Education over the past few decades. This faction was dumbed down to an uneducated level so they could be easily hoodwinked politically. This Nation needs more great minds like those of the 18th Century “Deplorables” who risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to separate us from the tyrannical crap the leftists want to put us back under today. Leftist type thinking leads to the results we find today in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and Communist China to name a few Satanic enclaves.

  7. No he’s just a rag head that prays to a false God. His brain is sun baked. We need to pray for him.Maybe his brain will heal.

  8. When Obama’s pastor J. Wright claimed that he brought Obama to J.Christ–I had to ask the question “what was he before he was brought to J.Christ??? I knew from the get go that he was corrupt from the start. Someday–the veil will be lifted and the folks in the USA will know the truth and just how severely we have been snookered.. Even though Obama is out of office–he can still be impeached.. Do you agree that if the records prove that Bill Ayers and his commie cohorts gave the USA the biggest lie in history and the biggest political scandal in our 264 year OLD REPUBLIC they should be imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives?

  9. ohbummer is hostile to everything that isn’t muslim…because he IS a muslim…
    The beast clinton is hostile to everything that doesn’t serve her purpose…
    They both (as well as 99.99% of the crat gang AND their supporters) deserve nothing but total contempt…

    • Obama is neither Jew nor Gentile. Obama is an individualist radicalized by a time in life when media can exploit sins of the past. Those sins that only a handful of people in our country cling too because of their own ineptness. The other side only use those old excuses to allow them a shortcut to perceived success. It is what it is! Obama never had any intentions of Presiding over our country, he wanted revenge for us judging him or his people based on the color of their skin. The only problem is their excuses aren’t holding weight anymore due to the volume of misdeeds. They and he knows time is running out and they wanted a few more free miles before the warranty or shame was up. In two more decades who are they going to blame for their actions? These millennial creampuffs have all bought into the social media BLM, NAACP propaganda and can’t protect themselves which is why they all want to blame anyone and the white man is as good as it gets for them being failures or mismanagers of self. If you want to find fault in this world, we all need to start by looking in the mirror every morning. Don’t let self righteousness fool you into thinking you are righteous.

  10. Roman: If you truly believe that Obama is a christian as he says he is then why did he keep silent about the hundreds of Coptic Christians in Egypt that are being murdered? Seems to be he’d be coming right out and condemning it as the pope and the Christian world did.

    • Gregory Sullivan: Obama is a Christian and has said so. He does not condemn all the outrages against Christian Copts in Egypt. The Government of Egypt is fighting hard against Islamic fundamentalists who are terrorists, yet has violated human rights on a massive scale. So, it is difficult to make strong statements against the terrorists without further empowering the repressive el-Sisi government of Egypt. It is similar to the predicament that Trump finds himself about the Saudi Government that killed Kashogi, lied about it, but is still an important ally and the criticism of its human rights outrages are muted.Life is complicated – and one needs not jump to conclusions to quickly.

      • Wrong Roman! Obama is a died-in-the wool Muslim. He wears an Arabic inscribed ring that he used as a wedding ring when the loud-mouth Pastor married him and Michelle in the Pastor’s livingroom. There are pictures of that ring and the inscription reads Allah Ocbar. Obama had no trouble attending a service in a Mosque but he refused to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral Mass and even his stiff posture at Scalia’s viewing was demonstrative of his refusal to participate in anything Christian. Credit belongs to his wife who showed respect at the viewing of Scalia. He was also registered as Muslim when he first entered school before he came to the U.S.

        • Cynthia: For the record, Obama claimed to be a Christian, his mother was a Christian and he attended a Protestant denomination church in Chicago.So, I go by that information – and not speculation as to his inner religious thoughts or the way he grieves or expresses his grief (which are private matters and everyone behaves differently in such emotional situations). At any rate, religion is a private matter – and the US guarantees freedom of religion, so even if one were a Muslim. a Jew or a Buddhist, it should be a non-issue, in the public discourse.

      • Roman, yes, life is complicated. Kashogi was not a US citizen, I suspect there is much more to that issue than we are aware. Why should we cease relations over the death of a non-US citizen who may have been a spy or other, that is actually none of our business?

        • Eva 12: Kashoggi was a US resident and he worked as a reporter for the Washington Post. So, there was a strong US connection. In addition, it was a blatant human rights abuse. The US and Western democracies pride themselves for standing up for human rights. So, my point is that in balancing our human rights concerns with other concerns (political, strategic, economic) sometimes the stand that is being taken is not as forceful as we would like it to be.

    • Remember when the journalist was beheaded and
      he gave a 30 second news report on it then left and
      played golf. Real sympathy!!!!

  11. I read many of the comments left by many people that are rightfully so angry at the muslim barack hussein obama and the witch, who tried for so many years to be president! The biggest blame for these two being at that stage is to be thrown to US, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (the ones that are truly feeling the AMERICAN WAY, not the liberals!) for electing him!

  12. The Muslims attack Christians. The Christians should start giving it back to them. The ragheads want a so-called holy war, they started it, we can finish it. Show them what jihad really is. We are not under direction from God to stand by and be victims. Don’t bother them if they don’t bother us, but stand up to them. An eye for an eye. We have a right to be left alone, and so do they. In my church we are locked and loaded. But explosives are a different matter. We don’t have any of that. But we will stand and praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. And if any attackers are wounded we will try to lead them to Christ before they die.

  13. “Do you think Barack Obama is biased against Christians?”
    A really dumb question, dumber than the following question “Is The Pope Catholic?”

  14. Obama and Hillary are both lucifernians one is muslimns the other a witch but they both worship the same God lucky for Christians the world over we have a book that tells us what the fate of both is

      • His name is Barry and he changed it to a Muslim name, of course he’s Muslim. Notice the media never said anything about that while he was president and we were having terrorist acts by MUSLIMS here in the USA.

        He has hated America and Christians, after all, America was based on Christianity. Wasn’t he the first to bring the Muslims into our government? Just look at our Representatives, at least 3 Muslim followers. Nancy says 5, not sure who the other 2 are.

        How dare Hillary, Nancy,and the other democraps attempt to throw scripture at us. Does this make them the anti-Christ?

        They don’t like Jews or Christians!! They are Muslim they want us ALL dead!!

        • Obama hates western civilization. He is a pedophile as are a large percentage of gay men. That’s a big goal for them.

  15. The 2 words are: I’m guilty as hell of knowing Hillary’s involvement with the Russians and I deserve prison time for deceiving the American people. . .
    Wait. . . All the crap this Muslim communist has done can’t be surmised in just 2 words!!

  16. As I described him long ago. Both of his parents are communist with an Islamic flavouring, that is why I coined him as an Islamo-communist which foots the bill perfectly.

        • Shades of the punishment Hitler loved so much – good enough for the Hitler of America.

          My person notice would be the firing squad. A little poetic justice for all those who died because of his failed
          Fast and Furious” and others who have been sacrificed to iSIS because he NEVER intended to really do anything about them because they are muslims. Such a POS!

  17. I’m 75 and well traveled. This is the first time I have ever heard the term “Easter Worshipers”. I believe the Democrats have made up this term instead of using the word Christians. Now all of their Kool-Aid drinkers are jumping in the band wagon. We will need a new dictionary soon for all the new words the Democrats have come up with to describe people who do not think as they do.

    • I completely agree with you. I am also well traveled and have not heard the term Easter Worshipper used in this context. The term Christian, Christian worshippers or Christian community are more normal. Democrats truly hate Christian values and beliefs and it is becoming more painfully obvious that we are a thorn in their Marxist sides! Sadly Christians will become much more persecuted by the extremists in the Democrat Party.

    • Dorinda Houchin: I am 68 and I have traveled to more than 60 countries in my life. I heard many people say things in different ways. But, I always look at their intent. I also stick to the facts. I have an open-mind and evaluate each issue on its merits. Expressing condolences to people at Easter worshiping is not a put down of Christians – as everyone knows that Easter is the holiest feat of Christians which celebrates Jesus’ resurrection.

        • pedro: I don’t know whether that term has been used or not. The point is that it was not an offensive put down. Many people want to be a bit original in the vocabulary or terms they use.

      • It’s been my observation that when a person changes a name or a commonly used descriptor, it’s an attempt to trivialize that person or thing.
        Also, it could be the word “Christian” sticks in Obama’s craw. He’s been obviously anti-Christian all along. I’ve never heard the term “Easter Worshipers” used either.
        As to him being a self proclaimed Christian, I think that’s a smokescreen. Sure, he attended the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Chicago for many years, but that was not an ordinary Baptist Church. The Pastor there spewed anti-USA vitriol for years and Obama ate it up. Then,3 or 4 years ago Obama declared on TV that the USA was not a Christian country, without any evidence. Doesn’t that tell you something ?

    • B H Obummer needed to minimize the victims Christian status because everyone knows that Islamists hate Christians. That’s how dumb he thinks we are.
      Duh? Easter Worshippers?

      • What does it matter what they called these worshippers?
        Simply shows their disdain & disrespect for Christians.
        It takes nothing from anyone if True Faith. Nothing.
        It shows who they are, & it is not pretty.
        Ignore them. When they can’t get a ride to the bait they’ll stop
        These people don’t matter. ????????????????

  18. We all know Muslims hate Christians. Obama(or whoever he really is)is a secret Muslim.He hates Christians, as do all Muslims.He’s secretly backing the Libtards screaming for Trump’s tax returns, but we haven’t seen Obama’s birth certificate because his birth name is so obviously Muslim.

      • Tomas, BHO Sr was never a part of Barry’s life. Sr and Ann did not live as husband and wife. She enrolled in the Uni of Wash., Seattle when he was a few weeks old, dates are online. She did not return to Hawaii until Sr left island for Harvard. Ann married Lolo Soetoro when Barry was 5. Barry was in school in Indonesia from 6 to 10, when he was taken to live with Ann’s parents. See Catholic school registration, citizen of Indonesia, religion Islam. Customs, laws, traditions, etc is why our founding fathers stipulated that the POTUS was to be a Natural Born citizen. A NBC is born to 2 US citizen parents, on US soil. US military bases and US Embassies qualify as US soil, how McCain qualified. BHO Jr would not be a NBC had he been born in the Lincoln bedroom. FYI, Kamala Harris, Nikki Halley, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and millions more who may hold US citizenship but are not NBC, are not eligible to serve as POTUS (or VP).

  19. ‘pervert clinton was a disaster so called president..he ran around the wh with his pants down looking to be satisfied and obamination sits thinking hes getting away with this Russia HOAX but in reality he’s not cause it’s creeping up on him every minute and soon his evil helpers, hillary,comey and the rest will end up where ALL traitors belong..BEHIND BARS WITH STRIPED SUITS AND CHAINS..oh wait… that’s too good a punishment for them.. they need to be taught a lesson.

  20. No white man would have ever been able to pull off all that BO has done. He’s not worthy to be a citizen, let alone be the president, of this great country. Yes, he should be stripped of his pension and removed from anything that ever referred him as the POTUS!!! He was a fraud, is still a fraud, and will always be a fraud – – as will his pathetic other half! I feel sorry for both of their daughters – they don’t deserve such rotten parents!!!

    • We don’t even know if the daughters are really theirs or a couple of kids they picked up somewhere!!! No one has been able to find their birth records any more then they couldn’t find O’Bummers!!!!

    • Their “daughters” are the children of a friend of Michael, since a man cant have children, they permanently borrowed Malia and Natasha. Another lie they live every day…

      • How come they took Obama’s college thesis off the social media when they found out that all he did was put down “the white man” and said right in his paper that they have to be overthrown and it wouldn’t work trying to do it by laws It should be by force
        How come that disappeared and nobody knows where it went .

  21. B.O. is a hater of America, Christians, Police, Military, White People, and women. He loves only himself and maybe a few Muslims. He should be investigated for everything he did against America and the people. Gitmo is where he belongs.

    • Your husband is correct. By all rights that person was no president but a false American that was “PUT IN” not voted in to ruin this country> He, almost got us there. Then along came Trump. The corrector. And bless him.

  22. Worst piece of crap to ever occupy that White House. In 2012 I believe they stole that election. Sadly, some American people were too gullible to see right through that phony. When he said he wanted to transform America, that meant he HATED it already. Look at his past. He said he was Muslim, but the worst was while as a Senator, he literally mocked the Bible. I pray everyday this fraudulent man will be found out, and all those that helped put him in that White House. He and whatever that is that lives with him still mooches off the taxpayers big time.

    • Cindy, well said. But you are a much kinder person than I. I hope the former president gets a speedy send off on his journey to Allah.

    • Whatever that lives with him is right. Michael is definitely not a woman. Too many pictures of him and his man projection and Obama accidently calling him Michael instead of Michelle. The Dems. don’t want to believe it even when they see it and hear it.

  23. i believe that monkey muslum okenya was and is a phony christian hater
    always believed his birth certificate was phony
    read when they went to investgate records in hawaii the pages from the record book for his birth yr were torn out of the book
    i can;t believe someone hasn;t taken him out. won’t be suprised when it happens.
    long over due

    • He was and is a Muslum, and nothing this liar and self-worshiper does will ever surprise me. But I felt this way before he was elected the first time.

        • Irene, We’ve learned he was born in Kenya, and that’s all we know about him. He was president for eight long years, and the only thing of note he accomplished was to give millions of dollars to Mid Eastern terrorists. We never saw his birth certificate, we don’t even know his real name, or if he’s actually a citizen. The Democrats are trying to get ten years of Trump’s tax returns, and we’ve never seen proof of citizenship from Obama. Something stinks to high Heaven, and we need to fix it.

          • He was born in Kenya, raised in muslim Indonesia, was a foreign exchange student an affirmative action student. He was groomed from the beginning by the muslims and later the communists. He was a sworn enemy of our nation, our Constitution and all Christians and conservatives long before he illegally became false president. He is a terrorist of the worst kind: An infiltrator that clandestinely subverted our government from the inside. Make no mistake, he and all his demonRAT henchmen and women hate the true Americans and all we stand for. They will stop at nothing to put the jackboots of fascist/communism down on our throats.

          • Tomas, BHO Sr was never a part of Barry’s life. Sr and Ann did not live as husband and wife. She enrolled in the Uni of Wash., Seattle when he was a few weeks old, dates are online. She did not return to Hawaii until Sr left island for Harvard. Ann married Lolo Soetoro when Barry was 5. Barry was in school in Indonesia from 6 to 10, when he was taken to live with Ann’s parents. See Catholic school registration, citizen of Indonesia, religion Islam. Customs, laws, traditions, etc is why our founding fathers stipulated that the POTUS was to be a Natural Born citizen. A NBC is born to 2 US citizen parents, on US soil. US military bases and US Embassies qualify as US soil, how McCain qualified. BHO Jr would not be a NBC had he been born in the Lincoln bedroom. FYI, Kamala Harris, Nikki Halley, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and millions more who may hold US citizenship but are not NBC, are not eligible to serve as POTUS (or VP).

          • John, suggest you Google Stephen Pidgeon, Washington st. atty, he has written bk, the Obama Error, which I have not read. He claims to have found where Barry changed his name BACK to Obama in Canada, in 1982. I can find no evidence he is or has ever been a US citizen, I have researched this for years.

    • Yes, obama, clinton & the democraps are biased against christians, jews and anybody else who belives in nonmuslim dieties….Lord, forgive these fools for they deserve not your mercy.

    • Roman, yes, life is complicated. Kashogi was not a US citizen, I suspect there is much more to that issue than we are aware. Why should we cease relations over the death of a non-US citizen who may have been a spy or other, that is actually none of our business?

  24. He announced he was anti-Christian. What a disgrace that he was elected a second time: the worst president in my lifetime (1941 – present)!

  25. I think someone should get a hold of his school records and see what country he was really born in. Everything this guy did was shady why not his real citizenship. Anyone can forge a money order why not a birth certificate. He was not a legal president and his ill gotten pension should go toward the wall President Trump is building.


      • He also has a Connecticut social security # , never lived there so it’s bogus . He just as phony as a $3 bill.

    • Blame NoFenceNancy for barry sitting in our white house. She vouched for his eligibility. Amazing how she’s just now being antiAmerican? Not really. She’s bought and paid for. Should have been thrown out years ago.

    • What a lot of people are missing is a very simple explanatio0n. He said that he came here on an exchange student program. That is the one thing that no one was looking at. Go back and check to see if he did come here as an exchange student and from where. In order to be an exchange student to America you had to be a foreign student. If he was a citizen he would just have flown here and went to school. Can’t come as an exchange. Check all the rules for your self. Ask any person who deals with exchange students and they will tell you the same thing.

  26. I never thought that Obama was interested in the people of the United States only himself When you realise how much the American people have done for every Country in the world I don’t know how a President could apologies for anything. We had the Peace Core that sent thousands of young American men and women all over the world to teach, Doctors Without Boarders funded by the medical profession and contributions from Americans. I have met Doctors returning to the U.S. that have traveled at their own expense to teach in foreign countries. Obama was a disgrace. This is only a couple of efforts that come to mind I know of a lot more.

      • I am 69 and you are correct he is the worst, He stole from the American people, lied every time he opened his mouth, he was no Christian he is a Muslum and the Hospital in Hawaii that was on his birth certificate was a sham who ever made it up for him should have done their research the hospital name was changed
        It has since changed its name several times. Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital opened in 1909 named for Emma Kauikeolani Napoleon Mahelona (1862–1931), the wife of Albert Spencer Wilcox (1844–1919). In 1978, it merged with Kapiʻolani Hospital to become Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children. also in 1961 on people of color the race was negro not African which is what the race of his father shows
        He is a fraud and what’s more all of Washington both democrate and republican covered for him.

        • Why are people surprised? He made a number of remarks in speeches made before his first term referencing “my Muslim faith.” Also, the demoncraps party official kicked God out of their party more than 10 years ago. As far as I can see, the demoncraps are tools of Satan. To acknowledge God would mean admitting that their behavior is sinful and they are not willing to do that. However, they have no trouble whatsoever pointing out every small indiscretion of Christians or conservatives. It’s just who demoncraps are!!!


  27. Obama should be investigated for a lot of things. If truth be know a lot of the Democrats have sold our country to the Muslims.

    • Not really, the Bilderberg Cartel has been the shadow government trying to gain control over most of the world, the past 4 Presidents, before Trump, have been hand picked by them. They want the NWO that will see a greatly reduced population and an oligarchy that will enslave them.

      • I have always believed that the gov’t. Wants to reduce population of American born citizens. Why do you think cancer is almost an epidemic .

  28. Christians celebrate Easter. Easter worshipers are Christians – and everyone knows that. Terrorizing people worshiping at Easter service is particularly heinous act, as Easter is the holiest feast for Christians. Obama highlighted this fact in his condolences. I can’t see anything wrong in that – unless bigots and hateful people want to see something wrong and find fault with anything and everything that Obama did and does. As they say, if one is so intent, one can even find a bone in milk.

      • Mike: You say so – but there is no proof (only right-wing conspiracy sites say so without offering any concrete proof) and Obama has said he is a Christian. But, the point of the article is that Obama expressed his condolences to people worshiping at Easter services. And, that does not deserve to be questioned.

        • Julia Madole: Precisely we go to Easter services to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Everyone knows that Easter is the holiest of Christian feasts – and to attack people celebrating Easter is a most heinous crime. Obama issued his condolences and made that point which emphasized Easter worship, as it was not just an ordinary religious service.

          • Gregory Sullivan: You have no basis for making that statement – except for some right-wing bigoted conspiracy “fake news” sites that invent things in order to pursue their own agenda and mislead people.

        • Roman, Let’s spend 2 years and millions of dollars to investigate O blah blah blah ma …oh I forgot that would be racist to investigate a gay Kenyan mooslom or his wife michael.

          • David Rose: Obama is no longer President – we should move on and deal with today’s issues. As to the other allegations, there is no proof-and such issues should be left to historians to debate. Even Trump has dropped the allegations that he was foreign born. But then, you may disagree with Trump, as you know better.

      • Of course, he hates Christians. All Muslims hate Christians. They are brainwashed from birth to hate and kill all non Muslims.

    • So why didn’t he say the word, Christian?? The fault is that it appears he holds views that are not Christian. Who says you can find bone in milk? Liberals, the Mueller report? Just wondering.


    • I’m 75 and we’ll traveled. This is the first time I have ever heard the term “Easter Worshipers”. I believe the Democrats have made up this term instead of using the word Christians. Now all of their Kool-Aid drinkers are jumping in the band wagon. We will need a new dictionary soon for all the new words the Democrats have come up with to describe people who do not think as they do.

    • Ahhh Roman, the quintessential liaison and moderator for the communists, muslims and indeed, Satan himself. All smooth dialog and seeming logic, not to mention your almost believable empathy for those of Christian and conservative beliefs. Yes, Satan does come as a wolf in sheep’s clothing to deceive the naive and ignorant masses. Well spoken Roman, but still without true empathy and with nefarious intent. I remember you claim to be a pacifist but you incite violence with your constant rhetoric on behalf of our sworn enemies; the enemies of our Republic and the true American people. Well Roman, as the saying goes, you and your kind are about to poke the sleeping bear once too many times. I’m decidedly not a pacifist when it comes to my rights being violated and I’m one of many millions.

      • Mark Hopkins: You are always offensive, uninformed, illogical and full of hate. You have never learned how discuss matters intelligently and respecting different viewpoints. You make totally false accusations so that you can get your jollies insulting others. I will not waste anymore time on you – as you are incorrigible and beyond logic and common sense. Your hate will consume you, as you worship Satan who has thought you to hate others – and I will feel no pity for you.

        • That’s perfectly fine with me Roman. Logic doesn’t seem to be your strong suite either. As far pity goes, when the shtf I’ll feel no more for you and your kind than I would for a rabid skunk. Obama is a communist muslim and an enemy of Christianity, the Constitution and our Republic. So (with the possible exception of being muslims) are all the demonRATS in our government. This will come to a head, and probably soon. Greed, lust for power and abject stupidity within a government can only go so far before it causes an implosion or a civil war. We’re watching and waiting.

          • Mark Hopkins: Away with you, Satan. You keep on spouting off words of hatred, violence and ignorance. Go and worship at the altar of Lucifer – while I take to heart Jesus’ message of love, compassion and forgiveness.

          • LMAO! You’re too funny Roman. You commies are all alike. Throw what you’re guilty of back at the conservatives and the weak minded and corrupt will believe you. Conservatives have always been the backbone of our nation and are the sole reason we haven’t become a third world cesspool… Yet. We conservatives know what side Satan is on, just go look in the mirror and you’ll see him. Forgiveness only applies if the person wants to be forgiven and is repentant. It doesn’t apply to Satan or his henchmen at all. Virtually all the evil deeds have come from the communist left. Evil always lets itself be known. Only the evil fail to recognize it.

          • Mark Hopkins: After you worship at the altar of Lucifer, prepare to spend the rest of your eternity with him. There is no place in heaven for the likes of you, who ignore the consistent message of Jesus which is love, compassion and forgiveness. You are just too full of hatred unless you repent and ask God’s forgiveness for your hatred, intolerance and calls to violence.

          • LMAO yet again! I notice you don’t want a reply from me Roman. I doubt I’ll be spending eternity with Satan, however that’s up to God. Not me and not you. You obviously don’t read my posts well either. I never call for violence; I expect it because the demonRATS won’t accept they are mentally deficient losers. The “liberals” are the ones always calling for violence and inciting violence. They are the mass murderers that practice infanticide and outright murder, destruction of property and all other Nazi tactics straight out of Hitler’s and Stalin’s playbook. Your so called “tolerance and forgiveness” does not extend to conservatives, only to your kind of self righteous Nazis. As I said before, we watch – we wait.

          • Mark Hopkins: You continue to spout out hatred and talk of Civil War. That is the sign that you follow Satin – and not Jesus’ message. I would not like to be in your shoes on Judgement Day. You may fool yourself with your twisted belief system – but you can’t fool God, who knows what is in your heart and has witnessed your statements and behavior.

          • I’m fine with God judging me Roman, I’m saved. I’d be careful about evoking God if I were you, you may not get the reaction you think you will. If and when civil war does come, you can thank the “oh so tolerate and benevolent liberals”. We conservatives aren’t trying to start it, but we will end it. Yes, God knows what’s in my heart and I will be judged accordingly. Just remember, He knows what’s in yours too, and self righteousness is not of God. Sometimes good must fight evil to prevent evil from overpowering all humankind. Good will always, in the end, overcome evil. We watch – we wait.

          • Mark Hopkins: Again and again you speak with hatred and violence, and ignore fully Jesus’ message of love compassion and forgiveness. Yet, you have the arrogance to believe that you will be saved. What perverted logic do you follow to believe that you are good while you ignore Jesus’ teachings? Satan has fully captured your mind and your soul.

          • Mark Hopkins: Reflect on the Eight Beatitudes as stated by Jesus – and consider whether you are on the side of God or Satan.
            Blessed are pure in heart: for they shall see God.
            Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
            Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
            Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.
            Blessed are the poor is spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
            Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
            Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they shall be filled.
            Blessed are those who mourn: for they shall be comforted.

      • Mark Hopkins: Here is something for you to reflect upon, as it should apply to your comments and politics. Mark:12:30, 31 :The Greatest Commandment
        …30Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.” And Luke 6 27-3127 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. 30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

        • Sorry it took awhile to get back to you Roman, but I have a business to run and I’m on call most of the time. Here’s something for you to reflect on. Look these scriptures up, I’m not going to transcribe them for you. Start with 2 Timothy 3:16-17, just so you know it’s good to use the whole Bible. 1 Corinthians 6:9-20 Galatians 5:1 Exodus 22:1-31 Exodus 21:16 Deuteronomy 24:7 Jeremiah 8:6 Proverbs 11:1. Then go to for information on self defense according to the Bible. You can lay down and let the communists beat and kill you, but I won’t. It’s my duty to protect my family and my conservative brothers and sisters to the best of my ability and that I will do. If evil comes to me and mine with intent to harm us it will pay the ultimate price. I come from a strong military family and we will not lay down for evil, no matter where it comes from. Turn the other cheek by the way, means to diffuse the situation if possible. It does not mean you can’t defend yourself if it isn’t. There has been evil in the world from the very beginning of humankind and there will be til the end of man’s reign. I know which side I’m on and it definitely isn’t Satan’s.

          • Mark Hopkins: Thank you for your message and a more thoughtful response. Many in fact most of the passages you quoted are from the Old Testament. They are very harsh – and Jesus came down to earth to correct the Old Testament. (To avoid offending the Jewish religious establishment of that time, He said that He wanted to add to the Old Testament – with the effect that He was correcting it). Hence, I take the Old Testament with more than a bit of a grain of salt. It contains such statements as prohibiting the eating of things without a backbone or without a cleft foot. (Obviously, there is nothing immoral about eating shrimp or pork). It says you should not mix fibers. It seems to endorse Abraham’s affair with his servant girl, as Sarah did not appear to be fertile. It says that Noah took two of every species onto the Ark – how could he accommodated them all? Did the rats, snakes sneak in? Was it not risky to take termites into a wooden Ark? So, my point is that it contains numerous inaccuracies and we need to concentrate on Jesus’ message of love, compassion and forgiveness. However, like you I believe in the right of legitimate self-defense. It should be used as a last resort – and not precipitously. Your point about turning the other point as a means of defusing tension is right on. That is why I personally oppose strong extremist or offensive rhetoric, as it increases tension and does not lend itself to evaluating issues on their merits. True, real evil is hateful, uncompromising, vicious and devoid of any compassion. It exists and needs to be absolutely resisted, because it is wrong and contradicts Jesus’ message. However, not everything that one disagrees with is evil – and it is always worth listening to the arguments advocating an idea or a policy, as the person doing so may not be evil, but is only interpreting the situation in a different way with which one is familiar. Now, at this point, I believe that you will see how much common ground there is between you and me. Neither am I nor are you evil or worshipers of Satan (though I agree none is without sin or perfect) – just people have a legitimate difference of opinion on some matters. God Bless.

  29. “Oblowzo” the eighth deadly sin! That’s all seven wrapped into one. Everything about this sycophant of satan is phony. It’s name “Bathhouse Barry”, Birth Certificate. Name something! Anything! Just a used car salesman with the gift of gab. Why are its records sealed? This totally incompetent muslim hates America and couldn’t organize a trip to the bathroom.We can thank the murderer of (Mary Jo) “Ted Kennedy” for making this evil abomination president. Oblowzo, the most evil blackest satanic Demoncrap ever. May it burn in Hell for all eternity!

  30. The resign he is biased is he is a Muslim and he hates America like all Muslims do he should never become a President no one can be a President in America if you are from another Country and he lied about where he come from. It will come out one of theses days and he will never live it down he is a Fraud from the get go. I am posting this about OBAMA for the first time.

  31. The resign he is biased is he is a Muslim and he hates America like all Muslims do he should never become a President no one can be a President in America if you are from another Country and he lied about where he come from. It will come out one of theses days and he will never live it down he is a Fraud from the get go.

  32. What a complete disaster for America,couldn’t even say Christians,it was Christians that built the USA not Islamist’s

  33. obummer is a loser……..worse thing that has ever happened to this country was his winning the presidency…………..enough said!

    • He didn’t win anything? How did a nobody? Come out of nowhere? Win the Presidency? Voter Fraud etc.. A CIA agent helped push him in. But. You’ll never see the video because they have banned any and all evidence or proof! But. I already sent it and I’m sure a multitude of other’s also?

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