Bernie Sanders got hit with some really bad news just before Super Tuesday

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders built a full head of steam in the Democrat Presidential Primary.

But party elites were not about to roll over and let Sanders win without using all the tricks at their disposal.

And Bernie Sanders got hit with some really bad news just before Super Tuesday.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced on Sunday that he was suspending his Presidential campaign.

“Tonight I am making the difficult decision to suspend my campaign for the presidency,” Buttigieg revealed. “I will do everything in my power to ensure that we have a new Democratic president come January.”

Buttigieg scored a disputed win in the disastrous Iowa Caucus but dropped to a second place finish in New Hampshire, third in Nevada and bottomed out with a disappointing fourth place in South Carolina where the homosexual former South Bend Mayor won just three percent of the black vote.

In the final weeks of the campaign, Buttigieg began savaging Sanders over Sanders’ support of imposing a government takeover of health care.

Buttigieg – and other so-called “moderates” like Joe Biden – support a stealth government takeover of health care and think Sanders will blow their chances in November.

Upon the announcement that Buttigieg would drop out of the race pundits immediately assumed that the majority of Buttigieg’s supporters would flock to Biden.

That could allow Biden to win crucial delegates in California and Texas that would prevent Sanders from running away with the nomination after a blowout win in California.

President Trump posted on social media that Buttigieg dropping out of the race right before Super Tuesday was another step in the Democrat Party establishment plot to rig the nomination against Sanders much like party leaders did in 2016.

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