Bernie Sanders is terrified this photograph will end his career

Democrats have pounced on the shooting at Florida to promote gun control.

Bernie Sanders is exploiting the tragedy to stet the stage for a Presidential campaign.

But he was caught in one photograph that could end his career.

Gun-grabbers are using children as human shields to push gun control.

They organized a nationwide school walk to make it look like there was a spontaneous movement among teenagers to gut the Second Amendment.

Some of the students marched on the Capitol to demand Congress take up gun bans and a national gun registration database.

Bernie Sanders joined them.

But it was who he was photographed with that had everyone talking.

Sanders spoke at the rally under the protection of armed guards.

The Daily Caller reports:

“A national school walk-out was held today by students protesting gun violence across the country, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders joined students in DC marching on the U.S. capitol.

So did his armed guards.

In multiple locations, students hit the streets and parking lots in their respective school districts to “walk out’” in solidarity with the Parkland students who are calling for more gun control after their school attacked by a deranged gunman. 17 students died in the attack. The former presidential candidate was part of a group of progressive congressmen addressing the Washington, DC march.

Sanders began a live stream of his speech on his Facebook page, which featured him wading through the crowd of cheering students and shaking hands. As Sanders traveled through the gun-control crowd, at least three heavily armed Capitol police officers could be seen protecting him and clearing a way for the Senator through the students. Multiple times in the live feed, the police can be heard asking the students to step back and move away from Sanders.”

Like all gun grabbers, Sanders doesn’t mind the protection of a private security detail.

But he doesn’t think law-abiding Americans deserve the same right to defend themselves.

It’s elitist hypocrisy and if Sanders runs for President he will have to explain why it’s ok for him to be protected by armed guards, but everyone else should be defenseless and at the mercy of armed thugs.