Ben Carson will burst into laughter when he hears what Maxine Waters said about him

Maxine Waters is the most rabidly anti-Trump person in Congress.

She can’t help but make the most insane statements imaginable to attack him.

And Ben Carson will burst into laughter when he hears what she said about him.

There are few Trump officials that Democrats hate more than Ben Carson.

Simply being a black conservative is enough for them to despise him, as Democrats believe the black community is required to support them.

And in a recent interview on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Maxine Waters showed just how far their hatred for Carson goes.

She stated that she doesn’t believe that Carson has the “intelligence” for his position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Breitbart News reports:

On Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said former neurosurgeon Ben Carson did not have the “intelligence” for his current position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Carson had said Waters lacks basic manners after she had written President Donald Trump a letter demanding answers on reports that the administration was considering moving homeless people off the streets in California.

Waters said, “I sent him a letter, and he sent me a letter claiming that I had no manner, etc. I basically said to my staff, I really don’t have time to be bonded by somebody who does not know the difference between REO and OEO. This guy just doesn’t have the background, the capability, the intelligence to do the job. He does not know what he’s doing. He doesn’t care about this issue.”

Carson is perhaps the most accomplished brain surgeon in history.

He was the first person to ever safely separate two twins conjoined at the head at birth.

Maxine Waters is nothing more than a do-nothing politician representing one of the most impoverished districts in the nation.

She has no real accomplishments besides being a failed Congresswoman.

Carson spent decades doing things Waters could never dream of being smart enough to do.

Do you think Ben Carson is more intelligent than Maxine Waters?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.



  1. She couldn’t be a pimple on Ben Carson’s ass the only reason she is a congresswoman is because she is a black woman in a liberal state which she is helping run into the ground.

  2. Raging Maxine Waters, venting her vitriolic and venomous tirades of tribal politics against President Trump once again, because the Raging Waters got caught with her hand in somebody else’s cookie jar once again, taking what doesn’t belong to her, once again, and then blaming the Donald for her misdeeds and more importantly, for her getting caught. You can always tell about Ms Raging Waters, the more and the louder she rages, the more she is in the midst of looting and taking. That she is now going after Ben Carson means that he is on to something positive, and the Raging Waters is out to undermine it before Mr Carson can help it can get legs going forward.
    Stay the course, Mr Carson. You are definitely on to something good. It is a woman’s tactic, and it is the second rule of politics: If you can’t attack the message, you attack the messenger. That Ms Raging Waters is out smearing Mr Carson’s character, is a message being broadcast loud and clear: Mr Carson has one hell of a program. It is an idea that definitely needs support.

    • Mad Max at her best , a raging chimp with absolutely No Common Sense whatsoever . She’s still swinging around up in them trees , best watch out Mad Max / Muddy Waters , for one day one of them limbs is gonna break off while your out on a limb playing stupid . It is gonna go Snap , with a Loud Crack and you is gonna land right on top of that stick , with it shoved strait up your fat Rear End !!

      • America does not really have much choice in the matter, since in almost every congressional district, a smart person does not necessary even bother to run for office, and whenever such a person does so as a contender, the deck may be stacked against him or her. Maybe there ought to be an eligibility criterion based upon mental fitness, but the politicians are not even thinking about stuff like that. Truth be told, though. The silliest members of the House of Representatives may not be as unintelligent as they seem. They like to say things that appease or mislead their constituents, in sufficient of a way as to stay in office.

    • As a black man, I am very embarrassed to have someone like this women calling herself representing black people. She is just a female Al Sharpton, and just like the rest of her cronies they are angry with President Trump because he is costing them a lot of under the table money. They are all a bush of thieves. Vote their asses out of office.

      • Well, too many politicians, lawyers, journalists, celebrities, activists, commentators and “pundits” have identity politics as their main shtick. We hardly see anybody going around claiming to represent the “majority group”, be that men, Caucasian people, heterosexual people or business executives. For the rare few that we do see, they are always about representing “X who is fed up with Y” and little else. It’s all bullcrap.

      • I’m pleased to hear that you Michael Moses is not addicted to the false promises of the Democrap party. It’s always refreshing to hear that a black man who has not been ruined by the government plantation. The false promises of the Democraps has ruined the black family as independent thinkers. Prior to LBJ in the mid 60’s, the black family was a rock solid unit. LBJ demoralized the black man and he left his family so the government could raise his children. We’ve all seen how well that’s worked out, in cities like Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit. Fatherless children who run the streets. They drop out of school and join the gangs. Without fathers many young men face incredible adversity. But people like Dr. Ben Carson pulled themselves above their environment. But then you have a guttersnipe like Maxine Waters trying to put down a man like Dr. Carson. She would rather revel in the shadows of an ignoramus like Al Sharpton.

  3. LMAO , TRULY AMAZING , Brother Al Sharpton n Mad Max / Muddy Waters . The ones that voted Mad Max into office , it’s scary to think of their mental well being , dumb n dumber

  4. Ben Carson is quite possibly the most brilliant neurosurgeon in the world, and clearly that requires high intellect, but he is not too familiar enough things outside of physiology. Rand Paul, an ophthalmologist, perhaps average, is closer to having a well-rounded education and a respect for the rule of law.

    As for Maxine Waters, she is a social engineer with no major accomplishments. She may be somewhat knowledgeable beyond her niche committee occupations, but she serves to use whatever she knows to mislead people who are neither as smart nor as bold as she is. There may be a whole bunch of things that she knows that the Republican Party is right about and the Democratic Party wrong about, but she would never ever admit it.

  5. How can the voters in her district keep electing this racist individual, she hasn’t done anything for them but ruin their lives. Dr. Carson is a gentleman and is respected by everyone in the country for what he has accomplished.

    • The campaign process and the vote are rigged in her favor. Even if the people of her district realized that she has done nothing but ruin their lives, they would never be provided with a viable alternative. The State government of California would make sure of that. Almost nothing political in the United States works in the idealistic way we want want for it to.

    • It’s scary to know that her voters are so brainwashed , to believe in her line of BS . Now that’s seriously mentally wacked , to follow in Mad Maxine s footsteps !

      • Sorry to say, she’s one corrupted bitch!! There’s NO HOPE FOR HER! She MUST GO! problem is, 98% of the rest of the Liberals are right behind Maxine, having the same mind set, equally as stupid blind and need to be put one a ONE WAY row boat to China!
        It’s time for the clear thinking Conservatives to step up get this country back in order!! I’m 64, the change, value of life, honesty, Love & Care for our Democracy is out the window!! Unless we right the ship. I’m MORE THAN WILLING TO DO MY SHARE, to get this Country back to the unity and the Love of Freedom and what’s RIGHT!!
        We can go right down the list and get rid of the Teachers, Professor’s that are polluting the Young!
        It’s such a FUC•ING mess! GOD SPEED!

  6. Ben Carson is for sure more sane and intelligent than Maxine Waters. Ben Carson knows she is a rabid felon who made verbal threats to assassinate President Trump. He knows her time in jail is coming.

  7. BREAKING NEWS; Brain surgeon Ben Carson has agreed to perform the first human brain transplant! The patient is from California named Maxine!
    The donor will be from a cattle processing plant where the Dr. will select the most likely candidate. Dr. Said he needs to find one that is small enough to fit her lacking area. He also said upon completion of the surgery he expects a 1000% improvement over her current capacity and intelligence. Her friends all have agreed with his assessment of her need for this operation!

  8. I doubt Maxine Waters even knows what a toilet is for! She probably gets up in the morning and has to ask someone why her panties are dirty, she probably doesn’t even know how to change her pants without an owners manual! Please disappear Maxie, you won’t be missed!I met Ben Carson once some years ago, he’s an unbelievable man!

  9. My dog is smarter than Maxine Waters. My tomato plants(in the greenhouse) are smarter than Maxine Waters. Even my dead Hackberry tree is smarter than Maxine Waters. The question really is who or what is NOT smarter than Maxine Waters. Nothing comes to mind. And by that sentence, I mean not a single thing is less smart than she is.

  10. Maxine has yet to learn that her big mouth will only eventually force some law enforcement official to finally take a really in-depth look at Maxine and her banking husband’s practices. The sooner, the better. She will not be missed. She isn’t fit to carry water for Ben Carson – legally, morally, or in regards to her wisdom, or lack of same.

  11. Maxie Pad is an accomplished piece of shit. Representing the democrap party. The manure party, representing the human waste in all the states.

    • Waters is did she ever get elected in the first place ..She sits there in her stupid hair piece ..she has never had a bill pasted in Congress..many times she has gone over the line preaching violence ..she should be arrested and put in jail …The Doctor small figure is smarter than all of Waters …Big question ..where did she get all that money and own a multi-million dollar the poorest district in America ??

      • Maxine Waters is a violent speaking imbecile….this noun word means violently stupid person…the word imbecile fits Water’s to a tee…she is so revolting when her mouth opens ….one day she is going to be a rude witch to the wrong person….she shouldn’t even walk on the same ground as Ben Carson…and she should never talk…everyone thinks she is a very uneducated person n she proves it every time she speaks….pityful person

    • I once was exchanging banter with a lefty who called Carson an”idiot.” When I pointed out the absurdity of that statement he shifted gears and said Carson “threw away all that” (his accomplishments) by working for the Trump administration. Sheeeeet!

  12. Too bad that Dr. Carson wasn’t our first Black President!
    Dr. Ben Carson…a graduate of Yale University and the University of Michigan Medical School, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, a pioneer in neurosurgery, performed the only successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the back of the head; pioneered the first successful neurosurgical procedure on a fetus inside the womb; performed the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical craniopagus twins; developed new methods to treat brain-stem tumors; and revived hemispherectomy techniques for controlling seizures.[3][4][5] He became the youngest chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the country at age 33.[6] He has received more than 60 honorary doctorate degrees, dozens of national merit citations, and written over 100 neurosurgical publications.[7] In 2008, he was bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.”

    Marxine Waters: James Brown stand-in
    Bareback Hussein Obama: community organizer.
    Bernie Sanders: Community organizer.
    Casio-Cotex: bar tender.
    Qamala Harris: #metoo advocate.

    • Maxine W. CAN BE BOUGHT! Not a civil bone in her. A lot of Patriots have been harmed by her Childish Antics. Try to learn CIVILITY, reason being you, MAXINE attract crude followers of the far LEFT. No Class!

  13. Old Auntie Max is the dumbest creature god ever put on the earth. She is right there with Cortes, Shiff, Nadler and Schumer. Ben Carson has more smarts than all five of them combined. Maxie has also been listed several times as the most corrupt of the 535 people in congress.

  14. How stupid can anyone get? My brains just can’t seem to process why such abhorrent things can come out from a real person’s mouth! I know a number of mentally challenged individuals and they absolutely say much wiser things than Maxine.

  15. It is absolutely astonishing that a brain dead, psychotic, lying loon like Waters would attack the intelligence of a gifted pediatric neurosurgeon. I doubt Waters can even spell the word intelligence. She is one reason our house of representatives is nothing less than a house of reprehensibles.

    • I would say Carson knew that banks have not given college loans for many years and the fact that the government, she is in charge of, has controlled it.

    • She is a brainless idiot who has nothing to brag about except for representing an impoverished district. Her target is a brilliant skillful neurosurgeon and she is a loud dirty mouth useless person.

  16. Anytime I choose to read anything about Maxine W it good for a laugh at the mere best. First, its’ Dr. Ben Carlson; Maxie you don’t have a Doctorate and your extremely disrespectful to his educational (MD) achievements and not to exclude his medical profession accomplishments to the people. You Maxie have none. Your only achievement, if one wishes to call it an achievement, is sucking on the feed bag of hard working Americans and selling them a line of BS, selling them out, and your own race down the tubes because you sold them a line of HS. Lastly, I doubt my comment will reach your eyeballs or brain for a multitude of reasons….one of which your staff filters comments of this nature due to your directions. Just reminds me of sheep jumping off the cliff because someone told them to do it. Please jump as there’s plenty of cliffs along coast line to accommodate you.

  17. Ben Carson should operate on her brain. When he is finished, she would be much more intelligent, as he is a very good surgeon. Oh, wait, never mind. He would find that she doesn’t have one.

  18. There is no comparison between maxine’s ignorance and Ben Carson’s intelligence, his education and accomplishments as one of the top Surgeons in the world way exeeds brainless maxine’s accomplishments.She represents the worst district in the USA, poverty, homelessness and full of ignorance and loaded with crime. They vote for her because they as uncvilized and ignorantas she is.

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus!! Prepare to be amazed, for only a quarter you to can see living proof that man has had sex with a primate in recent history and produced offspring!!! I give you, Mad Max Waters!!

  20. Maxine Water is not to be taken seriously. Her record speaks volumes as to why term limits are needed. Hopefully, she will make her way to the truth. It is about making the nation great. Red Herrings do not represent a political position. She must, for the sake of those who elected just step and go away. She has nothing to contribute but insults. This clearly shows a lack of substance and thus is to be ignored. When she can talk about solutions to the problems facing our nation. We will be happy listen to her. But like so many of her collegues she is just angry.

    • Maxine is worth 1000 times that idiot sleepy dopey moron of HUD who has not done anything since he was put in that post. A shameful waste of taxpayer dollars
      He is part of the slime of Washington. How could he have ever been. Neuro surgeon. He is in a coma all the time. A total Trump loser. Corrupt and stupid

      • Sabra Brea, I am so sorry you feel this about our distinguished Dr. Carson. I was finding it difficult to follow your thought until I realized you were describing yourself and then everything made sense tho I’m so sorry you have such a degrading view of yourself. Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. We need Him because we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Repent & trust in Jesus.

      • Sabre Brew Lost your free ride in HUD and welfare I am guessing. Not smart enough to hold down a job or too lazy?
        You say Carson has done nothing since put on HUD, well Maxie girl has done anything for all the thirty plus years she has been in office except buying off the prosecutors in her fraud cases. And if ugly was a commodity to be sold she would be the richest person in the world.

      • Sabra, you are extremely SICK. You need a lot of help with your hatred. Please get it. Dr. Carson is one the best surgeons there is. FACT. Dr. Carson is far more intelligent than you could ever dream of being.

  21. Maxine Waters is dumber than a bag of hammers. She introduced her stupidity I went she revealed that Russia had invaded Korea and not Crimea. There are just so many other issues that she shows her extremely low IQ and it just blows me away. You can take one look at that woman’s face and find out how full of hatred and ill intent and discontent. She’s ugly inside and out and as corrupt as they come. How are you going to enter into office and the poorest District in California land a few short years later live in a four and a half million dollar mansion. Chase be investigated and prosecuted and imprisoned. Ben Carson is extremely intelligent extremely kind extremely Christian extremely conservative and loves this country

  22. Maxine Waters should show some respect for the Presidency and should also try
    to clean up the mess in the district she represents in Los Angeles.
    Maxine Waters’s Intelligence cannot even come close to Dr. Carsons.

  23. Poor deranged bass mouth waters.her wig is strangled what’s left of her brain..nice lip stick too.realky brings attention to that bass mouth

  24. Mad Max , now she’s special indeed . Maxine , the difference between your intelligence and Ben Carson’s , is Carson’s being the Full Moon and you being No Moon . Your stuck between the old moon and the new moon ,. DEAD EMPTY SPACE up in ur skull , that’s Mad Max !!

  25. I can’t understand why in the world anyone would send this WITCH to represent them in the nations Capital. SHE REPRESENTS “YOUR” VALUES, really?, is that what you think? MEANWHILE she is an uneducated dimwitt and has only gotten worse over the years, not better, its about time SHE IS THROWN UT WITH THE OTHER TRASH!

  26. This , coming from a career organized crime common street thief skank who stole everything she has from her profoundly stupid voters , same as the pelosi skank .

  27. She could not hold court with Dr Carson. She is classless and is a typical black woman that isn’t fit for politics. Her let down will come soon and she just maybe turned out to pasture with all the other animals except she will not be excepted by all the good animals.

  28. Ben Carson and president trump are the best….God sent them in the nick of time. I pray millenniums taught by ignorance will not prevail….

    • Amen!! Maxine is at the bottom of the swamp. Can she even spell “impeach?” or tell why she thinks Trump is guilty on high crimes and misdemeaners?

  29. If Maxine Dogface Waters is so smart and better than everyone that she thinks she is, then why is her district littered with homeless people. Oh, that’s right. High taxes, and a lack of caring about American citizens. Waters needs to be put out to pasture.

  30. Red man,Julio the illegal and diane.they are all the same person.nothing better to do but change names and no mind,it will go away

  31. the democraprat party is BANKRUPT in every way imaginable. that maxine et al are ‘spokes-people’ for the party is adequate proof of this. idiots, fools, morons, etc. – these are the democraprats of the 21st century.

  32. What she said means nothing as to the hate white-folks harbor. Dem greasy headed lice baits hate everybody, even their own brats, else why do they rape em. Racist white-folks like the ones dat post on here, came over of Europe hating other white-folks, and still do nowadays. The trump-butt-bumps dat post on here are some of the worst terrorist in the world. Bar none. hahaahhaha

    • Democrats don’t like smart educated black folk. Democrats prefer all black folk to be stupid uneducated porch monkeys dependent on government for free handouts ahahahahahaha

    • The RedMan=racist. In case you cannot grasp-Ben Carson is one of the most brilliant neurosurgeons of ANY race to ever breathe on this planet. A GREAT pioneer in about 4-5
      Major specialties at Johns Hopkins. He served as Dean to several schools at the same time-a very rare achievement. As a medical doctor, he knows that it is utterly impossible for male to transition into female and vice versa biologically. Resources for the homeless are always at a premium, given they make up less than 2% of the population. Maxine simply lives in a false nonexistent world, where make-believe rules the day. And consiering HATE and TERRORISM – this pretty well describes the group Black Lifes Matter, does it not??

  33. What she said means nothing as to the hate white-folks harbor. Dem greasy headed lice baits hate everybody, even their own brats, else why do they rape em. Racist white-folks like the ones dat post on here, came over of Europe hating other white-folks, and still do nowadays. The trump-butt-bumps dat post on here are some of the worst terrorist in the world. Bar none. hahaahhaha

      • So, I guess they love you, correct? Seems to me you fit the description they desire –
        But understand this – recent polls show 34% of African-Americans now support Trump.
        IF this holds in 2020, Trump will triple the numbers of African-American votes typically rec for Republicans. Meaning a Trump electoral landslide. Winning the popular vote is impossible for Republicans given the millions of illegal aliens,
        deceased, and fraudulent ballots counted in the People’s Republic of California.

      • Red Man sounds very racist. Maxine Waters has nothing to say except “Impeach 45” and no one want to hear her. She has never had a bill to pass. She is one of the ones Trump came to Washington to get rid of. Race has NOTHING to do with it. Whoever stays after the 2020 election should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Earn the money you are paid. Work together to Make America Great. I believe Trump will be leading the way!!

      • Nah, milk mouth mike. You and yo mama are the “stupid” wiggas who believe dat I’d post 2 myself. U’re to stupid ta know when another inbred white-folk is hoodwinking you. hahahahaah.

    • Interesting, your use of commiecrat as a slur, when you are the one supporting our subservience to Putin and implementing his policies and dreams.

        • typical trumplican juvenile response. Is that because you know, but cannot admit, the truth, comrade? I think I belong where facts matter; and where true patriotic Americans speak out (Hill, Vindman, Taylor, etc.) rather than run from the truth..
          Perhaps it is you who no longer belongs here.

          • Oh wow! Shredding the constitution Hatch Act violation Scotty is back.
            We missed you and your silly posts.

          • hey there, smarter than no one… I wonder how it is for you, with such phenomenally poor reading comprehension, to actually function in an adult world and take care of adult-type business.

          • Scott, yet smarter is much more intelligent than you. You just come here to spew your sick hatred. This is a conservative Christian site and it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about either.

        • Putin wants nothing more than to see this nation collapse from within.. and that’s why he was such an admitted supporter of trump in the last election. You are helping by continuing to foster and promote false narratives despite truth to the contrary right in front of you; and if not you.. your cohorts are nearly begging for a civil war to “kill some democrats” rather than pulling together in real American values. Putin is continuing to feed you nonsense and is no doubt smiling that you are gobbling it up.

          • Ok that’s a nice vague rant but the question still stands. What Putin policies are we implementing? You’re the one that mentioned it.

          • Scott, NOTHING you say is true. Not one thing. And you have no clue at all what real American values are. You have no clue of who our founding fathers were or what they gave us. And Putin is our enemy and not one of the hundreds of conservatives I know want anything to do with him. You are a fool

          • Obumcrap is the one that was trying to take down our country from within , not Trump you Idoit . You foolish liberals are the Communist and the fools following these communist elected officials on the far left wing liberal Looney tune DemonRats side , with liars , cheats , back stabbing traitors , Rino asswipe Republicans and false accusations coming from Adam Shit , Mad Max Muddy Waters , The Wicked Witch of the West Nancy , Chucky the Puss , Killary Hillary , Wannabe Redstick Warren and the list goes on and on with liberal SIMPLETONS . You can take your communist bull crap and stick it where the Sun don’t Shine , Up Urs Libby

      • Scott, what you said is a LIE!!!! It is YOU who has no concept of the truth. And you have no clue what a fact is. Please PROVE what you say. You CAN’T!!!! Pres. Trup has done nothing wrong. You just come on here and make a fool of yourself every time you post

          • Your response was vague and you never answered the question. Why do you make a habit of saying things then refuse to follow up? Where are these Putin policied you mentioned?

          • Scott, of course the earth is not flat, you fool. God created a very round earth. And all you do is come here and spew your sick hate and lies.

        • Apparently you and that other guy have some issues with reading comprehension. I would add, however, the notion that Ukraine interfered with our last election is an idea and conspiracy theory pushed soundly by Putin to deflect; but your dear leader wput our national security at risk to chase that deflection; and you apparently are in full support of that.

          • No Scott, nobody has any reading comprehension problems. That other guy is correct that you said Trump was shredding the constitution and violated the Hatch Act which isn’t in the constitution and doesn’t even apply to presidents. So if you knew that why did you say it? Same thing with claiming we’re implementing Putin policies. What Putin policies? Do you have anything to offer? You said it just like you said the Hatch Act thing. Do you have anything? We are all curious Scott.

          • Oh, I have plenty to offer, but so as to not waste it, I’ll save it for those who have a grasp on reading comprehension and are not merely Putin puppet extensions. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

          • Scott, you have nothing at all to offer but your sick hate and lies. I have a very good grasp on reading comprehension. Much better than you. And NOT ONE of the hundreds of conservatives I know care anything about Putin. He is our enemy, FOOL.

  34. First off, Waters’ Financials should be examined by experts ASAP. Ten to One she has been too ignorant/arrogant to hide her theft of Taxpayer Dollars, using the “I hire your Company” to DO ‘things’ in my District. You charge an obscene amount of money for the “work” you don’t do”, Then, you “Donate” back 75% of the monies I paid to you, for my Campaign Coffers…THAT is what ALL the DemonRAT’s & RINOS who got wealthy post their being ‘elected’ to their political “job”, and whose districts are HELL HOLES do all the time.

  35. Does Water know what REO and OEO is? She should been arrested for telling her brain dead follower to assault Trump supporter! She has REFUSE TO fix her own street and neighborhood that she is supposed to got elect by. This black women don’t care about any other blacks person! Just as all other blacks politician don’t! It has show the last thirty years BLACK POLITICIAN ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY FOR THEMSELVES! There is not one black person who can tell me that their life changes under these black politician! But these fool keep putting them back into office steal from them! Gone for dumb white people as well!NOT ONE WHITE PERSON CAN TELL ME WHAT THESE POLITICIAN DONE THAT CHANGE THEIR LIFE FOR A BETTER LIFE! SPEAK UP IF CAN PROVE IT! CALIFORNIA PEOPLE ARE WALKING ZOMBIE! NOBODY CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER EXCEPT YOURSELF!

  36. Mad (as a hatter) Maxine can’t stop herself from revealing just how dumb she is. For her to call a “brain surgeon” not smart enough to run HUD, shows how morally bankrupt and stupid she is. She has done nothing but rob the taxpayers for her tenure in the House and has accomplished nothing except bribery, theft, abuse, manipulations, fraud, and lies. Her constituents are some of the poorest in the nation while she bilked the government of money for her million dollar home and her husband and daughter. I hope with all the notoriety she has gained and the people running for her seat will finally sever her position forever. She really should be married to Al Sharpton, because they are two peas from the same pod.

      What do you all think?

    • What a match made in Hell, two lying phony, ugly, crooked bull shit politicians, Mad Maxine and A-Hole Al.
      God creates them, then he puts them together!!
      No mistakes in this case, a perfect couple of no-class, low life
      Imbeciles, highly deserving of each other!!!!!

    • You repeat yourself with drivel, but have no sane arguments to defend your lambasts. It appears that you practice the same projection as the dimwits you support.

      • Their answer to facts is to resort to name calling. Obviously something they have overheard as they are not intelligent enough to think for themselves. Good example is Dumbman, oops, I mean Redman

    • Julia, all that President Trump has done for this country and minorities and you say hes worthless.What planet did you come from. Get a life. Election night 2016 must have been a real bummer for you. Wait till 2020. Will you threaten to move out of the country like a few other lying phonies did, but didn’t Cant wait till 2020. Yahoo!!!

    • Definitely disagree, Julio! In my 76 years of life, Pres. Trump is the first president, or one of the very few, who has actually gotten things accomplished that he said he would do! This, in spite of all the pushback and harassment from the Rhinos and democrats! Open your eyes!

    • JUlio Explain your thoughts to me. How did you arrive at this conclusion. I am all ears to hear what the President has done. Every human being is worth something including you

    • Julio,
      Whats the matter are you one of the illegal living in our country, thats why you dislike Trump because he wants to stop people like you.My parents came in legally thats what i expect for anyone xomming in our country.

  37. This maxine thing has no intelligence, only Hatred! Ben Carson’s name should not be in the same sentence with her, as he has Class.

  38. Waters is a racist bigot with the mentality of a USSR prison camp guard. She should be expelled from Congress for her treasonous remarks about our President!

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