Bernie Sanders just found out he has one career killing problem

Bernie Sanders was the darling of the far-left in the 2016 primaries.

The self-described Democratic Socialist’s campaign catching fire symbolized the drift of the Democrat base into anti-American socialism.

Sanders was expected to be a top contender in the 2020 primaries but he just found he has one career killing problem.

The hot new position on the extreme left is calling for the abolition of ICE.

Liberals equate ICE with Nazi storm troopers because they don’t believe in enforcing the laws against illegal immigration.

They want open borders and only deportation for some criminals.

Every other illegal alien should be allowed to stay and granted amnesty so they can become reliable Democrat voters.

To the surprise of many on the left, Bernie Sanders rejected this call.

Liberals ripped Sanders for this betrayal and cast him out as the leader of their movement.

Sarah Jones of The New Republic encapsulated this belief when she wrote:

Sanders could be a source of consistent, left-wing pressure on party leadership, whether or not he runs in 2020. If he intends to build a lasting political movement out of the remnants of his last presidential campaign, he’ll need to become an effective counterweight to the mainstream Democratic Party. But based on his ICE comments and the uneven results of his campaign efforts, Sanders no longer seems like such a sure figurehead for disgruntled Democratic voters.

Far left Senators like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand have adopted the abolish ICE mantra.

Hillary Clinton bested Sanders in 2016 on the strength of her performance with minority voters.

Identity politics obsessed liberals – who view enforcing immigration laws as equal to white supremacy – will have other options in the 2020 primary.

Bernie Sanders risks turning from the darling of the left in 2016 to an also-ran in 2020.



  1. Let me say this about Hitlery crooked clipon beating Bernard headinthesand. Well here in SOCAL she was declared the winner before the polls even closed. We had 118%voter turnout in 2016. That’s you’re liberal lying dumrats at work

    • To all The bleeding hearts mentioned above. It is your sworn duty to take at least one “family unit” into your home and care feed, house, clothe and provide medical care AT YOUR PERSONAL expense. I was born here and have lived in this country all my 61 years and paid into Medicare from age 16. Take the consequences as well. You MIGHT get immigrants that are truly fleeing horrendous circumstances. We need to test DNA and determine if the adults that trafficked these children across the border are actually their guardians. New Mexican President or whateverthehell he is wants a wall at the southern border. WONDER WHY?”Mexico has strict border laws. My very good Hispanic warned me not to go to Mexico alone……he was absolutely correct.
      The rest of you fools, take in a family, sponsor a family, keep them in your home. I traveled to Mexico, outside of the resort living conditions at best was squalor. I felt unsafe, because I was not part of the indigenous population. There were militia at the edges of the property armed with AR or AK-47s I will never go back.


  2. The only reason Shrillery beat Burnout is because she was the chosen of the Demoturd leadership, period. The DNC screwed their followers and Shrillery screwed herself, lay blame where it belongs.

    Change, into the direction the nation and the world needs is to the credit of the American people who had voted for President Trump. While he is our pointman taking the heat from the left and their media shills, as well as the ire of the international counterparts, President Trump is bravely, skillfully, and wisely MAGA. All while doing what he promised to do. Other politicians have made promises and broke them or swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and immediately began to take it down. The president has offered to negotiate to allow the DREAMERS to remain in order to move the nation forward on immigration.

    Turdie Sanders has no hope in 2020. Neither does Hillary or any other leftist. Our president is following the will of We The People and our will DEMANDS a larger ICE, a wall along the southern border, a huge increase of deportations (don’t send those people home alone, let them take their kids because they’re not ours), and we require that anyone that applies for citizenship/green card MUST want to be an American and not here for a job.

    There is a reason why no real candidate has talked about running in 2020 . . . they simply know they’ll lose.

  3. Bernie Sanders WAS an also-ran in 2016. Hillary Clinton may have rigged the system, but she also got more votes in the primaries. Bernie is not a has-been; he is a never-was.

  4. Not just the Democratic Party platform! The mainstream media and all politicians should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy. Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Your forgot OPEN BORDERS and a welcome sign for MS-13; free college, guaranteed annual income of $100,000 and by all means continued discrimination against Asian students so the poor perpetual victims, blacks, can get into college. I think this just about would do it.

  5. The infatuation with illegals baffles me. We don’t take care of our veterans, or military, or taxpaying American Citizens as well as we do illegals. The constant attention to them is stupid.

    • The Democrats are depending on the illegal aliens to remain here and become Democratic voters. That’s why they are so focused on them, and trying to institute the catch and release policies of the Obama Administration. The Dems see the building of the wall as a threat to slowing down the flow of illegal aliens into the country, as well as drugs and sex trafficking. Sad how their priorities are more about money and power than the citizens of this country. That’s why smart American citizens need to vote them out of office.

    • When can we export Bernie, Karma Harris, Hillary and ALL the other liberals (sometimes known as democrats) who hate America and its ideals of democracy/republic? We could close the gate on the illegal immigrants as well. Also, what part of the word “illegal” don’t the liberals/democrats and some rinos understand. They are illegal because they keep breaking in line to become citizens; that should NOT be allowed!

    • Liberals do not want open boarders or Oboma would have given it to them. They just hate Trump without reason and don’t use their brains at all. They only want open borders because Trump and all of us deplorables, don’t want open borders. If the libtards win much, we will have a dictatorship. The only reason we would have open borders would be because of the chaos that would result like in Venezuela.

  6. The farther to the left the democrats and other liberals proposals are the fewer legitimate votes they will get in the upcoming elections. They will still get a lot of votes cast illegally.

    • That was proven in the 2016 elections when hillary got more votes which were proven to be fraudulent. Go Trump–keep making America great again, in spite of this opposition.

  7. Perfect solution for illegal immigrants: have each democratic senator & representative & the RINO’s all adopt one illegal “family”. The congressional folks can pay for their illegals’ health, food, clothing, tuition, etc.! Wonder if that would shed any light on their closed minds.

    • How would honestly that change anything you are still having the taxpayers fund this adventure since the taxpayers pay the politicians salarywhile in office

  8. It dumbfounds me how totally doctrinal the Democrats have become. Follow the catechism to the letter or get demonized. I understand Bernie’s position: He doesn’t want to import impoverished people, he wants to make them right here in the U.S.

  9. If I had one of these people who equate ANYTHING by any government in this country with the Nazis I cave in their frontal sinuses. They are scrum and stupid. Any Jewish national legislator who doesn’t condemn them should not get another Jewish vote for national office. It means they are deliberately VILE
    or historically STUPID. I’m not sure which is less deadly to the country.

    • You have to wonder why Bernie still support ICE. What does that benefit him and his Antifa army?

      Perhaps he knows that not even the mighty American economy can handle massive number of illegal aliens that come here with … nothing.

      Or are there other reasons?

      At least we have an ally that stand for our ICE. “The enemy of our enemy is [our] friend”.

      Trump 2020!

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