Barack Obama’s allies just found out their original crime got reported to the authorities

The cover-up of the Russian collusion hoax is unraveling by the day.

Each headline brings bombshell announcements that put the investigation closer to Barack Obama’s doorstep.

And now Barack Obama’s allies just found out their original crime got reported to the authorities.

In December 2016, a member of Barack Obama’s Deep State committed a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison by leaking to the Washington Post the fact that incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was picked up on a FISA wiretap speaking to the Russian Ambassador.

That led to Flynn’s firing, prosecution, and the media firestorm surrounding the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

In FISA wiretaps, Americans names are concealed and only officials with the proper authorization can request to “unmask” those Americans because having their identity helps them understand the context of a conversation.

But now acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell is declassifying the list of Obama administration officials who unmasked Flynn back in 2016.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz reported:

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has declassified a list of former Obama administration officials who were allegedly involved in the so-called “unmasking” of former national security adviser Michael Flynn in his conversations with the former Russian ambassador during the presidential transition, a senior U.S. official tells ABC News.

Grenell, who remains the U.S. ambassador to Germany along with being the acting DNI, visited the Justice Department last week and brought the list with him, according to the official.

To this day no one has been prosecuted for the illegal leak that led to Flynn’s downfall.

Many Trump supporters hope that Grenell’s move to reveal who in the Obama administration “unmasked” Flynn is the first step in identifying the leaker and holding them accountable.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The Chinese have abolished their propaganda arm of their communist party.they get their communist lies spread by people like scott,julio,the leftist party and the msm for free

  2. Edwin just because it is a ruling issued by judges in the cases of which you refer Activist/Legislating judges does not make those rulings legal, unfortunately since the GOP and the Trump administration failed to have an extensive investigation conducted in regards to the results of the Midterm elections since January 2019 there has been no legal way to have any of the many corrupt judges removed from the bench.

  3. Pat you may not be delusional but you are certainly disillusioned, those whose minds are in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality still believe that members of the Communist party are their saviors and if those of the Communist party ever gain complete control of our government again then and only then will the minds of those people be reconstituted back on this 1 plane of reality just in time to realize how mindless they had been all along because they will all be slaves.

  4. Enough with the nonsense just annihilate all Globalists and their Lieutenant bureaucrats and that includes Activist/Legislating judges.

  5. This should be the biggest wake up call to all Americans.
    The democrats can’t even acknowledge what they have done to everyone.
    The democrats have been wasting our time and money for over 3 years and hurting anyone in their path in order to control all of us.
    I say punish them all and make them all give back 3 years salary to the American people.
    I think the Obama’s, Biden’s, Clinton’s and media should have to repay Flynn and the others back for everything.
    I hope a lot of you see what your own party is like. If you get in their way they will stop at nothing to take you out.
    Democrats right now are stabbing you all in the back by taking China’s side over you. In this last bill tell me what was in there to help the American people? Nothing look at it.
    People wake up before you are under China’s control.
    If not hope you tell your children you did this to them.

  6. Cover up only works for brainwashed. I personally believed from day one that this was a coup against the president and the American system. The British or if you call it the Deep State is the main culprit. As long as we expose them when their dirts comes up then we will be able to deal with them; otherwise the fake news media and the minions of this devil dying British minions such as the Democrats and the agents of the empire within the US intelligence agencies are doing what ever to turn around the blame. But I am sure we the American people understand it and we know who are our enemy. This great nation should be liberated once again from the devils and stand up and defend its values. Stand Up for America! Condemn the Anglo-American Confederacy from Truman to Obama except JFK and to some extent Ronald Reagan.

  7. I realize that every one would like all those people TARRED AND FEATHERED, and I would add my name to the list. However, the DEEP STATE will cover up anything criminal. They have judges that will do the “LEGAL” covering. Look at what’s happening with Flynn’s judge? Every one would love to see Flynn exonerated except the judge, a DEEP STATER. He will never step down as he should, He will provide the cover for all those guilty

  8. Flynn doesn’t need the libturd judge to get this miscarriage of justice ended. It’s time for the scotus to get involved. If not, then a full pardon from the president

  9. Mr. Grenell: courageous patriot, thank you for demonstrating integrity. Judge Sullivan is acting improperly by refusing to dismiss the conviction filed by the prosecution. To request for Briefs By Friends of the Court sanctions unauthorized persons, groups, etc. to corrupt the Department of Justice’s Dismissal, with prejudice. Judge Sullivan is abusing his judicial position with outrageous misconduct by continuing the pain and suffering endured by Lieutenant General Flynn and Family who had been fully exonerated by Petitioner Department of Justice. Judge Sullivan is NOT a party to the lawsuit and has no justifiable reasonable grounds to request additional comments. Pursuant to due process and fairness, he should be sanctioned and removed immediately from the federal bench.

  10. We, the taxpayers, paid for all this. We have the right to know. Know all of it.
    Lets get it done. Tell the American people all of it. Name names.
    Thank-you Mr. Grenell

  11. It doesn’t matter if Obama was orchestrating everything and is guilty; an ex-President of the left persuasion will never be indicted and if he was no freezer Judge of the left persuasion would allow a Jury to find him guilty.But you can indict an innocent sitting President of the patriotic persuasion, no problem at all.Having the truth rubbed in our face every day, makes us want to vomit violently into Pelosis’freezer of ice creams.

  12. Jailed my ass everyone of those traitors should have a date with a firing squad thats the punishment for treason they knew or should have known it before they Committed the crime the Rosenbergs got the death penalty in the 1950’s i have never served in the military so i didn’t take an oath. my oath is in my heart if someone in our military doesn’t want to do their job and restore the true rule of law then we the people are going to have to step up Louis the 16th in Marie Antoinette Were put to death the people drug them out kicking and screaming our list may be longer but the same punishment should apply to all those that committed treason starting with Obama then Hillary,comey,clapper,Brennan yates,Rice,strzok,page,lynch,rosenstin,muller,holder,Biden,and all those in the MSM Who were complicit in this crime if nothing is done and no one is held accountable this will happen again. by the way I left out most of the people in Hollywood some of their heads are on the chopping block as well they should have kept their word an left the United States as they are no longer welcome here

  13. Hmmmm, wonder if Netflix will include this in The Obama “Documentary”. I use the word,”documentary”, loosely.

  14. The State Department needs to revoke all of their passports: the leakers, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, Obama, all of Comey’s Homies and remove their security clearances IMMEDIATELY.

  15. I have one thing to say to Barr and Durham- PROSECUTE PROSECUTE PROSECUTE PROSECUTE ALL OF THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I pray I’m wrong but I believe the commie bastards Democrat and half republicans Half sold this country out to the Russians And the Chinese for their own good. I think that is why trump can’t get anything done they don’t want to reveal their cards or

  17. The only reason I can think of for committing treason is a promise of a key position in the”continuity of government” when the country collapses. What these morons don’t understand is they won’t be included.

  18. What about errogant Biden, he too was involved! The difference was Biden went after the money, although very much involved with Obama’s criminal plan.

  19. We Are all awaiting prosecution of those who do flagrantly violated laws of the USA, and our constitution. Treason. Rcecition.

  20. I guess as long as you don’t get caught????
    Obama not only is an instigator in Mr. Flynn’s fabricated problems, he is partly responsible for the covid19 fiasco. HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL, and his assets frozen to repay those who have lost their jobs. GO OUTSIDE PEOPLE< INSIST businesses open up. Back the US Constitution.

  21. Ray, that is what this country needs…a cleansing of evil. If that’s what it takes, I would welcome it.
    And Dan, we can only hope and pray that people are seeing communism for the evil that it is. Ben Franklin said that we have a Republic if we can keep it, but the vile dems/progressives or whatever else they are called have no intention of keeping this country free. They must be defeated or this nation will cease to exist

  22. The real truth will never be told! It can’t be for one big reason! If the real truth ever came out 75% or more of DC would be lined up in front of a firing squad and shot!

  23. BJ I think that you’re right. God is helping. Take a look at the results of the special elections that was held yesterday. If most Americans were down on Trump, as Dr.JD and the other trolls on this site, the republicans would not have won in the liberal states. Especially California in a district covering a part of LA. It seems like people are finally waking up to the lies of communism. You will be surprised which commiecrats gets tossed in November. Look out Adam and Nancy.

  24. God wins. The Clintons, Obamas, dem party, communists, and all others who follow satan lose. When Jesus comes we will be free of all evil forever

  25. julio richard laredo

    Trump did not know Flynn had been set up or framed, all he knew was an indictment was going to be issued.

  26. About 4 months after this phone call, the FBI questions Flynn about this phone call and Flynn recalls this conversation to the best he can.
    A couple of months later, there Flynn is questioned a 2d time and his recollection is not the same and the FBI says he lied.
    {{ The ‘lie’ happened to be something not relative to the matter at hand }}
    The usual procedure in these matters is for the FBI to play the tape and when it gets to an area of concern, the tape is stopped and the person under investigation is asked to explain what he meant this comment.

  27. Is there a problem with the truth?
    General Flynn was not under surveillance because of a FISA warrant.
    Any such conversation of that nature is recorded as a matter of form. General Flynn knows this because he spent 33 years in the Intelligence Community. General Flynn was doing his job in speaking with the Russian ambassador. The FBI was even more correct than this narrative would indicate.

    = Yes, the leak was a felony.


  29. Put the phones down!! & Let’s go America! The truth be told. We need to do all we can to stand up and fight this “PHONY evil money grab do nothing but line their pockets scum!”Call these evil baby killing commies out!!! God has revealed to us time
    time again. The day of reckoning is coming here or in HELL for
    them. Let’s give them a real pre-sendoff. Put them all in federal prison and let them pay the PIPER 🤠 Like everyday!! TOO MUCH TALK & NO ACTION!! Mr Trump, in the beginning I thought you were some cocky loud mouth capitalist. There may be a little bit of truth to that. As time went on and you came thru accomplishing important things you said you would do. The State of the Union address was the greatest. I realized that we don’t need another politician we need a businessman like you to help us get through. You have accomplished so much despite the constant S**T storm. You really need to bring one of these phony WALES down to secure the presidency in 2020!! Go TRUMP!!

  30. julio richard Laredo, truly is a moron. Trump had no choice but to fire Flynn at that time. Trump didn’t know about Obama’s FBI setting Flynn up for a perjury trap, and wiretapping him. Trump only knows that now as we all do since it’s been exposed.
    I’ve noticed the trolls on here are some of the stupidest people I have ever encountered. JRL, Scott27, Dr.J.D., JusticeForTrump, QED, and the rest.
    All morons.

  31. Thejudge sullivan that ishilding up the pardon must be a Democrat snd a friend of obamas! If so , he should be removed.

  32. General Flynn will be pardoned after Trump wins re-election. The commiecrats and their thugs in black robes will drag this out.

  33. American is a very sick lady the only cure now is for her body to build up antibodies to fight the enemy with on her..l pray she lives may her flag fly again when she’s well over the land of the free..

  34. Dear JLR: At the time of this revelation about Flynn. The FBI was entrapping Flynn. Hmmm… Why would the FBI do that. Oh.. Obama’s deep state people still in place. So Trump had no other call other than to fire him for what was originally shown. Forward to today. The FBI and Justice department have a lot of the old Obama cronies removed. The charges against Flynn dropped as they have shown he was entrapped.
    The Obama cronies are going to get caught doing this.
    Red state distain for anything Democratic party will make the house switch.
    The American people are tired of the swamp people.
    Democrats are like soiled diapers. Time to change them.
    Everything the Democratic party does these day is for their own benefit. Thinking of themselves and their cronies.
    The American people coast to coast are seeing this every day.
    Next aid bill from the house Democrats will show more PORK…
    This will be the Blue states bail me out bill.
    But the Republicans, as in the last time, will have nothing of the pork laced bill Nancy send through.

  35. Who is responsible for the Financial loss that General Flynn suffered because of the F.B.I.’s Illegal Coercion treatment of him and the unlawful degradation of his reputation in the eyes of the American People ? Does the reparation of his finances fall on the back of the Taxpayer or is there a way that the Obama Administration can be held Legally responsible for their Illegal Activities?

  36. Its about time the truth comes out and people get to see just how corrupt the Obama Administration was and what a bunch of unethical, immoral, hypocrites they are.
    Obama was and is the biggest terrorist threat this nation has ever had and has done more damage than any other single individual in our history. He scammed everyone who ever supported him.


  38. I hope that they deport the faggot mulatto back to Kenya. He could hangout with his jungle bunny kin

  39. We’re living in an Age of tormented tormentors and BO is no exception tho undercover. The norms in our communities reflect a different exposure to Black history and that is an expectation of a strictly combative Natiure.

  40. You know, I’m really getting tired of hearing AMYTHING about the little halfbred, faggot muzslime! I’m surprised that “somebody” hasn’t shot the little bastard already! I mean, where the hell are all the expert SNIPERS when we really need them?? 😗😒😥😪😞😰

  41. Grenell has “Balls”! Let that sink in folks. I am a straight white protestant male who has black, gay, women, Latin, Asian, an Arab etc friends…and enemies. I do not know Mr. Grenell but he is a patriot an I would be honored to call him a friend. The sad truth of the matter is that NONE of these seditious lying bastards will ever face justice in our two tired justice for sale system.

  42. No matter what is revealed about this coup absolutely nothing is going to happen to anyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal. Not until after the election when Trump appoints a new Attorney General. Then perhaps we’ll have someone with the courage to prosecute these traitors.

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