Barack Obama’s next job in politics will leave you speechless

Everyone thought former President Barack Obama was finished with politics when he left the White House in 2017.

That was wrong.

And now Barack Obama’s next job in politics will leave you speechless.

Whoever wins the 2020 Presidential Election could make as many as three new Supreme Court appointments.

That could reshape the court for a generation.

Traditionally, Republican voters are more motivated to vote on judicial appointments.

56 percent of voters who listed Supreme Court nominations as their number one issue voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

Democrats are trying to change this dynamic for 2020.

And Joe Biden is pitching in by claiming if he wins the presidency he will nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.

Obama on the Supreme Court would make for his best revenge against President Trump.

If Biden wins the election Republican activists will surely file lawsuit after lawsuit to prevent Biden’s unconstitutional power grabs and rollbacks of Donald Trump’s agenda.

Some of these cases will surely wind their way up to the Supreme Court.

And that would give Barack Obama the historic opportunity to cast the deciding votes in cases that wiped away the legacy of his presidential successor.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.