Barack Obama’s CIA Director just got some very bad news

The Deep State is very real.

And John Brennan – Barack Obama’s CIA Director – sat at the heart of the anti-Trump conspiracy.

But now he just got some very bad news.

Congressional investigators are racing to discover what role Brennan played in the Russia investigation.

The book “Russian Roulette: The Inside of Vladimir Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump” claims Harry Reid believed Brennan was using him to publicize alleged intelligence claiming contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

A CIA Director is supposed to be a nonpartisan figure so Brennan deployed Reid as his political envoy.

The Daily Caller reports:

“According to “Russian Roulette,” by Yahoo! News chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff and David Corn, the Washington bureau chief of the left-wing Mother Jones magazine, Brennan contacted Reid on Aug. 25, 2016, to brief him on the state of Russia’s interference in the presidential campaign. Brennan briefed other members of the so-called Gang of Eight, but Reid is the only who took direct action.

Two days after the briefing, Reid wrote a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey asserting that “evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount.”
Reid called on Comey to investigate the links “thoroughly and in a timely fashion.”

Reid saw Brennan’s outreach as “a sign of urgency,” Isikoff and Corn wrote in the book.

“Reid also had the impression that Brennan had an ulterior motive. He concluded the CIA chief believed the public needed to know about the Russian operation, including the information about the possible links to the Trump campaign.”

According to the book, Brennan told Reid that the intelligence community had determined that the Russian government was behind the hack and leak of Democratic emails and that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind it. Brennan also told Reid that there was evidence that Russian operatives were attempting to tamper with election results.”
Brennan’s information came from the fake news Christopher Steele dossier.

Brennan was using Reid to push the unverified allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians out into the mainstream media in order to try and swing the election back to Hillary.

The dossier has been the key to this scandal the entire time.

Investigators must determine how Obama administration officials used a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton to weaponize the intelligence community against Donald Trump.

We will keep you updated on any new details that emerge in this ongoing story.



  1. They are all democrats and no matter how guilty they are, they will never be convicted or even arrested. They could murder someone on national TV, and they could get a slap on the wrist.

    Why are the republicans such damn COWARDS?

    • That’s why, Raymond, I’m NOT a Republican nor ( thank God )am I a demoCRAP! I’m a conservative! It seems , unfortunately, that the reps don’t have any balls, and the demos, live on another planet ( I wish they would all move there) All we can do is stick to our President, who is doing an incredible job!

      • We can also put more conservatives in office in November, and we can continue to show up all the lies that are being told by the Democraps and the so called main stream media, also a bunch of liars.

      • shhhhh brendra don’t say tooo loud, they are tooo dumb to figure out. they think they can take that dirty money with them. to them life is power, wealth, fame, dishonesty, avoidance of prison, perjury, requiring no brains.

      • Brenda
        You are so right. Their final judgement will be before GOD and I always know we can trust him to deal with evil and that is all the DEMS are. They can run but they can hide from THE ALMIGHTY. Good luck to us all.

    • Raymond, I too have always questioned why Republicans are so meek. I. a life long Repu. have had trouble why that is. No one answers why it seems. We control all three offices and yet struggle to get any thing done. Frustrating to say the least.
      Aline has a point, be neither. But I do support Trump in all he is trying to accomplish.

      • I think it would be different if we had a different speaker of the house and Senate Majority leader. Hopefully this will happen and soon. Why Ryan doesn’t step down since he is not running in November, I can not even fathom probably because he doesn’t want to be responsible for Pres. Trump getting things done. I would love to see Jim Jordan as Speaker and Ted Cruz as Senate Majority leader. Lets go people. Let your congress people know you want Ryan out NOW.

      • Because we have RINO’s (RYAN & McConnell) running congress & gutless SESSIONS running the DOJ. Once these guys are replaced or drained-then it’s time for the treasonous DEMs & FBI-CIA people to go to JAIL!!

    • The list of treasonous individuals that need to be hung keeps growing. To date some of them are Obumer, the Hildebeast, Brennan, Lynch, Comey, Rosenstein, McClapper, Rice, Powers, Rosenstein, The 2 FBI lovers, McCain, Flake, Schumer, Ryan, McConnell, etc. If we are a Nation of laws and not of men we will see these and many others brought to justice.

  2. The whole Democratic Party should be dissolved because they are truly a Communist Party and don’t resemble a Democracy in any way. There aren’t any of them without committing treason against America. Brennan needs to be behind bars with the rest of them.

  3. It was back in 2008 when Obama was a senator, and decided to run for president, I was warned not to listen to him because he was a speaker the likes of Adolph Hitler. Hitory has recorded what he has done to America.

    When I first heard and watched Donald Trump , I was motivated to support and vote for him. History has recorded what President Donald Trump has done for America in his year and a half in office. Now there is a republican candidate for Governor of California, who is using the same rederic as Trump. With a Republican California Governor, a Republican President, California can be made great again.

    • Sure would be great to see California back with the rest of us. But still have to put up with Oregon, Washington and a few others that are on a different path.

  4. I knew at some point when I heard Brennan speak he was engaged in disinformation a classic intelligence agency tactic

  5. We keep hearing about bomb shells in the investigation. But the best we have ever seen are a few weak firecrackers. Most of the news about it amount to nothing. Tired of hearing about it.

    • Yup, I don’t even click on them anymore! Specially the ones that start with “BREAKING NEWS”. Nothing will change till the MSM is turned.

  6. How many years are we going to let Mueller investigate and drop insignificant bread crumbs- just to keep President Trump’s head down. We need a new special prosecutor to start now to unravel all of this misdirection. MAGA!

  7. You all still don’t have it figured out. The Fake Dossier was thought up in the Justice Department and FBI. They provided the tie to Christopher Steele. Since they knew it would be a hit piece that didn’t met their minimum standards, they thought up the idea of having the dossier produced “on the outside” so they could get a copy of it and use it, even though the research in it didn’t meet minimum FBI or CIA standards. Their wives were hired by Fusion GPS to provide payoffs to the Justice insiders that would then use the dossier to manipulate the FISA Court to get the Trump eve dropping authority, in order to find some basis to allege illegal conduct by Trump. McCabe’s wife was separately paid by way of a political contribution. Has anyone tracked that money to see where it ended up? The scheme was known, maybe even directed by Obama, who would want the dossier to be produced outside the government so that there could be plausible deniability.
    It was never supposed to be discovered that The D party paid Fusion through a lawyer. After that happened, little by little the pieces have come together. The million or so Documents not yet delivered to Congress tell this whole story. There are more people in Justice and the FBI involved and they are among those stonewalling release of the documents, trying to run out the clock so that the dems can take control of the house or senate or both and end the investigations before the mother lode is discovered.

    • If I was the judge on the fisa court and I was given false or incomplete information, heads would roll. That judge should resign NOW

  8. You’ll never see any of the democrat crooks be investigated, because the RINOS, and the swamp want let it happen. You never see the post office investigated, because of the deals made with post master general, and postal union. Regular pay raises, great medical, and retirement, and kickbacks to congress. Don’t muddy the water, just leave our little piggy bank alone.

    • And here is a partial list of traitors to hang: Obumer, The Hildebeast, Lynch, Comey, Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, Lerner, Brennan, McCabe, Rosenstein, Ryan, McConnell, Graham, Flake, the 2 FBI lovers, Holder, and Yates. I am sure that I have missed some so please feel free to add to the list of anti-American traitors that we should hang.

      • Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, James Clapper, FISA Judge that allowed the wiretapping by the NSA for political reasons, Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Debbie Wasserman-Schutz, Donna Brazille, John Podesta, Christopher Steele, Huma Abeden, Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills, Ben Rhodes, Eric Holder, and John Kerry are some more that worked against America’s interests.

  9. The Deep State is really the “Private Army” that O’Vomit promised us in his speech to accept the DNC nomination in Chicago in 2008 When his Grand Mother Dunham reveled that she had been in the delivery room when he was born in Kenya She was dead 3 weeks later

  10. The day they start arresting these criminals is the day the USA makes the entire congress remember who they work for. Looking forward to this day!

  11. I am sorry but the investing is over it is time for warrants and arrests. Way too many Obama high level members have been outed. HANDCUFFS TIME.

  12. I agree with all comments above. I certainly would like to see the whole bunch of democrats mentioned arrested, taken to trial, and sent to prison for the rest of their lives.

  13. It’s AMAZING how many people still believe that President Trump is guilty of some crime — ANY CRIME — to justify their “heroine’s” loss last year. And the longer the investigation goes on, the more Obama “associates” are being ‘outed’ as the ACTUAL CRIMINALS. I certainly hope justice PREVAILS !!

  14. Brannan, Comey, and Lerner all lied to congress!!!! There is ZERO DOUBT about that!!! Russia is/has been a complete joke! WHY has nobody been jailed!!!!!!

  15. Time for the A G to take the GLOVES OFF and file charges against this traitor Brennan for divulging SECRET INFORMATION against his office oath! TOTAL ILLEGAL MOVE!

    • I CANNOT believe Sessions has been sitting on his thumbs all this time. All the proof that we’ve seen so far and that man appoints Hogue, whom works for crooked Rosenstein. To me this stinks to high hell. Who investigates their OWN BOSS?

  16. The entire deep state including Brennan and Comey need to be criminally prosecuted. If investigators determines any of these dirt bags committed treason. they should be tried, and if found guilty, executed. Plain and simple.

    • Agreed! But you forgot obozo, clinton,…..the whole DNC! And all the Trump haters, athletes, comedians, teachers, governors, mayors, name it!!!! ALL these morons need to get picked up IN HANDCUFFS FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! ALL are CORRUPT to the core! Don’t forget the FBI upper echelon!

  17. If the voters were smart they would vote those two traitorous communist slugs Schumer and Pilosi out of office ASAP. They are just as bad as Brennan.

    • It will never happen. We can’t get that worthless Sessions to appoint a second special counsel to open up a grand jury investigation. They continue to go after trump when all the criminality points toward Hillary and the Obama administration. Time is running out and statute of limitations is the saving grace for these criminals. Sessions is a worthless ass who took himself out of this whole mess. Rosenstein is telling Sessions what to do and not to do. No justice. Swamp alive and well.

  18. This a truly a miraculous country to have survived the 8-year rule by that Marxist Muslim half-breed from Kenya B. Hussein Obama.

    • Brennan certainly knew who the best liar is. Reid: famous quote “I lied, we won, SO WHAT!” Proves the adage Birds of a feather stay together. I bet Reid’s last words will be a lie.

  19. When they get done with Brennan they can investigate how Barry’s – whoever the hell he really is – National Security Adviser Susan Rice managed to put together a $40,000,000 fortune “mostly from her dealings with Iran.”

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