Bernie Sanders just got the really bad news that he was terrified to hear

Bernie Sanders is running for president.

Some Democrats think he could be their best candidate to take on Donald Trump.

But Sanders just got the really bad news that he was terrified to hear.

In 2016, Bernie Sanders was the grassroots candidate for the socialists, communists, and left-wing radicals that made up the Democrat Party base.

He fought Hillary Clinton all the way to the convention and raked in $228 million; the vast majority of which came in small donations from online giving.

In the first quarter of the 2020 campaign, Sanders raised $18 million dollars.

That is down 50 percent from the 27 million his 2016 campaign brought in during the first fundraising period.

Sanders’ campaign put on their best spin for reporters.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) raised $18.2 million in the first 41 days of his campaign, according to campaign manager Faiz Shakir.

In comparison, fellow contender Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) raised $12 million.

Shakir told reporters on a conference call Tuesday morning that Sanders had $28 million cash-on-hand, thanks to funds already in the campaign’s accounts from previous efforts. He also noted that there had been 900,000 individual donations, with the average donation at $20 — down from $27 in the 2016 presidential primary. And 88% of the money raised came from donations of $200 or less, Shakir said.

This total shows Sanders will not own the grassroots online fundraising like he did in 2016.

Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg will give him a run for his money.

Sanders may well be the Democrat nominee.

But these fundraising totals demonstrate that multiple candidates are eating into his base.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Some people learn by doing, some learn by reading, but the nazi demonrats have to learn by peeing on the electric fence….especially sanders and azzhat Oscar Charlie

  2. When it gets down to where the ursine mammal evacuated his bowels into the buckwheat it is who has the most delegates at the convention, not the most $$. And it doesn’t matter which of these yahoos the democrats nominate; he will not have my vote.

  3. The whole democratic party is out to ruin this county. Their ideas are old and have ruined many other countries. They all need major history lessons and a good dose of reality. Control and Godlessness is the mantra. I am so sick of this! Build the wall, drain the swamp and bring back the Bible and guns and common sense. Lock up Soros, Hillary, Obama and all the minions that made this mess.

    • It’s the stupid f***ing American voters who need a history lesson and our public indoctrination system, aka schools, have made sure they stay stupid!

    • Freedom of speech is real! Morality is not free you have to earn it and if you don’t have it we don’t need you plain and simple!. Sleep with your Gun and Bible under your pillow and wake up to a beautiful day Rain or Shine😜

    • Right on! People need to read “The 5000 Year Leap” to get a better understanding of why and how this Great Country came into being. It’s a real eye-opener and a page turner.

  4. Here’s a thought: Maybe Bernies’ donations are way down because a more and more people are waking up to the lefts’ communism agenda and are walking away.

    • Bernie was doing well in the last election because
      People would take anyone over Her.
      Maybe someone needs to look into where his cash
      Is coming from. It could be China or, just saying.

      • Listening to old, creepy Joe explain himself on his fetish with his low, raspy voice it gives me the deep creeps. And, what is wrong with his right eyelid? LOL…

        Bernie is despicable and looks like an old fool.

        Neither of these “two old bastards” will win in 2020. President Trump will kick up the dirt at the starting gate and leave these two coughing and spitting.

  5. I’m surprised that president maduro from Venezuela isn’t running for presidential position with a dual citizenship in the United States ,,all the other Communists are


  7. 18 million?? Trump carries that in his pockets!! Just ONE of the things I like about President Trump is HE funded most of his campaign and takes NO SALARY! Which COMMIE DEMON RAT does that?? NONE!!!

  8. I believe Biden’s hair plugs went a bit too deep! Biden an old fart and a jerk swims nude in front of female secret service agents and walks around in his office as a naked bird! This reveals a disgusting lack of character or is he simply showing off his manhood? I believe what it really reveals is a hideous lack of grown and maturity with his sexual development…There are other aspects of his lack of morals as it was Biden who sent his son Beau to go to Kosovo to help the Albanian Muslims wrestle control of the region away from the Serbs…a region that Biden knew the U.S. dropped Uranium Tipped Bombs on the region and where Serbs are experiencing a 3,000% increase in Cancer and birth defects since the 1999 bombing. Biden was stupid enough to send his own son to Kosovo for a Democratic agenda and his son died three years later of brain cancer…only an immoral father would send his son into such a poisoned environment believing his political agenda was more important than his son’s life…I refused to take pity on Biden for his political stupidity that will rise again if he decides to run for the White House for the 3rd time…

  9. Bernie the commie got kicked out of his hippie commune when he moved from the bronx to vermont because he would not do his share. Guess what, he was living on the street and got elected as mayor of burlongton,vermont. Now look at him, still has his hands in the govment till.

  10. BERNIE Sanders
    /// BALLOON ///
    he combs his hair
    with a Tesla Coil (ha)
    Bernie Sanders
    a Balloon (ha)

  11. Dan:
    That won’t happen as Bernie will not make it through the primaries unless there’s many ignorant dupes who are dumb enough to vote for that idiot.

      • Old doesn’t matter as with age comes wisdom, but you can’t fix stupid, and Biden and Sanders have never had good ideas!

    • I hope so too and that would be against either of these two who appear to be negatively affected by increasing age. Either of the two liberal choices would be an embarrassment to the United States.

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